Checklist for a Successful Mobile Casino

A quick search of the Internet, will list out hundreds if not thousands of casino websites. It’s the first impression that counts to make your website top the list. Add a smashing design, loads of interesting games, visibly and an intuitive user interface; and you have the ideal casino website.

Here’s what you should keep in mind to make your website top the search list.

Design: Look and Feel of the Mobile Casino

It seems that most of the mobile casinos are being factory made, following the same template – Bright, loud, in the face design with lots of bling and the standard casino designs. You can see lots of sale pitch targeting the mobile casino players, with offers and promotions.

There is a lot of interest in the way the mobile casino slots players are drawn to the sites. Keep your website design simple yet classy to keep the players coming back. It goes a long way to keep the design, look and feel of the website consistent throughout the site. The user friendly navigation controls, handy online tips are just what’s needed to make the players comfortable.

Your brand’s image

Your brand name is your identity that’s going to get you to the top of the search list. Every tom dick and harry can come up with a name for your website. You will pop up a lot of weird and totally awful names for the mobile casino websites when searching the web. Initially, for the heck of it and out of curiosity, you might just visit the site, driving up the initial traffic.

But, at the end of the day, it’s the brand name that’s consistent with the overall theme of the website that counts. What the name implies and what you get is the deciding factor for keeping your casino site coming up in the searches.

Accessibility and Availability of Mobile Casino

The efforts of a consistent look and feel of the design, brand name will all come to zero, if your mobile casino can’t be even accessed by the players. Generating and maintaining the interests of the players is the key to success for the mobile casinos.

The best way to keep the players hooked to your mobile casino is the brisk and interesting promotions. Although frowned upon, and considered as spam, you can use them in moderation to hook the players. The Internet is the best tool for getting your ratings up. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+ are just waiting for you to make use of them. The wide reach of the Internet will guarantee instant recognition, new players to boost up your revenue.

All these are just the tip of the iceberg. You need to follow it up with regular updates and improvements of the website. A helpful customer support team, safe and secure banking system for handling your money is the way to gaining the trust and confidence of the players.

New UK Gambling Act and Point Of Consumption Tax

The UK gambling industry is set to face a big setback in terms of revenue and the tax which they have to pay. A lot of changes were introduced to the old Gambling Act 2005. The one change which is of interest is the Point Of Consumption tax which was introduced. Effective from December 1st, 2014, the new gambling act has mandated that the UK licensed gambling operators are taxed a flat 15% on gross profits at the point of consumption.

In a nutshell, the offshore gambling companies will have to pay the 15% tax on the gross profits, to the UK treasury in return for servicing the UK players.

UK Gambling scenario before the new taxation laws

The UK government has until now been liberal in its approach to the gambling industry. Almost the world’s entire gambling setup is primarily UK targeted with the European market coming second. This multibillion dollar industry is the bone of contention for the UK government.

The top gambling setups all hold UK licenses from the UK approved white listed territories. The major ones are the Gibraltar, Malta, Isle of Mann, Alderney and Antigua, which were tax heaven for the gambling operators.

The previous law collected tax from the country in which the gambling operators were registered. This was considerably lower (as much as 1% in Gibraltar, Isle of Man) compared to the high tax percentage collected. This greatly benefitted the gambling establishments with their profits running into millions of dollars.

The UK government felt that they should be taxed for providing services to the UK customers. According to economic secretary to the Treasury, the changes would “ensure that remote gambling operators who have UK customers make a fair contribution to the public finances.”

UK Gambling scenario after the new laws

The speculation about this new act costing the gambling industry a setback of up £300m, and adding it to the UK’s tax coffers was long in the writing. It came into effect from Dec 1st 2014. It also mandates that the government regulate the online gambling at the point of consumption (i.e. the UK customers) rather than the point of supply (tax from the countries with offshore registered operators)

As per this new act, the gambling operators will have a pay the 15% Point of Consumption tax. In layman’s terms, the government will collect this tax based on the gross profits that they generate from the UK customers, despite where those gambling companies are located or registered.

