Free Spins Treasures From The Underwater Slot Games!

No slot feels complete without a handful of free spins! Free spins mobile slots bring out the best of any slot machine, and give you some extra chances to win more! And the fun is doubled with interesting themes of the slots. But what perfectly beat them all are the underwater themed slot games. Slots like Pearls Fortune, Ariana, Subtopia and Dolphin Gold present the underwater world perfectly in an animated fashion, and it is like love at first sight!

An Absolute Treat of Free Spins Mobile Slots at Jackpot Mobile Casino!

The four featured slots on Jackpot Mobile Casino depict the underwater life and give you ample of chances to spin and win. The best part about these slots is the free spins feature. Pearls Fortune slots is a shiny and pearly game, set up on the ocean bed. To give you opportunities to win more are the free spin symbols that can be seen spinning on the reels. On getting a minimum of three of them on the active paylines gives you a decent number of free spins to play with and try your luck once again to win big.

If there are pearls in the sea, there are also Dolphins! And when the dolphin is made of gold, you know you are going to be super rich soon! Dolphin Gold slots is exactly that kind of free spins mobile slots with amazing bonus features and free spins. While it might be tricky to get free spins here, but once you do, there is no stopping you from winning big and amazing cash prizes. To trigger the feature, you will need to land on at least 6 dolphin symbols in the middle reel. This triggers three free spins only. But if you are lucky enough to get twelve scatter symbols, you will be awarded with 21 free spins! Now that is something to look forward to! 21 free spins on mobile slots is not a small number at all!
Free Spins Treasures From The Underwater Slot Games
Another name in the world of free spins mobile slots is Subtopia slots. If you are an explorer, then this slot is the one for you! Dive into the rich sea world and see for yourself what it has in store for you! The scatter symbols will take you to free spins. And these are no ordinary free spins! What you win during these free spins gets multiplied by a number, and that number is nothing but the actual number of free spins you have! So, your winnings can be multiplied by up to 6 times! What else do you need more?

And while you are already exploring the deep blue sea, you might come across the beautiful mermaid Ariana. Ariana slots also have some free spins to offer, like other free spins mobile slots. But still has something different to offer. When you get three or four starfish symbols on the reels, you get not a handful of free spins, but 15 free spins in one go! And the best part about it is that this feature can be triggered again!

So, look forward to many free spins while living in the underwater world! Play these free spins mobile slots on Jackpot Mobile Casino now and keep spinning!

Do’s, Don’ts, Strategies and Tips for Scratchcard Games Online

Scratchcard games are fun and easy to play! And with scratchcard games online now, it is even easier to win some extra cash – especially when you have had enough of slots and casino games. Though not much needs to be taken care of while playing on scratchcards, it is a good idea to have some knowledge about some tips and strategies that have been carved out over the years.

Do's, Don'ts, Strategies and Tips for Scratchcard Games Online

Some Do’s and Don’ts for Scratchcard Games Online

  1. 1. Always set a budget

Yes they are very fascinating and addictive, but it is always wise to set a budget before hand when dealing with scratchcard games online. This is advised mainly because players get going with the flow and then regret it later for spending too much on them! While at one point you maybe on a winning spree, but the next moment you may lose too. So it is always better to be careful and set a budget for the money you would want to wager on them.

  1. 2. Scratchcards are not ideal make back games

While it may sound easy to win on scratchcards, it cannot be denied that the payout is not that high. It is definitely not wise to expect that you can cover your losses through scratchcard games online.

  1. 3. Stick to the theme you love

Online scratch cards come with interesting themes nowadays. Though all of them have almost the same gameplay, it is wise to stick to the theme you are most comfortable with. This is said so because you are most likely to win in those games you feel comfortable in. For instance, if the charm of the Snake Charmer scratchcard works for you, you must stick to it. Though there is no harm in trying out other interesting ones like Medusa and Merlin’s Millions too.

Some Basic Strategies you Need to Apply

  1. 1. Play more cards

Playing with more cards means higher probability of winning. But this does not mean you will have to spend more! You can tactfully play with the denomination of the cards. Lower the cost of scratchcards and buy more in number!

