Play Magic-themed Casino Slots Online

If you want to take a break and play relaxed dreamy styled casino slots, you should definitely check out some cool magic-themed mobile slot online. Many a time, you might feel like playing a classic slot that has a magical appeal and gives you bright winning opportunities too. So, here is a short description of our two newly launched magic-themed slots that are bound to leave you hooked. Read about the Rainbow Magic slots that is a simple yet fast-paced slot with a magical backdrop and the Gnome Wood slots which features mythical symbols hiding in the woods.

Play Magic-themed Casino Slots Online at Jackpot Mobile Casino

The Magic Lasts Long with Classic Casino Slots Online like Rainbow Magic

Powered by Realistic Games,Rainbow Magic slots can be played over 3 reels and five paylines. Yes, it is that simple. No chasing spacecraft, no buzzing heroes, and no complicated game chase like in the new-age casino slots online. Rainbow Magic lets you breathe easy in a forest setting with a rainbow sky. You will find cute clovers, toadstools and butterflies on the reels which give you twice your stake on landing in three numbers. You can get luckier with the harp and crystals that pay ten times and the magical fairy that can land 50x wins. The highest paying symbol is the pot of gold that pays 250 times your total bet.

Look out for the magical Coin which triggers the Free Spins feature. Most importantly, the Free Spins can be as high as 20 when the coin lands on reel 2.

Gnome Wood Slots is Pure Fun

Not only does the player love playing in a lovely woody ambience, but the slot also gives good returns. Play Gnome Wood slots based on a fantasy-theme with mythical symbols like the genome, rat, cauldron and a spell book. While the base game is simple, the excitement begins when you get to enjoy the Bonus Features like:

  • Wandering Wilds: Appear anywhere on reels two to five and give a free spin.
  • Free Spins: Land three or more Free Spins Scatter symbol and get ten Free Spins.

Exceptional Graphics, Animations and Soundtracks

What makes the casino slots online tempting and entertaining is enchanting graphics and interesting backdrops. Both these magical theme slots seem to be quite satisfactory as far as their screenplay and symbols are concerned.

High RTP makes them Hugely Popular

Players definitely find magical theme slots catching their fancy, but it is a slot’s RTP that makes it popular. Rainbow Magic slots have an average RTP of around 95.25% giving the players a fairly high chance of winning. Similarly, Gnome Wood slots reviews talk high of its RTP of around 96.12%. Both the slots are non-progressive slots where the player can manage to get smaller but more frequent wins with smaller stakes.

These magic-themed casino slots online are fun to play and you can take the pleasure of them at our leading UK casino, Jackpot Mobile Casino now.

Difference between Wolf Run and Wild Run Slots

Wolf Run and Wild Run slots have both grabbed an immense attention shortly after their release. Both come with excellent features and provide good rewards as well. As a player, you would need to have an idea of the differences between the two so that you can implement the relevant game-playing strategies according to the rules of the games. This will help you to become confident in both the games and use the features to bag exciting winning combos for yourself. Here is an idea of how the features and attributes of the two new mobile slot are different from each other.

Wolf Run and Wild Run slots are based on Africa but with different plots

Difference between Wolf Run and Wild Run Slots

Both Wolf Run and Wild Run slots have been developed by premier gaming companies. While Wolf Run has been developed by IGT, Wild Run is a venture of NextGen Gaming. The primary plot of the former is the pack of wolves in the midst of the African native forests. On the other hand, the latter feature the whole African savannah flora and fauna including other animals, such as lions, rhinos, elephants, cheetahs and buffalos. At the background, you have the setting run with its golden rays. Although both have excellent graphics, the latter with its conglomeration of animals seems a touch above.

Both have different Symbols and Denominations

The lower value symbols in Wolf Run are 9, 10, J, Q, K and A and the higher value symbols are related to the theme, such as carved totems, white wolf, black wolf and a howling wolf against a yellow coloured full moon.

In case of Wild Run slots, the lower value symbols constitute different cards, such as diamonds, hearts, clubs and spades. The higher value symbols the different African animals like cheetah, elephants, buffalos and rhinos. For Wolf Run, the howling wolf is the wild symbol. On the other hand, the lion is the wild symbol for Wild Run.

Bonus features are quite different from each other

When it comes to bonus features, Wolf Run seems to be a touch above that Wild Run slots. It has the Stacked Wolf Wild feature that provides better chances of bagging the wild symbol across each reel and receive lucrative winning combos. There are lots of free spins as well. If you are able to land three bonus symbols on the reels, you can bag five free spins. In case of Wild Run, the On-A-Roll feature is the main bonus. It provides multipliers on your existing prizes. If you are able to land wild symbols on the 1st and 5th reels, you will get 2x multipliers, which will increase subsequently according to the number of wild symbols.

Both Wolf Run and Wild Run slots come with respective features and have their own gaming attractions. As such it is difficult to compare between the two. Based on your preferences and budget, you need to choose the right game and devise the right gaming strategies to win. That way you will be able to become a pro across both the games.