The new act also states that all the gambling companies should obtain a UK license to provide services to the UK players. It is an offence for the unlicensed gambling operators to provide gambling services to any of the UK players.

New UK Gambling Act – What it means to all

  • From a gambling operators view, it is a punishable offence for not paying the required tax. Failure to pay this tax will result in the Gambling licenses to be cancelled or revoked. This will affect all those companies which will service the UK players.
  • The profit margin of the individual gambling accompanies will take a big hit. It may result in some of the companies jumping ship and moving out of the country.
  • The smaller gambling operators are the ones who are hard hit by this new taxation law. They might focus more on the European market base, to cover their losses. Leaving the field open for an even larger chunk of the UK players.
  • In relation to the above point, the big and established companies may absorb this new tax, by focussing more on getting new UK customer base. They might spend more on the marketing strategies and less on the operating costs.
  • Some of the operators are limiting the services offered to the UK players. They may allow casino games while limiting sports betting.
  • Enforcing of this law and penalising the offenders is still a gray area. In the absence of any clear enforcement of this law, it may result in the emergence of a casino gray market for the UK players. They might move over to the unlicensed and unregulated casinos, to overcome the limited services offered.

The actual impact of the new UK gambling act and the POC tax is yet to be fully understood. As of now, the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association (GBGA) is challenging this act, stating that it is unfavourable to the gambling sector. It has sought to make the implementation of this act as invalid.

The verdict is still out there. It is unlikely that the gambling operators will pass on this tax to the players. But, they might see a decrease in the number of offers, mobile casino no deposit bonus and VIP promotions benefits.

The new Gambling Act 2014 has received mixed reviews. While trying to rein in the online gambling scenario with security, legality and taxes, it is trying to make the offshore operators accountable. As of now, you can’t measure the actual impact. The full picture can be seen only down the year.

No Download Online Casinos – Emerging Trend of Online Casinos

The no download online casinos are a boon for the millions of players who wish to play their favourite online casino games while on the move. The usual question faced by the online casino player is whether to download or not the entire casino software. Presenting a clear look at the benefits of the no download online casino, we will try to dispel the truth of this unique online casino.

Why play at the no download online casinos?

When online casinos were still in its infancy, it was plagued by slow Internet connections. It was a challenge to download the casino software and play. Fortunately, this is resolved now with every player having a decent connection. The other reasons why you can opt for the no download online casino are.

Personal choice

The no download online casinos are specifically for the players who can’t or do not want to download the entire casino software on to their desktops. The many reasons could be a limited memory space on the desktops. They could be behind firewalls or using public access which prevent downloading of the casino software. Or else, it could be that they are wary of the innumerable threats, virus and malware that plague the Internet.

Better graphics and gameplay

Coming to the online casino games, they might not compare with the download online casinos games. Earlier before the advancements in the game designing and graphics, the games lacked quality. But at present they employ the new HTML5 and Flash technology for designing the games.

Most of the no download online casinos have the demo versions of the games. Due to their simple gameplay, they allow the players to check out the games before making a real money deposit on the game.

The most popular casino games that are usually seen in a no download online casinos are the mobile slots, Roulette, Blackjack among others. The smooth animations, graphics and music are common in all these mobile casino games.

Quicker and faster access

The no download online casino is typically running on the web browser. This means that the entire legwork of processing the casino games is handled at the server’s end. The casino software is light and needs no additional requirements. The initial loading of the casino games takes time, but the end result is that the casino games offer the players a better gaming experience.

Can be accessible from everywhere

Probably the only drawback is that the download casino games can’t be played from anywhere. You have to again download the casino software on the new device whenever you want to play the game.

Whereas the no download online casinos can be available from your mobile devices at any time. It requires just your online web browser and a stable Internet connection.

