Are Blackjack and 21 the Same Game?


Blackjack is one of the most exciting and thrilling games. The core aim of online blackjack is to beat the dealer by getting as close to 21 as possible without going over it. For that, you can leverage several strategies like stand, hit, blackjack double down, or blackjack split

If you are a regular player at the online casino UK, you must have an idea that the game of blackjack is often referred to as 21. But what’s the truth behind blackjack 21? Are both the games the same or is there any difference? Continue reading to explore more details.

Blackjack and 21

Are you wondering whether blackjack and 21 are the same? Well, the answer is yes. Both refer to the same casino game. The rules and payouts of the games remain the same. In other words, 21 is another name for the game of blackjack. The reason behind it is quite obvious. The casino game requires the players to score 21 without busting to beat the dealer. 

Blackjack is very simple and easy to understand. That is why it attracts both experienced and novice players alike. As the game starts, each of the players along with the dealer will be dealt two cards each. Then players can place their bets. Based on your hands and that of the dealer, you can decide whether you want to stand, hit, split, or double down your bet.

Evolution of Blackjack

Several years back, blackjack was quite popular as Twenty-One game. Many people believe that the game has a French/ Spanish origin. As per the records, the game of blackjack was played in 1768 in France. On the other hand, it was introduced in Britain during the 1770s and 1780s. However, the first rules got printed only in 1825. 

In some places, the game was called as 21. It was also known as blackjack in other places. So, based on which part of the globe you belong to, it can be determined whether the game is popular as blackjack or 21.

Reason Why People Believe Blackjack and 21 Are Different

Are you wondering what makes many people believe that blackjack is different from 21? Well, there is a reason. It is because of the existence of Spanish 21, which is a variant of blackjack. No doubt, the objective and basic rules of both games remain the same. All you need to do is get close to 21 without going over it. However, there are several differences between the standard blackjack and Spanish 21. 

Differences Between Regular Blackjack and Spanish 21


One of the main differences between blackjack and Spanish 21 is that the 10s are removed from the deck in the case of the latter one. That means instead of a 52-cards deck, a 48-cards deck is used in the Spanish 21 game. All the other cards will have the same value as the regular blackjack games. Owing to the removal of the 10s, the hand of the players is likely to consist of a lot of low-value cards. However, this game can be still exciting and fun.

Another significant difference between blackjack and Spanish 21 is related to the side bets. In regular blackjack games, you will find less options when it comes to side bets. One of the common side bets is the insurance bet. It can provide the players with a payout of 2:1.

However, Spanish 21 can offer a wide range of side bets to the players. It also offers insurance bets. Some of the popular side bets of this blackjack variant include a 5-card hand, 6-card hand, and 7-card hand. The payout of the 5-card hand is 3:2. On the other hand, the 6-card hand can provide the players with a payout of 2:1. Finally, the 7-card hand pays 3:1. 

There is yet another significant difference between the two casino games. In the game of Spanish 21, the player who scores a 21 always wins. That means whenever the dealer and the player will have a blackjack hand, the player will win the round. However, it is not the case in regular blackjack. In blackjack, if the same situation arises and both the dealer and the player hit blackjack with exactly the same number of cards, no bets get paid. 


Both 21 and blackjack are the same casino game. Confusion arises among the players due to the place of origin and availability of blackjack variants like Spanish 21. By now, you must have a complete idea of blackjack 21. Whether you want to play 7-card blackjack or any other variant, look for a reliable platform. Also, knowing the blackjack dealer rules and leveraging the best blackjack strategy can enhance your overall gameplay and provide you with an exceptional gaming experience. 

An Experienced Player’s Philosophy for Roulette


Amidst the hectic work schedules, many people enjoy spending time playing different casino games to relax their minds. However, not everyone takes the game seriously. They believe that it is only a game and meant for fun and entertainment. But to your surprise, there are players who actually consider that playing at the online casino UK is a serious business. Read on to explore an experienced player’s roulette philosoph.

An Overview of Roulette

Roulette is one of the simplest and most popular casino games you will find online. All you have to do is predict the numbered pocket on the wheel where the ball is most likely to land. The best thing about the game is that you can find a wide variety of roulette bets. Based on your preference and level of expertise, you can place the best wagers. To make the most of the game, having an idea of the roulette game types and roulette payouts is vital.

Roulette Philosophy Areas

Want to know the roulette philosophy of an experienced player? Here are the major areas covered.

