Online Jackpot Slots Guide- What Are They And How Do They Work?

Online Jackpot Slots Guide- What Are They And How Do They Work?

Gone are the days when a gambler had to step into a casino and place his bet. Also, the casinos were limited to a particular state or city. As laws changed and online casinos and live casinos became popular, more people are ready to try their luck. However, among the online roulette, online blackjack, poker, and other games, one thing hasn’t changed at all, and that’s the love for jackpot slots.

Everyone dreams of placing a bet and getting a jackpot that will change their lives. In this era of mobile casinos, anyone can place a bet on a jackpot slot and earn big money. So, if you have little or no idea about online jackpot slots, this guide will come in handy.

What Is A Jackpot Slot?

In brick-and-mortar casinos, you can see the slot machines, put in a coin, and the reels start running. The jackpot prize is the biggest potential prize one can get. It’s already mentioned when you place your bet.

Jackpot slots work the same as offline slots. You can place the bet in the same manner in an online casino. But before you place your bet, learn about the different types of jackpot slots.

Types Of Jackpot Slots

These are the different types of jackpot slots you must know about before you start playing.

Local Jackpots

As its name suggests, it is a local jackpot, limited to the casino where it is placed. The players who are registered with the casino place their bets, and the prize pool consists of their bets only. Thus, it is a smaller-sized jackpot. As people continue to place bets, the amount of prize money increases. And usually, there is no minimum bet. 

All the real money spins make up for the prize money. Every casino has different policies and terms for playing local jackpot slots. 

Online Jackpot Slots Guide- What Are They And How Do They Work?

Progressive Jackpots

The name is pretty clarifying that a progressive jackpot slot is one where the prize money keeps increasing as you play. These jackpot slots are prevalent in both offline casinos and mobile casinos. First, they offer prize money in millions as they are spanned across a vast network of slot machines. Second, the increment factor that lures in more players, ultimately contributing more to the prize money. You need to bet a minimum stake and then spin your reels. Some machines increase our odds if you place a maximum wager amount. But it is risky. So, read the game’s instructions carefully before you play. Mega Fortune, The Dark Knight Rises, Arabian Nights, etc., are some popular progressive jackpots.

Pooled Jackpot Slots

The prize money in a pooled jackpot slot is bigger as many operators pool their jackpot. As the players keep betting money on the slots, a percentage of it is sent to the game provider, adding it to the lot. When a player hits the jackpot, the game provider transfers the money to the casino, where the bet was placed. So, in the shared pool, the game provider holds the reins and is safe for all the parties. Try Mega Fortune by NetEnt. Players love it.

Fixed Jackpot Slots

A fixed Jackpot slot is one for which the prize money is fixed. The prize money is always the same, and it does not grow, no matter how many players place their bets. But these are of two types. In one case, the prize money is fixed as per your bet. In another case, there is a permanent cash prize which does not differ at all, no matter your bet size.

If you are wondering whether fixed jackpots are good or not, these are better rewarding. How? In the case of a progressive jackpot, if you place the minimum bet, the chances are that you will hit a prize x5, x10, or x100 times, but in the case of a fixed jackpot, you always get the prize money that is fixed.  If you are not looking for a sum of millions as prize money, fixed jackpot slots are good. Gold Egypt and Ling Chang are some popular fixed jackpot slots.

Multiple Jackpot Slots

It is simple. When you have got chances to get more than one jackpot in a single game, it is called multiple jackpot slots. These multiple jackpots are triggered when you play the bonus game. So, when you spin the bonus rounds, the additional jackpot is triggered. But the jackpot can be triggered randomly. You never know when the jackpot Is going to be triggered. In the world of online casinos, Mega Moolah is the most popular as it offers four jackpots.   

Things To Keep In Mind Before Playing Slots

  • Many people think that if they play on a weekend, they will get big prize money as more people bet on them these days. But it does not impact your chances of getting the jackpot.
  • Only place an amount for the bet which you are willing to lose. It is advised to go with free promotions first.
  • It does not matter if you are playing at an offline casino or online casino. It does not change your odds.
  • If you bet the maximum stake, the chances are more.
  • Play a game only if it pays 95% or more RTP.
  • It is only a game, so don’t waste hours and money on it. Yes, it can pay you the cash for a lifetime, but remember that the chances are always slim.

Final Thoughts

Jackpot slots involve money. Thus, you must play responsibly. Equip yourself with the required knowledge first, and then hit the slots machine. The future of mobile casinos has excellent prospects with changing dimensions of the industry. Before placing the bet, go through the article where all different jackpot slots have been discussed and learn how they work. Keep the tips in mind and play a safe game.

