Most Common Blackjack mistakes to Avoid

We all know that gambling is all about getting lucky and playing the odds. If you are a beginner in the world of gambling, you wouldn’t even care about the game you play and the place where you bet your money. A beginner has only one gambling strategy online Blackjack, which say, “I won because I was lucky or I lost because it was a bad day for me”.
So, let’s look at 10 Blackjack mistakes to avoid!

To understand the things better, you will find that top 10 Blackjack mistakes are divided under 4 categories.

Firstly, Common Blackjack mistakes;

You should know the rules of the table like, is it a single deck or multiple deck, will dealer stand or hit on soft 17, and is it allowed to double any time or for a 10 or 11 only.

Always say no to insurance, Insurance seems to be a good deal, but trust me or trust Ma it is not. There is a good chance that the dealer doesn’t have a Blackjack as chances of getting a Blackjack are not very high. And even if he gets a Blackjack you still lose your hand. So it just makes it a PUSH.

Common Blackjack mistake that players make, is by getting influenced by other player’s moves, just avoid it. Other person’s bad move will be good for you so just ignore it and always focus on your game, if you are playing multi-player.

Always stick to basic known facts or strategies, playing simple and waiting for the right time is the best game play, if you are losing never ever double your next bet, people do it in a hope that they will surely win at least one game. But what if you don’t, your money will be drained in 15 minutes max.

Secondly, Split mistakes;

Never ever, Split a pair of 10, it is one of the most obvious and stupidest mistakes a player makes. It seems to be a good option to start with a 10 but only fooling cannot see that he is losing 20 by doing so, which is a fairly good total.

Never split a pair of 5, now why do you want to split it, I mean a pair of 5 means you have the opportunity to start with a 10, so just do it and don’t split it.

Always split 8’s, No matter what the dealer has, you have to split 8’s. That is the right game play, no explanation for that.

Thirdly, Hit mistakes;

Now if you have stiff like 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16. There is always confusion whether to hit or not.
Always a take a stand if you have a stiff and dealer have up card 6 or below. On the other hand, always take a hit if dealer has up-card 7 or more, because in that case now need to improve your total and get it at least above 17.

Lastly, Double mistakes;

Now always double if you have 11 and dealers up 2-10, player 10 and dealer 2-9, player 9 and dealer 2-8, it increases your chances of getting more money as by having 11,10 and 9 in the above cases you have an upper hand. So just try to win as much as you can.

Always double an ace-6 or ace-7 when the dealer have 2-6 or 2-7, now if you have an ace-6 or ace-7 then you start with the minimum total needed, you should always take chance in such case as getting an A, 2, 3 or 4 will increase your score while getting a 10 will keep the total same. It is always worth a double.

Now, since you know the Blackjack mistakes to be avoided, you can now play different types of Blackjack games and also win big on Blackjack. In the end it can just be said – Play wise!

Foxin Wins Again – how is it different from its prequel?

Foxin Slots are theme based games; they portray the journey of a shrewd Fox, who like to win every time. This sharp witted fox is back again with Foxin Wins Again, which is the sequel of famous Foxin Wins. This sequel has better graphics and game play where the canny little friend foxin has got a ship to sail. Foxin wins like any new mobile slots have symbols of a car, bungalow, cash rolls and gold fountains. Getting 3 or more gives you rewards. This feature is same for its sailing sequel as well, only difference is the symbols are cooler here, as Mr. Foxin is ashore, we have a Ship, pina colada and a crazy compass.

Foxin Wins Again is bigger and brighter!

The biggest difference between the two games is the number of paylines. While foxin wins provided only 25 paylines, the sequel is back with unbelievable 50 paylines structure. This makes the stakes much higher for it. The maximum bet (excluding super bet) for foxin wins again is 100 credits for all paylines as compared to 50 credits of Foxin Wins. Foxin Wins again is basically designed for high rollers. The super bet feature is somewhat similar in both the games. The fox pups that trigger the magic conversion of cards into wild card are more in the sequel. Thus, increases the probability of winning more, during the super bet rounds. Other than that way of playing, the super bet is same. Super bet basically allows the player to increase the number of pups by increasing the wager amount.

 Foxin Wins Again – how is it different from its prequel?

