Welcome the New Year With Top Slots and Promotions

Jackpot Mobile Casino UK brings to you one of the biggest online casino promotion 2016. This promotion gives you a chance to play the widest range of slot games with the coming of the New Year. You need to just take out a minimum of £10 out of your pocket to be eligible for this bonus. Have a blast the last 3 days of this New Year in the biggest online casino promotion of 2016 ever.

Details of the Biggest Online Casino Promotion 2016

Biggest Online Casino Promotion 2016 With Top Slots at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Dec 29th – Rush to the online casino to get a 100% match up to your deposits. The maximum match up deposit is up to £100 on one of the favourite slots of all time- Cleopatra.

Dec 30th – The casino has ensured that you get a free 100 spins on the Starburst slots with a minimum deposit £10 as part of the biggest online casino promotion 2016.

Dec 31st – You are the contender of up to £1,000 bonus for a 25% match up on the deposit to play Rainbow Riches Pick ‘n’ Mix slots.

Follow the Path of Egyptian Royalty with Queen Cleopatra

International Gaming Technology owns the slot of Cleopatra based on an Egyptian theme Cleopatra. The symbols of the slot very distinctly accustom you to the Egyptian culture in the game.

The symbols include music symbols, the beetle, symbol of the Sphinx and language symbols.

The first sight of the slot will make you visualise 5 reels with 20 paylines. The developers have given it a touch feature to add to the ease of play.

It has been created with ultimate graphics and high-end animations accompanied by the sound of Queen Cleopatra herself in the background. The scatter symbol is the famous Sphinx, an Egyptian landmark. You will need at least 3 of them to activate the free spins bonus round of 15 free spins.

You have the option to triple your winnings if you form a winning combination in the free spins round. However, if you manage to grab just two scatters, you can simply double the bet.

The Wild symbol replaces all other symbols except the scatter and also doubles the payout if you manage to form a winning combination using those. A combination of five wild symbols will award the player 10,000 credits which give the player an opportunity to win 100 times the bet.

So, don’t wait, have a fun time playing this awesome slot as part of the biggest online casino promotion 2016.

Space Above Bring Big Wins in the Starburst Slots

The slot of Starburst in the biggest online casino promotion 2016 makes you explore the outer space around the planet earth on 5 reels offering 10 paylines. Net Entertainment, the developer of the slot has provided sharp graphics along with a soulful music creating a perfect aura for the player.

The slot is especially attracting crowds due to 2 of its very amazing features which are the expanding wilds feature and the two-way wins.

The wild icon Starburst only appears on the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th reels and further expands to cover the entire reels in the Expanding wilds feature. Moreover, it will trigger a re-spin with the expanded wilds being fixed to their places. This can happen for a maximum of 15 times.

Also, the winning combinations in this slot are considered from both the sides, left and right which almost doubles the number of possible winning combinations that you can get.

Watch the Colours of Victory in Rainbow Riches Pick ‘n’ Mix

The theme of Rainbow Riches Pick ‘n’ Mix is actually a sequel to the series of Rainbow Riches slot games powered by the Barcrest developers. It is known to be a customisable slot according to player preferences. Like you can select the symbols with which you would like to play.

Rainbow Riches Pick ‘n’ Mix part of the biggest online casino promotion 2016 starts with offering the player to choose 3 out of 5 different features. The classic bonus features are the popular Pots of gold bonus, Magic toadstool bonus, Free spins bonus, Leprechauns Road to riches, and the Field of gold bonus, feature. Each feature involves attractive payouts.

Despite having a little different kind of a gameplay, the free spins feature like most other slots are present in this slot too, you need to get 3 or more scatter symbols to trigger those for you. You have to keep in mind that these scatters can only appear on reels 1, 3, and 5. During these free spins, you have the Wild symbol that can grant you up to 30 free spins, depending on the number of wild symbols you can land on the reels.

Pots of Gold feature entail 3 spinning pots of gold across the reels. Every pot is respectively associated with a specific multiplier up for offer. You can win up to 500x of the stake through this feature.

To top it all, the game also comes with the Gamble feature which gives you 3 options to choose from. These are – collect the win, partially collect the win, or gamble your win up to the maximum jackpot of £500. Looking at the hefty jackpot, the slot being included in the biggest online casino promotion 2016 is surely a win-win chance that every player should try to grab.

Thus, looking at all these games along with the biggest online casino promotion 2016 with which they come along at the Jackpot Mobile Casino, there is nothing more than a player can expect more this New Year. The casino is all set to lay the road to riches for you through the biggest online casino promotion 2016.

