What Makes Mystery Symbol Slots Unique?

As slots went from those cranky, noisy machines that used to be clustered on casino floors to fun, thrilling online casino games, slot players are excited for what the future may hold. But not all developments have been straightforward and simple. Today, you can find many odd features in adventure slots, secret slots, and other mobile slot games that can be anything from confusing to baffling. Among them stands the feature whose name elicits the emotion suggested by it’s meaning — mystery symbol.

Mystery Symbol Slots


What is a Mystery Symbol in Secret Slots?

You know that a slot game requires you to take a spin by staking your coins or tokens to set the slot in action. Then, several symbols on the reels of the casino roll along with each other and stop after a fixed amount of time.

When the reels come to a stop, the relative position of the symbols determines whether the player has won or lost. Symbols that match from left to right are counted as wins, and the more the symbols that match, the bigger the win.

A mystery symbol is a symbol that shows up on the reels at any time and changes into other symbols when required. These symbols have a distinct appearance and you’ll instantly recognise them when you see one. Mystery symbols may either appear in singles or, in some cases, as columns that expand over the entire reel.

When a mystery symbol appears on one of the reels, it transforms into a winning symbol, but this may not happen all the time. You’ll come across these symbols on normal spins, but you may also see them during bonus rounds. Additionally, they can appear in a specially enhanced gaming session that is only triggered during a winning spin.

Mystery Symbol In Action

Suppose you’re playing a secret slots game that features the mystery symbol. Your spin results in some candies on the screen. As the secret slots game progresses, you see that one of the lines has three candies on it, which normally pays 5 credits. But the candy turns out to be the mystery symbol. Instantly, all the candy symbols turn into higher-paying diamond symbols that, according to the secret slots game, are more valuable. The winning line now features three gems and pays 50 credits.

When a mystery symbol transforms into a winning symbol on the line, your wins also get multiplied. Thus, it has the potential to pay big wins without having to trigger the bonus round. Bonus features like the mystery symbol attract a lot of slot players to games that have them, and it’s not difficult to see why.

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Slots are one of the most exciting games offered in any casino, be it online or land based. The story-based game development and surprise offers present in the game make the gaming experience more thrilling and engaging. The slots come in many variations such as mystery prime slots, video slots, themed slots and adventure slots. All these variations have one thing in common, fun. Slots are highly enjoyable and here are a few slots that are some of the most enjoyable games offered in an online casino.

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One of the Many Mexican Style Prime Slots – Fortunes of the Dead

Fortunes of the Dead is a Mexican Day of the Dead themed prime slots based on the background of the colourful city, Mexico. The producer of this game is none other than the famous NextGen Gaming, which in a way is the assurance of great gaming quality. The game comprises of 5 reels and offers several bonuses and cash prizes. Features like free spins and re-spins are its main highlight. The contrasting dark design with colourful symbols including candles, skull candles, bowls of fruit and cauldrons make the game visually appealing. The music and theme of the game are at just at the right place to keep the player glued.

  • Come Look for the Zodiacs – 4 Seasons

This slot game, powered by Betsoft, is based on the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. Each zodiac sign is represented by different animals. All the different zodiacs unlock different features, some of them being wild symbols and some being mystery symbols. The Yin Yang icon present in the game is the symbol that activates free spins. Apart from this, the 4 Seasons slot has many bonus features like the seasonal wheel, block win combos and a gamble feature.

  • Fantasy is the Next Step – Phoenix Fire Power Reels

Phoenix Fire Power Reels game powered by the Red Tiger Gaming is based on a mythical creature, Phoenix. The game design is splendid and appeals to all the players. The game has many symbols like a scroll, ring, book of spells, cup and the phoenix. Phoenix is the wild symbol here. The game offers several features like Phoenix Wildfire. Such a feature increases the number of wilds and changes the payout calculation method. The game also has the free spin feature which can be multiplied under certain conditions.

  • The Blooming World of – Butterfly Staxx 2

This NetEnt powered game is one of the best prime slots when it comes to quality and carries forward the standard set by its predecessor, Butterfly Staxx. Butterfly Staxx 2 slot game is a 5 reel game and is offered on most mobile slots uk. The music set at the backdrop is soothing and avoids irritability. The butterfly symbol activates re-spin and furthermore, the game also comes with a scatter symbol that lets the player avail more of its bonus features.