  • The concept of equilibrium – It states that what goes up must also go down.
  • Understand the random nature of the roulette game – It is not even but chaotic.
  • Learn from the roulette history – Take a look at the manner in which other players had approached similar issues in the past and learn from them.
  • Control yourself – Maintaining self-discipline is vital to avoid gambling addiction.
  • Take responsibility for your actions and decisions – You must know that for every decision you take in the game of roulette, you will have to pay a price.
  • Know yourself well – You must understand what makes you play online roulette and why you act in a particular manner. 
  • Get ready to face extreme intellectual challenges – Think about the creative and mathematical ways in which you can solve the different roulette problems with the right strategy.
  • Play and explore gambling – Playing and researching about the game of roulette can provide you with valuable insights.
  • Play the game of roulette consciously to better understand the game.

Lessons Learned by Experienced Players

The valuable lessons learned by experienced players over the years include the following.

  • One of the biggest risks in gambling is not taking any risks.
  • Gambling can often be referred to as the act of buying hope on credit.
  • The less you bet in roulette or any other casino game, the more you are likely to lose when you make a win. 
  • Happiness is always a risk. If you do not take risks and are not scared, you are most likely not doing it right.
  • Luck always appears to be against the players who actually depend on it.

The Roulette Wheel as a Battlefield

The game of roulette can be viewed as an open battlefield. No one can guarantee either losing or winning in this game. The army of your opponent has 2.7% more men in comparison to yours. However, a point to note here is that there is still a chance to win the battle. It is because such a low numerical advantage doesn’t make much difference in the battle. 


The Sadness of Losing in the Game of Roulette

There is no denying the fact that there is no guarantee that a specific method will definitely increase your winning chances. As a matter of fact, every method fails at times. However, if you are actually aware of what you are doing, you must not feel sad when you lose in the game of roulette. In such situations, try to behave like a shopkeeper who does not feel bad while paying the suppliers in order to buy new merchandise. 

System Evaluation

The system that allows a player to win is not necessarily a winning system. On the other hand, that system lost isn’t always a losing system.

The Long Run

Many players continue to place bets with the hope that they have a chance of winning big in the long run. However, it is one of the common roulette mistakes. The long run can often be a misleading guide. In the long run, you may not be even present to place bets in the game of roulette.

Unpredictability: Life vs Roulette

You must have heard the saying that life is unpredictable. You may also have an idea that the outcomes of the game of roulette are unpredictable. However, a point to note here is that all the unpredictability of roulette is far more predictable than all the endeavours of life. It is much more predictable than life.


By now, you must have a comprehensive idea about the roulette philosophy of an experienced player. Irrespective of whether you are playing double ball roulette or any other variant, being aware of this philosophy can enable you to connect with the game better.

Blackjack Etiquette Rules: Dos and Don’ts 


Have you ever tried your hands on casino? If yes, then you must have heard about Blackjack. Blackjack is one of the oldest and classic casino games that attracts a special crowd of beginners and experienced players. The game can be quickly learned as it has some basic blackjack rule with high chances of winning. However, when you want to play the game, you must be well aware of the blackjack etiquette. 

These simple yet important rules can save you from being embarrassed around players on the table. Below are some blackjack etiquettes that you need to read to play like an expert.

Do hold Your Cards with One Hand

When the cards are distributed to you, pick the cards with one hand. This rule is essential so that you do not switch or meddle with the cards.

Don’t Say Your Decisions, Signal It

In the game of Blackjack, you do not have to say your decision verbally to the dealer. Instead, you just need to signal it. For instance, if you want to hit, you can simply hit on the table beside your cards. On the other hand, just make a quick waving motion over your cards to indicate to the dealer that you want to stand or stick to the cards you have.

Next comes double down. Blackjack double down means doubling your initial bet which will give you one more card from the dealer. Doubling your stacks of chips indicates the dealer that you want to double down. Finally, to split you need to signal the dealer by placing another bet with the same value. 

Do Stack up Your Chips Correctly

Always place the highest-value chips at the bottom of your stack. Also, considering the space, do not use too much space on the table. This is a minor piece of blackjack strategy that you ought to know. 

Don’t Forget to Tip Your Dealer

The dealer does not get any percentage of your losses. Therefore, it is expected to pay an hourly tip to the dealer and especially when you win a few hands.  You can simply place the money toward the dealer or keep an extra bet before your original bet. In this way, when you win the bet, the dealer keeps the extra as a tip.

Do Ask the Dealer for Advice

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask the dealer. The dealer always wishes to run the game in a professional manner. Therefore, he will always guide you to make the right move.

Don’t Teach Your Fellow Players How to Play

Never advise others when they don’t make a smart move. It is considered quite bad to prompt others how to play. Only when your fellow partner asks for advice, you can feel free to advise him.  