Plus because of the legal jurisdictions and the country restrictions, some of the mobile or online casinos do not allow the download of the casino software. This is solved by playing with the no download version of the casinos, although this is again restricted by the country laws.

It all comes down to personal choices when playing at the online casinos. The players can prefer to download the casino software for their home use, and opt for the no download online casino software while on the move. Whichever option you select, you are guaranteed a great online casino experience.

Wind up March with Drop Dead Bonuses and Promotions

Hello April, and it’s going to be a brisk and warm start. Say Bye to March by scooping up the drop dead bonuses that’s the Jackpot Mobile Casino is showering you every day!

Drop Dead you say! Pretty harsh isn’t it. Well, you needn’t worry, as there is nothing dead about the two month end promotions seen here. Kicking and very much alive, it will put life back into your bankroll every day.

Wake up every morning with a surprise bonus amount deposited to your account. Kick off your day with the Bonus Drop Week Promotion.With a starting deposit of £10 per day play any of our mobile casino games every day. Whether it’s the Candy Swap game which will get your sugar level high or the jungle treasures of the Cave Raiders; decide for yourself.

Bonus Drop Week Promotion

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Daily Deposite BonusIts a Treasure Race Casino Promotion

Squeezing in between these two promos is the terrific Treasure Race Weekend promotion. This Pit stop race is from 27th March until 23:59 30th March (BST). You don’t have to go around digging in the dirt looking for treasure. Bring in the treasure of up to £300 CASH!

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Bring in the cool bonuses everyday of the last two weeks to wrap up the March month on high note!

2015 Upcoming Smartphones Roundup for Better Gaming UX

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is the biggest showcase for the electronic gadgets ever, period. No doubt, there are other road shows available for the big leagues and the newbie to highlight their products. But, for maximum exposure and creating a buzz, the CES takes the cake.Move over 2014, for the CES 2015 has revealed more than you asked for. Gear up for being dazzled by the latest trends, news and announcements of every electronic gadget that you can think of. The big honchos, have revealed their plans for the 2015, with elaborate and exciting news about the one sector, which we all care about: Smartphones

Smartphones Players Grab Your Attention

Naturally, the gaming sector and the Smartphones have a unique love hate relationship. More love, is what we want, for there is nothing more than playing your favourite game while on the go. Name dropping the latest smartphones from the top manufacturers of LG, Samsung, Apple, Google is what caught our attention. Curved designs, massive processing power, long lasting battery, boost in their memory, and the approximate prices is drove the masses to this event.

We had a tough time deciding on which smartphones should wind up on this list. But, without a doubt, LG G Flex2 topped the CES Smartphone list too. The rest included the likes of iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy Note 6, Google Nexus 6 and One Plus 2. There were others like HTC One 9, iPhone 7, Sony Xperia Z4 which also make their debut later in the year.

LG G Flex2

The South Korean giant made good on its promise of a curved screen, for its smartphones. It doesn’t disappoint with the beautifully designed and curved, G Flex 2. A mid size 5.5in curved P-OLED screen Smartphone it has a 1080p resolution, which is definitely an up from the 720p seen in the earlier Flex phone. It features a 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 Octa-core chip set and Android Lollipop 5.0 OS. 3 GB RAM , 32GB storage should be more than sufficient to take high quality photo and video from the 13Mp rear camera with OIS+ and Laser Auto Focus.

Released in UK, it is available in Flamenco Red or Platinum Silver colour. Although the exact price is not available, in UK Vodaphone is offering the sim free version at around £40 per month (with an upfront fee). This is not yet confirmed. All we can say, it’s a perfect action machine to try the best of our mobile casino games on the move with amazing P-OLED curved screen.

Play Shamrock n Roll Slots now on  LG G Flex2

iPhone 6S & 7

Anything from Apple is big news. The latest doing the rounds is the iPhone6, iPhone6 Plus and iPhone7. iPhone6s 4.7in display, has an LED-backlit IPS LCD, capacitive touchscreen. There are a lot of rumours going around, but the latest iPhone7 will feature faster processors, some tweaks to their features, improved RAM and it may have the iOS 9.The good news is that, 8Mp camera, Olloclip’s lenses are now available for the iPhone 6, which brings wide-angle, fisheye and two macro lenses in one package.