Games of Chance vs Games of skill – How are they different?

Games of Chance vs Games of skill - How are they different?

There must be a distinction between what defines a game of skill and what defines a game of chance when discussing casino games and gambling games. However, determining which games correspond to the first and latter categories could be tricky at times. 

What made this debate even more perplexing is that not all games fall into one of these categories. Several casino games have a mix of skill and chance, and they can be classified as such.

So, how could a novice or amateur gamer tell whether a game is dependent on ability or luck? In this section, we’ll try to establish a clear boundary among skill and chance games to make it easier for you to categorize them and choose the most acceptable options for you. 

Game of skill: A Quick Overview

As the name suggests, skill games depend heavily on the participant’s ability to choose the result. Skill games aren’t entirely free of random aspects. These factors are only visible on a lesser level and have a more negligible effect on the outcome than the person’s ability. 

Whereas many casino gamers think of skill games, the first game that springs to mind is ability. Your ability to read and manage the cards dealt with could mean the distinction between achievement and disaster. 

Furthermore, poker necessitates the player’s mental games to outsmart or deceive other participants into making horrible selections. 

It is one of the reasons why poker is among the most challenging casino games to learn. It could take months to develop high-level poker skills. 

Another fascinating topic for this conversation is sports betting. While bettors can (and often do) rely only on chance, some key skill factors could help them boost their chances of succeeding. Games like Yahtzee and chess, contrary to casino games, are excellent instances of games that mainly depend on talent over chance. 

Yahtzee, in an instance, is an excellent instance of a skill-based game in which chance of the roll plays a minor role but could significantly alter the result for an inexperienced player.

Games of Chance: A Quick Overview

When you step into a casino, most of the games you’ll notice are games of chance. You can’t enhance your talents or use techniques to raise your odds of succeeding because they’re completely unpredictable. You can’t make any in-game choices to tip the odds in your favor with chance games because you’re merely going through the motions of gambling. 

Slots, which are always prevalent, are an excellent instance of chance-based games. They generate randomized outcomes that are influenced by past wagers or spins. The only issue you could concentrate on is various wagering strategies that would assist you in appropriately managing your cash.

However, there’s little you could do to improve your chances because you’re essentially playing a prediction game.

Games of Chance vs Games of skill - How are they different?

Advantages of Skill Games and Chance Games

Ideally, the instances given have clarified the essential distinctions between skill-based and luck-based games. Let’s take a deeper glance at the most significant benefits of both sorts of fun to understand how they compare thoroughly:

The Benefits of Skill-Based Games

Skill-based games offer a distinct set of benefits, including: 

  • Long-Term Income Possibility: Skill-based games are much more consistent and enable you to prepare ahead of time. You may be able to depend on a consistent wage for years if you enhance your talents over time. 
  • Engaging and Captivating: Certain gamers claim that skill-based games are more exciting and exciting than others. It makes sense because you need to be informed of all that’s going on and adjust your approach as needed. Your mind would be blazing on all cylinders at all times.

Characteristics and Differences Between Games of Chance and Skill Games

Let’s examine the traits and distinctions that define if a game is a skill or a games of chance: 

The ability to change outcomes

Online casino games of chance outcomes are determined by a reliable computer algorithm known as RNG (Random Number Generator). It produces random outcomes that are entirely unaffected by external factors. In other terms, your abilities will have no impact on the result. However, the outcome is determined by how well you employ your skills to play in a game of skill, such as chess, poker, or online blackjack.


Games of skill are generally performed with at least two other people, whereas games of chance are frequently performed against the house. When playing roulette or bingo, though, there are no other participants to contend with. It’s just you and the house. Whenever you succeed, the house rewards you, and when you lose, the house takes your stuff. 

Reliability and uniformity

The gaming regulations in a game of chance are almost usually rigorous and uniform. The procedure is identical no matter how numerous times you perform a game of chance, and the outcomes are invariably compatible with the laws. For several players, it may appear dull.

You deposit a wager in a game of chance, start the game, and wait for the outcome. On the other hand, it is a skill game; every participant has an infinite amount of possible actions to take somewhere between. The cumulative impact of all participants’ actions would determine whether the game is boring or exciting. The game’s length could also change as a result, although in an online game of chance, the size of the game is usually the same every time you play.


Both games of chance and skill games have advantages and disadvantages, and neither is ideal for all gamers. Instead, it would help if you tried everyone to see which class resonates with you. 