Do Keep Your Cards on the Table

Your cards should always be on the table. It must be visible to the security cameras and all your fellow players around the table including the dealer.

Don’t Hand Your Money to the Dealer

Do not hand the money to the dealer directly. It is a general casino rule which is to be followed. To join a table, wait until the round gets over and then you can place your money on the table and tell the dealer the denomination of chips you want to buy. The dealer will count the money before the camera and slide the equivalent chips on your side of the table.

Do Cut the Deck Properly

If you are playing the six-deck blackjack game, the dealer will ask the players to cut the deck after it is properly shuffled. In case you are asked to make the cut, do it in the right manner. Cutting the deck from the middle must be your aim. Avoid cutting too close from either end.

Don’t Touch Your Chips When the Dealer Says “no More Bets”

After placing a bet, the dealer deals with the cards. At this time, you are not allowed to touch your chips until the round is over. If you win, you can collect your chips but if the dealer wins, he will take your chips.


In addition to the above rules, make sure not to engage in the 6:5 blackjack games or place the blackjack side bets. Nowadays, people prefer online blackjack more as it can be played from anywhere and is easily accessible on all devices. Whether you are playing the 7 card blackjack or any other variant and want to double your fun, knowing all the blackjack etiquette is important. Now that you have an idea of the secret gestures, look for the top online casinos UK and indulge in a gaming experience like never before. 

A Detailed Guide to the Different Poker Chips Types


Have you ever tried your hands on poker games? If yes, you must be familiar with the poker chips However, if you are new to the world of casinos, you need to have an idea of the poker chips and their different types. 

So, what exactly are poker chips? Well, they are tiny, round discs utilised by the online casino UK that symbolise the value of money.  You can find the chips in a variety of materials, including plastic, clay, and metals. Moreover, you can also come across poker chips in different designs and colours. 

Players leverage the poker chips in order to place their bet in a game or tournament. The main goal of every player is to collect as many chips as possible. 

Want to know more about the chips? Read on to explore the complete details.

History of Poker Chips

You may be well aware of poker history. However, have you ever wondered about the history of poker chips? If not, here is a quick look. 

Poker chips have been there for quite a long time. So, its history is pretty interesting. Poker chips made up of bone, wood, or ivory are known to have been used in China for the very first time. It dates back to the period of the Tang dynasty during the ninth century. The chips weren’t just used for poker games but were also a part of various other gambling games.

It was only during the 1800s that the use of poker chips in Europe and the United States started. It symbolised the value of money as it is today. At that time, for developing poker chips, a substance known as Celluloid was used. The main reason for using the substance was that it was easy to shape and quite affordable. 

Gradually, with the passage of time, poker chips were made using other materials such as plastic, metal, clay, and more. 

Types of Poker Chips

Whether you are playing Texas Hold’em poker or 5 card draw poker, the poker chips are the bloodline of the game. Therefore, knowing about the different types of chips available is important. Here are some of the most common types of poker chips. Let’s explore!

  • Casino Chips

When it comes to types of poker chips, casino chips come to mind first. Each of the casino chips is assigned some kind of monetary value. Wondering how you will know the value assigned? Well, it’s pretty simple. The value is usually written on the surface of the poker chips. 

In some casinos, currency chips are considered to be the direct replacement of coins and cash. The best part is that they can be transported across different casinos. Moreover, players can use them to place their bets in various casino games. At the time of receiving the payout, players can again convert the chips into cash through direct exchange.

  • Tournament Chips

Poker tournaments are indeed interesting and exciting as they offer a lot of fun experiences to enthusiastic players. Apart from poker tournament strategy, poker chips are also important. Without the poker chips, you cannot participate in the tournaments. 

A point to note here is that the tournament chips are only valid for specific tournaments. After that, they cannot be used to gamble in other casino games. Also, these chips do not have any equivalent financial value. That means instead of placing bets in dollars, you will have to bet with the poker chips in the tournaments. Moreover, during a tournament, the starting stack of chips that the players have does not represent the entry fee.

  • Colour-Based Poker Chips

Next on the list is the coloured poker chips. The value of the different coloured chips usually varies. It also depends on the type of poker game you are playing. 

In both offline and online casino games, the value of the different poker chips is determined by some general criteria. But there are no specific rules or regulations that govern the determination of the poker chip values.

No doubt, the value of the chips will differ from casino to casino. However, the most common values of the coloured poker chips are listed below.