Play Cave Raiders Slots now on Iphone 6

Samsung Galaxy S6

You can expect the Samsung flagship to come up with another smartphones, surpassing the earlier Galaxy series. The S6 and the S6 Edge has major changes in its design. It’s supposed to be the first all metallic smartphones. Already released, the price is around £612 and £504 for the 32GB base models. Compared to the iPhone6, this is not too bad.

The Samsung Galaxy S6’s display is stunning, at 5.1in and 577ppi. It has a Quad HD 2560 x 1440 resolution. It boost the performance with the Octacore Exynos processor rather than Snapdragon and comes with a 3GB RAM. Android 5.0 Lollipop OS and a long lasting battery power of 2,550mAh, makes your gaming experience good. Keep your eyes open, 3D mobile slot games are also coming soon and playing the 3D games on Quad HD resolution will be a great experience.

Play Carnival Cup Slots now on Samsung Galaxy S6

Google Nexus 6

Google Nexus 6 is the test bed for trying out the new Android 5.0 Lollipop OS. Sporting a new material design interface on a massive 6-inch display, a 13MP camera, it uses the latest Snapdragon processor and 3GB of RAM to give the best performance. Having a Qi-chargeable 3220 mAh battery, it will last all day.

Although already released worldwide, there is no clear cut price listed. But, the Nexus 6 costs $649 for the 32GB model and the 64GB model costs $699, a fair price given the specs and internal storage. This can vary in the market. If you like to play your favourite mobile casino games on a bigger screen, than Google nexus 6 is the best option.

Play Heroic Slots now on Google Nexus 6

One Plus Two

There is not much buzz about this latest smartphone. Obviously an unknown factor, it’s a premium product available at mid range price. Available for purchase only by invitation, rumour has it that the second edition will sport a 5.5 inch screen size, Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, 4GB of RAM and a large 3300mAh battery.

Play Plucky Pirates Slots now on one+ 2

It will also probably feature their own OxygenOS rather than the Cyanogen used in the earlier One Plus One. If you liked the classy, elegant yet ergonomic One Plus One, you will most likely love this new model. One plus two is also an ultimate option with its Snapdragon 810 processor& 4GB of RAM for playing the high quality mobile slot games from Jackpot mobile casino with long lasting battery.

Importance of Mobile Casino Security

The majority of the Internet online casinos are run by honest people who are there to run a business. But there are some of them, who because of their lax or loose mobile casino security have resulted in frauds, loss in terms of money, reputation and even the life of the people who have played there.

We are talking of the private information of the player, which they divulge to the casinos at the time of joining the casinos. It is the responsibility of the online casinos to protect this information from being tampered, hacked, sold or rented to any third party. This broad mobile casino security area encompasses every aspect of the casino’s working, right from the time of the player registration, depositing, playing, and withdrawing the winnings.

Before playing at any online mobile casino it is vital to know the criteria’s on which to select the right mobile casino.

Regulatory and licensing bodies for better mobile casino security

The most important point on which the mobile casino security hinges on are the credentials of the mobile casino. Being licensed and certified by the iGaming industries watchdogs adds to the authenticity of the mobile casinos. They are required to obtain licenses from within the jurisdiction under which the casinos can operate and have the servers housed. The most well known jurisdictions are Malta, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Costa Rica among others.

All these have varying regulatory powers, which govern how these online mobile casinos operate. How they resolve the various customer issues and dispense the solution is a deciding factor for the players.

Legality of the mobile casinos in countries

The casino security is implemented by operating the mobile casinos only in those countries where casino gambling is legal. They should only allow players from those countries to access the casino website. Use IP blocking techniques to prevent unauthorised access to the web site, which can lead to hacking and stealing vital player or casino information.

