Playing Poker Tournament with Small Stakes: An Overview

Playing Poker Tournament with Small Stakes: An Overview

You have finally agreed to play a Poker tournament online with your friends. But you don’t know anything about the micro stakes Poker tournaments. Now what? Either you will have to take help from your friends or enemies to win. Or you can play smarter by following the tips we have shared in this guide. Read the guide below to find out how to play online Poker tournaments with small stakes. 

Why Play Online Poker Tournaments?

Whether you are a pro gambler or just getting started, playing Poker with thousands of other online players is exciting. The thing is, you are maybe investing $20 in the game, but if you win, you can get as big as a $2000 cash prize. Most importantly, it lets you challenge your skills with other online casino players on a casino streaming site. However, if you don’t take these small stakes tournaments, you will end up losing. 

Most of the time, those who participate in micro stakes tournaments want you to take the game as micro. And that’s the reason most of the beginner players lose the game with high-quality active gamblers. But I want you to win even if you won’t (because you are inexperienced) at least you won’t be fooled. Learn the strategies and prepare your mindset for micro stakes online blackjack tournaments on a casino streaming site. 

Why Are Micro Stakes Tournaments So Popular?

Micro Stakes tournaments have two categories; small buy-ins of less than $5 and large fields. The small buy-ins attract more players, and it leads to a very large online casino streaming field. Most online casino streaming sites allow around 5000 players, but on a special event, the number can overcome 20,000 or so! Hence, to compete against all these players, you’ll need the required skills and tactics. Along with that, you’ll also need at least 6 hours in your hand because the game can take really that long! 

Nevertheless, the chances of winning these live casino games are a matter of luck (if you believe in luck at all.) But if you keep playing for a small amount of money and get better at it in the long run, I promise you it will triple the digits in your bank account. Though the micro-stakes tournament game allows a huge number of players, chances are you will meet so many worst gamblers in there. So, if you play fairly, you can expect to win. Here are some things you need to keep in mind before participating in a small stake online roulette or Poker game.

Playing Poker Tournament with Small Stakes: An Overview

Play with Time in Your Hand at a Casino Streaming Online

First things first, don’t even think about spending money on a Poker tournament if you have a busy schedule. Now I’m not gonna tell you how to manage time and play mobile casino on an online casino streaming site. It’s up to you how you can take some time out from your exhausting schedule. Whatever you do, make sure you have at least 6 hours in your hand. Don’t just jump into the play whenever you feel like; analyze whether it is a really good time.

Don’t Get Mad at Suicidal Moves of Other Players or When They are Playing Swings

Clever gamblers are the future of online casinos; they can fool you anytime you won’t even notice. Especially when it is about Poker, make some rooms for insane game swings. For example, if you lose concentration even for a fraction of a second, you cannot cut out the chance of getting a huge stack of chips in your Poker table. During these times, avoid making any suicidal calls if you don’t want the game to slip off of your hands. So, patience is the key to online streaming Poker sites.

Bluffing is Nearly Impossible on Online Poker Tournaments

Most of the time, intermediate and beginner gamblers play these types of small-stakes games on casino streaming sites. So you can forget about the traditional bluffing system where you can raise your not-good hand to make a bet. When you are playing online, no one is watching your moves, so it’s likely that no one cares about the direction you are going. All these players in the small stakes game on a casino streaming site are trying to beat you. You’ll become a professional player someday, save the elaborate bluffing for that time.

Avoid Folding Frequently and Early

Though I won’t recommend you to sit longer on the sideline until a great deal has been raised, I don’t want you to fold too frequently either. When you wait for too long, it gives your opponents the required time to build leads over you. But you can keep the balance between folding aggressively and too early. 

Keep Yourself from the Rebuy Trap

Some online casino streaming sites offer a number of rebuys but don’t jump into them if you don’t know the tactics. You can rely on the rebuys to boost your chip stacks and keep your winning streak, but it is not helping when you want to be in the game for a longer duration. You need to keep the rebuys for those times when you need them to help you win. And the possible time will come at the end of the tournament when the competitiveness will be high. 

Keep Practice If You Want to Win a Small Stakes Poker Tournament

No matter whether you are playing an online Poker tournament at a casino streaming site or at a speakeasy, practice is the key to stand out. As a newcomer, you might not know every move, but by playing constantly, you will learn every technique and tricks as well. However, don’t overanalyze a small stakes Poker tournament ever no matter what casino streaming site it’s been held in. When you worry too much about an online roulette match or anything of that sort, other players get the idea of how to beat you.

