Know the Betting Strategies for Online Baccarat

Baccarat is a famous card game that is very popular in North and South America. Like Blackjack is played for the number 21, Baccarat targets the number 9 and just as Blackjack has gone online, Baccarat is found online as well. In this game of online Baccarat, aces count as 1 and the rest of the cards keep their value with 10 and the higher cards count as zero. The final value of your hand is derived by subtracting 10 from the sum of it.

Have an Amazing Experience With Online Baccarat!

Baccarat is a challenging game that is played between the tier, banker and the player. It’s very difficult to have a base strategy to play online Baccarat as everything is set by rules though we have put a list of betting strategies that can help you win.

Online Baccarat Strategies

  • Betting on ‘tie’ is not recommended.

The house edge on both player and bank hand is lower than 2 percent but the house edge goes up to 15 %. That’s really high!

  • Bank Hand

Even though you are paying 5% bank commission, it is still a better hand to bet. Bank Hand is always the best hand to bet on.

  • No. of decks

Get the best result by playing through any game that plays through 6 card deck and has a 4% Bank commission. There are variations in online baccarat decks for player, banker and tie bets.

  • Managing the money

It’s not a single hand game and you need to play multiple times to win. So it is essential that you decide beforehand how much money you are going to play for each hand. Keep your winnings aside and don’t bet is immediately, a perfect gamblers tip. You just don’t want to miss out on a bigger opportunity to win by betting your money wrongly.

  • Stick to your strategy

Jumping strategy mid-way will hurt the entire game and you may end up losing more money than you were supposed to.

  • Side Bets work too

Side bets is a special feature and many online casinos have this. In this, the card is not shuffled after every bet

  • Switching between Player and Banker Hands

Banker hands win much more than player hand but understand luck plays an important role. Switch hands if you are constantly getting a rough bank hand. Though it is always recommended to stick to one hand but sometimes you need to take an impromptu decision.

To get better at online Baccarat, it is always better that you understand the odds of playing. There are many online casinos that allow you to play demo games to get a better understanding of the rules of the game.

Losing on Online Casino Slots? Here’s What You Are Doing Wrong

Slots are the casino games that are played for the sole purpose of entertainment. Whether you agree or not, it is a fact that slots are only popular for their entertainment factor. It is not that you will suddenly walk out a millionaire, may be once in a billion? Of course, you do not win or lose all the time, there are good days and bad days for all, but you might be doing something wrong if you are only losing on mobile casino slots. Read on to know what wrong are you doing!

Are You Playing Online Casino Slots the Right Way?

Losing on Online Casino Slots? Here's What You Are Doing Wrong

We all make mistakes, but making them when money is at stake can prove to be costly and very disappointing. These are the mistakes you are probably making while playing online casino slots. Read them, understand them, and avoid them in the future.

  • When you do not know your Bankroll

We are not pointing out here that you do not have any set budget. Our point here is to tell you that betting £5 a spin is not any good. If you bet, say £0.50 per spin, then it is obvious that you will get to play for a longer time. Also, the more you play, the more you will get to see if you are going to win. If you bet high, then you will exhaust your budget soon, and you might be tempted to play with ‘just a little’ more money.

  • When you do not know the Variance of the slot

There are basically two types of slot’s variance – low and high. Low variance slots are those that offer small and frequent wins, and high variance slots are those which do not offer frequent wins, but when you do win, the amount is big. Generally, it is advised that you go for low-variance online casino slots. You might not win anything big here, but you will not lose much either. The case is completely opposite in case of a high-variance slot. You can bet up to 1000x bet but some things should be kept in mind while playing high variance slots games.

  • When you do not know what RTP really mean

RTP or Return to player is the percentage given out by the slot makers to give the players an idea the rate of return of that particular slot. And you may even be attracted to the 99% RTP. But do you know how it is calculated? RTPs are generally calculated over a sample of some thousand wins.

  • When you do not that you are playing a Progressive or Non-progressive jackpot slot

Progressive jackpot slots are those that can make you a millionaire in one go! But for that, you have to be really lucky and be the one in a million to win that. Also, the progressive jackpot slots have expensive bets too. If you are willing to take the risk, then also keep a minimum of £300 ready to stake! Only then will these slots be worth playing.

Online casino slots are meant for entertainment, and must be treated that way! So, pick a slot that has an interesting theme, and other things can be secondary. Play safe and bet wisely on your favourite online casino slots!

