5 Surprising Wins in Football!

With the football season around the corner, there is craze about the best football stars all over. But do we really know who the real stars are? There have been some amazing premier league matches in the past that we can only dream of watching in Euro Cup 2016. Football is somewhat predictable when you know the players and the coach and all other things that make a team strong. But there have also been times when the underdogs ruled out the strong players. Can’t recall any? Let us do that for you!

Historic And Surprising Wins By Real Football Stars!

  • 1995 – Blackburn vs Nottingham Forest

A team that was much behind their opponents in the points table won a match with 7-0 as the score! Yes, that happened when Blackburn faced Nottingham Forest in 1995. And they did so when almost everyone was sure that after losing 7 matches consecutively, there was no hope for Blackburn. Kudos to the heroes of the game – Alan Shearer, who scored a hat-trick and Lars Bohinen. These Football stars rose to the occasion and took home the trophy.

  • 1996 – Newcastle vs Tottenham

It is really unbelievable that this 7-1 victory of Newcastle when they had scored only 5 goals in all the 7 previous matches, and won none of them. Their opponent, Tottenham had been winning matches, but may be that wasn’t their day when they lost to Newcastle by such a margin. Thanks to the football stars Alan Shearer, Rob Lee, and Les Ferdinand.

  • 1999 – Newcastle vs Sheffield Wednesday

Well, you can say Newcastle loved to surprise its supporters, and only in good way! This time, they were at the bottom of the points table, and then football star Alan Shearer saved the day with five goals alone! With a defeat of 8-0, Sheffield Wednesday must not be expecting this at all from that year’s underdogs!

  • 2007 – Everton vs Sunderland

Sunderland was in their best forms in 2007, but then Everton took them by surprise when they defeated them with a 7-1 victory. Anyone will be surprised on how a team that had not performed even once in the league won such a match? Still a mystery to all!

  • 2008 – Middlesbrough vs Manchester City

Football fans know about this historic match for sure, since both the teams have never been the same since. Changes in coaches and strategy let the teams by storm and Manchester City had to face a defeat by 1-8 from Middlesbrough. Till then Manchester City had bagged two trophies of the premier league, but this loss really turned the tables!

5 Surprising Wins in Football!

Who are you hooting for this season? Will your favourite football stars shine this time? Only time will tell, but till then you have to enjoy some of the best slots here on Jackpot Mobile Casino – including Football: Champions Cup – a slot released on time for the Euro Cup 2016!

Roulette Guide: The D’alembert Strategy in Roulette Online

Roulettes are probably the best casino game you will come across, and since the time Roulette online is available to play, the gamblers simply cannot stay away from it! Call them passionate or addicts, Roulette players know all about strategies and how to be wise in their betting. You must have heard about various strategies that can be used while playing Roulette online game, but the one which is known the most is the D’alembert strategy.

Give This Strategy A Try On Roulette Online!

D’alembert strategy is named after its creator, a French mathematician Jean-le-Rond D’Alembert. A very easy method to apply, this strategy is famous among the Roulette online players. D’Alembert suggested that while strategizing, a player must keep in mind a unit and not a value. The unit can be large or small, depending on the player’s capacity to bet, but they should completely understand that at one point they might lose big too.

Roulette Guide: The D’alembert Strategy in Roulette Online

How This Works?

The unit one must use should not be more than 1% of their total funds. Adequately, it should be kept between 0.33 to 0.5%. To explain it in a simpler way, let us take the basic unit be £1. So, D’Alembert says that you should increase your bet amount gradually when you are losing, and decrease it at the same rate while you win. Anyone would be taken aback with this theory, because general tendency by players is that they start betting higher when they win twice or thrice consecutively! But if you follow this strategy, if you have bet £1 and lost, you must now bet £2. And when you have bet £2, and won, you must bet £1. This goes on until you come back to your basic unit.

Pros and Cons of Using This Strategy

The two prominent pros of using this strategy are as follows:

  1. a. The bet size never gets too high

It is quite evident that the betting will never go very high with this method. When it will go up, it will also come down, hence balancing your bet size.

