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Blackjack Etiquette Rules: Dos and Don’ts 


Have you ever tried your hands on casino? If yes, then you must have heard about Blackjack. Blackjack is one of the oldest and classic casino games that attracts a special crowd of beginners and experienced players. The game can be quickly learned as it has some basic blackjack rule with high chances of winning. However, when you want to play the game, you must be well aware of the blackjack etiquette. 

These simple yet important rules can save you from being embarrassed around players on the table. Below are some blackjack etiquettes that you need to read to play like an expert.

Do hold Your Cards with One Hand

When the cards are distributed to you, pick the cards with one hand. This rule is essential so that you do not switch or meddle with the cards.

Don’t Say Your Decisions, Signal It

In the game of Blackjack, you do not have to say your decision verbally to the dealer. Instead, you just need to signal it. For instance, if you want to hit, you can simply hit on the table beside your cards. On the other hand, just make a quick waving motion over your cards to indicate to the dealer that you want to stand or stick to the cards you have.

Next comes double down. Blackjack double down means doubling your initial bet which will give you one more card from the dealer. Doubling your stacks of chips indicates the dealer that you want to double down. Finally, to split you need to signal the dealer by placing another bet with the same value. 

Do Stack up Your Chips Correctly

Always place the highest-value chips at the bottom of your stack. Also, considering the space, do not use too much space on the table. This is a minor piece of blackjack strategy that you ought to know. 

Don’t Forget to Tip Your Dealer

The dealer does not get any percentage of your losses. Therefore, it is expected to pay an hourly tip to the dealer and especially when you win a few hands.  You can simply place the money toward the dealer or keep an extra bet before your original bet. In this way, when you win the bet, the dealer keeps the extra as a tip.

Do Ask the Dealer for Advice

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to ask the dealer. The dealer always wishes to run the game in a professional manner. Therefore, he will always guide you to make the right move.

Don’t Teach Your Fellow Players How to Play

Never advise others when they don’t make a smart move. It is considered quite bad to prompt others how to play. Only when your fellow partner asks for advice, you can feel free to advise him.  


Do Keep Your Cards on the Table

Your cards should always be on the table. It must be visible to the security cameras and all your fellow players around the table including the dealer.

Don’t Hand Your Money to the Dealer

Do not hand the money to the dealer directly. It is a general casino rule which is to be followed. To join a table, wait until the round gets over and then you can place your money on the table and tell the dealer the denomination of chips you want to buy. The dealer will count the money before the camera and slide the equivalent chips on your side of the table.

Do Cut the Deck Properly

If you are playing the six-deck blackjack game, the dealer will ask the players to cut the deck after it is properly shuffled. In case you are asked to make the cut, do it in the right manner. Cutting the deck from the middle must be your aim. Avoid cutting too close from either end.

Don’t Touch Your Chips When the Dealer Says “no More Bets”

After placing a bet, the dealer deals with the cards. At this time, you are not allowed to touch your chips until the round is over. If you win, you can collect your chips but if the dealer wins, he will take your chips.


In addition to the above rules, make sure not to engage in the 6:5 blackjack games or place the blackjack side bets. Nowadays, people prefer online blackjack more as it can be played from anywhere and is easily accessible on all devices. Whether you are playing the 7 card blackjack or any other variant and want to double your fun, knowing all the blackjack etiquette is important. Now that you have an idea of the secret gestures, look for the top online casinos UK and indulge in a gaming experience like never before.