The choice is up to you whether you want to walk over it or not. Playing these is certainly an experience of its own, and you will surely get the best of gaming experience you would have ever had in a long time. So, stop procrastinating and login to this slot to have a blast this New Year in this ever biggest online casino promotion 2016.

How the Maximum Bet Works in Online Slot Games?

As far as online slot games are concerned, people have different opinions to go for a maximum bet or place low bets. Some believe that one should always place small bets so that they can continue playing the game for long. However, there is an entirely different belief and basis when it comes to maximum betting.

When is Maximum Betting In Online Slot Games Considered Beneficial?

When you place low bets, you will always get low returns from a slot. So if you are playing the slot game purely from an entertainment perspective, placing low bets is absolutely fine. But if you are someone who gets a kick from handsome payouts and would like to play for the maximum jackpots, you should always place maximum bets.

How the Maximum Bet Works in Online Slot Games?

If you are playing for a progressive jackpot and have all the symbols required to hit one but didn’t place the maximum bet, you will end up winning only a minor jackpot.

Should New Players Play For The Maximum Bet?

For the new players, it is never advisable to play with large bets or to play progressive jackpots for that matter. Placing maximum bets can let them lose all their bankroll quite soon and hence throw away their hard earned money. Hence for them, the best tip is to start betting a low level and gradually start playing for the maximum bet.

Moreover, newbies should learn to build the bankroll while playing and also get familiar with the rules of the online slot games. The free games provide a decent option to practice the game without investing real money but these lack one important thing.

A player would not be able to learn to build the bankroll which includes placing low bets, collecting low profits and then gathering sufficient bankroll to play for bigger bets and then maximum bets to have a hand at those progressive jackpots.

Advantages of Betting Maximum In Online Slot Games

To place the maximum bet, a player must select the maximum number of paylines, the highest coin denomination and the greatest number of coins bet per line.

  • If a player doesn’t place the maximum bet by selecting less number of paylines, he will have to settle for lesser payouts as he might miss payouts from the paylines that he didn’t place a bet on in the beginning.

  • On the other hand, a player might feel he has wasted money on the paylines that never yielded any payout. But it is balanced by other kinds of payouts like scatter symbol wins. These pay out when they occur at random on the reels. Such payouts are multiplied by the total bet placed and hence for maximum bet, you get the maximum wins.

So if you are a newbie, take your time, learn to build your bankroll before proceeding to bet maximum on online slot games such as playing for progressive jackpots. On the flip side, if you are a seasoned player, playing for a maximum bet is a better option considering the payouts such a bet rewards.

Begin the Christmas Countdown with £250 Match Daily

Are you all decked up for the Christmas? Well, you surely would have by now. With the thrilling Christmas Countdown 2016 offer, you have every reason to log on straight to the Jackpot Mobile Casino to enjoy the thrilling promotional offer this Christmas. With the 50% match up to each deposit, you just would not feel like stopping the betting spree on your favourite slots here at this casino.

So, get all set as the invisible Santa at the Jackpot Mobile Casino is peeking while you play your slot game to arrange some fantabulous gifts for you.

What’s in Store While You Start the Christmas Countdown 2016?

Begin the Christmas Countdown with £250 Match Daily

The promotion offers a 50% match up deposit in your account once, each day you make the deposit in your account. This means if you deposit £100, you have £150 worth of deposit to play with. The maximum limit of matchup deposit is £250, so you cannot get the match up deposit over and above the deposit of £500 for two days i.e. 23rd – 24th December 2016 (GMT). There is a lower limit of £10 for obtaining the offer. Bonus credits will be made to your account within 3 working days of the end of the promotion.

Wagering Requirements for Availing the Daily Match Promotion

The wagering requirements for Christmas countdown 2016 daily match promotion are 30 times of the bonus amount has to be wagered. The wagering requirements also need to be met for any other winnings. If the funds are withdrawn before the wagering is complete, it will void all bonuses and any winnings earned therein. The maximum conversion amount from bonus is 4 times the bonus amount awarded. Once wagering is complete, bonus funds convert automatically. Only real money wagers will contribute towards wagering. Free game wagers will not count towards these requirements.

The bonus is valid for 28 days once credited. If the wagering requirements are not met within this stipulated time, the remaining bonus is automatically removed from the account.

Christmas Countdown 2016 – Rush fast for your Favourite Slots

The Christmas countdown 2016 this year cannot be more fun. The offer is surely lucrative. The high-end animations and brilliant graphics at the Jackpot Mobile Casino are an added adhesive to make you stick to the casino offerings. You certainly would not feel like quitting once you start your favourite slot game out of a wide variety of brilliant slot games being offered here. So fact of the matter is, there is no point contemplating over it anymore, prepare yourself well for having a blast this Christmas season!