  • Another Chinese Masterpiece – Peking Opera

Peking Opera is a video prime slots game based on Chinese background, powered by Nektan Gaming. The game has wild symbols that substitute for all symbols except the scatter symbol. Other than this, the game includes symbol such as hand fan, colourful masks and letters. All the symbols activate different paylines and whereas 3 fan symbols on the reel activate free spins and bonus feature.

What can we Conclude?

All the above slot games are exciting and unique in their way. Slot games are the true representer of fun and thrill and hence, they deserve a try. These slots games are built in a way to captivate the players’ interest and take their gaming experience to the next level.

A Fantastic Array of New Casino Games at Jackpot Mobile Casino!

Casino games are all fun, enthralling and intriguing, all at the same time. Ever since technology paved its way into the casinos, the potential of these slot games increased exponentially. One is prone to find new casino games every time he/she steps in or logs in to a casino. These new casino games are mostly better than the previous games and certainly the best way for a casino gamer to try what the casino has on plate.

Play New Casino Games

If you are someone who loves to try new things and are troubled in searching for the best new casino games, here is a list of fantastic new casino games you must try at Jackpot Mobile Casino.

The Best New Casino Game – Golden Leprechaun Megaways

This Irish luck themed game is produced by the combination of Red Tiger Gaming and architects from Big Time Gaming, Australia. The two providers came up with the second version of there Megaways slot with a 6 reel setup. The game has various features like Lucky Spins, Lucky Ways, Random Wilds and Wild Stacks. The game also has free spins feature which is triggered every time the reel shows 3 scatter symbols at once.

Embark on a Quest to China – Lucky Coin

If you have ever been to a Chinese slot before, you probably know that the Chinese themed slots are fun and immersive. Lucky Coin slot game is no different. Rather this game gains an edge for its treasure hunting and Ancient China depiction. The symbols used for the game are ornaments, dragons and Lucky Coins. Lucky Coins are scattered throughout the ancient world and hold the highest value in the game. A beautiful girl named Geisha is the wild symbol of the game that replaces all the symbols except the scatter symbol. The list of features includes Lucky Stakes and Bonus Spins which can be triggered at different conditions.

A Video Slot of a Kind – Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine

Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine is a video slot powered by the combination of Yggdrasil and Rabcat Studio. Nikola Tesla, as factually known, was the eccentric scientist who discovered modern electricity. The slot machine falls not too far from being electric as the game is full of electric energy. The graphics are stunning, and the interface is sleek. The game has features like Energy Burst, Exploding Wilds and Free Spins.

Adventure at Egypt – John Hunter and the Tomb of the Scarab Queen

John Hunter and the Tomb of the Scarab Queen is an adventure slot game by the Pragmatic Play. The game is based on the Egyptian theme and feels royal at the interface. The symbols include bags, gun holsters, Anubis and John Hunter (the lead character). It has several features included in it like Money Collect and Free Spins. Money Collect feature is special to the game as it offers various exciting options for the player.

The Mystery of Egypt – Pyramidion

This video slot is yet again based on the Egypt theme, produced by the famous IGT. The game comes with modifiers that change the basic game with the help of wilds, symbol stacks and wild reels. The player can find extras on respins like Sunbeam Wilds, Waterfall Stacks, Obelisk Wilds along with major features like Tomb of Power Free Spins Bonus. The extras offered by this game are sure to revamp your gaming experience.

Enjoy the New Casino Games

The slot casino games are the best platform to experience the blend of technology and casino. Choose from the fantastic array of casino games at Jackpot Mobile Casino.

The Uniqueness of Scatter Symbols in Slots

A few decades ago when you played on slot machines, all you had to do was pull the lever and wait for the reels to stop. Today, when you play an mobile slot game, you’ll come across some very confusing features. There may be reels that rotate in all kinds of directions, there may be wild symbols that appear randomly but leave the screen in many ways, and there may even be symbols that take more than one space on the reels. So, if you don’t want to be confused half the time you’re playing scatter slot games, you should know about one of the most common slot features today — scatter symbols.

Scatter Symbols In Slots

What are Scatter Symbols In Scatter Slot Games?

If you’ve ever played a slot game, you know that symbols need to line up on the payline for you to win. You spin the wheels, and when they stop, you need to form any of the winning combinations. There are, of course, a variety of bonus games and free spins available that increase your chances of getting a win. These bonus features vary from game to game as some providers offer their players a tiny multiplier while others may include a full-fledged mini-game.

But how do you unlock these bonus features? A scatter symbol is your answer. It is linked to an important function that is part of the scatter slot games. When three or more scatter symbols land on the screen, you are paid directly. At that time, the payout gets boosted depending on the number of scatters you land. Note that a scatter payout multiplies the total bet and not just the payline bet. So, if you’re playing a game which has scatters, it’s better to play all or most paylines for larger scatter payouts.