Get Musical with Glastonbury Cash Drop

The Glastonbury Festival is just around the corner and we cannot be more excited about it! The most awaited summer festival returns in June from 22nd to 26th near Pilton, Somerset. It is time, again, to celebrate music, dance and art! And in addition to the annual festival of United Kingdom, we also bring to you the Glastonbury Cash Drop promotion on Jackpot Mobile Casino!

Top 5 Amazing Facts about Glastonbury That One Should Know!

  1. 1. The first ever festival was held in the summers of 1970, and it was the next day after the legendary musician Jimi Hendrix passed away. If you know about Jimi Hendrix, it is either you are a big music fan, or you a slot lover who has played the Jimi Hendrix slot on Jackpot Mobile Casino.


  1. 2. In 1978, the Glastonbury happened without any prior planning! On their way to Stonehenge, people simply stopped by the farm where this festival takes place. It was then and there that it was decided that the festival should be on! Powered by a caravan, this festival had no celebrities performing in it, but still was a special one.


  1. 3. In 1981, the famous Pyramid stage was built. But this is not just an ordinary stage! When the festival is off, this stage is actually a cow-shed!


  1. 4. Unfortunately, in 1994, the Pyramid stage was burned down. But that did not stop the festival from going on. A makeshift stage was built in a blink so that the festival can go on without any hassles, and it did!


  1. 5. And the best of all! It was in 2003 that the festival saw a crime free, rain free, gatecrash free, and the one that successfully raised £1 million for charity.


Get the Festival Fever Going with Glastonbury Cash Drop

When everyone is preparing to drop the beats at the festival, we drop cash into your accounts! We will be selecting 10 random accounts, and will literally DROP cash into them! Keep a check of your account from 23rd June 2016 onwards, because if you do not log in and claim it by either wagering it or withdrawing (only partially) it, we can even take it back on the 30th of June! The amount is not a small one, but exactly £50! You can be one of those 10 lucky members to get £50 in your account for free! But it can go in vain if you do not follow the rules! So, claim it before we give it to someone else!

The Glastonbury Cash Drop promotion is totally random, and only regular members of Jackpot Mobile Casino will be eligible for the Cash Drop. It is your time to rock the festival, in your way! So, this year it is not just music, dance, and art, but there is a lot of cash! Have you shortlisted the games you wish to spend this free cash on?

Foxin’ Wins Scratch vs Medusa Scratch Cards Games

Scratch card games have taken over a new leaf by entering the online world. The paper scratch cards were the most interesting thing to buy from the local market, but now that they are available online, you do not even have to wander about to find them! Play them from your mobile devices, only on Jackpot Mobile Casino UK. Foxin’ Wins Scratch and Medusa scratch are two such online scratch cards uk that you can play and enjoy here.

Make Your Pick between the Two Amazing Scratch Card Games – Foxin’ Wins Scratch and Medusa Scratch

Both of these scratch card games come from the same game developer NextGen, and it is not surprising that both are inspired from their slot versions of the same name. Foxin’ Wins slot and Medusa II slot are probably the most played slots online and so are their scratch cards games.

Foxin’ Wins scratch has the exact luxurious feel to it as in its slot version. It is time to be friendly with the ever-so-generous fox and his family, because only when they come in good numbers on the grid, can you win something on this scratch card. The symbols that are to lookout for are – Mr. and Mrs. Foxin, their mansion, the little pups, chairs and other furniture made of gold, and of course heaps of cash. There is also a Free Game feature here, very similar to the free spin feature of the slots. On getting three or more gold pot symbols on the grid after you scratch it, you get 5 free games.

Foxin’ Wins Scratch vs Medusa Scratch Cards Games

If you have played Medusa II slot, the same fun Medusa scratch brings to you. The gorgeous woman who turns into a monster is the leading character in this game. But being a monster changes nothing, Medusa is still generous and has a lot to offer to you. Medusa scratch will see the same symbols as in its slot version as you uncover the scratch card to reveal them. They are medallions, shields, earrings, beautiful building, snakes, soldiers, and slippers. Medusa logo symbol is the one which gives out 5 Free games, so watch out for that! You get 5 extra chances to scratch the card and reveal the hidden symbols, which might make you richer.

Both of these scratch cards are as good as the other. Whether you like the riches of Foxin’ Wins scratch or the beauty of Medusa scratch, the choice is ultimately yours. Pick, bet, scratch and win – the easiest way to win – with of course a little luck in hand.