White: 1

Red: 5

Green: 25

Blue: 50

Black: 100

Purple: 1000

Yellow: 5000

Tips to Handle the Poker Chips

  • Stack the poker chips properly. It will enable you to conveniently count the stacks and manage the finances.
  • Do not hold the chips too tightly or fiddle with them.
  • Avoid stacking chips of different variations together. Instead, stack them separately.
  • Place all your chips behind the betting line.


By now, you must have a complete idea of the poker chips. Poker is truly a fun game. You must have heard some of the best songs about poker. It is time to try out the game. Make sure to have an idea of the poker chips, poker hand order, and strategies to get the best possible gaming experience. 

Important Slot Machine Rules You Need to Know


Slot machines made their way to the casino gaming world in the late 19th century. Since then, they’ve been a popular choice for hundreds of thousands of casino goers across the globe. Today, slot players have the option to choose from several different slot types, including classic online slots, 3D slots, progressive slots, jackpot slots and megaways, among others.

In this blog post, we shed light on the most important slot game rules. Also, we detail the most popular types of slot machines you’ll come across when playing slots online. Continue reading!

A Quick Overview of Slot Machines

Simply put, slot machines are games of chance that require players to lineup a specific combination of symbols on a valid payline. If players manage to line up the required symbol combination, they receive a payout as per the game’s paytable.

In the past, slot machines featured a limited number of symbols and paylines. But with the introduction of online casinos, slot games have become more sophisticated in terms of the featured symbols and available gameplay features. If you want to know more about the evolution of slot games, we suggest you check our article on the history of slot machines.

Getting Started with Slot Games Online

Getting started with slot games at our online casino UK is easy. Below we’ve detailed a step-by-step guide for the same:

  • Choose your preferred slot machine from our slot games lobby. We have hundreds of exciting online slots for you to try your hands at.
  • After loading your preferred slot game, the next thing to do is adjust your stake size. For that, you can use the betting grid that’s usually located at the bottom section of the screen.
  • Once done with adjusting your stake amount, you can initiate the gameplay action. For that, you need to click/tap the “Spin” button.
  • The reel spinning action will eventually come to a stop. If you manage to form a winning combination, you’ll receive a payout as per the slot paytable.

The Different Types of Slot Machines Listed

Here’s a look at some of the most popular slot games to try your hands at:

Classic Slots

Classic slots are popular among slot players who prefer simplistic gameplay. Classic slots usually feature fruit symbols or card icons as their standard symbols. Also, these slot machines usually come with a limited number of gameplay features, though there are some exceptions to that.

Multi-payline Slots

As their name suggests, multi-payline slots are online slots featuring multiple paylines. The paylines can take any of the following shapes – vertical, diagonal, horizontal or V-shaped. That way, players have the option to get more than one winning combination at the same time.

3D Slots

Looking for slot games featuring highly realistic graphics and immersive themes? Then 3D slots are the way to go. 3D slots come with top-notch graphics and animations that keep players on the edge of their seats throughout the gameplay.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are quite popular among online slot players. For the unversed, progressive slots feature jackpot rewards that increase in value every time a player places a bet. The progressive jackpot amount keeps on rising until it’s won by someone. As such, it’s no wonder that the progressive jackpot reward can be substantially high.

Bonus Slots

As their name suggests, bonus slots feature special bonus rewards. As you’d guess, the bonus features can be triggered by lining up specific symbols on the slot reels. The bonus rewards can take the form of free spins or other rewards.

Some Online Slot Machine Tips for You

Here are some online slot machine tips that can help you in making the most of your online slot gameplay:

Get Acquainted with the Slot Rules

The basic premise of all slot games is basically the same – you spin the reels of the slot game to line up the required symbols. But the featured slot machine symbol types, potential payouts and volatility in slot machine games tend to vary from one slot game to another. As such, it’s important for you to check the specific slot rules before playing.

Choose Games That Come with Advanced Features

As explained earlier, modern slot games come with a variety of exciting gameplay features. Choosing slot games featuring numerous in-game features can help you in making the most of your slot gaming action.

Try the Games in the Demo Version First

A great thing about online casino operators is that they have demo versions of their slot offerings. By playing the demo versions of online slots, you can get acquainted with the gameplay rules and other aspects of your chosen slot game without risking real money.

Now that you know the main rules of online slots, it’s time to check them out on our platform. We’ve got a vast selection of online slots from reputed software providers. Also, we offer dozens of exciting variations of online Blackjack, online Roulette and other classics. Happy gaming there!

The Best Adventure-Themed Slot Games to Try Online


It goes without saying that slot games are a highly popular choice among casino players. When playing slots online, slot players have the option to try their luck at a variety of slot variations, including 3D slots, progressive jackpots, and multi-line slots, amongst others.