  1. 2. Slowly increase the value of the cards

It is wise that you slowly increase the value of cards you buy, when you feel that you are doing well and will stick on to the winning spree. But even in this case, you need to watch out on your budget.

  1. 3. Use the cash bonuses you earned

This is definitely the right place to invest the cash bonus you earned! Even if you lose, you will not feel bad about it that much! Since it all depends on luck, why not use the free bonus?

Some Handy Tips while Playing Scratchcard Games Online

  1. 1. Money management is important

Keep your budget and strategies at the same level at all times. Do not get excited and overspend! Plan it out before you spend on the scratchcards.

  1. 2. Be content with what you have won

Once you have won enough on scratchcards, move on to other games! The winnings on scratchcards are comparatively low, though satisfying. So, invest this winning amount on high paying games also! You can always come to scratchcard games when you feel like.

Jackpot Mobile Casino has some amazing scratch card games to offer! Apart from the charming The Snake Charmer, the seductive Medusa, and the filthy rich Merlin’s Millions, you also have the adventurous Big Foot and the interesting Foxin’ Wins! Go and try your luck now on these scratchcard games online and do keep the above mentioned tips and tricks in mind! Happy Scratching!

Cash Stampede vs Big 5 Slots Game

Cash Stampede and Big 5 are the games that are based on an African safari theme. And as with all things alike we need to compare them to know where they stand against each other. So, here we go..

Safari at Cash Stampede or Big 5 Slots Game

Well both Cash Stampede and Big 5 slots games are based as on an African Safari theme as said before but the representation of this theme in both the games is poles apart. In Big 5 slots game, watch out for Lions, Rhinos, Elephants, Leopards and Buffalos. In Cash Stampede casino mobile slots, you will spot Antelopes, Horses and Bisons along with Rhinos and Elephants. While the makers of Big 5 slots have decided to go with a toned down, classic sort of theme Cash Stampede slots is all about glamour. The theme grows on you and you begin to appreciate the genius of the designers. Big 5 slots game on the other hand is simple but classic lovers will enjoy it, no arguing on that. So, theme wise both the games are quite attractive in their own way.

A Look at the Gameplay of the Safari Themed Slots

Big 5 slots is a classic 3 reel and 1 payline slot. There are two ways to win in the Big 5 slots apart from getting three matching symbols. Either landing one or two cherries anywhere on the payline will let you win 2x or 5x your stake per line respectively. Or getting bar symbol can land you 5x your stake. But nothing pays better than the king of the jungle. Land 3 lions and get straight 2400 coins in your account. All you need to do is to choose your stake by using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons underneath the reels and you are good to go. Big 5 slots has a simple gameplay like it’s theme. But it’s more than fun to play.

Cash Stampede vs Big 5 Slots Game

On the other hand Cash Stampede has nothing to do with simple. It has a staggering 243 ways to win and an array of bonus features to add to that. It also has the sticky wild feature which increases your winning probability. The game play options are so varied that even after spending hours on the slot you still would not have brought all the bonus features into play. And that’s in line with the theme of this game. Glamour and grandeur. But guess what? It’s extremely entertaining too!!

While both Big 5 slots game and Cash Stampede slots game are based on animal themes, both the games are extremely different from each other. But at the same time entertaining as well. Go enjoy them and decide for yourself as to which one is the better one.

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Jimi Hendrix

A recent announcement about Jimi Hendrix slots gets us to this interesting subject on life of this rock star. Yes, Jimi Hendrix is one of the most popular guitarists to have ever graced this planet but there are quite a few things people don’t know about him. Some of it gets highlighted in the Jimi Hendrix slots and here are some others:

His real name is Johnny Allen

Jimi Hendrix was actually born as Johnny Allen Hendrix, but later his father changed it to James Marshall Hendrix.

Jimi Hendrix was set to record with Miles Davis once.

