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A Simple Explanation of Blackjack Side Bets


Featuring straightforward rules and being easy to get started with, Blackjack is a casino staple at both land-based casinos and online gambling sites. The game of Blackjack comes with several standard betting options and many Blackjack variations allow you to place additional side wagers as well. In this article, we offer a comprehensive overview of the most popular side bets in Blackjack. Read on!

What are side bets in Blackjack?

As their name implies, side bets are additional wagers that can be placed in the game of Blackjack. While each Blackjack side wager is different, the basic premise behind most of them is to guess what cards you or the dealer will have.

Unlike other betting options such as the Blackjack split, side bets need to be placed before the dealing of the cards takes place. As such, there’s no skill involved and they are completely based on the element of chance.

A look at the most common Blackjack side bets

When playing Blackjack online, you’ll find several different types of Blackjack games. And all of them feature a different set of side betting options. But still, you can expect your side bets to be from


This is arguably the most common Blackjack side betting option. The insurance wager covers you if the dealer’s up-card happens to be an Ace. To place the insurance bet, you need to wager an amount that’s half your initial stake for that gameplay round.

The Insurance bet pays 2:1 if the dealer’s second card leads to him having a Blackjack. While this betting option reduces the overall house edge, experienced players don’t use it as often considering the risk and the payout offered.

Perfect Pairs

This Blackjack side bet is based on the player’s cards only. Perfect pairs offer a payout if your initial two cards form a pair. The payouts for different Blackjack pairs are as follows:

  • Mixed Pair – Two cards of the same value but different colour and suit forms a mixed pair in Blackjack. This Blackjack side bet pays 5:1.
  • Coloured Pair – A coloured pair is made up of two cards of the same value and the same colour. The payout for getting a coloured pair right is 12:1.
  • Perfect Pair – A perfect pair consists of two cards that have the same value, are from the same suit and have the same colour. A perfect pair in Blackjack pays 25:1.

While the payouts that we’ve mentioned above are pretty standard, they can vary slightly at different online and mobile casinos. So, be sure to check the paytable of your chosen Blackjack game.


This is one of the most popular side wagers you’ll come across in the game of Blackjack. 21+3 involves your initial two cards and the dealer’s face-up card. This side bet pays differently for having different card combinations, as follows:

  • Flush – As with other card-based casino games, cards of the same suit make a flush here. The payout for having a flush combination is 5:1.
  • Straight – A straight combination consists of cards with consecutive values. The payout for this card combination is 10:1.
  • Three of a Kind – The 21+3 Blackjack side wager pays 30:1 if you have three cards of the same kind.
  • Straight Flush – A straight flush is made up of cards that are in sequence and are of the same suit. When playing Blackjack online, the payout for getting a straight flush is usually 40:1.
  • Suited Triple – A suited triple consists of three identical cards. As for the payout, it’s 100:1 here.

Some other Blackjack side bets explained

Along with the standard betting options like double down in Blackjack, you can find some lesser-known side wagers at selected Blackjack tables. They include:

Royal Match

– This is one of the oldest side wagers in Blackjack. With royal match, you receive a 5:2 payout on a same-suited pair. Here, the payout is 25:1 for having a suited king and queen.

Lucky Ladies

– This side bet pays 200:1 if you manage to get two queens of hearts. And if it happens that you have two queens of hearts and the dealer has a Blackjack at the same time, you can receive a whopping 1000:1 payout.

Super Sevens

– As the name implies, the Blackjack side wager focuses on the number seven card. Here, the payout ranges between 3:1 and 5000:1, based on the number of suited cards you have.

Summing Up

For many players, Blackjack side bets are wagers that add an extra bit of thrill and complexity to your gameplay. When opting to play Blackjack games that come with side betting options, make sure you know the basics and payout rules of side wagers available in your chosen game. Also, it’s important for you to remember that many side bets can result in increased house edge.