Along with that, online slot games are further categorised based on the themes they feature. This article lists the best adventure-themed online slots that you should definitely try. Have a look!

  • Gonzo’s Quest by NetEnt


Gonzo’s Quest is one of the best adventure-themed online slots to try online. The slot revolves around adventurer Gonzo who has taken the task of searching the lost city, El Dorado. The gameplay action in this online slot takes place on a 5×3 setup and offers up to 20 ways to win.

An interesting thing about this online slot is that it was the first game to feature the Avalanche feature. For the unversed, the Avalanche feature has the potential to replace the classic spinning reels with cascading icons. With that, players have the chance to grab several consecutive wins in a single spin. Furthermore, the online slot comes with the Free Falls feature that can trigger up to 10 free spins during the gameplay round.

  • Rise of Atlantis by Blueprint Gaming

Rise of Atlantis by Blueprint Gaming

Rise of Atlantis is one of the best adventure-themed online slots to try online. The online slot takes players to the ocean’s depths where they have the chance to meet the ancient mythological god Atlantis. The gameplay action in this online slot takes place on a 6×5 setup and offers up to 8 ways to win.

Rise of Atlantis online slot is full of exciting gameplay features, which include bonus buy, free spins and rising multipliers. Having four to six bonus icons on the reels can get you between 12 to 20 free spins respectively. Then there’s the rising multipliers feature that can trigger anytime during the gameplay. Furthermore, the immersive environment of this online slot will keep you engaged throughout the slot gaming action.

  • John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure by Pragmatic Play


Developed by renowned game provider Pragmatic Play, John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure is an enchanting online slot featuring a gripping storyline. The slot game first appeared in 2019 and has been a popular choice among casino goers who also enjoy playing classic online slots and other slot variations.

John Hunter and the Aztec Treasure features five slot paylines and offers up to 7,776 ways to win. As with other top online slots, this slot game comes with flexible wagering limits, which start at 0.25 coins and go all the way up to 100 coins. Speaking of the special icons, they include wilds, free spins and multipliers. Although the game lacks a progressive jackpot, it does offer players the chance to grab up to 900,000 coins in a single spinning round.

  • Devil Joker Slots by Intouch Games

Devil Joker Slots by Intouch Games

It’s time to enjoy some spooky dance with the devil in the Devil Joker Slots game from Intouch Games. Devil Joker Slots is inspired by the classic online slots of the 20th century and has card icons as its standard symbols. The slot game comes with top-notch 3D graphics and there are a variety of gameplay features that players can benefit from.

The Devil Joker Slots game is set on a 5×3 grid and offers up to 15 ways to win. As you continue spinning the reels of this online slot, you stand the chance to benefit from free spins and the Joker’s Luck feature. Furthermore, the game features a Progressive Mega Jackpot that comes with a guaranteed base prize of 400,000 coins. With an RTP rate of 94.40%, Devil Joker Slots is a must try for any adventure-themed online slot fan out there.

  • Jungle Jim And the Lost Sphinx

Jungle Jim And the Lost Sphinx

Jungle Jim And the Lost Sphinx shares a lot of similarities with the popular Gonzo’s Quest online slot. Here, explorer Jim has taken the task of searching for the lost city, El Dorado. But this time, the gaming action takes place across five reels and 50 paylines.

The minimum and maximum wagering limits in Jungle Jim And the Lost Sphinx are 0.10 coins and 80 coins respectively. The online slot is full of special symbols that can help you in grabbing the top prize of 6,250x the bet. As with other top spy-themed online slots, this highly entertaining online slot has a good RTP rate of 96.30%.

Top Casino Dice Games You Should Definitely Give A Try


It goes without saying that casino dice games are popular in several regions of the world. The six-sided dice that’s an integral part of modern dice-based casino games was invented in China around two millennia ago. In the past, dice were primarily used by fortune tellers to predict the future.

But with time, dice began being used for entertainment purposes. And this led to the creation of dice-based casino games. In this article, we explore the most popular dice casino games that are highly popular among casino players. Stick with us!


If you’re looking for a fun and interesting dice casino game, Craps is the way to go. The game is highly popular among casino players and can be found at almost every gambling venue. As with several other casino games, the exact origins of Craps are not known. Some people believe that Craps likely evolved from the English casino title Hazard, whereas others attribute its origins to a French game named Crabes.

As a beginner, getting started with the game of Craps may seem a little overwhelming. But the game gets easy to play once you get the hang of it. Craps involve the usage of two dice and players wager on what they think the outcome of the dice roll will be. A great thing about Craps is that it allows you to place a variety of bets, including pass/don’t pass and come/don’t come wagers. Also, when playing Craps online, players have the option to choose from a variety of Craps side bet types.