This was supposed to happen in 1969 but the idea was unfortunately dropped as Davis demanded an extra $50,000 at the last minute. His request was denied and thus the session was cancelled.

Jimi Hendrix allegedly fathered a son and a daughter.

While there was never a blood test taken to prove that the children were his, Swedish courts recognised the boy James as his son.

Jimi Hendrix could not read or write music.

Yes, it is true. He would thus usually record his musical ideas on tape rather than writing them out

He once played bass and guitar for a single by Jayne Mansfield.

Hendrix played bass and guitar on “Suey,” the b-side to “As The Clouds Drift By.” sang by the actress.

Jimi Hendrix was arrested on several occasions.

Twice while riding cars as a teen and once while participating in a civil rights demonstration in Washington DC.

He used to have a bad case of stage fright when he started out.

He said he used to play hiding behind the curtains, and frequently used to feel that other guitarists were much better sounding than him.

Jimi Hendrix once used to stay in Berkeley, California.

He was abandoned by his mother in 1945 and stayed with a Californian family for several months until his father came to take him back to Seattle.

Jimi Hendrix was a huge fan of the batman TV series.

He even donned capes like batman and he also supposedly turned to his drummer on of his shows and said “ Are you ready, Robin? “.

Jimi Hendrix once recorded a radio Jingle for the BBC.

It was called the Radio one theme and it had lyrics too.

The Purple Haze by Hendrix was inspired by a science fiction story.

Phillip Jose Farmer’s “Night of Light” was the book that inspired Jimi Hendrix to write that song and not drugs as most believe.

Jerry Lee Lewis declined to shake Jimi Hendrix’s hand.

Hendrix once met 1950’s Rockstar Jerry Lee Lewis, but Lewis declined to shake Hendrix’s hand.

Jimi Hendrix once performed a psychedelic version of La Marseillaise, the French National Anthem.

This he did in one of his concerts in Paris. Unfortunately the French government found the rendition insulting, confiscated the film and never returned it.

The idea of burning his guitar was not originally Hendrix’s.

A British journalist named Keith Altham suggested it to Jimi Hendrix to grab headlines. After experimenting a few times in his dressing room with his guitar and lighter fluid, the plan amazingly worked.

His wild lifestyle and the army connection

Jimi Hendrix was once detained for stealing cars, the judge gave him a choice to join the army or serve in prison for 2 years. He chose to serve the country and therefore was a tidy man even though he had a wild lifestyle.

Jimi Hendrix - Jackpot Mobile Casino

He has a large fan following and that’s one of the reasons why designers of slot games have dedicated a new offering Jimi Hendrix slots to this legend. Jimi Hendrix slots game by NetEnt in its Trilogy series has 5 of his greatest hits and includes Jimi’s true to life character. Jimi Hendrix slots 3D animation game brings his work to life and is a boon to all the rock lovers.

Run for a £2500 Money Marathon

It is time plunder all we can because the Money Marathon is on. It is everything you may need to earn a whopping £2500. It is an opportunity for all the legitimate new players to gain online casino no deposit bonus and be a part of Money Marathon. The players will get two Leaderboards to count their wins and keep an eye on the wagering records. Any player, who bets £10 in any mobile casino game, will gain 1 point. The Money Marathon is in progress and it will end on 27th April, 2016. Let’s watch out for the lucky winner, who will take home the massive £2500 prize money.

Money Marathon – An Online Casino No Deposit Bonus Begins..

Run for a £2500 Money Marathon

The Money Marathon is on. The main Leaderboard is active and running. Many new and old players are part of this tournament and they are enjoying the thrill of climbing up the winning list. You can be part of this amazing tournament only till 27th April. After that the winners will be announced. To keep the momentum on, the casino is also running mini Leaderboard in every few days. The winners of each mini Leaderboard will be awarded by £250. So join the casino now, get online casino no deposit bonus and start gambling on your favourite games.

Who Can Take Part?