Now both the games have scatter symbol. It is a bell for a sequel and a gold pot for foxin wins. Getting three or more scatter symbols; will award 10 free spins plus 2x multiplier on the total winnings of bonus round in both the games. Another major difference in these two games is, if you get 3, 4 or 5 scatter bells in foxin wins again then your betting amount will be multiplied up to 200, 500 or 5000 times, that is excitingly big! On the other hand, getting 3, 4 or 5 scatter gold pots in foxin wins gives back only 5, 15 or 100 times of your betting amount.

The next thing that makes these two games different is the random bonus games. It is the real reason which makes foxin wins again and foxin wins must play games. Foxin wins has two random bonus rounds; the first one is the Leprechaun Shake Down, Launch of this round will take you to another screen, here you have to chase down the mysterious Leprechaun and shake it as hard as you can to rob all his gold. Second one is, the Foxy funds, it is the very same feature of cute fox pups that we discussed about in the upper section. Foxin wins is the game that is considered as the nickel slot as it pays very often. On the other hand, its sequel is a win-win scenario game; it takes a bit more courage to play it as it asks for higher bets. But it gives back as often as foxin wins and in larger chunks too. This makes Foxin wins again slots a better game to play among both.

Apart from the winning calculations and betting amounts, it is you who always decide the environment in which you like to play. Whether it is choppy sea waves or golden sand that is lucky for you or will it be a king’s lifestyle that will make you a millionaire!

The Rise and Rise of Mobile Casinos!

The casino is of Italian origin. The word itself means a place which facilitates pleasurable activities. The thrill and excitement we have once we are near to those changing numbers and pictures cannot be defined in words. Every second of the wait for the sequence after betting is spent in some other dimension. This feeling is so amazing that it couldn’t be contained within the walls of the casino, causing the rise and rise of mobile casinos. With smart phones in nearly every hand, the rise of mobile casinos was evident in the world of mobile games and apps. Today our mobile stores are full of creative apps and games, they just don’t allow you to get bored as well as make your work easy. This rapid boom in the mobile industry made it safe, secure, vibrant and full of fun. Now we all love to play mobile casino games on free mobile casino. Playing the game that yields money too; now this is the life. We all know we don’t just win every time, but this fear of losing is what makes it exciting and keeps us going again and again.

Why wait and plan; when you can play on the move!

Now salient partner responsible for the rise of mobile casinos is technology. The technology has made mobile phones so user friendly that today they are each individual’s best friend. And when your best friend takes you to a place to gamble and have fun then you can’t just say no. The rise of mobile casinos gifted us convenience, escape, accessibility, event frequency, interactivity, simulation and affordability. It is difficult to plan a trip to Vegas or your nearby town that allows gambling, every time you felt an urge to gamble.

Now access to the internet is so common that you can just get it anywhere, and it’s affordable too, which makes playing in casinos over mobile affordable. Online casino mobile games have the ability to just modify your moods; your bad day can be turned into your lucky day just by tapping your phone. The world of mobile casino has many flavours, they have combined gambling with slots; provided auto play for players. It’s like they have decorated the room with clubs and hearts and you just have to enter and start having fun.

Mobile casinos bring so many games at your doorstep that once you start playing you won’t be able to say no to it; Slots, Poker, Blackjack, Roulette and many more. It is just a package of unlimited fun. With the rise of mobile casinos one can gamble anytime and anywhere when he wants. The best part is with so many trustworthy options, one doesn’t have to worry about making deposits. They have cool cash back schemes too, that returns up to 15% of your losses. There are so many other options coming up in the world of mobile casinos like pay with your mobile bill. Isn’t it cool?

Mobile casinos allow you to escape into the world of gambling in a blink. But once you are into it, doesn’t let you even blink. The rise of mobile casinos has opened a whole new dimension of pleasure and gratification. Due to the rise of mobile casinos, now busy Mondays will not be the same, lazy weekends can be turned into crazy weekends. If you wish to play for free, mobile casino free bonus is available where you need not have to put your own money to play. You won’t have to plan to have fun now, get amused anytime you want. It’s time to gamble now, as we can gamble any time now. Just find your lucky spot and choose a lucky number; because casinos have reached your mobile, it’s time to get lucky!!!

World’s Deadliest Volcano Eruptions

A volcano as we know kills, destroys, and gives rise to havoc. We are well aware of their dark side, all the destruction they have done in the past. But is there a brighter side too? Well, they actually do! It stops the earth from exploding. They are like the reinforcement sites created by our creator itself, to replenish the surface of the earth time to time.

