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A Look at the Different Types of Craps Side Bets


Craps is an interesting dice-based casino classic that is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of casino players worldwide. The game of Craps offers ultimate fun and excitement and has a vast selection of wagering options to choose from.

Along with the standard wagers, many Craps games offer players the chance to place side bets. Side wagers are additional betting options that can make the gaming action highly enjoyable and exciting. In this article, we cover the most popular side wagering options to go with in Craps games. Continue reading!

Fire Bet


The origins of this Craps side bet can be traced back to the Vegas strip. Developed by casino supervisor Perry Staci, this Craps bet benefits from the shooter having a “hot hand”. With the fire bet, players wager that the shooter will score more than four different points on the pass line before rolling out a seven.

It’s important to note that the points must be different numbers in case of the fire bet. For instance, if the shooter rolls out the numbers 5, 3 and 5 on their first three rolls, only two point numbers will be taken into consideration.

As mentioned in our article on Street Craps rules, this Craps side bet pays 25:1 if the shooter scores four points before rolling out a seven. The potential payout for shooting 5 different points before rolling out a seven is 250:1. Finally, getting six different points – 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 – before a 7 is 1000:1.


Point 7


This is one of the simplest and easiest side wagers to make at online Craps tables offered by the top casinos online like ours. Here, players wager that the shooter will roll a point number on the come-out roll and it will be followed by a 7 on the next roll. Of course, players who’ve wagered on the pass line will lose, owing to the fact that 7 loses at this stage of the gameplay. However, players who’ve wagered their Chips on the Point 7 side stand the chance to receive a payout of 7:1 in potential winnings.

Sure, the payout for this Craps bet isn’t as high as the Fire bet. But this Craps wager has increased chances of winning when compared to the Fire wager.  The overall casino advantage for this Craps bet is close to 11%, with the chances of rolling a point number in the come-out being 24/36.

7 Point 7


This side wager was first introduced in the Orleans Casino in the late 2000s. Also referred to as Double Triple Seven, this side bet primarily revolves around the number 7. Here, players wager that the shooter will roll a 7 at the earliest. With the 7 Point 7 bet, getting a seven on the comeout roll pays 2:1.

The potential payout increases to 3:1 if the shooter rolls a seven after they’ve established a point. It’s worth noting that the likelihood of rolling a 7 in the come-out roll is 16.67%, with the probability of tossing a 7 after a point has been made being 11.11%. The overall house advantage for this side bet is 5.56%.

Midway Bet


This is another popular Craps side wager that can be found in numerous Atlantic City land-based gambling venues. In most Craps games, the Midway can be found on the large 6/8 box on the wagering table. Here, players wager on the numbers that fall in the following number range – 6, 7 and 8. So, the Midway bet is won if the result of the next roll is a 6, 7 or 8. The potential payouts for this side bet are based on the specific total and dice combination. They are:

1). Hard 6/8 – 2:1

2). Soft 6/8 – 1:1

3).  7 – 1:1

This side bet is preferred by players who aim at getting small yet consistent wins. The likelihood of rolling a hard 6 or hard 8 on the next roll is little more than 5%. As a refresher, hard totals are made up of a pair of numbers. For example, a hard 6 is a pair of 3-3, a hard 8 is a pair of 4-4 and so on. Speaking of the casino advantage, it’s 5.56% for this Craps side bet.

Some Other Craps Side Bets Listed

Below we’ve detailed some other Craps side bets you can make at Craps tables available at our mobile casino.

Four Rolls No 7

– This is an extremely easy side wager to make at Craps tables, just like the side wagering options available in Roulette online games. Here, players wager that the shooter will roll four times before tossing a 7.

Small and Tall

– Here, players wager that all small and tall numbers will be rolled before tossing out a 7. The small numbers are 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, with the tall numbers being 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.