The games in internet casinos do not rely on actual devices like they do in conventional casinos. Alternatively, you have a laptop or smartphone that displays recreation of the instrument. They use computer programs, which have made games of chance more popular than ever before because outside variables do not influence them. Similarly, fans of skill games would discover the ideal setting to put their abilities to use.

The Gods of Gambling Across Different Cultures


Lady luck is the most beloved companion, even though she can be difficult to please. People have believed that supernatural powers have helped them throughout history. Many people associate mischief and trickery with the god of gambling from different parts of the world. 

While some of the playful malignancies were lighthearted, others led to devastating events. Some of these gods of gambling are still well-known today, and some are still used to help gamblers. We will explore ancient deities who were either portrayed as god of gambling or whose character flaws led to them being labeled that way.

Gefjon – Nordic Region

The pantheon Nordic gods have become a very popular art form, appearing in films and books. Gefjon is the Nordic god of gambling. Although she is mentioned in ancient texts dating back to the ninth century, little is known about her. 

Gefjon is the patron goddess for good fortune, fertility, agriculture, and abundance. In old Norse, her name means “Generous One” (or “Giver”)


Hermes, the Greek God of Gambling, is among many other things. Perhaps you’ve heard of Hermes. He is the messenger of the gods from Greece, wearing a small round hat and winged sandals. He lives on Mount Olympus, along with his father Zeus and 11 others.

Hermes was born and raised in one day. His mom Maia gave birth to him immediately. It was obvious that he was special. Hermes is often called the “divine trickster,” and it turns out that he was always up to his cheeky antics since day one.

Hermes, the half-brother to his brother, stole the cattle of his cattle and invented the lyre before it was even out. Hermes has been named the God of gambling because of his reputation for being a cunning trickster and his ability to outsmart other gods.

According to Greek legend, Hermes was called a cheater, thief, and crafty. However, people have prayed for luck ever since he invented dice.


Macuilxochitl, the Aztec God, is responsible for gambling. He is one of five deities that represent indulgence and excess. This idea of excess is also represented in Aztec culture by the number 5.

Macuilxochitl translates to “five flowers.” Each of the five deities has a name that begins with the number 5. These deities are also the names for days in the Aztec calendar. They are known as the “tonalpohualli.”

Macuilxochitl is also known by the name Xochipilli or ‘flower prince.’ He is a God of gambling who does many things. This god is responsible for some of life’s most amazing and creative pleasures. 

This god of gambling is associated with music, dancing, writing, feasts, games, and gambling. Macuilxochitl is not without risk but is the one who defines the line between pleasure. 

People who indulge in inappropriate behavior could end up with venereal disease, hemorrhoids, and boils. This is one god of gambling you would want to keep on the nice side. 


Nohoi Lpi

Nohoilpi, the Navajo God for gambling, is also known as The Great Gambler. Nohoilpi, a mythical figure, loved to play games every time.

He wore an enormous turquoise talisman. Every gambler loves to have a lucky charm. 

After a while, he had become accustomed to betting after wager and getting what he wanted. Nohoilpi was now cocky. He had already won houses and the homes of their families. These poor people were enslaved by him and used to build a city of honor.

However, this abuse was not overlooked. Other Navajo deities noticed the evil acts, and they devised a plan to teach him a lesson. The gods granted ordinary man gambling abilities during a night of mystical dancing and singing. 

This allowed him to beat Nohoilpi and free all the slaves. The gods helped the man, and Nohoilpi was stripped of all his possessions.

Nohoilpi, who the people now freed, was taken up into the skies. This cautionary tale is a good reminder to all gamblers that even the most skilled can get greedy. No one, not even a god, is immune from gambling’s consequences.


Nezha, the mischievous Chinese god for gambling and fortune. 

To defeat the demons of the earth, Nezha was sent to the womb of his mother by the Jade Emperor. Lady Yin, his mom, was three and a quarter years pregnant before finally giving birth.

Li Jing, his father, was furious, believing that the demon was attacking him. He drew his sword and attacked the fleshy ball, splitting it in half. Nezha emerged, not as a weeping infant but as a walking, talking boy.

Nezha was one day playing in the ocean with other children. Nezha accidentally killed Ao Guang’s son in a mishap. This was terrible news as Ao Guang was the East Sea Dragon King.

The King became angry and threatened to unleash a massive flood. Nezha had caused much shame to his family, and so the little boy committed suicide. Nezha was not left alone. 

His teacher Taiyi Zhenren brought Nezha back to life with some creative additions, much like Dr. Tenma did with Astro Boy. Nezha had a fire-tipped sword and a pair of wind fire wheels. These were particularly useful for him to fight his father, who still hadn’t forgiven him.