Let’s Take a Look at the Past Volcano Eruptions And Brace Ourselves For The Upcoming One

Huaynaputina Volcano, Peru took place in 19th February 1600 AD and killed over 1,500 people. Huaynaputina erupted violently as the observers reported, “it was a big cannon like explosion”. Lake of fire came out of the mouth of a volcano. Near region of the mountain soon got covered by piles of ashes as thick as 10 inches which burned down nearly 10 villages.

Huaynaputina Volcano

Santa Maria Eruption, North America was another deadly volcano that erupted on 24th October 1902 killing almost 5,000 people. Area near it kept shaking and the sounds of the explosions were heard as far as 160 km. Debris and ash were carried away to as far as 800 km. Santa Maria is still active today!

Santa Maria Eruption

The Laki Volcano, Iceland lasted for 8 months from 8th June 1783- 8th February 1784 and took away 9,350 lives. Volcanic eruption lasted for 8 months; molten magma was not the cause of the death toll. It was the emitted toxic gases that were responsible for the mass genocide. And surprisingly, despite the danger, the eruption drew some people in the area burgeoning tourism industry around the natural show.

The Laki Volcano

Mt. Vesuvius, Italy is dated back to 24th August 79 AD and killed over 10,000 people. The eruption resulted in burial of two Italian towns, Herculaneum and Pompeii. During the eruption fumes rose as high as 33 km. The eruption lasted for two days and was tragic for unsuspecting residents of the Bay of Naples that were living in the shadow of the mighty volcano.

Mt. Vesuvius

Mt. Unzen, Japan took place in the year 1792 and claimed over 15,000 lives. It has been Japan’s worst volcanic related disaster ever. It triggered a landslide and tsunami. Again molten lava was not the main cause of the death toll; it was the resulting landslide and tsunami that killed many.

Mt. Unzen

Nevado Del Ruiz, Columbia is a very recent one which took place on 13th November 1985, killing over 25,000 people. The eruption brought death in the town of Armero. Hot gases and lava melted down the snow caps, causing the intense lahar that buried the town armero. It was a result of global warming. It is estimated that 500,000 people could be at risk because of the future possible lahars.

Nevado Del Ruiz

Krakatoa Caldera, Indonesia appeared on 26th-27th August 1883, claiming 36,417 lives in two days. On August 27th two third of the Krakatoa collapsed, creating a tsunami which hit ships as far away as South Africa. The sound of the explosion was so hard that it was heard even 3000 miles away. Today there tends to be abundant sea life; there are natural vents which are good sources of geothermal energy.

Krakatoa Caldera

Mt. Pelee, West Indies was one of the most deadly eruptions. Its duration was 25th April – 8th May 1902 and claimed 40,000 lives. The eruption was so destructive that there were only 2 survivors left in the city of St. Pierre. It was the pyroclastic flow that brought down the entire city.

Mt. Pelee

Mt. Tambora, Indonesia is a very prominent part of the history because on 10th-15th April 1816, this took 92,500+ lives. The eruption was so destructive that 1816 is still known as a year without summer. Because of the ash in the atmosphere reduction in temperature was felt across the world. It was also calculated that an additional 100000 people died that year because of the crop failure around the world. Volcano’s size got reduced to 9000 feet from 13000 after the eruption.

Mt. Tambora

And the Volcano Eruption that is the Friendliest of all is Volcano Eruption Slots on Jackpot Mobile Casino. Starting in 1st week of October 2015, this eruption is promising unlimited fun! Jackpot Mobile Casino is bringing volcano of money to your mobile screens. It is unbelievably cool! It is the volcanic eruption of bonuses. Gamble gives us a thrill and so does the beautifully created volcanoes. Jackpot Mobile Casino has merged the thrill with the fun. Now Get Ready To Deposit and Spin The Slots!

Brand new slot games on Jackpot Mobile Casino

Jackpot Mobile Casino, Britain’s most favoured online casino brings to you two attractive new slot games to boost your winnings: Star Mania and Cash Stampede. These new slot games have two wildly different themes but the one thing that they have in common is that they will help you win big.

Themes of new slot games

Star Mania slots lets you make money while you go stargazing. For lovers of constellations, that’s more fun that you can imagine. Colourful stars make up the game board and can be spun in order to make a winning combination. There are also shooting stars that come up once in a while to hint to you a winning payline.