What is Refusing All Wins Strategy in Online Casino Slots?

The point to be highlighted before even going into the details of Refusing All Wins strategy in mobile casino slots is that the player should have a really big amount handy to stake. The reason behind this is that the strategy is described by that fact that you need to stake each and every penny you win until the time you win the jackpot of the game. Now how exactly does that happen? Well, you will need a little more detail on that.

Basic Design of Every Slot Game in Online Casino Slots

What is Refusing All Wins Strategy in Online Casino Slots?

Every slot game is designed with a certain return to player percentage which means that the slot will pay an average payout to most players. This means, that every time a player loses the loss of the player is recorded and to keep up with this percentage, the casino has to make the player win at a certain point of time. However, there is no guarantee as to how much time would that take. Thus re-iterate what has already been said above, you need to have a big bank balance to refuse all your winnings to wait for that big jackpot.

How Does This Strategy Work?

There is gamble feature in online casino slots game. With this feature, every time you win, you will gamble the win amount and further stake it. This is done every time until you incur a loss. You can also collect your wins and gamble them at one go. This forces the slot to draw out the big jackpot to balance out the return to the player as programmed in their functioning, in both online and offline slots.

Points to Consider Before Working on This Strategy

  • This strategy is only suitable to those who are great risk-lovers since there is no certainty of an assured win.
  • Moreover, there is no timeline for incurring that big win and hence for you to rely on that.
  • This strategy can be practised in only those slots which give the gamble feature in every win.
  • Most Microgaming powered slots has this feature in their slot games, however, it may not be present for each win that the player incurs. Games like Harveys or Ho Ho Ho makes you gamble all your wins and even the ones obtained in the free spins rounds.

Also, online casino slots games have a certain limit to the number of times you can gamble your win. Usually, this number is five as you are allowed to gamble only five times in a row.

If you win three times in a row on the gamble feature, and that you have received a respectable amount, it is recommended to move to a different slot as if a player wins five times with the gamble feature, the player should consider it as equal to winning the jackpot of the slots game.

Progression System – Strategy to Win Big in Online Slots

The progression system is used by many players in the hope of hitting a decent sized win on the online slots. The main requisite to use this system is to find a mobile slot game which can be played for 1 line per spin at a cost of 1 penny. The idea is to keep on playing these small bet spins until you hit the bonus round and henceforth you play the slot with a maximum stake for taking back home decent payout.

What Kind Of Slot Is Required To Play With Progression System?

The slot should have a minimum bet size of 1 penny (i.e. 1 line can be played per spin). Secondly, it should have a bonus game like free spins round to be able to hit some decent returns from the game.

Progression System Strategy to Win Big in Online Slots

How Does This System Work?

After you have selected the game that correctly fits the profile, you need to find out how many spins on an average does it take to hit the bonus round of the game. An example is the Microgaming slots. It takes an average of 135 to 150 spins to hit the bonus rounds. So now, you play this number of spins. It won’t be heavy on your pocket because remember that you playing with a bet size of 1 penny, hence the total cost will just be up to £1.5.

Afterwards, you are required to play all the lines with the maximum bet. For example, if there are 25 paylines, you play all of them with 10 coins per line which will amount to £2.5 per spin.

The idea is that the initial 150 spins that you have played will make you quite closer to trigger the bonus features. And since you are playing with the maximum bet, you ensure a decent sized win for you.

In case, you hit the bonus round within the initial spins that you play, you simply play the same number of initial spins again after the bonus round.

Does Progression System Really Guarantee Big Wins?

Nothing about success is definite nor is the case here. Slot games depend a lot on luck and this system is a just a way to try your hand at a handsome payout.

When to Stop Playing?

A general rule is to collect any big wins that you make and not keep on playing until you lose all your winnings. If you double your initial stake, it is a handsome amount to walk away with. This is the most important part of a healthy and entertaining gambling experience.

There are a variety of slots out there with such a wide range of themes and bonus features to choose from. The progression system takes you one step closer to make the most out of such games but you should know where to draw the line and stop playing.

Enjoy Free Spins on the New Secrets of Christmas Slots

Come and enjoy the bonus spins promotion on the Secrets of Christmas online slots. The Jackpot Mobile Casino has got a very special gift this Christmas for you in Secrets of Christmas. The slot is all about Christmas trivia reminding you of bells, toys, gingerbread houses, milk, cookies, and the Santa Claus stuff. What’s more, the promotion starts right now.