  1. b. Easy to apply

All you have to do is remember the rule and the value of the unit. No complicated calculations are required here when you are applying this strategy on Roulette online.

There are also some cons of using this method:

  1. a. No specific jump out point

Sadly, the rules set by D’Alembert do not set any point where you must stop betting.

  1. b. House edge cannot be off-set

There is no way the house edge can be ruled out.

  1. c. Only long term profits are possible

In a very long term, this strategy might bring in profits. But in the medium term, the player will have to face losses and quite hefty ones if their luck is not in their favour.

Roulette online, in the end, is all about having the right luck! So, even if you are using this strategy, it is your luck that needs to be in your favour to bring in some handsome amount of money to your bank!

Dazzle Me vs Crown Gems Hi Roller Slots – A Quick Comparison!

Crown Gems Hi Roller slots and Dazzle Me are like the two kings from which it is difficult to pick your side. While the kings battle it out on Jackpot Mobile Casino, let us do a quick comparison of the two amazing slots.

It is NetEnt vs Barcrest, More Than Dazzle Me vs Crown Gems Hi Roller Slots!

Both NetEnt and Barcrest equally excel in what they do, and it is really difficult to choose the better one from Dazzle Me by NetEnt and Crown Gems Hi Roller slots by Barcrest. But what we can really do is put up a comparison between the two, and let the players pick their favourite themselves!

Similar Themes!

Both the slots feature gems and so their theme revolves around it too. While Dazzle Me is more quirky and modern, Crown Gems has a touch of sophistication and luxury in it. Dazzle Me will give you a sunny backdrop, literally taking you to the sets of Baywatch, while the latter will give you a simple backdrop to look at. You will see crowns and gems, as its name suggests, and all they point out is at luxury.

Symbols And Features

Both the slots sport the beautiful gems of rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and so on, and will take you to an all new world of sparkling gems. While Dazzle Me has 7s and bells as basic and low-value symbols, Barcrest have brought in their favourite playing cards as low-value symbols.

Dazzle Me will keep you busy with its wilds and scatters for a long time, but the same cannot be said about Crown Gems Hi Roller slots. There are no wild or scatter symbols in there! And this is something not to be disappointed about! We say so because the Hi Roller features is more than enough to take your mind off the minor wins a wild symbol can give you. In the Hi Roller feature, you can choose to activate it at any point of time. For five spins, you can choose to stake high. For instance, for any five spins, you can bet £20 for 20 paylines. This goes on like £30 for 30 paylines, £40 for 40 paylines and the maximum of £50 for 50 paylines. Since the stakes are high here, the RTP also crosses 96%.

And this does not mean that Dazzle Me slots is far behind! It has Linked Reels to offer, which can give a good boost to your winning spree once you are at it. Wild bonus feature and free spins also make sure you win big! With as much as 16 free spins to offer, and with it the Linked Reels, you for sure know what is in store for you!


Whether you play Dazzle Me slots or Crown Gems Hi Roller slots, they both are highly entertaining as well as rewarding in their own way. Jackpot Mobile Casino has both of these super amazing slots in its kitty, and it is for you to choose your favourite out of the two!

Join The £1500 Tournament This May!

Jackpot Mobile Casino brings to you yet another exciting online casino promotion! And this is something you will not want to miss! What if we tell you that we are giving away £1500? Unbelievable, right? But it is absolutely true! From 19th to 25th May 2016, play and wager as much as you can to stand a chance to win an exciting amount of cash!

This is No Ordinary Online Casino Promotion!

With as much as £500 to be won, you cannot afford to miss this offer! And it is not at all complicated to be a part of. All you have to do is wager on your favourite slots from 19th to 25th May. The more you wager, the better you stand a chance to win. Players will be ranked from high to low on the basis of the amount they wager. So, the player on the first position is the one who has wagered the highest amount. Where else will you get such an online casino promotion where you will get rewarded for wagering?