Cash Stampede slots, on the other hand has hardcore rock music playing in the background and a jungle feel as you see animals stampeding towards you. It is a 5 reel game that can be played in 243 ways and it keeps your adrenaline rushing. With its purple desert setting overshadowed with thunder clouds and electric guitars playing in the background, it’s an exciting game to play.

Betting on the Game

The new slot games take betting to new levels of cool with their fun interfaces.

In Star Mania, you have a 5 reel game play in a 10 line structure. When there are three scatter icons on the reel, you can win free spins. You can double your winnings using the Gamble Feature. The Wild Function substitutes for all other symbols except for the bonus symbols. You can line up three bonus symbols to win free spins. The plain purple, blue and green stars can earn you up to 50 coins. There are bejewelled green and blue stars to look out for that can win you up to 75 coins. The bejewelled purple stars are on the higher side with up to 100 coins while the highest winning stars are the bejewelled red and yellow stars that let you win the top prize of up to 500 coins. In Star Mania, the bonus symbol can help to multiply your entire wager: 2 symbols are 20x, 4 symbols 100x and 5 symbols 200x your stake. Three of the bonus symbols will give you the free spins option. The Gamble Feature lets you double or quadruple your winnings. You can guess whether you are going to get a red or a black playing card in order to double your wager, or you can guess the card suit in order to quadruple your wager.

Star Mania and Cash Stampede

In Cash Stampede, there are low pay 10A symbols, wild horses, elephants, rhinos, antelopes, buffalos and medium paying animals that offer you up to 100 coins for five of them in a line. The Wild Symbol appears only on the middle reel and can substitute for all of the regular symbols. If it completes the winning combination, it lets you win free spins. During a free spin, winning symbols stay in the same position so that every new spin helps to improve your chances of winning. If you get three scatter symbols, you can win free spins. This is a high volatility game, ideal for players who like risky slots that offer up big winnings.

The new slot games both come from NextGen, which is known for its high quality slot game creation. The new slot games were released in September of this year and already enjoy a high amount of popularity. While the themes of these new slot games are greatly different, with the calm soothing stargazing of Star Mania and the wild jungle atmosphere of Cash Stampede, both new mobile casino will let you win big. Jackpot Mobile Casino also lets you enjoy these new slot games with loyalty bonus programmes and ongoing promotions available on all new slot games.

Miss Kitty slots v/s Meow Money slots

One of the most popular in their arena, Miss Kitty slots and Meow Money slots are games to look forward to as you put your heels on and hit the casinos. Bearing a cat-themed interface, these slots are a favorite among players attracting the feminine audience. Miss Kitty slots are in demand everywhere and are a fun option for people who are playing for free or for real cash. Online and real casinos see a huge number of Miss Kitty slot lovers who enjoy every bit of this video slot game. Following close behind is the Meow Money slot that is not just captivating but also offers huge chances of winning big.

A 5 reel video slot game, Miss Kitty slot is crafted for the cat-lovers. The character is very appealing and has a sophisticated air about it. Miss Kitty is designed to attract the ladies with a classy studded necklace around its neck and having all the urbane mannerisms. Miss Kitty slots are loaded with features and incorporate multiple feminine elements like Bird, Milk, Fish etc.

Miss Kitty Slots

Miss Kitty Paytable

Miss Kitty slots come with 50 pay lines, allowing maximum 50 coins to be used as the wager. It allows players to wager as much as £200 with coin value from 0.01p – £4. The slot machine has 4 symbols embedded in each reel. The main goal for every play is to get the right combination of symbols that helps you win. Miss Kitty slots bear regular symbols like Ace, Queen and King along with special symbols of Moon and fish. The Miss Kitty symbol can replace all others, the Moon being the exception.

Miss Kitty slots v/s Meow Money slots

The Classy Miss Kitty Slots Can Reward You Generously

The game comes with a high RTP of 94.94%. The cute purr of Miss Kitty is depictive of a good win and is a pleasant sound for the ladies. The quicker the symbol of Miss Kitty appears the more chances of winning good cash. You can land 5 additional plays if you manage to get Miss Kitty on reels 2 or 3 with a Moon behind. The game is easy yet offers big winning chances.

The feline family makes another appearance with Meow Money slots which is also a cat-themed 5 reel game. The cats, like Miss Kitty slots, are adorable and cuddly which makes this slot game a favorite among the ladies who wish to enjoy mobile slots on the go. Extremely simple to play, the cats jumping through varied colored rings are one thing you just can’t ignore. With bets as low as 50 pounds, these cats can spring up at any time on the reel and help you win multiple figures.

