Exploring the James Bond Roulette Strategy

There are a variety of betting strategies that you can use to play online roulette. Certain will require a higher stake , whereas others require you to reduce the stake.

It is named after Ian Fleming’s famous James Bond. James Bond is a betting system that uses flat stakes on each spin.

Bond might be among the luckiest gamblers in the world, but will the system named after him be beneficial for gamblers? Let’s explore the James Bond Roulette Strategy.

How to Apply the James Bond Roulette Strategy Depending on Your Bankroll?

Compared with other casino games, betting on the roulette strategy of 007 is simpler. To play this strategy, James Bond roulette betting systems require $200 or $20 in the account.
However, this amount is required for those who apply the strategy.

The money is divided into numbers ranging from 19 to 36, around 140 dollars. The $50 is put on the numbers 13-18 on the table, and the rest of the money is allocated for insurance purposes for the risk of playing.

How do you think the James Bond Roulette Strategy betting system works?

Bond was known as an avid and fortunate gambler during his numerous adventures on paper and screen. Baccarat was the most popular game preference, though Bond occasionally tried poker and roulette.

The James Bond system is used in roulette, and it’s a simple system that needs 20 stake units. Bets will be made on a range of sections and the numbers.

The concept is to cover the majority of potential outcomes, and the gambler can make a bigger long-term return. In reality, every number is included, except for 1-12.

European Roulette is used for this type of system. The table has 37 numbered pockets, including one zero. This is how the bets on the James Bond system are sized:

14 units:

Outside bet 19-36

Pays 1/1

5 units:

Inside bet 13-14-15-16-17-17-18 (the betting on the 6-line)

Pays 5/1

1 unit:

Inside bet 0 (single zero)

Pays 35/1

James Bond Roulette Strategy system in practice

Let’s take a look at how the system functions in real-world situations. The biggest stakes are placed to the side bet, and it pays less but will be more likely to be entered. At the opposite end of the spectrum, only one unit of money is bet on the one number with the odds of 35/1.

If 19 were to appear during your first spin at PS1 an amount – you’d be able to get PS14. The 6-line bet, as well as the zero bets, both would be lost, which means you’d have PS8 gain.

If your spin produces the number 14 and you succeed, you will receive PS25. Take away PS14 and PS1 for the other two loser bets, and you will be left with PS10 gain.

If your spin ended up with zero, you’d be awarded PS35. Subtracting PS14 and PS5 will leave you with PS16 gain. If the spin is 1-12, you have to increase your stake for the next spin by using the Martingale method.

Benefits and drawbacks associated with this system

The benefits that come with this James Bond system are clear. The player can cover one number and can make a profit on a 6-line while also securing their bets using an outside bet of 1/1.

The issue is when you factor in losing spins. The James Bond plan doesn’t cover the numbers 1-12, so there is a chance that you are on the losing side. If you’re using the Martingale when you lose spins, it is possible to trigger huge downswings.

Like all games played at casinos, European Roulette carries a house edge. It’s about 2.7 percent (in American Roulette, it’s nearly twice that at 5.26 percent). This means that you’re most likely to lose over the long run when you play roulette. If you go further into the James Bond betting system, you’ll see that it’s a statistically losing strategy.

If you turned the wheel of roulette 37 times, and each number in the game (e.g., 0, 13, 14, 15, 16, etc.) was a single number, it would result in PS20 on the wrong side of the table. If you were on the wrong side of the PS20, a downswing for every 37 numbers isn’t an ideal strategy.

James Bond Roulette Strategy System

The Original James Bond Roulette Strategy

The James Bond roulette system has maintained the same strategy over the years, but with slight changes to allow players to make more money. The initial James Bond roulette strategy did not include any progressive system to increase your bet amount in stages when you lose.

If luck is in your favor, it is not necessary to apply the progressive betting method, and you can keep the same bet sum until the end of the session. The 007 roulette system is more secure than other progressive strategies.

The Basic Ideas Behind James Bond Roulette Strategy

The betting strategy lets players not just focus on the initial bets placed at the start to play. Suppose you have a set amount of bet you won’t have to drain your bank account by making huge deposits.


Like many roulette strategies like this, the James Bond staking plan has its advantages; however, players will always be against downswings and the house edge. If you’re interested in the idea of a system based on progression, You can also play the Martingale system, in which players make even-money out bets. Give them both a go for free to see what you prefer.

Decoding the World of French Roulette

Roulette is one of the most played casino table games online and in traditional casinos. It has been a vital component of the gaming industry for many years. According to research, roulette was invented in the late 17th century. A famous mathematician and physicist, Blaise Pascal, invented the gambling game.

He accidentally invented the roulette wheel when creating the machine that could never stop moving. Their invention of his has been a major influence on the world of gambling and has changed it forever. Today roulette tables are offered in every casino located on land, and every gambling website offers online roulette.

Since its debut, roulette has been steadily growing in popularity. With the current situation, it’s not a surprise that different roulette variations have been created over time.