Secure Banking Transactions

The latest and secure 128-bit SSL encryption technology is employed in all the mobile casino banking transactions. This guarantees that the different money transactions of depositing, withdrawing are encrypted and secure.

Type of casino software used

Playing at the online casinos having the software developed from reputable game providers is a good way to gauge the mobile casino security. Because their credibility and reputation is at stake here, they stress more on the security and safety of their software. This minimises the risk for you as a player and also offers assurance of the playing at a risk free casino.

ID and age verification software

The majority of online mobile casinos have implemented the ID and age verification software as part of their effort to implement mobile casino security. At the time of registering and joining the mobile casinos, the players are required to provide ID and age verification proof, which will be authenticated using the software.

Physical submission of the related proofs may also be required at the time of cashouts of your winnings. Being truthful about the proofs will only guarantee the speedy processing of your withdrawals. This verification process usually happens only for the first time withdrawal, but can vary across the casinos.


Mostly applicable in a real casino setting, surveillance is necessary where there are thousands of people playing the variety of casino games. Using the high tech surveillance technology, they can monitor the crowd and diffuse any untoward situations.

In addition to these measures, the players can also add to the mobile casinos security by:

  • Not disclosing their accounts details to anyone unless it’s totally required.
  • Update the latest firewalls and antivirus software on the mobile devices and tablets.
  • Reading the mobile casinos security, privacy policies, features, bonus and banking terms and conditions.
  • Giving out correct information, which will ensure speedy processing of their banking transactions.

The only way both the players and the mobile casinos can profit together is to have the best mobile casino security in place. It requires the co-operation of both the parties to make the experience an enjoyable and profitable one.

Interesting Facts About No Deposit Bonus Codes

A string of numbers and letters will unlock your way for the wonderful world of no deposit bonuses. Sounds intriguing? Bring on the big wins using these no deposit bonus codes.

Luring the new and existing online and mobile casino players is a mind boggling job for the mobile casinos such as the Jackpot Mobile Casino. Constantly being bombarded with the no deposit bonuses left and right from all the casinos, the casino players are overwhelmed.

It is surprising that they don’t jump ship at the first chance. The main reason for them not doing this is the tempting benefits that waiting for them.

Are No Deposit Bonus Codes required?

Understandably the only way the casino mobiles can make a profit is by having the players keep playing at their websites. Keeping in mind the short attention span of the players, loyalty factor and the increased competition from the other online and mobile casinos, it is necessary to keep them hooked to your mobile casino.

The no deposit bonus codes are a novel way for the players to try out the mobile casino games for free. With no obligation on their part to keep playing at any one casino, the new players can check out the selected games, understand its gameplay, rules and payout structures. Only after their complete satisfaction, will they opt for making real money deposit and continue playing the game.

While this is in general applicable for the new player, these no deposit bonus codes allow the experienced players to also evaluate the game, compare it to others and provide their opinion about the games.

What are no deposit bonus codes?

The little string of numbers and alphabets which is displayed on every casino online is your no deposit bonus codes. It is the vital piece of text which you enter on the website, to avail the free spins, free plays and the bonus cash that are offered.

As the name itself suggests, the no deposit free bonus means you don’t have to make any deposit to the casino. This is free money given by the casino to check out their games.  It is a marketing ploy employed by the casinos to lure the new and existing players.

The no deposit bonus codes are applicable only for certain mobile games. There is a time limit for utilizing these bonus codes, beyond which it is deemed invalid.

Types of no deposit bonus codes

The two main types of no deposit bonus codes which the mobile casinos and the casino online offer are the Promotion Codes and the Bonus codes.

The Promotion Codes are a way for the game providers to promote their new games to the players. They are creating a buzz around the new game, by offering the players to play the mobile casino games for free. Offering a limited number of free spins or free play options for specific hours, it is needed for them to play the games.