The player who tops the leader board gets £500! And the others that follow get £250, up to 5th position. You only have a week to reach the top five! Make it worth, while you are here and wager all you can on your favourite slots. There is no limit to what slots you have to wager on. You can go for the basic ones like Starburst and Twin Spin, or some special themed slots like Fantasini, James Dean, Drive and so on. With themes like wild-west, nature, oriental, ancient Egyptian, and so many others to choose from, you can have a gala time while being a part of this online casino promotion on Jackpot Mobile Casino!

To qualify to be a part of this tournament, you need to wager a minimum of £10. As soon as you wager this amount on any of the slots, you automatically become the part of the race. Now it is up to you how quick you climb to the top of the leader board! Hurry up and enrol yourself in the tournament of the year.

Keep in mind the fact that you cannot withdraw any funds before the wagering is complete, as that will void all your bonuses! Why take the risk? Whatever you win, wager it again on another slot of your choice! Have you wanted to try on a latest slot? Now is the time to experiment!

This online casino promotion is the perfect time to play all the slots you want to! Wager big, and win even big! Keep your eyes on the whooping first prize of £500!

Here’s Why You Should Use uKash Payment Method

uKash, as you might know, is an online payment system wherein users can exchange cash and have access to electronic money through its virtual card. Users of uKash found it easy, convenient and secure to use this method of online payment. Jackpot Mobile Casino also provides its users to use this method of payment to deposit in their casino account and wager on their favourite slots and casino games.

Exciting Features of uKash for Users

  1. 1. It has an efficient smartphone app.

Users can download the uKash app into their smartphones and have access to an entirely new world! The app is available for free to download, and through it users can add money into it, check the balance, and use other convenient services provided. Instead of carrying around cash, you can use this app to pay for fuel, bills, trips, and other services.

  1. 2. Friendly customer care agents.

We all use different kinds of services, and at some point or another we have to connect with the customer care centre. While some customer care agents are ruthless and not of much help, this is not the case here. The agents are known to be friendly and of great help! They know exactly who they are working for and have solution for all your problems swiftly.

  1. 3. They provide the best exchange rates!

If you are a frequent traveller, you certainly know the importance of having a good exchange rate for currency. This payment option saves you the time of running around to get the best deal in foreign exchange.

  1. 4. Withdrawals are also an option.

You may even withdraw cash from your account from cash machines around, just like any other bank card.

  1. 5. Deposit money online without any hassles.

You can top-up your account online itself. And then you may use it to deposit and wage on Jackpot Mobile Casino!

Here's Why You Should Use uKash Payment Method

While playing on online casinos, many people have the hitch of playing with real money. The fear is not about losing money in bets, but the fear of being a target of cyber crimes. And that is the reason Jackpot Mobile Casino brings to you a variety of options through which you can deposit money in your casino account. uKash payment method is one such method which is totally reliable! So, forget about all the fears and play hassle-free slots and casino games! Your favourite slots are waiting for you to wager on them! And not to forget Blackjack and Roulette too!

Top 10 Casino Movies

Movies based on the gambling industry have had a great influence on the minds of people. Taking this cue, many top notch film directors have made some of the hugely popular casino based flicks over the years. Some of these have managed to create a lasting impression on the minds of people. Here we have tried to provide a brief description of the top 10 acclaimed casino movies. These movies have inspired many people to try their luck in the mobile casino industry.


Top 10 Casino Movies


  • The Cooler – This is one of the casino movies, in which the unlucky Bernie Lootz is indebted to the casino boss Shelly Kaplow. When he finally manages to pay off his debts and decides to leave Las Vegas, his luck takes a turn for the better as he falls in love with the waitress Natalie Belisario.
  • Casino – This casino movie revolves around two mobster friends and a trophy wife who try to get hold of a gambling empire and you can watch them battle with greed, deception, money, power and murder during the course of their journey
  • Revolver – This is one of the top rated casino movies by Guy Ritchie which keeps you glued to the seats as you watch Jake Green play a game with deadly consequences.
  • Croupier – An aspiring writer becomes a bestselling author after landing a job as a croupier to make his ends meet and writes a book based on a croupier.
  • Leaving Las Vegas – An alcoholic Hollywood screen writer decides to drink himself to death in Las Vegas. But he befriends Sera a prostitute and falls in love with her.
  • Swingers – In this movie, Trent teaches his friend Mike the unwritten rules of life as they embark on a journey to the famous Las Vegas
  • Hard Eight – John learns the tricks of the gambling trade from a professional gambler Sydney and has a successful gambling stint until he falls in love with a waitress
  • Casino Jack – A famous Washington DC lobbyist and his protégé get convicted for corruption and murder as they garner various schemes to get political favours in this casino movie.
  • Bugsy – This is one of the top rated casino movies where you can watch a gangster named Bugsy fall in love with a Hollywood starlet, Virginia Hill and later on, the actress runs away with all his money.