However, it’s also crucial that you carefully read the payout table of scatter slot games before starting. If you’re aware of the payout structure and how the scatter symbol will pay, you’ll be much more excited when one appears.

How do Scatter Symbols Work?

When the first scatter symbols appeared in scatter slot games, they were designed as red cherries. At the time, a win was only constituted when similar symbols lined up on all or most of the reels on the pay-line. However, double cherries used to pay out regardless of where or how they appeared. The more the scatter symbols on the reels, the more the winnings.

You’ll find that the same pattern continues to this day. But scatters do many more things than what they used to do back in the day, and they trigger much bigger payouts, making them the most sought-after slot features around the world.

Fascinating History of Roulette

Have you ever noticed how Roulette has a completely different aura compared to other casino table games? While all other games require complex interplay among cards and numerous probabilities attached to them, Roulette has a different character of its own; a simplistic one. It has simple rules and an even simpler Roulette strategy. And yet, it has survived, not thrived, through the decades and centuries, it has been in the casino. Today, let’s take a look at how it all started.

Fascinating History of Roulette

The Cloudy Beginnings of Roulette strategy

To this day, the true origins of Roulette are largely unknown, or at least uncertain. There are some reasons to believe that the game originated in China. Dominican monks discovered an ancient Chinese board game that was played with 37 animal figurines. These figurines were arranged into a magic square with numbers that totalled to 666; even today, the numbers on a Roulette wheel add up to 666.

However, there’s some evidence that indicates that the most primitive form of Roulette was played by Roman and Greek soldiers. They are thought to have drawn symbols on the inside of their shield, spun it on the ground, and bet on which symbol would land next to a stationary arrow. Even in such basic renditions, players might have devised a simple Roulette strategy to win more and lose less.

The French Connection

Whether it originated in China or among Roman and Greek soldiers, or anywhere for that matter, today, we know that Roulette took shape in France. The credit for inventing the game goes to Blaise Pascal, a French physicist, inventor, and mathematician, though he’s believed to have been heavily influenced by existing games like Roly-Poly and Even-Odd at the time. Though neither of these games required any Roulette strategy, both of them involved spinning a wheel and betting on its outcome.

The Spread and Bifurcation of Roulette

Blaise Pascal created Roulette, but it was two innovative Frenchmen that gave the game the much-needed boost in Europe. They helped the game spread when it was banned in France. Even without the ban, there wasn’t enthusiasm for Roulette as players couldn’t look over the hefty 5.26% house edge. The house edge, in turn, was so high because the original Roulette had two “zero” pockets.

The two Frenchmen Louis and Francois Blanc removed one of the zeroes and reintroduced the game in Germany. This brought the house edge to a mere 2.7% and attracted many new players. This version of Roulette eventually came to be known as European Roulette.

Meanwhile, the version that became popular in the US was the one with two zeroes. Ironically enough, the original version of Roulette that was developed in Europe wasn’t known as European Roulette anymore, rather it became American Roulette.

As the Roulette strategy has developed over the years, people have stuck to this fun game. Roulette has not lost its status as the gambler’s favourite pastime over several centuries and doesn’t look it will any time soon.

New Slot Games to Enthrall You!

Slot games are some of the most exciting games offered in any casino, be it online or land based. Slot machines are also the flag-bearers of modernity in casinos. The world is introduced to new slots regularly to keep the interest of casino-goers. These new slots also keep up the demand for better and more immersive gameplay as any player is prone to lose interest if the design and feel of these new slots games become repetitive.

Here are a few new slots that are sure to enthral your gaming experience at the casinos. These new slots stand true to their main objective and strive to deliver the best gameplay.

Play New slot games

The Simple-looking New Slots Game – Star Wilds Hot Spins

Judging a book by its cover is not what a wise person will do. This slot game puts a stamp to this saying and brings the best gaming experience to its player. Although being a simple-looking slot game, it hides a ton of bonus features that are sure to atwitter the player. The sober gem symbols make the feel of this game very clean and smooth. The game comes with bonus features like Hot Spins which is triggered every time a player lands on win in the base game worth at least 4 times the total stake.

The Battle Between Tradition and Discipline – Yokozuna Clash

This Japanese-themed slot game Yokozuna Clash is powered by the famous game provider Yggdrasil Gaming. The game is filled with free spins and other bonus features. The list of features includes Random sumo features and Tournament Free Spins. The symbols present in the game are clubs, spades, hearts, diamonds and various other colourful animals like purple tigers. All the symbols hold different importance with phoenix bird being the most valuable one.