Any player, who is above 18, can join the casino, login to his account and be a part of Money Marathon. The dates of Mini Leaderboard are as follows:

  • 14th April 00:00 – 17th April 23:59
  • 18th April 00:00 – 20th April 23:59
  • 21st April 00:00 – 23rd April 23:59
  • 24th April 00:00 – 27th April 23:59

Take one step at a time. Take the lead on the mini leaderboard. Get your £250 and invest them in other games to increase your wager and earn more points. It is necessary for each participant to deposit and bet at least £10 in any offered casino game. You can apply your online casino no deposit bonus for it. The casino will update Leaderboard from time-by-time to inform you about your position. You can push your limits to keep up your position and gun for the mega jackpot.

The Way You Can Earn Points:

Earning points in Money Marathon is quite simple. You need to big your wallet for just £10 and wager it on your favourite casino game. You will get 1 point. Bingo. Keep going and keep checking the leaderboard to see how to fare compared to others. If you are new to casinos, join the casino and get your online casino no deposit bonus to start betting. If your overall performance is great, then you can win the prizes given below:

  • 1st prize: £1,000 Cash
  • 2nd prize: £300 Cash
  • 3rd prize: £200 Cash

Whether you win the first, second or third prize, the winning amount will get credited in your account within 72 hours of promo completion. As a winner, you can claim the winning prize within 30 days.

Don’t be late! Make your first move by claiming your online casino no deposit bonus today! Top the Money Marathon leaderboard

Get Banished with Witch Pickings Slots!

NextGen Gaming’s Witch Pickings Slots is a unique and exciting online video slot. It is a five reel and 25 payline video slot game that is developed by using Halloween style theme. There are witches in this video slot who will help you in winning some bonus rounds and confirm your big wins. It is a progressive slot that makes the gameplay extremely interesting.

Witch Pickings Slots Theme and Its Blazing Symbols

This game is not for the weak hearted. A bright shiny background, along with three gambling-friendly witches makes up for a spooky environment and some awesome thrill. Pull up your socks and be ready to meet three witches who can appear anytime to bless you with some exciting bonus rounds. Their blessing can bring lots of money in your account.

The high value symbols you would like to land during each spin in Witch Pickings Slots are castle, jug, bronze pot, cat, a crystal ball of purple colour and the red hat witch. The two main symbols of this game are purple crystal, which is the wild symbol and red hat witch, which is the scatter. Wild can replace other symbols to provide player with a better winning sequence.

Gameplay and The Radiant Bonus Features

Witch Pickings Slots is a 5×3, 25 payline mobile slot game that is quite simple to play. It is a progressive slot, but there is no option of auto-play. It means you cannot operate the spins automatically. The game comes with some exciting rounds, which include witches bonus round, stacked symbols and some more enjoyable bonus rounds. It will be interesting to see that how a player grabs offered opportunities of the game to win real bucks.

This game features three different options to play:

  • Pot 1:

All symbols same: A random symbol is selected from high value paying symbols and that replaces all other symbols.

Stacked symbols: Any randomly selected symbol becomes stacked to reward player with some big wins.

Symbol prizes: You choose a symbol randomly and if it lands during the spin, you get rewarded with 25-500 coins.

  • Pot 2:

Expanding wilds: The wild symbol (purple crystal) lands and expands to fill three remaining positions so that player can make better winning sequence.

Extra wilds and wild multiplier: Game adds some extra wilds to give players better winning opportunities and the wins are multiplied by 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x multiplier to enhance the winning price.

The player can get paid from both sides according to landed symbols.

Get Banished with Witch Pickings Slots!

Twinkling Free Spins To Brighten Your Wins

Earning free spins in this game is quite same as other online video slots. All you have to do is land 3 or more scatters in the spin and you can earn 5 free spins.

Players can opt from any of the three mentioned pots to gamble in Witch Pickings Slots. Two pots are offered to provide players with greater winning prizes. The winning prize could be a jackpot as large as 800x multiplier.

It’s Bonus Time!

Have you ever wondered why people enjoy online casinos across the world? It really is the thrill of bonus and surprises. Compared to land based, people enjoy online gambling because they get plenty of casino bonus features. Bonus rounds and bonus spins drives the players which enhances the possibility of winning. Bonus surfaces at the most unpredicted moments through the gameplay and hence it is a secret tool of online casinos.