Enjoy Free Spins on the New Secrets of Christmas Slots

Secrets of Christmas is powered by Net Entertainment with 5 reels and 25 paylines. The symbol of a bell is the bonus symbol and it imparts a 50x multiplier to your stake. However, the Santa Claus is the wild symbol of the slot. The free spins feature in the slots game is activated by the scatter which is a sack full of toys. It rewards you with 10 free spins. The slot is designed such that you can also grab up to 10 extra free spins. Then there are many multipliers available in the slot to multiply your winnings.

What is it About Bonus Spins Promotion?

To earn the bonus spins promotion, all you need to do is hit the Jackpot Mobile Casino on any Wednesday of December and free spins will be there to welcome you on the Secrets of Christmas slots. The dates are 7th, 14th, 21st, and the 28th of the month. The minimum deposit amount is £10 and it will be granted only the first time. You are granted 10 free spins to play with, on the slot game.  The spins will be worth 10p. And they are valid only on this slots. So, don’t wait until Christmas to have a blast, start the fun right away!

How to Complete Wagering Requirements?

There are only specific games to cater to the wagering requirements. You can visit the promotions page on the website for the details. To contribute to the wagering requirements first the real cash wallet, then the bonus and then free spins bonuses will be considered. Any withdrawals undertaken before completing the wagering requirements will void all bonuses and winnings. The bonus remains valid for 7 days and if the wagering requirements are not met within the period, any extra bonus funds will be expired.

The magnificent looking reels with twinkling lights are an added bait to visit the Secrets of Christmas slots, what best can it further get when you have the Bonus spins promotion to encourage you on top of it. Secrets of Christmas bonus spins promotion is a wonderful and a rare promotion and the slots is related to the theme in the air. Since the promotion is valid only until December, so there is no scope or reason for you to wait. Here is an awesome chance to win big and bring home Christmas presents for you and your family. So go out and make the initial deposit, the slots will take care of the rest!

Tips to Win At Jacks or Better Video Poker Online

For playing Jacks or Better video Poker online, it is important to have a complete know-how of the game before starting off with the gameplay. It is available in 2 main versions.

– 9-6 version yields a payout of 9 to 1 for a full house, 6 to 1 for a flush
– 8-5 version yields a payout of 8 to 1 for a full house, 5 to 1 for a flush.

Know the Basics before You Play Jacks or Better Video Poker Online

1. Know the rule set of the game.
2. Understand the winning combinations and how they are made.
3. Understand the paytable.
4. Play with fewer decks to increase chances of winning.
5. Wild card or Joker in your deck will help you make winning combinations.
6. Take all your time and play at a slow pace to make calculative decisions.
7. Jacks Or Better video Poker online demands wise and strategic gameplay.
8. The game is powered by an RNG (Random Number Generator), so luck plays a major role to generate huge payouts for you.

Much More to Grasp Before Playing

Tips to Win At Jacks or Better Video Poker Online

Before beginning, you should thoroughly know how to play Jacks or Better video Poker online. This game has many little intricacies before you can emerge with winning payouts for yourself. You should never reject cards from a winning combination hoping for a better hand next time. Many online casinos thus mark the cards from a winning combination as ‘hold’ while the hand is being dealt. This makes it convenient for the players to form winning combinations.

How to ‘hold’ Cards to Your Advantage?

You are advised to hold to 4 cards which lead you to a flush. There are 3 kinds of flush a royal flush, a straight flush, and a simple flush.

  • 3 cards can be held which aid in leading to either a royal flush/straight flush. Holding 3 cards leading to a simple flush is not recommended. Chances of winning are same in both the cases, whether it be a royal or a straight flush but the payout is relatively lower in a simple flush, thus the risk for holding 3 cards for a simple flush is actually not worth it.
  • Regular players have come up with different strategies to decide which cards should be held. The most used strategy relate to putting cards on hold which result in an average payout of 99.46%. Then, there is an optimal strategy which results in an average payout of 99.54% which is a complex strategy. You should stick more to the simplest strategy which results in a payout of 99.46%.
  • Holding any pair is always good. A high pair is anyway a winning combination. In Jacks or Better video Poker online, high cards are aces, jacks, queens, and kings. Pairs of only these cards form winning combinations. If three high cards are drawn right in the first round, then you one should discard one out of those as this will help in winning combinations.

However, players can also retain low cards to form pairs of 3. Any three such pairs generate payouts for you, so holding cards are either way beneficial to the player. If you are not able to form any pairs, then you should replace all your cards.