Reverse D’Alembert – The Most Popular Roulette Online Game Strategy

If you are a typical Roulette fan, you must be familiar with the various betting strategies of the game. The Reverse D’Alembert is the most famous strategy in Roulette online game. In order to use this betting plan, you should first know well about the standard D’Alembert pattern. Then, you will be very well able to understand how things work with the Reverse strategy. Read on to get a deeper insight into the Reverse D’Alembert Roulette strategy.

The Most Popular Roulette Online Game Strategy

A quick recap of Standard D’Alembert in Roulette Online Game

While playing the Standard D’Alembert Roulette strategy, the player bets on one of the even bets. After a loss, the bet is increased by one. On the contrary, the bet is reduced by one after a win. The idea behind playing this strategy is that if your wins are equal to your losses, the number of winning bets will be your profit. Sounds great! But, the player should remember that like all other Roulette online game betting strategies, the standard D’Alembert also has its disadvantages. For example, if you face a continuous string of losses, it can take you to quite a low and disappointing level.

Just the opposite Roulette Online Game in Reverse D’Alembert

Now, that you have recollected the bet in D’Alembert, it would be easier to understand the Reverse bet. Here, it is just the opposite. So, you reduce your bet by one after a loss and increase it by one after a win. Here is a simple example where we assume the starting bet to be 10.

  • Bet 10 and win
  • Bet 11 and win
  • Bet 12 and lose
  • Bet 11 and lose
  • Bet 10 and lose
  • Bet 9 and win
  • Bet 10 and win
  • Bet 11 and lose

As per this example, you will land in an unfortunate situation by losing a total of four losses. You can calculate it like this: 10+11-12-11-10+9+10-11=-4.

So, in Reverse D’Alembert, you have to be on a winning spree to land profits. Only when you win more rounds than losses, this strategy works well and lands you in benefit. So, you have to remember that when you have planned to play with the reverse strategy in the Roulette online game, you can’t just win because of the strategy. It is very important to land more wins than losses.

Learn when to quit

Game pros often use the reverse D’Alembert strategy while playing Roulette online game. Theoretically, this kind of game plan definitely gives the player a winning edge. The only condition that must be fulfilled is the number of wins should exceed the number of losses. This does not happen every time in the long term. So, it is better to decide when to call it quits. In the above-mentioned example, it would be best to walk away after landing five wins.

Although the strategy calls for incrementing the bet by one after every win which is quite tempting, the player should thoughtfully learn how to stop at the correct point and walk away rich.

A Quick Guide on Online Roulette Payouts

Online Roulette has unparalleled dominance when it comes to the various casino games. Are you one of the many Roulette enthusiasts? Have you been indulging yourself in online Roulette for months? Are you thinking about raising the stakes, now that you have a substantial bankroll? If this is the case, you’re at the right place! Jackpot Mobile Casino brings a complete guide on online Roulette payouts.

Casinos with Maximum Online Roulette Payouts

A Quick Guide on Online Roulette Payouts at Jackpot Mobile Casino

The online casinos have minimum and maximum wins which typically ranges from one euro to thousands. When calculating the maximum online Roulette payouts, start with 36 in European version whereas with 37 in the American version. Further, divide it by the number of the square the player is betting on and then subtract one from it.

To explain with an example, let’s say, the player places bet on 4 squares. 37 on being divided by 4 gives 9.25. On subtracting one from it, the result is 8.25 which is the payout rate. So, the player would be rewarded 8 times the bet placed.

Also, betting high on the squares is extremely risky. It is, particularly, for those with the hefty bankroll. Generally, players have very grim chance of winning a straight bet, even less than three percent.

The sites to choose!

The choice of casino plays a very pivotal role in deciding the winning bonuses of the player. Every site is different from the other in terms of payouts, facilities and gameplay. One should choose a particular casino only after extensive research and keep in mind one’s requirements.

The very first thing to look out for in any casino is proper licensing and authorization. Needless to say, the internet is swarming with fraudulent and scam site. Also, one should look for casinos with higher payouts for the bigger win.

An online casino has the option of both inside and outside bet. Outside bet is the bet placed on a combination of two numbers. The inside bet is the straight bet on a single number.

Higher limits of Online Roulette Payouts Pertain Higher Risk!

As mentioned earlier, maximum bet and maximum online Roulette payouts vary from one online casino to the other. The one very important fact every gambler should be aware of is that for scoring maximum payout, he/she is gambling a considerable amount of money. But the probability of winning is very low. It can be very conveniently stated that risk and reward are complementary.

The players, at all the times, should be very cautious while gambling online. Sites may try to lure the players by allowing them to place sky-high bets. Make sure to check the legal norms of such sites to avoid being fooled. And don’t ever get carried away!

The basic rule is to place bets in accordance with one’s bankroll. And try not to waste unnecessary money and time on gambling. Discipline is extremely important.