Presently, the version we’re interested in can be described as French roulette, which is one of three variations that the game plays (the other two versions are European in addition to American). We will take you through the game and then analyze and contrast it against the two other versions. If you’re well-versed in the basics and the rules, let’s get right into it!

What is French Roulette?

The online version of French Roulette uses the original version of the game that, according to legend, was an attempt to create the perpetual motion machine invented by the scientist Blaise Pascal in the 18th century.

In the 19th century, the game was then taken across the Atlantic to America, where they made modifications to the wheel to improve the edge of the house and made changes to the table used for play and the rules.

The French roulette table appears different, offers more betting options, and provides higher returns for the player. If you are given a choice to play, the French Roulette wheel should always be the first option.

French Roulette and Other Variations: What Is the Difference?

As we’ve already mentioned, there are three variations of roulette. Each of them is very popular, and they are all offered in brick-and-mortar casinos and online gambling. Because they are all governed by the same rules (given they share the same base), and all are identical games.

But, some features make them different in the main, mainly about the layout. If you’re keen to try your hand at roulette with real money, you should first be familiar with the various games.

The primary difference is the number of choices that can be played on both the European or French roulette wheel compared to those on the American one. The two roulette versions have only a single zero wheel; however, the latter version has an additional possibility as its wheel is equipped with double zero pockets in addition. 

In turn, the edge on the house in American roulette is much greater than that of French or European roulette. Thus, the two roulettes have better odds.

The Basic Bets in French Roulette

The goal of playing in all variations of Roulette is to figure out where the ball will land when the Roulette wheel ceases to spin. The Croupier can spin the wheel in one direction and then place the ball in the opposite direction, and it will continue to spin until the ball is placed in a numbered slot.

There are several simple bets that you can place on the game’s outcome, and each bet consists of at least one possible number. These are classified into outside and inside bets in the following order:

Inside bets

Straight bet: selecting only one number of the 36 numbers available – pays 35:1
Split bet: selecting two numbers adjacent to each other on the grid – Pays 17:1
Street bet: picking the row of three numbers – Pays 11:1.
Corner bet: [B] selecting four numbers in a row – Pays 8:1
Line bet: [B] picking two rows of numbers – Pays 5:1.

Be aware that the street and corner bets could also contain zero.

Outside bets

The first thing you’ll find during the French Roulette match is that the table is French about outside bets. The following bets are the translations:

Column bet= selecting from the 3 columns is paid 2:1
Douzaine=Dozen Bet: picking the first, Moyenne (second), or Derniere (first), Moyenne (second) or Derniere (third) set of 12 – referred to as 12P, 12M , or 12D. The odds are 2:1.
Rouge/Noir = Red/Black bet picking any black or red number pays 1:1
Pair/Impair = Odd/Even bets by choosing the odd number or an even one pay 1:1
Manque/Passe = Low/High bet Selecting one of 19-36 or 1-18 – and paying 1:1

Another chance to bet even money bets

On The American and European Roulette wheel, if the ball falls on the zero position, you’ll lose all even-money bets, like odd/even or black/red. When playing at the French Roulette wheel, you do not lose: you can play again.

It can occur in two ways:

The rule of prison is that any losing bet, even money, remains at the table and in prison until the spin that follows.
La Partage rule: any losing bet that loses even money is divided 50/50 between the player and the house. This means that you will only lose half your stake.

Different casinos play with different rules, and it is crucial to know what the rules of the house roulette are for bets with even money before you play.


At the end of the day, whether you’ve got a favorite number from your online casino or you prefer the coin-toss option of an even bet, French Roulette is by far your most effective way to get the highest odds, reducing the house edge in three quarters or even half.

Choosing the Better Option Between Classic & Crypto Casinos

The crypto-based online casinos, sometimes known as Bitcoin casinos, have brought a variety of changes and many advantages to the industry of gambling, and they are likely to eventually be accepted by the vast majority of online casinos in the months and in the years ahead.

Let’s examine the difference between traditional casinos online and crypto-based online casinos.

Regular online casinos

Every casino has to adhere to the rules of the law and be granted an exclusive license to operate. Casinos can be found in other areas, and therefore, must adhere to different regulations. The license is mandatory, or else you’ll be sure you’re dealing with the bogus casino.

In most casinos, the range of games is pretty much identical – blackjack, slots, poker roulette. It is possible to add scratch games that are rarer such as baccarat, keno, and various forms of games for casual play and, of course, live games, such as live poker.

What are the payment options? Naturally, many casinos online accept dollars as their sole method of payment. Some even accept bitcoin. However, that doesn’t make them crypto casinos! Certain casinos might offer bonuses to deposit money. Other casinos may employ similar techniques to draw customers.

Casinos change constantly. They have moved online to adjust to the evolving technology of entertainment. The next step is to take another step forward, changing from a money keeper, which distributes rewards at will, to a venue where players can gather and play one on each other without going through the house. This is exactly the purpose of crypto casinos.

Crypto casinos gambling has many advantages but a few negatives

As you could probably imagine that crypto casinos provide the same experience in the first place; however, they are a different fundamental:

  1. The players can play without any intermediary.
  2. All the money is saved inside the smart contract, and it can be repaid immediately and promptly.
  3. All data related to gaming is available for review.
  4. The odds of succeeding depend on the number generated randomly between the player and the smart contracts.