With reference to popular international movies database, IMDb, this is our compilation of top 10 casino movies. Let us know your favourite casino movie

Enjoy Starry Bonus Spins on Starburst Slots!

Jackpot Mobile Casino has endless number of slots for you to enjoy, but some slots like Starburst are very special! Not only are they addictive in their gameplay, the dazzling starry theme of the slot is what everyone enjoys. And now we bring to you the Bonus Spins Starburst promotion that will make your gambling experience even better on this slot!

With Bonus Spins Starburst Promotion, You Get To Spin A Lot More!

The Bonus Spins Starburst promotion will go on for a week from 12th to 18th May 2016. In this week, you can get yourself up to 100 free spins! How do you get them? It is simple! In the period of the promotion, if you deposit anything up to £50, you will get 10 free spins. If you deposit more than £50 and up to £100, you will be eligible for 50 free spins. And if you still want more, deposit anything over £100 and 100 free spins will be yours!

Now, it is not the case that you will have to deposit and play once and for all. You can deposit in tiny amounts throughout the promotion week. It is the total amount deposited and played on Starburst that is accounted for. As soon as the promotion ends on 18th May, your account will be credited with the mobile slots free spins you have won for yourself.

Enjoy Starry Bonus Spins on Starburst Slots!

So, not only deposit, you will have to play and wager that amount too! The Bonus Spins Starburst promotion is as exciting as it sounds! Guess what, each free spin you get in this promotion are worth 10p each. While you can wager the deposited amount on many of the new mobile slots on Jackpot Mobile Casino, the free spins are only applicable on Starburst. You can wager on amazing slots like Twin Spin, Pyramid, Reel Rush, Koi Princess, Stickers, Invisible Man, and all the latest additions too!

Starburst is in itself a popular and super amazing slot! Starburst is a 5 reels and 10 paylines slot. It is a popular choice among players because of its simplicity and dazzling theme. It has the wild symbol like any other slot game, but when it appears, you are in for a treat! Apart from substituting all symbols of the slot, it also gives out free spins! And when you get the wild symbol during a free spin, it expands into the entire reel to give you stacked reels! It is like a connection that goes on in the entire game!

What can be a better time to play this super amazing slot? Take utmost advantage of this Bonus Spins Starburst promotion before the time runs out!

5 Valuable Tips to Win at Baccarat!

You can never have a strategy for any casino game that works for long, and the reason behind it is that casino games are pure luck. And isn’t it tough to always match the correct strategy with your luck? Why take the risk, anyway! While there may be no logic or strategies working for you, you can always rely on the given below valuable tips to win at Baccarat!

Things You Need To Win At Baccarat: Luck And Presence Of Mind!

Baccarat is one of the easiest casino games you can ever play. There is not much to do for you but only make a wise decision of choosing between the dealer and the bank. So, how can you possibly guess that! Well, look at the tips below and you will get answers for all your questions, and probably get more wins at Baccarat online!

Tip No. 1 – It is a good idea to check the odds, even if you are a regular.

It is wise to check the odds on offer for all Baccarat bets. If you are fine with the commission, which is most likely to be about 5% on Banker bets, then only must you go ahead.

Tip No. 2 – Do not be greedy!

While playing Baccarat, it is generally considered a good strategy to quit the game the moment you manage to win a good amount. Even though many people disagree with this, it has been observed that people tend to lose after winning a big amount. So play subtly and set fixed targets for yourself!