Sic Bo

Another interesting and exciting dice-based casino game to try online is Sic Bo. The origins of Sic Bo can be traced back to Asia, where it was a staple for several centuries. It was in the 1980s when the game made its way to the US and other parts of the world.

The basic premise of Sic Bo is similar to that of the game of Craps. When playing Sic Bo, you wager on which numbers the dice roll will show up. But unlike the game of Craps that makes use of two dice, Sic Bo is played with three dice. Also, multi-roll wagers aren’t allowed in Sic Bo, meaning you get only one chance to get your bet pay off.

As with several other casino games, Sic Bo features several wagering options. The most common wagers in this dice game are the small and big wagers. Small wagers are won if the summation of the three dice roll is between 4 and 10. As for the big bets, they are won if the addition of the three dice roll falls between 11 and 17.


Chuck-A-Luck is an exciting dice-based game whose origins can be traced back to Australia. The game was quite popular in the US during the civil war, with American soldiers playing it on a piece of cloth during their free time.

Getting started with Chuck-A-Luck is easy. Owing to the game’s simplicity, you can also play it with your friends and family. The game involves the usage of three six-sided dice and a board with the numbers 1 to 6 inscribed on it. When playing Chuck-A-Luck, players wager on how many numbers they think will show up with the number they’ve selected.

When playing Chuck-A-Luck, the potential payout ranges from 1:1 for a single up and goes all the way up to 30:1 for a jackpot wager. Owing to the game’s simplicity, Chuck-A-Luck is an excellent introduction to dice-based casino games.


This dice-based casino game originated on the American frontier and is an elegant combination of three casino classics – Blackjack, Poker and Craps. While the game isn’t available at many land-based casinos now, you can still enjoy it with the top casinos online like ours.

The game Klondike is played with five 6-sided dice. The objective of this game is to get a better hand or combination than the banker. The gameplay action starts with the banker rolling the dice to set the benchmark. After that, the players take their turn to roll the dice and beat the dealer. Note if the outcome of the player’s dice roll is the same as the dealer, they lose.

So, these are some of the most popular dice-based casino classics to try your hands at. Along with these, other good dice-based casino games to play are Banca Francesa, Hazard and Simplified Craps. For players who want to learn more about dice-based games, we suggest you check our articles on the history of dice and other aspects of dice-based titles. Happy gaming there!

A Comprehensive Guide to the Fisher Roulette Strategy 


Imagine yourself in a grand casino hall, surrounded by the clinking of chips and the excited murmurs of the players huddled around the roulette table. As you watch the spinning wheel come to a stop, you can’t help but wonder: What secrets lie behind the strategies that players use to try and beat this classic game of chance? 

Even when we shifted platforms to online casinos and indulged in roulette online, we still wondered about the roulette strategies. When leafing through the history of roulette, we understand how important these strategies are to winning. 

The history of roulette strategies is a fascinating journey through time, tracing back to the earliest days of the game’s inception. From the first rudimentary attempts at predicting outcomes to the sophisticated mathematical models of prediction that are adopted in roulette bets online, live dealer roulette, double ball roulette, etc. 

So come along as we explore the most interesting and mysterious Fisher Roulette strategy.  Tracing back to the history of the theory would be an interesting journey. The story cannot be discussed without the story of a book called “The Sealed Book of Roulette and Trente-et-Quarante.”

The Sealed Book of Roulette and Trente-et-Quarante

People have been devising and planning strategies for over 200 years to find a way to beat the roulette game. The Fisher Roulette Strategy is based on a theory devised by a man named Samuel Fisher. 

Not much is known about Samuel Fisher or the origin of the theory, but what we know now of the theory is mentioned on the sheets of a journal written in French. On the first page of the journal, it is very tightly written in very neat handwriting-Journal de Samuel Fisher de le jeu de Roulette, which translates to Samuel Fisher’s roulette system. 

The Fisher Roulette Strategy

Samuel Fisher’s strategy is much superior to using a Martingale betting series, even when there is a delay in making a wager until there have been four consecutive losing wagers. With the Fisher Roulette Strategy, players can bet on every decision without running into house limits on bet size. This is much better than tracking roulette decisions and waiting until there have been four consecutive losses before betting. The Fisher Roulette Strategy is based on the following mathematical formula:

W = (L + 3)/3 

where W is the number of wins.

L is the number of losses. 

In short, one has to win a whole lot less than losing in order to complete a winning 

coup. According to this formula, if a player loses nine times, they need to win four times to 

complete a coup, as (9 + 3)/3 = 12/3 or 4.