Spinata Grande Casino Deposit Match Bonus Summer Fun

Summers and Mexico, both generally go good together, and here at Jackpot Mobile Casino, we bring to you Summer Fun with the Mexican themed slot – Spinata Grande! The promotion, Summer Fun, offers the players who spin on this Mexican slot a casino deposit match bonus of up to £100! Isn’t it amazing? But have you played Spinata Grande? If you have not, read on to know more about the amazing slot you have been missing on!

Know The Game On Which You Can Avail A Casino Deposit Match Bonus!

Spinata Grande takes you to a typical Mexican party, which you will get addicted to in no time! It is fun, it is colourful, and with a twist of a slot machine, this party is the ultimate! Spin some piñatas, and not just reels! The piñatas come in four different colourful shapes – parrot, bull, donkey, and fish. You definitely need no guesses to name the creator of this slot – it is none other than NetEnt! It is not your regular five reel slot. You will also witness huge symbols, of two different sizes, on the reels. One can be of the size of 2 x 2 symbols, the other can be a 3 x 3 symbols size.

Apart from the interesting reel spinning and innovative, high paying symbols, the slot carries unique bonus features too. The Colossal Bonus Symbol is the huge symbol that appears on the reels, which is actually a fancy slot machine sporting a moustache and a sombrero. When this symbol appears, two things can happen – either you get lots of cash, or the reels are smashed by a bat to start the mini-reels. On the mini reels, you get scatter symbols, which offer free spins. There is a lot happening on the reels, so you need to keep your eyes open! And if you want to win the casino deposit match bonus of the summer fun, you need to enjoy this party!

Spinata Grande Casino Deposit Match Bonus Summer Fun

A Week of Fun in June!

The Summer Fun promo gives its players the opportunity to win a casino deposit match bonus of up to £100! Deposit and wager on the Spinata Grande slot, and get 25% match of your deposit of up to £100. This offer is valid from 16th to 22nd June 2016. So, on these days keep in mind to play only Spinata Grande. The casino deposit match bonus you win can be used to play on any of the slot games at Jackpot Mobile Casino, so enjoy this Mexican party till it lasts!

With piñatas all around, Spinata Grande gives you the right Mexican flavour. So, go on and claim your bonuses while having a gala time in this Spinata Grande summer fun party!

A Match Made on Tuesday!

Jackpot Mobile Casino believes in making every day special for its players! And in this pleasant summer of June, we bring to you happiness on Tuesday as well! Now get deposit match bonus every Tuesday, only on Jackpot Mobile Casino! On your first deposit of every Tuesday, you will get 100% deposit match bonus of up to £25. Can Tuesdays get any happier?

Tuesday is The New Weekend with Deposit Match Bonus!

Take out your calendar and mark every Tuesday of the month of June, because this one you do not want to miss out on! The important dates of the month are 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th June 2016. All you need to do is deposit a minimum of £10 and play any slot of your choice with that. £10 is only the minimum amount, you can deposit and wager anything you want, and we will give you a 100% deposit match bonus of up to £25. So, if you are depositing £10, we give you another £10 to play with! Isn’t that amazing? But remember, this offer is valid only on the FIRST Deposit of Tuesday. So make it a point to deposit the maximum in one go. You can avail this offer on every Tuesday of the month. This means, the first deposit is considered to be the deposit of that particular day and not the entire month.

A Match Made on Tuesday!

Try Out Our New Slots!

Though this 100% deposit match bonus Tuesday offer gives you the freedom to pick and play on any of the slot games on Jackpot Mobile Casino, we personally recommend you to try our latest additions – Flowers and Cool Jewels. Both of these new slots are as good as already the ones we have. But the fresh ones always have an aura attached to them, don’t they? Flowers slots will spread beauty and fragrance in your gambling environment with their pretty flowers with faces and the bright colours are in abundance in this slot. Cool Jewels, on the other hand, is very familiar to a jewel-themed arcade game which is very famous all over the world. Both of these slots promise colours and bring out life in the spinning reels.

Flowers slot, except for its cute theme, is a very basic slot with wild and free spins feature. Of course it has an impressive stacked wild feature, which makes the free spins exciting and rewarding. Cool Jewels has some interesting elements as well. For instance, in its list of colourful symbols lies an impressive symbol of 10x. When this symbol becomes a part of any winning combination, the reward price is automatically multiplied by 10! There are also Cascading reels and Exploding Wilds here, which make the slot visually appealing. But the best is only to come with 4 Wilds being featured in this slot!

So, go ahead and take advantage of the deposit match bonus to try out these two additions to our collection of slots. Just splurge on Jackpot Mobile Casino and avail the offer before June ends!