It is possible to grab huge payouts out of Jacks or Better video Poker online, the trick is to play slowly and diligently and introspect your every move. So, start right away and be a part of this super awesome poker game keen to shower abundant payouts to you.

When to Use Gamble Feature in Online Casino Games?

Often, players are confused when to use the gamble feature present in many slot games. At times, the payouts are very less as compared to the stakes placed. Who will not love elaborately multiplied payouts oozing out of the gameplay? Many slots thus provide the gamble feature giving you the chance to multiply your bets enormously. Though most slots today come with Jackpots of various kinds but the probability of hitting them is quite less.

The reason is complicated specifications in the rules of slots for earning the Jackpots. The gamble feature thus adds that extra fun and definitely some quick money making way in your pockets.

Gamble Feature – When to Be Used!

Using Gamble Feature in Online Casino Games

Well, quite understandably, the players are always in a dilemma in deciding if they should choose the gamble feature option while playing their favourite slots. It is recommended to be used when the payouts earned are less as compared to the stakes put in. So, if you lose all your winnings while choosing this feature, you will just be maximising your loss in an already losing situation. However, if you manage to win in this case, you cannot boast more about your decision of taking up this option.

Always Secure a Part of Your Winnings

Some slot games give players an option to secure at least a part of their winnings and play the gamble feature with the rest of the amount. Say, you can save 50% of your win amount and play the gamble with the remaining 50% of the amount. This ensures that you have something to take home despite losing in the gamble. This is a creative way to indulge players in making use of the feature and proves to be beneficial for them too. So, every time you win, ensure to safeguard half of your winnings before you again opt for the feature.

Idea is to Maximise Your Winnings

Due to a significant house edge in casinos where the players are given certain guaranteed wins, the gamble is quite a risk in playing slots.  Thus, a risk-averse person should strictly avoid exercising this feature. But, if you have that innate desire for huge wins, then this is the best option. Especially when you aren’t lucky enough in grabbing those game jackpots.

According to popular opinions, the feature should be used calculative and wisely and not just out of impulse. So, as soon as the amount of your winnings have exceeded the amounts you have staked, you should immediately stop, so that not to dishearten yourself at the end of the gameplay by losing all your winnings.

Jackpot Mobile Casino Launches New Greek-Themed Slots

If you are an ardent history lover and have a natural spree for slot games, then you are most welcome to play the new Greek-themed slots at the Jackpot Mobile Casino. You are bound to get awed by what the Greek civilisation has to offer you on the beautiful reels of these slot games.

Two Wonderful New Greek-Themed Slots To Try Your Hands On

Jackpot Mobile Casino Launches New Greek-Themed Slots


Go on a Fun Ride in the Vast Space in Titan Storm

Playing Titan Storm means you are in the abode of colourful graphical features and will experience an amazing soundtrack well-synced with the gameplay. This is one of a very highly volatile new Greek-themed slots game offering 243 ways to make winning paylines. The payouts are generated when adjacent symbols appear from left to right.

The reels take you to a far away land with planets and moons in the sky, with everything shining like beautiful crystals on the ground. The symbol set comprises flying lions, asteroids, swords. As well as A – 10 of the standard deck of cards. The wild is represented by the Titan God himself.

The symbol of a golden door is the scatter. Both these slot symbols appear only on reels 2, 3 and 4. The best part of Titan Storm is that free spins are very easy to get in this slot game. The reason behind this is that unlike new slot games, the wild here can replace all symbols including the scatter symbols. The free spins offer 10 free games. If the free spins are triggered by a combination of 5 symbols, you get a 5x multiplier for all your wins.

Feel the Magical Powers In Goldify And Earn Big

In this new Greek-themed slots game, you recall the age old fable of King Midas who can turn anything he touches into gold. In the slot, you literally experience something of that sort. Here, you need to select your favourite symbol and you can ‘goldify’ it. This brings 5 times more winnings at your disposal.

King Midas, himself is the wild of this amazing slot game. It substitutes all other symbols and makes winning paylines for you. The Rose is the scatter of the slot and it can generate up to 15 to 100 free spins to you. The paytable offers wins up to 2000x of your bet amount. This slots’ betting range starts from 2p. Goldify, another addition to the range of new Greek-themed slots is created with superior picture quality and makes you visualise high definition animations. The soundtrack piece as also creatively created giving the player an unforgettable gaming experience.

So if you want to experience the new Greek-themed slots in the Jackpot Mobile Casino, you will have one if its kind experience with creative gameplay features and superb animations. The abundant payouts will really make you leave with beautiful smiles on your faces when you play such slot games.