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A Comprehensive Guide to the Fisher Roulette Strategy 


Imagine yourself in a grand casino hall, surrounded by the clinking of chips and the excited murmurs of the players huddled around the roulette table. As you watch the spinning wheel come to a stop, you can’t help but wonder: What secrets lie behind the strategies that players use to try and beat this classic game of chance? 

Even when we shifted platforms to online casinos and indulged in roulette online, we still wondered about the roulette strategies. When leafing through the history of roulette, we understand how important these strategies are to winning. 

The history of roulette strategies is a fascinating journey through time, tracing back to the earliest days of the game’s inception. From the first rudimentary attempts at predicting outcomes to the sophisticated mathematical models of prediction that are adopted in roulette bets online, live dealer roulette, double ball roulette, etc. 

So come along as we explore the most interesting and mysterious Fisher Roulette strategy.  Tracing back to the history of the theory would be an interesting journey. The story cannot be discussed without the story of a book called “The Sealed Book of Roulette and Trente-et-Quarante.”

The Sealed Book of Roulette and Trente-et-Quarante

People have been devising and planning strategies for over 200 years to find a way to beat the roulette game. The Fisher Roulette Strategy is based on a theory devised by a man named Samuel Fisher. 

Not much is known about Samuel Fisher or the origin of the theory, but what we know now of the theory is mentioned on the sheets of a journal written in French. On the first page of the journal, it is very tightly written in very neat handwriting-Journal de Samuel Fisher de le jeu de Roulette, which translates to Samuel Fisher’s roulette system. 

The Fisher Roulette Strategy

Samuel Fisher’s strategy is much superior to using a Martingale betting series, even when there is a delay in making a wager until there have been four consecutive losing wagers. With the Fisher Roulette Strategy, players can bet on every decision without running into house limits on bet size. This is much better than tracking roulette decisions and waiting until there have been four consecutive losses before betting. The Fisher Roulette Strategy is based on the following mathematical formula:

W = (L + 3)/3 

where W is the number of wins.

L is the number of losses. 

In short, one has to win a whole lot less than losing in order to complete a winning 

coup. According to this formula, if a player loses nine times, they need to win four times to 

complete a coup, as (9 + 3)/3 = 12/3 or 4.

How the Fisher Roulette Strategy Works


The Fisher Roulette Strategy is a unique approach to the game that promises to increase the odds of winning. Let’s dive in and find out how exactly the Fisher Roulette Strategy works. 

Bet Placement:

Begin each game by observing one roulette decision, betting the same as the previous decision, and continuing to bet this way throughout the play. If a green (0) or double zero (00) shows, ignore it and bet the same as the decision before the zero showed. 

Bet Sizing:

Players can use 1, 2, 5, 10, or any other bet as their preference. Size the base bet such that it is compatible with the bet limits of the game that is being played.

Write down the base bet, and if a player loses the bet, write it down to the right of the losing bet. 

Add each losing bet to the right side of the recorded bets each time there is a loss. 

Whenever the player lands on their first win, scratch off the bet on the left hand side of the recorded bets.

How to be a successful Fisher Roulette strategy player

There are a number of factors that add up to make one a successful Fisher Roulette strategy player.

Picking where you play

The first step in deciding to become a roulette winner is deciding where to play. See  whether the casino offers games that are playable. Every casino sets minimum and maximum bets for its table games. Typical minimum and maximum bets for roulette games offered by small casinos might be $5 minimum bets and $500 maximum bets for outside bets. These limits will be acceptable for 90% of the players, but a few players may require higher betting limits.

Act like a gambler

Play like a loser. Even when there is a prolonged winning streak going on, don’t rub it in the casino’s face. 

Hide Chips

Disguise the amount you are winning. The easiest way to do this is to pocket chips.  This is harder to accomplish if you are playing alone, and it is easiest to accomplish if you have a playing partner.

Self Control

Ultimately, success at casino gambling, depends on self-control. Winning at gambling is all about self-control. It is about controlling the amount of money used for gambling. It’s about reducing losses. It’s about limiting the amount of money used for any session of play.