Celebrate Queen’s Birthday with Street Party Tournament!

Let us all be a part of the celebration of the Queen’s Birthday this year in our own little way with Street Party tournament! If you have a little knowledge about the Queen, you must be wondering that her birthday was in April, then why a celebration so late in June? Well, there is a royal reason behind it! The tradition calls for a royal birthday parade, but since the British weather is unpredictable in rest of the months, it is usually held in summer months of May or June. Queen’s official birthday, therefore, is always celebrated on a Saturday of June. This year, the date is set to 11th June, and so at Jackpot Mobile Casino, we announce the Street Party tournament!

Street Party Tournament is Going to be Big!

Well, it may be Queen’s birthday, but we are going to have a King size birthday party here in the Street Party tournament! The promotion can make you win as much as £100 in cash – and we are not kidding! This tournament is open to all members of Jackpot Mobile Casino and is applicable on slot games only. But what do you have to do to win the £100 cash prize? It is simple! Deposit a minimum of £10, and wager as much as you can on our amazing slot games that we have lined up for you! The top 90 wagerers get a cash prize or a bonus credit depending on their rank.

Sounds easy, right? Of course, it is! Go on and spin on your favourite slots like Gonzo’s Quest or try the latest additions like Cool Jewels, Flowers, Football: Champions Cup, Zeus III and many more. If you would like to stick to your all-time favourites, we have no objections! Just deposit, wager and keep spinning! The player who ranks the first on the leaderboard gets £100 cash! £50 will be awarded to those with ranks 2, 3, 4, and 5. From 6th to 10th rank, £25 cash will be awarded; and from 11th to 90th rank, players will get a bonus credit of £10. The more you wager, the better rank you can grab!

Mark the dates on your calendar and remember the Queen’s birthday too! The promotion runs from 9th to 15th June 2016 only! You only have seven days to grab that £100 cash prize! Keep in mind the terms and conditions of the promotion to be eligible for the rewards. Do not withdraw funds before the wagering is complete, you might be disqualified! Also, the bonus credits you win here can only be used to wager on slot games, and are valid only for 28 days from the date they are credited to your casino account.

Deposit real money, and win real money! Street Party tournament is here for a while, so do not let this opportunity go!

For the Love of Neon Colours!

Some slots spice up our screens as soon as they load, and Neon Staxx and Sparks are two such slots. Neon colours are very attractive and have an aura of their own. They are capable of brightening up any environment. So, why not slots? Jackpot Mobile Casino brings to you two such slots full of neon colours that will become your eye-candy for sure!

Which Slot Will you Choose – Neon Staxx or Sparks?

Both of these slots come from the same brain, Net Entertainment. And of course they do not fail to impress us. NetEnt always brings in the classiest of slots for all slot lovers, and there is no denying that these two are heartthrobs too. Neon Staxx has a retro theme, and if you loved the 80’s, you can totally relate with the theme and use of neon colours here. While you will see a lot of blue and purple around here, you will also witness some lightning bolts and mountains in the background. The symbols here include some fascinating icons like snakes, eagles, lions, and so on, along with basic card deck symbols.

With 5 reels and 40 paylines, you can start betting from £0.20 and it goes on till £100. This makes it a good choice for low bettors as well as high rollers. But what will interest you most are its bonus rounds and features. Don’t you just love it when the symbols stack themselves up on the reels on their own? That exactly happens in the Super Staxx feature here. And then you can always end up having free spins with the Free Spins feature triggered by the scatter symbols. In all, you can win 20 free spins here and try your luck again to win some exciting prizes!

For the Love of Neon Colours!

Sparks is all about energy and enthusiasm! This slot will take you on a ride to a far off galaxy with lots of neon colours around. From blues to oranges, this slot cannot be more colourful and radiant! The best symbols of the slot are different coloured spark symbols, which give out quite impressive payouts. Blue, green and purple sparks will fill up your reels, and when in right combination, will fill up your pockets!

There are actually two wilds in Sparks! One is the regular wild symbol which gives out anything from 5 to 200 coins when a part of a winning combination. The other one is the Cloning Wild, which can expand in any direction to give you the best possible win! Now, where will you find such feature?

Both Sparks slots and Neon Staxx slots are amazing neon-themed games! It is difficult to pick a favourite out of them, and why should you when you have the option to play both on Jackpot Mobile Casino?! Engross yourself in some neon colours and have fun with the colours of the slot-world!