How the Fisher Roulette Strategy Works


The Fisher Roulette Strategy is a unique approach to the game that promises to increase the odds of winning. Let’s dive in and find out how exactly the Fisher Roulette Strategy works. 

Bet Placement:

Begin each game by observing one roulette decision, betting the same as the previous decision, and continuing to bet this way throughout the play. If a green (0) or double zero (00) shows, ignore it and bet the same as the decision before the zero showed. 

Bet Sizing:

Players can use 1, 2, 5, 10, or any other bet as their preference. Size the base bet such that it is compatible with the bet limits of the game that is being played.

Write down the base bet, and if a player loses the bet, write it down to the right of the losing bet. 

Add each losing bet to the right side of the recorded bets each time there is a loss. 

Whenever the player lands on their first win, scratch off the bet on the left hand side of the recorded bets.

How to be a successful Fisher Roulette strategy player

There are a number of factors that add up to make one a successful Fisher Roulette strategy player.

Picking where you play

The first step in deciding to become a roulette winner is deciding where to play. See  whether the casino offers games that are playable. Every casino sets minimum and maximum bets for its table games. Typical minimum and maximum bets for roulette games offered by small casinos might be $5 minimum bets and $500 maximum bets for outside bets. These limits will be acceptable for 90% of the players, but a few players may require higher betting limits.

Act like a gambler

Play like a loser. Even when there is a prolonged winning streak going on, don’t rub it in the casino’s face. 

Hide Chips

Disguise the amount you are winning. The easiest way to do this is to pocket chips.  This is harder to accomplish if you are playing alone, and it is easiest to accomplish if you have a playing partner.

Self Control

Ultimately, success at casino gambling, depends on self-control. Winning at gambling is all about self-control. It is about controlling the amount of money used for gambling. It’s about reducing losses. It’s about limiting the amount of money used for any session of play.

A Look at the Different Types of Craps Side Bets


Craps is an interesting dice-based casino classic that is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of casino players worldwide. The game of Craps offers ultimate fun and excitement and has a vast selection of wagering options to choose from.

Along with the standard wagers, many Craps games offer players the chance to place side bets. Side wagers are additional betting options that can make the gaming action highly enjoyable and exciting. In this article, we cover the most popular side wagering options to go with in Craps games. Continue reading!

Fire Bet


The origins of this Craps side bet can be traced back to the Vegas strip. Developed by casino supervisor Perry Staci, this Craps bet benefits from the shooter having a “hot hand”. With the fire bet, players wager that the shooter will score more than four different points on the pass line before rolling out a seven.

It’s important to note that the points must be different numbers in case of the fire bet. For instance, if the shooter rolls out the numbers 5, 3 and 5 on their first three rolls, only two point numbers will be taken into consideration.

As mentioned in our article on Street Craps rules, this Craps side bet pays 25:1 if the shooter scores four points before rolling out a seven. The potential payout for shooting 5 different points before rolling out a seven is 250:1. Finally, getting six different points – 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 – before a 7 is 1000:1.


Point 7


This is one of the simplest and easiest side wagers to make at online Craps tables offered by the top casinos online like ours. Here, players wager that the shooter will roll a point number on the come-out roll and it will be followed by a 7 on the next roll. Of course, players who’ve wagered on the pass line will lose, owing to the fact that 7 loses at this stage of the gameplay. However, players who’ve wagered their Chips on the Point 7 side stand the chance to receive a payout of 7:1 in potential winnings.

Sure, the payout for this Craps bet isn’t as high as the Fire bet. But this Craps wager has increased chances of winning when compared to the Fire wager.  The overall casino advantage for this Craps bet is close to 11%, with the chances of rolling a point number in the come-out being 24/36.

7 Point 7


This side wager was first introduced in the Orleans Casino in the late 2000s. Also referred to as Double Triple Seven, this side bet primarily revolves around the number 7. Here, players wager that the shooter will roll a 7 at the earliest. With the 7 Point 7 bet, getting a seven on the comeout roll pays 2:1.

The potential payout increases to 3:1 if the shooter rolls a seven after they’ve established a point. It’s worth noting that the likelihood of rolling a 7 in the come-out roll is 16.67%, with the probability of tossing a 7 after a point has been made being 11.11%. The overall house advantage for this side bet is 5.56%.