The game has 9 pay lines and the Wild Cat is the top symbol which has the ability to replace the others. The wagers can vary from 0.01 to 50.0 and you can win up to 2,500 times of your wager with a stroke of right spin. The game has bonus features that show themselves when you hit 2 symbols bearing the golden fish bones back to back, enabling you to grab the skill bonus feature.

Meow Money Slots

Meow Money Paytable

These two are extremely refreshing slot games that are fun, pleasant to play and engaging in all manners. The interface is enchanting with a warming music and overall design. If you are looking for slot games purr-fection, then Miss Kitty slots and Meow Money Slots have the just the right amount of money and cuteness to offer! The apt blend of feminism and sophistication, these slot games are customized for full enjoyment at all times.

Why Neteller is the best payment method?

Neteller has been in the online payment industry for more than a decade now. With its presence as one of the largest independent money transfer company, Neteller is certainly one of the most trusted sources for financial handlings. It is easy with this payment method to add, withdraw and transfer funds instantly without any hitch. Basically there are two services offered – one is Net+Cards and the other one is Money Transfer.

Net+Cards are like any other debit or credit cards, but there is no bank involved in it. The best advantage of this is that when you are withdrawing money from Jackpot Mobile Casino through your Neteller account, you instantly get the amount in your account, unlike the regular banks where only on working days and hours does the money shows up in your account.

Money Transfer is a free service by this payment method. It lets you send money instantly, easily and safely giving the traditional money transfer ways a rest. Both the services are available in almost all the countries all over the world, so there are no restrictions attached to it.

Neteller – A hassle-free money handler

As easy as it sounds to handle money, it is even easier to register with it. All you have to do is sign up, just like any other account online – details, verification, etc – and your Neteller is ready to use right away! Though not wholly. All the functions can only be accessed once your ID verification is done. ID verification is very important these days and is also compulsory as per law for any monetary transactions online.

The best part about using this payment method is that it has no additional charges! Yes, that is absolutely correct! Since it is an e-wallet and not a bank account, it has no additional charges or fees for its users. The only time they charge an amount is when you ask for a Net+Card to be delivered to you. And that too only shipping and handling charges are asked for. Amazing, right?!

Using Neteller at Jackpot Mobile Casino is also a good way to save time. Apart from that, Jackpot Mobile Casino keeps coming up with offers for Neteller users. Like cash back or bonuses, special access to games, and so on. Not all debit or credit card holders get this opportunity, and if it all they do, it is very rare.

It is usually safe to go for e-wallets these days. Debit and credit cards, bank deposits, etc require a lot of personal details to be shared and verified, and with cyber crimes all over, one does not really feel safe to reveal them online. Using such alternatives is always a good idea, and the best part is, you can transfer all this money from your e-wallet to your personal bank accounts as well. And this happens instantly and ready to use!

At Jackpot Mobile Casino, the minimum amount you can deposit with Neteller is only £10, and can go up to £10,000 per day. Similarly, upon withdrawing, you have to take out a minimum of £10 and maximum of £10,000 each day. The maximum amount is greater than most Visa cards, so if you are a winner, you don’t have to wait long to claim your money!

Make your life easy and finance handling a piece of cake with Neteller at Jackpot Mobile Casino. Say goodbye to stress and tensions related to online transactions, because you have the most secure and safest method at your service since 1999.

Happy Gambling, winning and Netelling!

Win an Apple Macbook at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Gambling has always been a way to have fun while earning a little extra. But with times this is changing, and the best proof of that is the latest offer at Jackpot Mobile Casino. You can now own a brand new Apple Macbook by doing a top up of just £10! Imagine, owning an Apple product can be so cheap and easy? Well, it is for all the Jackpot Mobile Casino users.

A Macbook is any day better than other traditional systems. It’s time to get over windows and doors, because Mac is the real deal now. Known to be expensive, but in real are actually very pocket-friendly. Other systems require updates and repairs that are not considered when buying, but with Apple Macbook, you no longer have to worry about that. The after-sales service by Apple is just too good, if at all you encounter any problem with your gadget.

Win an Macbook

Since Apple is exclusive, there is nothing to be confused about. Though there is limited choice, but whatever Apple gives, is the best always. So, never think that Apple Macbook is not worth your time and money just because they are limited in producing models. Apple believes in maintaining their standard in all their products – from iPhones to Macbooks. Because they are exclusive, the software in Macbook is also near to perfection. While others like Microsoft can go wrong at times and goof up their updates, whenever Apple comes with the latest OS, it is all in all the best for that time. And with that comes the safety because there are not many viruses and spywares that can be deadly for the system.