Last Thoughts

If you are playing at online slots with Egyptian or Greek-themed slot machines, remember the rich history. It is fascinating to think about how the god of gambling continues to influence punters today.

Perhaps you would like to offer a silent prayer of thanksgiving to these powerful gods in the hopes of getting the next big jackpot. Let’s hope the god of gambling blesses you with all the luck possible for your next session.

The Differences Between Offline And Online Craps

The Differences Between Offline And Online Craps

Craps is a dice game where the player rolls two dice and bets on whether the dice will land on specific numbers or not. Several years ago, when online casinos grew in popularity, table games, including the online version of Craps, began to appear.

Online casino games are fun on the go by using mobile casinos. Many people, though, prefer to Craps offline, because according to them, digital casinos lack the intensity and thrill of traditional casinos. It is true since conventional casinos provide an enhanced gaming experience with a real dealer and other players. Furthermore, free beverages and food are significant advantages. However, live Craps games are available at online casinos to provide a more realistic gaming experience. This article is for you if you are perplexed.

PointOnline CrapsOffline Craps
Amount of games availableOnline Craps bet hosts all of their kinds over the internet, which has no space constraints. As a result, online Craps games provide a diversity Traditional casinos require a huge room to accommodate hundreds of games, the number of games available here is quite limited. 
Ease Of AccessOnline Craps is accessible anywhere. All one needs is a portable device with the casino game in it.If your city has conventional Craps that you can visit anytime you want, then land-based casinos are for you, otherwise not. In situations as a pandemic, one can’t go out anyway
Withdrawals and deposits You must select a third-party payment method. While deposits are immediate, withdrawals may take some time.In traditional casinos, you deposit money and receive chips or tokens that may be used to play a variety of games. When you wish to withdraw money, you may now do it immediately. 
Provider SelectionThere are several suppliers available on the internet. There are dozens of online casinos that provide online Craps. You are free to select any of them that best fit your needs.There are only a few offline casinos. Casinos with Craps game only found in major cities.
GameplayExperiencing online Craps Games on one’s own devices might not be enjoyable to many, be it the screen size or the arrangement which is not equivalent to professional land casinos. You actually don’t roll dice.Offline Craps provide spectacular lighting, music, entertainment, and a gaming experience comparable to that of a movie theatre. You get to play with dice for real. 
Element of SocialityOnline Craps and casinos are excellent if you like to play alone. One of the attractions of traditional casinos and Craps is the social element, which is missing in online casinos. Through chat, you may communicate with other players as well as live dealers. 
BonusesBecause of the promotional benefits that online Craps provide, they have grown in popularity. So if you love the thrill, online casinos are for youTraditional Craps comparatively doesn’t have many huge or exciting bonuses to offer
ConvenienceOnline Craps and casinos are effortlessly accessible as its there 24*7 and hence more convenient.You have to go to an offline casino.For that, some people need to schedule

The Differences Between Offline And Online Craps


Offline Crap games are for gamers that like to interact with their favorite games in a more tactile way For many, simply dressing up and going out with pals to a casino is enough to keep them relevant. The bustle of talkative gamers and dealers, slot machine sounds in the background, and cocktail servers characterize offline Craps and Casinos. It’s unrivaled. One disadvantage of casino games at brick-and-mortar establishments is that they have a higher house edge. For example, online blackjack often has a house advantage that is about 1% greater than the average online game.

Craps, on the other hand, is unique in that the wagers have the same odds  both online and in person. A pass-line wager, for example, has a 1.41 percent house edge no matter where you play.

Online Craps can be played even by beginners, especially those who love full control. Other than the bonuses, free games are a huge factor in their popularity. The online casino has certainly made our lives easier. 

Concluding Thoughts

Online Craps Games or Casinos might be a trend just as online roulette, online blackjack but offline ones are here to stay with tradition as well. The future of Casinos is great, now which one to pick is a tricky thing. You may instead combine the two and have the best of both worlds. You may even select a variation based on how you’re feeling at the time.

If you only want to bake a couple of rolls before supper, take your smartphone and start playing online. If you want to have a good time gambling with your friends, then playing craps at a brick-and-mortar Craps game is a wonderful option.

Both the land-based and online versions of craps have advantages and disadvantages. You may use these advantages and disadvantages to determine which variants to play. 

Brick-and-mortar games are preferable because they provide high-odds bets. You can weigh the pros and cons from your own personal experience and then set a preference.