Avoiding online casino scams: Here is how

Avoiding online casino scams: Here is how

Casino industries have transformed the means of gambling and following the trend to meet the requirements of new generation players. Technological advancements, a wide range of online gaming options, easy monetary transactions all these changes have given a new dimension to the online casino market. Potential jackpots, big payouts & bonuses seem good until you get cheated or scammed by any sort of fraudulent activity. Gain or loss is an unavoidable part of any industry, but there are several unethical online casino sites that never play a fair game. Generally, it leads to the wrong direction, and players often quit playing at any online gambling sites. If you had a similar experience in the past, these comprehensive guides might help you to avoid online casino scams in the future.

Verification Of Licensing Information

When it comes to safe and secure online casino gambling, it’s essential to validate the licensing certification of that site. There are several online gambling sites that don’t have a legal certification or license. So it’s always better to avoid these websites in order to protect against online casino scams. To be on the safe side, you can also cross-check the license information of the company that claims to be registered.

Sometimes casinos manage to get a license in order to operate in an online platform & under the regulations of other regulatory bodies just for a year. The problem lies here that these bodies run their online casino services even if they have failed to renew the license. In that scenario, you can’t claim against them for any fraudulent activities to the casino regulatory bodies because they are unauthorized.

How to verify the license information of the website? Most of the online casinos mention their registration number & license-related information at the bottom of their website. You can verify the authenticity of the website simply by clicking the link or certification to a regulator or license provider.

Secure Withdrawal & Payment Methods

Not only license validation, but you also need to check the methods of withdrawal & payment transactions too. If you are interested in online gambling, it’s quite essential to ensure the transaction methods of the casino site. Every reputed company offers a wide range of payment & withdrawal methods. They accept all major transaction modes such as PayPal, Debit/Credit cards, Skrill, etc. But casinos that allow cash transactions, cryptocurrencies & bitcoins should be avoided. If anyone is charging you an extra amount on withdrawal and deposit fees, it’s better to avoid those sites to safeguard your account against online casino scams. Do the needful before you engage in any sort of online transaction with any online casino sites.

Review The Terms & Conditions To Avoid Online Casino Scams

There are some online casinos that hide small details from the players, which is considered unethical behaviour, not a scam in a literal sense. It’s quite essential to clarify all the terms & conditions and maintain transparency with the player. Even if the investment amounts, payment details, and welcome bonuses are low in the figure, it should still be stated clearly to the players. If you need to avoid online casino scams, this is another important key tip you should also consider.

Avoiding online casino scams: Here is how

Don’t Be Greedy For Bonuses

Definitely, huge bonuses and potential jackpots are the lucrative factors for casino players. With a little investment, getting bonuses gradually increase the limit of your betting. Though you aren’t spending any amount from your pocket, this greediness might be a risk factor. Fraud online casinos generally trigger this weakness and try to mislead you by depositing huge bonuses into your account.

Not only that, but they can also offer fake bonuses and cash prizes to divert your attention from the terms and conditions of the game. Even if you gain a huge bonus, they will deny paying the amount. Nowadays, fraud online casinos provide lots of services and a wide range of gambling games over the internet. If you are playing out of the addiction, they will make your gaming experience horrible. Even they could tamper with the technical set up to reduce your gaining chances.

Before you step into any sort of online casino gambling, it’s better to check the reviews of that website. To avoid online casino scams, this is really important to play smartly, not out of emotion. Judge the reputation of that company, about their bonuses and payment returns, then only go ahead with that organization.

A Trusted Software – A Must For Any Gameplay

Along with the reputation of the company, you should also consider the software provider of the casino games. Most of the online gambling companies lease casino games from third-party software providers. But it’s better to choose a casino site that works with a trusted developer. There are some big online gaming software companies like Netent, Microgaming, etc. that offer you trustworthy gaming experience. Even many small software companies are gaining a good reputation in the market for their reliable & secure technical support. If you are playing in real cash for the long run, stick to the games supported by reputed developers in order to avoid online casino scams.

24×7 Customer Care Facility

The easiest way to find out the reputation of any online casino is through their customer support facility. You can get an idea about their professionalism through their quick responses, emails, and calling services. Most of the reputed and genuine online casino sites have 24*7 customer care services.

If you receive a response from a private, unauthorized number after a day or so, you shouldn’t go ahead with them because anything might happen during the game such as technical issues, server failure & transaction problems. Thus a 24 hours customer support facility is quintessential to trust a company and avoid online casino scams.

Safe Web Browsing To Avoid Online Casino Scams

Last but not least, you can quickly judge the legitimacy of the online casino site via the web browser you are using. The browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox block any unauthorized sites & unwanted pop-ups, cookies, etc. All trustworthy web browsers have SSL encryption features that secure your data. Not only that, but it also helps you to protect your system and data from malware and viruses. So a secured web browsing can help you to protect against online casino scams.


