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Street Craps 101: Basics and Rules Explained


Street Craps is one of the most popular casino table games because of its fun and excitement. Craps can be played online for the same amount of fun and with the same chances of winning real money. 

Before playing, we need to know how this works, so let’s discuss the Street Craps rules, Craps Odds betting strategies, etc.

What is “Street Craps”? 

Street Craps is a dice game in which players gamble on the outcomes of a pair of dice rolls. Players can place bets against one another and win real cash in the live casino.

Let’s Learn Some Basics!

Before we dive more into the game, let’s learn some basics.

Two dice are used in Street Craps, and a single player controls each roll. Before beginning the game, the players will toss dice to determine who will take the first shot. After that, those watching will begin placing bets on whether the shooter will pass or fail the challenge. The number of other people who can participate is not restricted.

If you roll a “seven” or “eleven,” you pass the test; if you roll a “two,” “three,” or “twelve,” you crap the test. The game is over if the shooter fails to hit the target, and all bets are returned to the players.

The person who shoots the first shot is the shooter, and the onlooker is responsible for watching the shooter’s stake for the game to continue. If they cannot match the bet, the shooter must lower it before continuing.

Now Let’s Learn Some Basic Rules!

Once you roll the dice and the number that was rolled appears on your screen, you have three options available to you:

  • Natural:

    Now comes the part where everything starts to look up. The term “natural” refers to the outcome of your roll being either a seven or an eleven. If this occurs, you have won the game and will get another chance to roll the dice.

  • Craps:

    Suppose you rolled a two, a three, or a twelve. This is where you start to lose. But the round will continue, and you will receive another chance to roll.

  • Point:

    You rolled a four, five, six, eight, nine, or ten. You must now give the dice one more roll and keep your fingers crossed that you will end up with the same number as before. 

You don’t need to use the same combination of dice as you did in the previous round. You are the winner as long as the total is the same.

Note: In this option, 7 is the unlucky number. If you land, then it’s considered as “seven out”, and you’re out of the game. 

How to Place Bets in Live Casinos?

While most craps players will play pass bets the whole round, expert bettors realise that additional stakes can result in larger earnings by analysing Craps odds bets. Well! Let’s now check out betting options in live casinos.

  • Min/Max Stake:

    Online casinos sometimes add the minimum and maximum bet limits to popular table games during busy times to better handle money flow.

  • Re-Bets:

    Automatic Bets When playing craps online, players may have the option to include a “re-bet” mechanism or to arrange for a specific bet to repeat automatically for a predetermined number of rounds. These tools are helpful for more experienced craps players who want to figure out how well different betting strategies work.

  • Timers:

    Timers for the current session can typically be seen at the bottom of the game window, and each player should take advantage of this feature. Keeping track of how much time you spend playing is essential for managing your bankroll.


Sign up at our Jackpot Mobile Casino, one of the best online casinos in the UK. Street Craps players who wish to develop and practise betting tactics and understand the game are encouraged to play the free demo version. 

Enter the real game once you have learned and can play the Street Craps with real money. Good luck, and play responsibly.


  • Is there skill involved with craps?

Craps is a game of chance, but if you know how likely certain numbers will show up on the dice, you can make smart bets and increase your chances of winning.

  • Online craps games: are they rigged?

Online craps games implement a Random Number Generator (RNG). This RNG brings back the randomness of traditional craps games so players can still have a reasonable and fun time. 

Play only at online casinos that an independent regulatory organisation licences. These groups check casino websites regularly to ensure that their random number generators (RNGs) don’t have any bugs.

  • Can I play Street Craps online for free?

You can play a free demo of the Street Craps game at Jackpot Mobile Casino on your smartphone (Android or iOS), computer, or tablet.