Tip No. 3 – Short sessions are the best way to be in the game!

If you have been winning good, that will not happen for long, because the house edge definitely means something! Sooner or later it will get hold of you! So, decide and count the number of games before you indulge yourself in this addictive game. And if by chance you have been struck with the losing spree, do not continue in the hope to recover all the money in one go! Play short sessions and be wise.

Tip No. 4 – Money management is important!

Before indulging in and hoping to win at Baccarat or for that matter any online casino game, make sure you know exactly how much you have in your bank to spend at casinos! It is not the case that you will be only winning. There will be times when you will lose a little too, so you must be prepared for that and have enough in your bankroll to face such situations.

Tip No. 5 – Terms and Conditions are not to be ignored.

You may have the habit of skipping the part where you have to read the terms and conditions and accepting them before you can go ahead to play. But it is time you change that bad habit! Terms and conditions are very important to know, especially in the world of online casinos. Always go through the list before you get engrossed and regret later.

Once you have the above tips on your fingertips, there is no stopping you from that great win at Baccarat!

It’s A May Fair of Online Slots!

The month of May has just begun and the party is on in full swing at Jackpot Mobile Casino! The newly added new mobile slot will blow away your mind with their awesomeness! It is no less than a May Fair! We can surely say you are going to be stuck at Jackpot Mobile Casino for a while when you start experiencing the fresh slots. They are Flowers, Zeus III, Cool Jewels, Wolfpack Pays, and Football: Champions Cup.

Gear Up To Experience The Newly Added Astounding Online Slots!

It will be tough to pick your favourite from the five new slots here, so it is highly recommended that you play all of them at least once! With excellent themes and smooth gameplay, these online slots will make your May a merry one. Flowers, as the name suggests, is a flowery slot by Net Entertainment. But do not be fooled by the beauty of it, because it has a lot to offer beyond your imagination! The flowers have their own faces too! While the setup is that of a traditional slot game 5 reels, 3 rows and 30 paylines, it is the double symbols here that steal the show. Double symbols are merely two symbols attached that come as one. They make your chances of winning big for sure. And then there are free spins and wild symbols, which appear as stacked wilds, which make the slot very entertaining!

Lift A Cup with Football: Champions Cup

Completely different from Flowers is another Net Entertainment online slots that makes its debut this summer. It is a football themed slot, Football: Champions Cup. With Euro Cup coming up, there is no better time for this slot to be available to play! And with all the Football fever around, the excitement will be enhanced with this amazing slot. Expect a lot of goals and penalty shootouts!

A Whole Package with Wolfpack Pays

How can NextGen not come up with an astounding online slot? Wolfpack Pays by NextGen is definitely a slot to lookout for. Not only is the wolf theme of this slot very attractive, the bonus features are to do die for! The best feature is the ‘On A Roll’ feature, where big wins are almost guaranteed! You will definitely go on a winning spree in this slot, as even on the 4th spin if you land on a winning combination, you get more free spins to win more! You might feel the risk too, and for that there is a Safety Net feature for you! You can only the features better by spinning on the 5 reels of Wolfpack Pays!

Cool as Cool Jewels and A Greek Welcome with Zeus III

And then there is WMS Gaming who never fails to surprise us with their amazing online slots! Experience their awesomeness in the two slots – Cool Jewels and Zeus III. Cool Jewels, as the name suggests, is a slot all about colourful jewels. While you’ll be expecting the same old slot set up here, WMS brings to you a no-payline setup with 6 reels. With as much as 20 free spins to look forward to and 10x multiplier to be won, this slot is a go-go for sure with cascading reels and exploding wilds!

Also bringing to you the best of Greek mythology is the third instalment of the Zeus trilogy, Zeus III. If you have played the first and the second instalment of this game, you surely know what to see in here. The theme is more or less the same with typical Greek things in it like coins, pots, warships, etc. Expect amazing multipliers and free spins coming your way in this 192 payline slot.

With so much to look forward to this May, there is no way you are going to glimpse out of your screens! It is time to get addicted to online slots all over again, but only on Jackpot Mobile Casino!