Experience Thunderous Gaming – Raging Storms

This game by IGT is a heavily immersive gaming experience altogether. Raging Storms is a slot game that features vast forces of the skies and offers thunderous wins. The game has a plethora of wild symbols like Super Storm Wilds that can provide you multipliers. Apart from this, the game has Free Spins Bonus feature which offers high stacks on your chosen god in the game. The visuals are spectacular, and the elegant design of symbols further adds to its excellence.

Feel the Fire of these Mystical Creatures – Mother of Dragons

This dragon-based slot game is a visual of its kind. Nektan has left no stones unturned in making this game an experience to remember. Mother of Dragons slot is filled with wild symbols that substitute all symbols other than the scatter symbol. Apart from this, it also has features like Wild Cards and bonus features. Hitting the Green Eye symbol thrice triggers the Free Spins Bonus Feature and sets the platform for you. Symbols of dragons are a treat to watch and are of varied significance to the game.

Cricket Lovers Get Excited – God of Cricket

Cricket lovers are also taken care of when it comes to slot games. God of Cricket is a new slots game designed by the Reelfeel Gaming. The game is available in two languages English and Chinese. It has bonus features that provide free spins and multipliers as a reward to its player. The symbols used in the game are mostly of gears used in the game of Cricket like Bat, Ball, Helmet etc.

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A slot game is the best chance to enjoy casino games easily with the pinch of excitement and thrill added to it. The games mentioned above are sure to spellbind you with amazing gaming experience.

Have you Heard About The World’s Most Unusual Casinos?

Casinos have come a long way from simple brick-and-mortar casinos that only consisted of table games to themed casinos. There are quite a few types of casinos known to the current world. Live casino, online casino sites, casino hotels, simple land-based casinos and themed casinos are some of the most popular types. Apart from these, just like the in numerous unique online casino sites present on the internet, there are several land casinos throughout the world that are unique and unusual in their style. So, if you are bored with the regular casinos, you can check out these eccentric set of casinos.

Have you Heard About The World’s Most Unusual Casinos?

Here is the list of some of the most unusual casinos from around the world that are sure to atwitter you with their unique and extraordinary elements.

Bally’s – One of the Haunted Casino Sites

Since this list is about the most unusual casino sites in the world, the first in the list is based on one of the most unusual happenings in the world.

This Las Vegas Casino which is also a landmark for the city-goers is called to be haunted. There have been reports of ghost sightings in the stairways and hallways. The ghost appearances owe back to the hotel it was previously known as, MGM Grand Hotel. Many people died in the unfortunate raging fire that came to be known as MGM Grand fire. Since then, the hotel has been said to be haunted.

Desert Cave – The Underground Casino

Desert Cave Casino is situated in the latitudes of Australia. What makes this casino unique is that this casino never sees the light of the sun. The casino is built in an underground cave in the middle of the Australian desert. This casino was built so to avoid the over-heating temperatures in the desert. Most parts of the casino suits are below ground level with no windows. It can be a unique experience of playing your new casino games under a cave.

Trump Taj Mahal – The Walkway Casino

Why this casino makes it to the list of unusual casino sites might come as a surprise. The casino is one of the most lavish-looking casinos in the Atlantic City, but the property is dead and barely anyone visits the casino. What makes the casino unique is that the casino is connected to another casino with the name Resorts Casino Hotel by a walkway. But where on one side the Resorts Casino is full of energy, the Trump is left stranded on the other end.

Grosvenor – Casino in a Taxi

As eccentric as it may sound, the Grosvenor Casino of Birmingham, launched a campaign to promote their casino. This campaign was about delivering casino at the doorsteps by the means of a black cab. This unique idea of promotion also made it one of the most unique casinos the world had ever seen. It comprised of a gaming table, a dealer, a TV screen, online gambling option and a bar, all packed in a standard black cab.

Worth a Try?

Casino sites can be indefinite in their designs and themes. Unusual situations and designs of a casino can be exciting for any adventure seeker. So, if you love going through eccentric vibes, these casinos are just the place for you.

Are Cash Out Options An Important Facet To Choosing An Online Casino?

Online casinos entertain their visitors in many ways. They have colourful slots that dispense huge jackpots, live table games that give the real casino feel, and sports betting options that give the thrill of betting in real-time. But after you’ve placed a sports bet, there’s not much you can do other than wait to see if you’ll win. However, with a feature called “Cash Out”, you can now place bets according to the progression of a game and multiply your excitement just like you multiply your winnings.