It’s not possible every time that each & every online casino sites follow the points mentioned above. Do proper research, review the website and their terms and conditions before you make a decision. So these key tips might help you to avoid online casino scams and fraudulent activities.

Dice Control and Its Intricacies

Dice Control and Its Intricacies

Dice control is a hot topic in the gambling industry. Whether you are playing online Blackjack or online Poker, dice controlling is a must thing to know about. Though it is not as important in other casino games such as online slots, live casino, etc. you need to know about its intricacies in online Roulette. Now, you might be wondering if there is a certain way you should roll your dice. Rolling dice is like flipping a coin, you don’t know where it’s gonna hit. Though you can’t totally control the movement of your dice, there are certain things that you can be aware of. You can attempt to convince yourself that rolling your dice is all about luck. But I will show you in this post that dice control is a thing.

Is it Possible to Control Your Dice on a Poker Game?

There are many professional gamblers who mastered the art of controlling their dice in poker or other similar casino games. The thing is, controlling the dice is not all about art, there is a science behind it as well. There are some ways the highly professional gamblers toss the dice and set the grip of it. Would you believe me if I say that well-known professional players teach beginners how to control the dice? Yes, they held seminars and classes to teach us their strategies. So, dice control and intricacies truly exist. 

If you are an amateur gambler and visit Las Vegas or any other casino often, you have a chance to meet some great casino players. Don’t have to compete against them, because you will end up losing if you are a beginner. Sometimes, these players play the game of craps but still, they are well-aware of the dice control strategies. If you go to a casino regularly, you can find these players at least once a week. And by following the way they throw the dice on the layouts, you’ll instantly know that there is a theory behind it. 

How Do You Control the Dice in a Casino Game?

Most of the casino games involve dice and learning how to control it can be a real game-changer for you. But how do you do it? It is the way you throw your dice so that the numbers you are expecting can appear on the table. We have to throw the dice in a way so that they don’t move while they are in the air. They need to be at the square angle to the table and calm and when they fall on the surface, they need to rotate mutually. You would want the dice to land smoothly on the layout and if you perform the throw well, you will be able to control the rotations. 

Random VS Non-random Dice Controllers

A random dice controller will pick up the dices and drive them in the air until they land on the back wall. Then the dice will move and bounce a little on the surface and will stop after a while. This way, you will not possibly know at which number the dices are going to stop but skilled dice controllers already got this. You throw the dice 6 times and the number 7 is going to appear, but what about the other numbers? This is the nonrandom dice control method that makes the future of online casinos bright. Though you won’t probably be able to control the dice in an online game as you do non-technically, it’s worth knowing. 

Dice Control and Its Intricacies

Can a Beginner Learn How to Control the Dice?

As a beginner or amateur gambler, you can learn how to control the dice in the right way, but it will take some time and effort. Long story short, it will be a really hard game. As a beginner player, it’s normal to throw the dice randomly but what you didn’t realize is that you lose money for it. In fact, you will have to be interested in learning how to fling the dice without letting the number 7 appear on it. In fact, some players even roll the dice 20 times so that they don’t see the number. 

Here is an easy tip for you, if you are just learning this whole dice control theory, better team up with players who know it already. So, when you are playing with them, you will see how they are doing it. You can place your bet after seeing your team member rolling the dice to avoid any unfortunate money loss. Controlling your dice is not a mental skill, it’s physical and you will need practices to do it right. Even if you can invest at least 5 hours a week for 6 months, the possibility of becoming an expert will be high. Then again, within that much of time, you won’t stay a beginner or average gambler anymore. 

How to Have the Edge Over the Casino?

You’ll have to gain the considerate control of the dice for this purpose. You will have to measure the approximate number of tosses that would take your number to appear. This process is imprecise and it can take so many rolls for 7 to appear. However, there are various software programs out there that will help you measure the rolls technically so that you can have the edge over the casino. There is the Pro Test© dice control test in Smart Craps software that will measure your dice control strategy mathematically. 

Overall, it does not matter whether you have a great mental talent or not, by practising control over your dice, you can definitely do it right. 

The Most Popular 20p Roulette Strategies That are Worth Noting!

The Most Popular 20p Roulette Strategies That are Worth Noting!

20p Roulette is a betting game based on luck. This game originated in France. Traditionally 20p Roulette was only played in casinos. Later this game becomes also very popular in online casino streaming along with some other betting games like online Blackjack, 3-card Poker, Video Poker, Baccarat, etc.

Roulette means a little wheel. Various numbers are placed around the wheel in red and black colour. Players bet on a single or a group of numbers to play. The winning number is determined by ball spinning. Various strategies are made for decades to win this game.