Get Ya Mac On!

Apart from that, we all agree on the fact that this gadget is the best in looks! The sleek and stylish Macbook has many fans around the world, and so many who wish to own one. And for those, Jackpot Mobile Casino comes to the rescue. So keep yourself glued to Jackpot Mobile Casino from 7th to 13 October 2015 to stand a chance to win the all new Apple Macbook.

With the Get Ya Mac On offer running on Jackpot Mobile Casino, you can own your very own Apple Macbook with just £10. The winner will be chosen through a lucky draw, and to be a part of the draw, all you have to do is make a top up of £10. Every top up you make makes an entry to the lucky draw, irrespective of the games or slots you play. And it’s not just limited to one entry; you can make any number of entries you like. The more entries you make, the more number of times your name is entered in the draw – which means you have more chances to win!

The splendid machine can be yours! All it takes is £10 and your time from 7th to 13 October. The super week on Jackpot Mobile Casino can be spent by playing the wide variety of games. So, it’s not just £10 for an entry to the draw, but you can play slots and other casino games and try your luck on your favourite game.

Go on a winning spree on the exciting games at Jackpot Mobile Casino. Play on the move from your smart phone or tablet, or from your ‘old’ desktop or laptop. We say ‘old’ because it can soon be replaced with the all new Apple Macbook. So, get your dream machine now for as low as £10 – a deal that cannot be matched anywhere else!

Mobile Casino Free Spins – Play More for Less

As a newbie casino player you are tempted for a long time with the exciting and most profitable casino bonuses that are offered. It’s the various bonuses that keep the players hooked to them. One of the ways for them to do this is through the various mobile casino free spins offered.

From a miniscule 5 free spins to a massive 100 or more free spins, is on the plate for the players to choose from. Not surprisingly you get to keep all your wins when playing the free spins round, subject to the wagering requirements placed by the mobile casino games.

Availing the free spins

Getting your mobile casino free spins is plain simple. All you need is to have is a valid casino account. Once logged in, you need to use the free spins promo code that is published on the casino website. Access your account’s page and enter the appropriate code and have the mobile casino free spins added to your account.

An invalid free spins code will invalidate your session and make it difficult for you to participate in your gaming session.

What makes Free Spins to spin you around?

It is tough business for the casinos to stay in the market without getting buried under the thousands of mobile casinos that are popping up everywhere. Using the free spins bonus, is a great way for the casinos to bring in the new players. It is like the carrot dangling in front of the players, to check out the casino; its various games, bonuses, promotions and other interesting features.

They can check out the games payout structures, features, various gameplay and other aspects of the game for free. Only after being totally convinced should they venture into real money casino gaming.

As a promotional item for their new slots game; it is a great marketing strategy for the casinos. Not only will they get free publicity and generate hype among the players. It’s a big plus for the players as well, since they can play the new slot game and get first hand info about it; all for free. The free spins allow them to get information without being overwhelmed about the T&C’s, wagering requirements etc.

As a token of gratitude for the players continued loyalty and support, they are offered the free spins either through their VIP Programmes or through regular mobile promotional channels like newsletters, social media etc.

While the player is more interested in making the mobile casino free spins count, the casinos will keep throwing these titbits to make them come back for more of the fun and action. Make use of this great chance to make the free money (pun intended) to keep flowing into your account.

Restraints when using the free spins

The constraints of these mobile casino free spins are many and you need to keep these in mind before accepting the free spins. Sometimes, specific games like slots will have the mobile casino free spins allocated only for certain games. In order to avail these offers, it’s important to use them within the specified time frame.

One important fact which the players have to keep in mind is the wagering requirement that is specified in the terms and conditions of the bonus policies. It depends on the particular casinos policies on how they disperse the wins obtained through the free spins.

Cautionary note on using free spins

You need some balance in your game play, with all the tempting bonuses and offers that the casinos are offering. There is something always hidden in the T&C’s and the wagering requirements that are present in the casino policies. Read them carefully before availing the mobile casino free spins.

Play with sensibility and common sense to ward off the unnecessary pitfalls when dealing with the free spins. Enjoy them within the stipulated time and rake in the easy money.