Are Cash Out Options An Important Facet To Choosing An Online Casino?

The What and How of Cash Out

It is an option offered in sports betting websites to punters while the game is going on and no final result has been decided. It allows them to react according to the progression of the game. Where before, a punter had to simply place their bet before the match and wait for the results, now, they have some level of control over their winnings and losses.

You can now be proactive while betting on sports and cut your losses if you foresee a loss or are stuck in a precarious situation. The feature is available on singles, multiples, and a wide range of other sports like football, tennis, and horse racing. You can cash out of bets pre-play, in-play, and even between legs. All you need to do is keep an eye on the Cash Out icon that indicates which of your bets are eligible for cashing out.

The amount you get back by choosing the “Cash Out” option could either be less than your initial stake (cutting you losses) or more (a small profit in a highly uncertain situation). However, as the outcome of a game becomes less or more obvious, the option’s return fluctuates. It may increase or decrease, or it may disappear altogether.

An Example

Assume that you’re betting on a football match between team A and team B. You place a stake of £100 on team B winning at 2.00. If at 60 minutes, your team is leading 1-0, the bookmaker will offer you to cash out by taking £150.

If you accept the offer, your bet will be closed, and you’ll walk away with a profit of £50. However, if you ignore the offer and team B wins the game, you’ll make a profit of £100. In contrast, if you ignore the offer and team B loses or draws the game, you’ll lose your £100 initial stake.

Should this Option Affect Your Online Casino Selection?

As we’ve come to see, the option is extremely beneficial to a punter. It not only lets you react and improve your odds and wins as the game progresses, but it also increases the excitement of the game as well.

Online casinos offer this feature because it increases their profits. This is because many players tend to cash out when the odds turn even slightly against them. But from a punter’s point of view, it is a crucial feature in improving their betting experience, and thus, should be considered while choosing online casinos.

What are Cascading Reel Slots?

Even if you’re a card player, you can’t resist the urge to try some slot games from time to time. After all, casino mobile slots today have many reasons to be a player’s favourite. You can choose among multiple reels, hundreds of paylines, and many other profitable features like bonus rounds, coins, expanding wilds, free spin rounds, retriggering, RTP, scatter symbols, multiplier symbols, and winning ways. You can even play games with various themes such as movie slots, cartoon slots, wizard slots, and adventure slots. But there is one amazing feature that can give you multiple combinations in a single spin — cascading reels.

What are Cascading Reel Slots?

What are Cascading Reels In Wizard Slots?

If you’re a regular player, you know how a slot machine works. You’ll be looking at a layout with three or five reels, and every time you press the spin button, the reels, will, spin. Once they come to a stop, there’s either no combination formed and you have to make another spin or you get a winning combination and are given the matching reward.

In cascading reels, however, a new mechanic is introduced into the game. When you get lucky enough to make a winning combination, your reward is added to your account, but you can’t make another spin.

You’ll see that the elements that make up the winning combination start to loosen up from their spots on the screen. As if being affected by the gravity itself, they then fall off. Once they’re off the screen, they’re replaced by new elements. These new elements land from the top of the screen and settle into the newly vacated slots. For example, in a wizard slots game, the combination-forming gems will be replaced by new gems.

But the madness doesn’t stop here. If the new elements form another winning combination, you’ll again get a reward and these elements will fall off the screen too. This cycle continues indefinitely until the new elements don’t make any winning combination.

How do Cascading Reels Benefit You?

  • Bigger rewards – In a standard reel, you’ll only get one combination in one spin. But in a wizard slots game having cascading reels, as more combinations form one after the other, you may get an unlimited number of combinations and spins with just a spin.
  • More excitement – When one combination is completed, the excitement is high enough. But when the elements start to fall off, you’ll feel anticipation building up. As the new gems fall into place in wizard slots, you’ll hold your breath waiting to see if there’s another combination that forms.
  • Boosted bonuses – You’ll not only get multiplier trails for hitting consecutive spins, but your prize multiplier will also be increased after every spin. Cascading reels also allow you to trigger free spins and bonuses by landing scatters.Cascading reels are a feature that incurs no loss and makes for good profits if you’re lucky. Thus, they’re a feature you should look out for when choosing an online slot.

Are Cascading Reels Worth it?

Cascading reels are a feature that incurs no loss and makes for good profits if you’re lucky. Thus, they’re a feature you should look out for when choosing an online slot.