Best 20p Roulette strategies

Various strategies are made for successful 20p Roulette in live casinos and in online casino streaming. Among all those, some strategies are made for winning but, in reality, worth nothing.

1. Martingale Strategy: 

It is one of the popular 20p Roulette strategies among gamblers of both online casino and live casino. This theory is about betting a little amount once and double the betting amount each time after losing. It works well in theory because the amount remains in one unit. That is the starting amount, but practically the amount gets very high quickly. After seven or eight times of consecutive loss, the amount becomes too expensive to bet, especially for those gambler’s having low to medium bankrolls. So automatically soon, a player will reach the maximum betting amount and cannot afford to play the game anymore with this strategy.

If a player starts a match of online Roulette in any casino streaming site with $150, after the 4th consecutive loss, he will not be able to implement this strategy to play 20p Roulette


Betting amountBetting result
$10 on evenLost
$ 20 on evenLost
$40 on oddLost
$80 on oddLost
$160 on evenLost


2. Whittaker Progression Strategy: 

It is an easy and popular 20p Roulette strategy for both offline and online casino streaming. This system is quite similar to the Fibonacci betting system. In this system, the player sticks to the outside bets including black, red, even, and odd, which have the payroll of 1/1. With every losing bet, the stake is increased, and with every winning bet, the stake is reduced. The main aim of this 20p Roulette strategy is to save a good amount from creasing the steak high even after consecutive losses to hit a winning spin for victory.  But luck works only a few times in 20p Roulette for both real casinos and online casino streaming, and the player eventually reaches the highest bet by increasing the stake after every loss. So he becomes unable to raise the steak anymore to cope with the loss, and the strategy fails.

The Most Popular 20p Roulette Strategies That are Worth Noting!

3. Number Tracking Strategy: 

The most common 20p Roulette strategies among new and even professional players are tracking the numbers appearing most and least time after a few spins. Whether in a live casino or in online casino streaming recording, each result brings out the most appearing numbers or the set of numbers for that time. It helps the player to guess the number to bet to try his luck. Mostly in online casino streaming or on the mobile casino website, they suggest the player some lucky and unlucky numbers before spinning. But in reality, each spin is different from the other, and each spin has no influence or after effect on the next spin. Practically a batch of numbers cannot be lucky or unlucky for every spin. 20p Roulette is purely a luck-based game, so tracking any pattern or few numbers cannot take any player to victory in a real casino or in an online casino.

4. D’Alembert Strategy:

This 20p Roulette strategy is considered as less aggressive than others. It is one of the popular gambling systems for 20p Roulette as it is simple to understand for new gamblers. In this system, Instead of doubling the betting amount like the martingale strategy at the times of losing, here, the player increases the wager just by one after losing and decreases the wager by one after winning. It makes the game look easy, but practically the table can turn with just a few losing spin. After a few repetitive losing bets, a gambler can be in great trouble as regaining money will be more difficult than even after one or two winning bets too.

Betting amountBetting result
10 unit on evenLost
11 unit on evenLost
12 unit on evenLost
13 unit on oddLost
14 unit on oddWin
13 unit on oddWin

It is a suitable strategy for new 20p Roulette players who play with a small amount in casinos, especially in online casino streaming or online Roulette. For the simplicity of this strategy, gradually, this game has made a space for online Roulette in the future of online casinos.

5. Fibonacci strategy: 

This 20p Roulette strategy is one of the common strategies in a real casino and online casino streaming. This strategy is about the well known Fibonacci number sequence based on Fibonacci numbers. The Fibonacci number series is a never-ending number series where one number is equal to the sum of the previous two numbers like

0, 1, (0+1)=1, (1+1)=2, (2+1)=3, (3+2)=5, (5+3)=8, (8+5)=13, (13+8)=21,34,55,89,144 and so on..

In this strategy, the gambler starts his game by betting an amount corresponding to the first Fibonacci sequence number. After every losing spin, the player shifts to the next number of the sequence and bets the next corresponding amount. After every winning spin, the gambler places the bet corresponding to two numbers backwards in the sequence. Though this is a systematic way to proceed, it is a very slow strategy where the steak rises slowly and also falls slowly too. So the bet sizes also grow slowly in the time of losing. It blocks quick recovery and pulls back the gamer and reduces the chance to regain the loss in a few steaks. 

Also, this 20p Roulette system works well on money bets like odd/even or red/black. So straight up the player who bets on single numbers which pay 35/1 will not work effectively here. In both online casino streaming and offline casinos, this 20p Roulette strategy can cause failure due to its very slow movement.