Midway Bet


This is another popular Craps side wager that can be found in numerous Atlantic City land-based gambling venues. In most Craps games, the Midway can be found on the large 6/8 box on the wagering table. Here, players wager on the numbers that fall in the following number range – 6, 7 and 8. So, the Midway bet is won if the result of the next roll is a 6, 7 or 8. The potential payouts for this side bet are based on the specific total and dice combination. They are:

1). Hard 6/8 – 2:1

2). Soft 6/8 – 1:1

3).  7 – 1:1

This side bet is preferred by players who aim at getting small yet consistent wins. The likelihood of rolling a hard 6 or hard 8 on the next roll is little more than 5%. As a refresher, hard totals are made up of a pair of numbers. For example, a hard 6 is a pair of 3-3, a hard 8 is a pair of 4-4 and so on. Speaking of the casino advantage, it’s 5.56% for this Craps side bet.

Some Other Craps Side Bets Listed

Below we’ve detailed some other Craps side bets you can make at Craps tables available at our mobile casino.

Four Rolls No 7

– This is an extremely easy side wager to make at Craps tables, just like the side wagering options available in Roulette online games. Here, players wager that the shooter will roll four times before tossing a 7.

Small and Tall

– Here, players wager that all small and tall numbers will be rolled before tossing out a 7. The small numbers are 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, with the tall numbers being 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Understanding the Different Types of Slot Wild Symbols


Slot machines are the go-to choice for hundreds of thousands of casino goers worldwide. In the past, slot machines featured a simple layout and had a limited number of slot symbols. But with the recent technological advances, slot games have become more sophisticated and come with a variety of different symbol types.

We start this article by explaining to you what wild symbols in slot games are. Then we delve deep into the different slot symbol types. Stick with us!

What Is a Slot Wild Symbol?

Simply put, a wild symbol is a slot machine symbol that can take the place of any basic icon. In other worlds, it can act as a replacement for other symbols. That way, players get the chance to form increased winning combos that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Keep in mind that wild symbols usually won’t replace the special symbols. The special icons in modern slot machines are scatters, free spins symbols and other unique slot symbols.

Let’s have a look at an example to make this clearer. Assume you’re spinning the reels of an online slot featuring different fruits as its basic symbols and a princess as its wild symbol. After setting the reels in motion, your screen showcases the following symbol combination: Apple-Apple-Princess-Apple-Apple. In normal circumstances, the following symbol combination would’ve resulted in a loss. But as the princess symbol is the slot’s wild icon, it can take the forming of the missing Apple symbol. That way, players can have a winning combination in the given slot game.

What Do Slot Wild Symbols Look Like?

Now that you know what wild symbols are, you might be wondering about their look and structure. Let us tell you that wild symbols don’t follow a specific design or style. Different slot machines come with different wild symbols. But usually, slot wilds are linked to the game’s theme. For example, the wild symbol in the Thunderstuck slot takes the form of the German deity Thor.

Different Types of Wild Symbols


Below we’ve listed the different types of wild icons you’ll come across in wild slots:

Random Wild Symbols

As mentioned earlier, wild symbols acts as a replacement for other basic symbols. In many online slots, the wild symbol may appear randomly at any point during the gameplay. As such, be sure to go through the slot’s paytable to know how the wild symbol can be landed.

Expanding and Stacked Wild Symbols

Expanding wilds and stacked wilds symbols share several similarities. But there are some important differences as well.

As their name implies, stacked symbols usually appear as single wild icons that are “stacked” on each other. These icons usually go on to cover the entire reel, which increases your chances of grabbing a lucrative payout. Some popular online slot games that feature stacked wild symbols are Beauty and the Beast and Games of Thrones. Stacked wilds can also be found in some Emporium slots.

In contrast, expanding wild symbols usually appear as a single icon that goes on to cover all positions on the reel. Several popular online slots such as Secret Code come with expanding wild symbols and other fun slot features.

Sticky Wilds

These slot icons just do what their name implies. They stay in place on the reels for more than one spin. Stacked wilds are highly popular among online slot players. This is because they can stay in place for multiple spins, offering players the chance to form increased winning combos.

Moving Wilds

These are a variation of sticky wild symbols. While moving wilds can stay in place for multiple spins, they don’t occupy the same position. Instead, they shift their positions on the reels to help players form the best winning combo. These wild icons can be found in slot games such as Pinnochio.

Wild with Multipliers

The main function of slot wild symbols is to replace basic icons. But along with that, some slot games can also feature wild with multipliers. So, along with replacing the basic icons, these wild icons can apply a specific multiplier to your winnings. It’s important to note that the multiplier is usually applied when you’ve formed a winning combination.

So, this covers our comprehensive guide on the different slot machine symbol types. Now, it’s time to enjoy some slot gaming action on our platform. We’ve got hundreds of online slots featuring wilds and other special icons. Happy gaming there!