Casinos provide different types’ bonuses like sign-up bonus, credit deposit bonus and so on. These extra credits are provided to encourage gamblers. Many newbies play in a harmless means when they get some extra bonus credits in their gambling account.

Most Talked About Casino Bonus Offer Right Now?

Most of the players are aware of sign up bonus and other standard promotions. Jackpot Mobile Casino has taken a pride in announcing a week of wonderful bonuses. It will help players take that leap of faith and enjoy more games without taking a chance of losing a lot of money. The bonus offers give back enough to shield the new players.

Have a Bonus Time with Jackpot Mobile Casino where on Tuesday 7th April active members can earn 50% bonus up to £500. On 8th April players can try gambling in this online casino for 100% up to £400 bonus and on 11th April players can claim for 150% bonus up to £300.

Bonus Time

Remember the rules while you rush to take advantage of this opportunity. You can win as much as £1,400 but you need to play it right. Ensure that you have made a deposit of £10 before you start hoping for a big bonus in your account.

Wise Players Always Grab The Opportunities:

There is prudence in taking casino bonus offered by the casinos. Extra credits ensure you that you can play more and win more. You can use the bonus credits to get double, triple or even four times your money.  However, you should carefully check the conditions. Keep your eyes open and read the details carefully so that you fulfil the eligibility criteria. If you meet the criteria set by Jackpot Mobile Casino for their April bonuses, don’t miss the chance to take away casino bonus worth a whopping £1,400.

Boku – An Online Casino Pay by Phone Bill Method

What is the first concern that comes to your mind when playing on an online casino? Is it about the method of payment you use? How safe will be your account? What if someone hacks your account? While there is no end to paranoia, at Jackpot Mobile Casino we assure you best and safest payment methods. But if you are still hesitant about paying with your bank accounts or credit cards, then why not use the other option? We are not talking about cash cards here! Now you can use Boku, which is an online casino pay by phone bill method. How convenient it is to simply pay for your online casino expenditure in your next phone bill!

Online Casino Pay by Phone Bill is The Best and Easy Way!

While many of you would still be voting for PayPal and our other payment partners, you must look at what Boku has to offer as well. Boku is solely dedicated to online casino pay by phone bill process. Nothing else goes on in their servers ever! So, the chances of any mistakes are out of question! And no one can crawl into your bank account or other personal details.

Paying on Jackpot Mobile Casino using Boku will be like making a call. You get charged for it, and it comes to you added in your monthly bill. But do not think it will cost you more! Boku is a completely free of cost service for its consumers. If you deposit £20 with us, you get £20 worth of credits to play at your favourite casino games.

Having partnered with all the major network companies of the UK, you can avail Boku’s online casino pay by phone bill services for sure. If you have a working UK number and have credits available in it, then Boku is the way! Whether you have an O2, Orange, Vodafone, Tesco, or any other major network connection, you are eligible to avail the online casino pay by phone bill services. There is no registration required, because your phone number is your username! The bank is also not involved here at any point of time, so you do not have to worry about the security. And of course it is very convenient. Within a few clicks and entering your phone number, you can have access to the best online casino games at Jackpot Mobile Casino!

Few Things To Remember..

While Boku is a convenient way of depositing in your Jackpot Mobile Casino accounts, there are some limitations that are tagged along. Boku only supports small transactions, so if you are a high roller, you might have to switch to another mode of payment such as PayPal or Credit Cards if you are looking for depositing more than £30 in a day. And, there are only four possible amounts you can deposit – £3, £5, £10, and £20. Also, you can only deposit using this service. There is no other way round available for you to withdraw using Boku.

There are two sides of every coin! But in this case, there are certainly more positive points for you to consider. Once you start using Boku for depositing into your casino account, you will definitely not go back to other elongated processes for sure and this is why Boku payment option is a big hit!

Boku - An Online Casino Pay by Phone Bill Method