Sometimes there are seasonal promotional codes offered by the no deposit free mobile casinos. It is given around specific holidays are events to increase the players interest.

The bonus codes are similar to the promotional codes except that it is offered all through the year for the popular games. The way the no deposit bonus codes, First deposit, Second and Third Deposit bonus codes work are all similar.  They are mainly targeted towards the new players.

Understood but never spoken aloud facts

Nobody does anything for free and it’s the same with the no deposit mobile casinos. Everything comes with a hidden price. Some facts which are known by all the casinos, but never told out loud, are that they won’t allow you to withdraw the bonus money. They just allow you to play with the free cash. It is non cashable.

There are always some exceptions to this norm. In this case, you are allowed to withdraw the no deposit money after satisfying the wagering requirements.

Other facts which are necessary for the players to understand are:

  • The bonus codes expire after the time frame and are invalid.
  • They can be used only once during the time frame and only on those specific days.
  • Any wins obtained by using the no deposit bonus codes, are subject to the wagering requirements and the bonus policies of the casinos.
  • The codes are generally applicable only for certain slots games. But they can be offered to other casino games such as Blackjack and Poker.
  • Read the fine print of the T&C before using these bonus codes.
  • There is a zone restriction for using the bonus codes.

Type of Online Roulette Games

There is one mobile casino game that gets more attention than the mobile slots, is the Roulette. A game of luck and chance, your winning bet can make a life changing difference. Visibly the most dominating and compelling game, with its enormous spinning wheel and table, it is the centre of action in any land based casino. Smoothly shifting to the online setup, it still retains the same excitement and chancy nature. The difference, being type of online roulette being offered to the players. They are presented with the different variations of the roulette games in one single place. 3D Roulette, American, European, or French versions are the most popular ones.

The basic rules of the roulette games are the same, in all the versions of the type of online roulette games.  But there are major differences in the wheel layout and the rules of the individual games.

Take a look at the various type of games and decide on which one you want to play roulette online.

European Roulette

European Roulette is one of the most popular type of online roulette played. The wheel has 37 numbered slots i.e. 0 and 1 to 36. The presence of the single zero reduces the house edge to 2.7%. Plus, if a numbered bet is made and the ball lands on the Zero, half of the wagered bet is returned back to the player. This is called as “surrender”.

European Roulette

French Roulette

French Roulette is similar to the European type of the online roulette in all respects to the wheel layout, it also has the single Zero slot. The difference lies in the table layout on which the bets are placed and its types. This difference is seen in the two rules that are available for the player, when the ball lands on the zero slot.

  • La Partage – You get half of your evens bet wagers back.
  • En prison – Your even bet is held “in prison” for one more spin. In the next normal spin, you can either win or lose this bet.

The table layout is also different with all the bets labelled in French.  You have to get used to the new terms and the different layout to play this version of Roulette.

French Roulette

American Roulette

American type of online roulette version of the game was popular and played more in Europe, before the single zero European roulette version, made its presence in here. When it jumped across the continents to America, it retained the double zero slot, in addition to the earlier layout. The difference in the house edge is 5.27% due to the extra 00 numbered slot. Also the number sequence is also different. If the ball lands the 00 slot, when a numbered bet is made, the entire wagered bet is lost.

American Roulette

Mini Roulette

 Another type of online roulette game, which is best played with 13 numbered slots. This has a significantly higher house edge compared to the European or the American version.

Mini Roulette

Live Roulette

For those who want to experience the real casino settings from their homes, one should try Live Roulette. This is a ideal type of online roulette settings. The player can experience the ambience and excitement of the brick and mortar casino with the help of webcams and the live streaming of the online roulette game.

Live Roulette


A hybrid of roulette, it combines the gameplay of Bingo, Lotto and the Roulette. Spectacular 3D graphics and animations are part of the elaborate gameplay and attraction of Spingo. The players can place the bets on the colours and the numbers. It’s a great fun game to play, with big winning chances.