Online Roulette is the most exciting casino game and with these pointers in mind, you’re all set to ace it!

Thundercats Slots Launches at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Fancy playing the Thundercats with Lion-O on a slot machine? Well! You don’t have to wait longer. Jackpot Mobile Casino has recently launched the Thundercats slots that offer exciting spins for slot lovers. This online slot has thirty paylines to choose from. Its major highlight is the ten Bonus features that make it quite a tempting slot to try. If you have been a desperate fan of the cartoon series that used to be featured on Saturday mornings of the eighties, you will immediately relate to the Thundercats Slots.

Relive the Cartoon Fun with the Thundercats Slots

Thundercats Slots Launches at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Only the era is different. Rest all the characters are just the way they used to be. So, the Thundercats slots feature the animated versions of the original Lion-O, Tygra and Panthro. You will even find the charming Cheetara when you spin the slot’s wheels. The slot has a wide range of betting options right from 40p to £500 for the players. You can wager with as little or as much money as you want. The thrill will be equally amazing.

Bonus Features in the Base Game

The base game itself starts with a lot of excitement. As soon as you start, Thundercats slots pull off with a roaring beginning. Soon, the player is greeted with bonus features like:

  • Lion-O Wild – features as the Wild symbol appearing randomly on the reels
  • Cheetara – Wild appearing on the first reel gives extra wilds
  • Tygra – Whole reels are filled with Wilds after a payout
  • Panthro – The reels are stacked up with lot of duplicate symbols
  • Wily Cat – Two wild stacks with 2x multiplier applicable to any win.

With all these bonus features in the base game, this slots become incredible once you start rolling. The players who love their favourite cartoon characters will love to spend fun time with all these symbols that are lively and entertaining. Done with the base game, you can move on for some unlimited slot fun with the Thunder-wheel bonus.

Thunder Wheel triggers unbelievable bonus

The slot has been rightly categorised as a winner amongst other slots due to its incredibly high winning potential. The Bonus Wheel, when triggered, opens up a new reserve of added bonus features and free spins. Have a look at some of them:

  • Mumm-Ra Free Spins – An expanded wild reel with ten free spins
  • Ultimate Thunder – Three reels with five free spins on stacked reels
  • The Monkian free spins – Hot zones changing into wilds with ten free spins
  • Slithe sticky free spins – Sticky Wilds with ten free spins and potential of winning five more free spins
  • Jackalman free spins – Ten free spins with a 10x multiplier and potential to win five more free spins.

Best Slot that Jackpot Mobile Casino has recently launched

Slot lovers who want to try their fortune in new and innovative slots, Thundercats slots are made for you. The casino has come up with lucrative weekly promotional offers that add up to the fun. With big winning potential, the slot can be played easily on your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

Online Multihand Blackjack Rules Explained

Blackjack is probably the most famous casino games and has extreme adrenaline rush linked to it. Various variants of Blackjack are available online, adding to the pleasure of the gambling hoarders. Multi hand Blackjack is one variant of Blackjack that allows players to play with more than one hand. This game has grown up to be the most popular variant of Blackjack and is enjoyed by countless players worldwide. This variant can have 5, 6 or 8 decks of card, depending on the number of players.

Online multi hand Blackjack rules have been explained below to make the gamblers familiar with this variant.

Get your Twenty-One Right- Online Multi Hand Blackjack Rules Say!

Online Multihand Blackjack Rules Explained

The objective of multi hand Blackjack is same as that of the regular Blackjack. The aim of the game is to beat the dealer by scoring points as near to twenty-one as possible. A score of more than twenty-one leads to a bust situation and the player loses. This is an extremely fast paced and fun game.

The first step in the game is to decide the number of hands one wants to play with. Every hand has a distinct value. Additionally, wagers on all the hands need not be equal. Players are also provided with the facility to increase or decrease the wager, according to their hand. One needs to keep in mind that card counting is not possible in online multi hand Blackjack as each hand is initiated with a new deck of card. Also, minimum table limits are very low for online version when compared to the live counterpart. This is to meet the requirement of all the players.

Online Multi Hand Blackjack Rules

Online multi hand Blackjack rules are quite easy to follow.

  • The very first rule is that the player, at no point, can surrender. The hand can be doubled or modified, but one can’t surrender. Since their multiple hands available, one needs to strategize accordingly to win.
  • The dealer is given the option to improve his gameplay on not hitting the Blackjack.
  • The double down rule provides the option to double any two cards, except for 10 and ace.
  • By using the hit option, the player can opt for extra card till their hand sums to 21 or they decide to stand.
  • The split option is valid when the player has two cards of same value. Using this option, the player can split similar cards into two different hands and use it against the dealer. This increases their chances of winning.
  • The Insurance bet is available when the dealer’s face up card is that of an ace. The value of insurance bet is half the bet amount. The payout of insurance bet is in the ratio 2:1.

Now that the online multi hand Blackjack rules have been explained, indulge in the game to experience an exhilarating feel. The game is super fun and engrossing.