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The Most Popular 20p Roulette Strategies That are Worth Noting!

The Most Popular 20p Roulette Strategies That are Worth Noting!

20p Roulette is a betting game based on luck. This game originated in France. Traditionally 20p Roulette was only played in casinos. Later this game becomes also very popular in online casino streaming along with some other betting games like online Blackjack, 3-card Poker, Video Poker, Baccarat, etc.

Roulette means a little wheel. Various numbers are placed around the wheel in red and black colour. Players bet on a single or a group of numbers to play. The winning number is determined by ball spinning. Various strategies are made for decades to win this game.

Best 20p Roulette strategies

Various strategies are made for successful 20p Roulette in live casinos and in online casino streaming. Among all those, some strategies are made for winning but, in reality, worth nothing.

1. Martingale Strategy: 

It is one of the popular 20p Roulette strategies among gamblers of both online casino and live casino. This theory is about betting a little amount once and double the betting amount each time after losing. It works well in theory because the amount remains in one unit. That is the starting amount, but practically the amount gets very high quickly. After seven or eight times of consecutive loss, the amount becomes too expensive to bet, especially for those gambler’s having low to medium bankrolls. So automatically soon, a player will reach the maximum betting amount and cannot afford to play the game anymore with this strategy.

If a player starts a match of online Roulette in any casino streaming site with $150, after the 4th consecutive loss, he will not be able to implement this strategy to play 20p Roulette


Betting amountBetting result
$10 on evenLost
$ 20 on evenLost
$40 on oddLost
$80 on oddLost
$160 on evenLost


2. Whittaker Progression Strategy: 

It is an easy and popular 20p Roulette strategy for both offline and online casino streaming. This system is quite similar to the Fibonacci betting system. In this system, the player sticks to the outside bets including black, red, even, and odd, which have the payroll of 1/1. With every losing bet, the stake is increased, and with every winning bet, the stake is reduced. The main aim of this 20p Roulette strategy is to save a good amount from creasing the steak high even after consecutive losses to hit a winning spin for victory.  But luck works only a few times in 20p Roulette for both real casinos and online casino streaming, and the player eventually reaches the highest bet by increasing the stake after every loss. So he becomes unable to raise the steak anymore to cope with the loss, and the strategy fails.

The Most Popular 20p Roulette Strategies That are Worth Noting!

3. Number Tracking Strategy: 

The most common 20p Roulette strategies among new and even professional players are tracking the numbers appearing most and least time after a few spins. Whether in a live casino or in online casino streaming recording, each result brings out the most appearing numbers or the set of numbers for that time. It helps the player to guess the number to bet to try his luck. Mostly in online casino streaming or on the mobile casino website, they suggest the player some lucky and unlucky numbers before spinning. But in reality, each spin is different from the other, and each spin has no influence or after effect on the next spin. Practically a batch of numbers cannot be lucky or unlucky for every spin. 20p Roulette is purely a luck-based game, so tracking any pattern or few numbers cannot take any player to victory in a real casino or in an online casino.

4. D’Alembert Strategy:

This 20p Roulette strategy is considered as less aggressive than others. It is one of the popular gambling systems for 20p Roulette as it is simple to understand for new gamblers. In this system, Instead of doubling the betting amount like the martingale strategy at the times of losing, here, the player increases the wager just by one after losing and decreases the wager by one after winning. It makes the game look easy, but practically the table can turn with just a few losing spin. After a few repetitive losing bets, a gambler can be in great trouble as regaining money will be more difficult than even after one or two winning bets too.

Betting amountBetting result
10 unit on evenLost
11 unit on evenLost
12 unit on evenLost
13 unit on oddLost
14 unit on oddWin
13 unit on oddWin

It is a suitable strategy for new 20p Roulette players who play with a small amount in casinos, especially in online casino streaming or online Roulette. For the simplicity of this strategy, gradually, this game has made a space for online Roulette in the future of online casinos.

5. Fibonacci strategy: 

This 20p Roulette strategy is one of the common strategies in a real casino and online casino streaming. This strategy is about the well known Fibonacci number sequence based on Fibonacci numbers. The Fibonacci number series is a never-ending number series where one number is equal to the sum of the previous two numbers like

0, 1, (0+1)=1, (1+1)=2, (2+1)=3, (3+2)=5, (5+3)=8, (8+5)=13, (13+8)=21,34,55,89,144 and so on..

In this strategy, the gambler starts his game by betting an amount corresponding to the first Fibonacci sequence number. After every losing spin, the player shifts to the next number of the sequence and bets the next corresponding amount. After every winning spin, the gambler places the bet corresponding to two numbers backwards in the sequence. Though this is a systematic way to proceed, it is a very slow strategy where the steak rises slowly and also falls slowly too. So the bet sizes also grow slowly in the time of losing. It blocks quick recovery and pulls back the gamer and reduces the chance to regain the loss in a few steaks. 

Also, this 20p Roulette system works well on money bets like odd/even or red/black. So straight up the player who bets on single numbers which pay 35/1 will not work effectively here. In both online casino streaming and offline casinos, this 20p Roulette strategy can cause failure due to its very slow movement.