Spingo Roulette

Multi Wheel Roulette

Tired of playing with a single roulette wheel? Play the multi wheel, another type of online roulette where you can place the same bet on up to 8 different wheels. If you were to land the same number or colour on the different wheels, you can win from all of those.

Multi Wheel Roulette

Online roulette strategies” is one of our latest blog which might help you to win big at any Jackpot casino. Check it now!

Figuring Out Online Casino Cash Back Bonuses

Lady luck doesn’t smile on you at all times. The online casino ride has both ups and downs. A happy player is more likely to come back to your casino website than one who has a losing streak. Realising this, the online mobile casinos offer the cash back bonuses as a lure for keeping them hooked to their sites. The online casino cash back bonus is your cushion for those losing times and keep your spirits up.

What are cash back bonuses?

The online casino cash back bonuses are special promotions that are offered to the players. It is a chance for the players to take back something in the event of incurring the losses during the gameplay.

Basically it a small percentage of the net losses that you experience, that the casinos online will pay back. It is usually between 5% and 20%. Since you have already made real money wagers and have lost it, you can take part in these promotions.

Online casino cash back bonuses are offered by the mobile casinos daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the casinos. Play more during that period and you are eligible for a cash back bonus. The cash back bonus is directly credited to your account. This amount can be withdrawn or used for making further deposits.

What makes them different from other online casino bonuses?

The online casino cash back bonuses are not generally offered by most of the online casinos. But if they do, it is more for the high roller players, who play hard and longer. It is like showing their appreciation towards those players loyalty.

This online casino bonus is based on the past wagers that you have made, and requires no future commitments from your side. The only requirement is that you full fill the wagering requirements that are sometimes asked in some casinos. But in most cases this is not required.

The amount is directly credited to your account. You can use it to make further bets or can withdraw it. There is no specific procedure to use this cash back bonus money. You can directly use it, or take the help of the customer support team to help with the withdrawal process.

Types of online casino cash back bonuses

The numerous online and mobile casinos UK based or worldwide, award the players with two types of cash back bonuses.

1. Based on the net losses. This is offered to the players who have suffered a net loss on particular games or during a specified time period. The online casino cash back bonus is calculated at the end of that period or the end of the game and is credited to their accounts, subject to the bonus policies. There is a cap on the cash back bonus amount that is returned back.

2. Based on the wagers. Some of the online casinos offer the cash back rewards based on the total winnings. In the unlikely event that this is offered by the bonus, you are in for a boost in your accounts balance. Again there is a cap on the total winnings that is given to the players and is usually limited to specific time period and the particular games.

Claiming the online casino cash back bonuses

The only requirement that the online casinos place on the players is that they continue to play at their web site. Make real money wagers on the specific games, during that particular time period and you are eligible for the online casino cash back bonuses. Some of the online casinos offer this bonus on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

It is automatically credited to your account for further use. The process is simple and needs not lengthy interactions with the customer support. The amount given back is usually 5% to 20% of the net loss that you incur during the time frame. Plus there is cap on the final amount that is given. This is varied across the casino industries.

As always, read the fine print regarding the online casino bonuses policies of the particular casino where you wish to play.

Finally, it is your choice whether you wish to make use of the online casino cash back bonuses. Use this fall back cushion to extend your gameplay and make full use of the casino bonus. This should not be the first choice when selecting a particular online casino to play. But you should consider it among all the other criteria’s such as the casino bonuses, games, overall presentation.

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Treasure Race Promotion will have your putting on your treasure hunting caps. No kidding! You can win the £300 CASH! Just deposit a minimum of £10 on the Cave Raiders HD, Mummy Gold and Mayan Marvels slots game and play.

The Spring Begins Promotion will put a spring back in your step (pun definitely intended). We will give you 10% cashback of up to £50 if you have the misfortune of losing your money when laying here. With this fall back cushion in place, enjoy playing your favourite mobile casino games.

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