Crypto Casinos along with Classic Online Casinos: Are there any similarities?

There are many similarities between the two models. Both traditional and crypto online casinos are licensed under a gaming license. Curacao and other jurisdictions have licensed casinos that operate online with crypto. Classic casinos operate within the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), UK gambling commission (UKGC), and other jurisdictions.

Another thing that is common to both is the library of games, and they aren’t that different. Both libraries allow players to bet on poker, slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, betting, lottery, and many more games.

In addition, both casinos typically operate from offshore areas that have gambling regulations guidelines, and the adoption of cryptocurrency is more flexible and open.

Final Thoughts

The distinctions between online crypto casinos and classical online casinos are crucial and are highlighted in the previous paragraph. These differences will ultimately change gaming experience to make it more enjoyable.

Players don’t need to interact with third parties (such as banks) when playing on cryptocurrency-based casinos. The funds are saved within the blockchain (known as smart contracts), and payouts happen instantly, and bets can be viewed at any time, and the odds are fair. These differences have to be carefully considered by players before choosing which casino to play at.

In contrast, traditional casinos on the internet will not go away. Large online casino websites continue to offer a broad range of services and games. They also can draw in new customers who don’t know the distinctions between these two kinds of casinos. However, in the near to mid future, the use of crypto-based casinos will be huge and continuous and will alter the rules for online casino games during the process.


What is the level of Anonymity Bitcoin Casinos They Offer?

Bitcoin casinos provide the highest degree of privacy as it is impossible to trace an individual’s identity, movements in money, and game information.

What is the speed of payments with Bitcoin Casinos?

Bitcoin casinos are more efficient than traditional casinos. The payment process is quick in the sense that cryptocurrencies don’t require a bank or any other financial institution to follow its procedures and conform to financial regulations.

The Most Important Blackjack Dealer Rules

Also, in 2021, the rules are easy, but the gameplay is thrilling, and the game offers a chance to make a high-skilled strategy. In reality, for the player with a mathematical advantage who plays an exact game and can determine the value of cards, chances are often in the player’s favor.

Even for the novice player who can play a decent game, the odds are lower, making Blackjack extremely appealing games to play at the casino. 

In the present, Blackjack is the one card game played at each American casino. Since it is a very popular house game, Blackjack is played with slight differences in rules. The version played in casinos is played by the house player (a “permanent banking institution”). 

When playing casino, the blackjack dealer stays standing while players sit. The blackjack dealer is responsible for managing every aspect of the game, from shuffling the cards and dealing with the cards to handling all bets. In the game at home, each player can play”the dealer” (a “changing bank”).


Every participant strives at beating the dealer by getting the number at the closest to 21 feasible while not going over 21.

CARD Values/Scores

It is each player’s decision whether an Ace is worth 11 or 1. The face value is 10, and every other card has its pip.


Before starting the deal, every player puts chips or a bet before them in the area they have designated. The minimum and maximum limits are set on the bet, and the limits are between $2 and $500.

The Cut And Shuffle

The dealer thoroughly shuffles the various parts of the deck until all cards are combined and mixed. The dealer chooses who cuts, and the insert card is set up so that the remaining 60 to 75 cards are left, or therefore will not be used. 

The Deal

After all, players have placed bets on the table, and the dealer deals one face-up card to each player who is rotating clockwise. Then, they each get one face-up card to the players themselves. The second round of cards is handed out face-up to each player. However, the dealer will take one card and put it face-down. 

Each player, excluding the blackjack dealer, gets two cards face-up, and the blackjack dealer is dealt one face-up card and one with a face down. (In certain games, which are played with just one deck, players’ cards will be dealt face-down, and they hold the cards. 

The Play

The player on the left starts first and must decide the best option “stand” (not request an additional card) instead of “hit” (ask to receive a second card to achieve 21 or perhaps hit exactly). In other words, a player could sit on the two cards initially handed to them. 

Or could ask the blackjack dealer for more cards each at a time before deciding not to take a stand on the sum (if it’s 21 or less) or go “bust” (if it’s above 21). If the latter is the situation, the player loses, and the blackjack dealer gets the amount bet. The blackjack dealer turns to the next player on their left and treats them differently.

A combination of an Ace with a card that is not 10 cards is referred to as “soft hand”. “Soft hand” since the player can consider the ace to be a one or eleven, and also draw or no draws. If a total of 17 is a great game, the person might prefer to draw for an even higher number. 

If the draw results in an unlucky hand, by taking the ace as an 11, the player will count the ace as 1 and play on being in a position of standing and “hitting” (asking dealers for more cards each time).

The Play Of the Dealer

After you have served each player, the blackjack dealer’s face-down card is turned over. If the score is more than 17, then it has to stand. When the number is less than 16, it is required to take a credit card.

The blackjack dealer will continue taking cards until they reach at least 17, and at that point, the blackjack dealer is required to stand. If the dealer holds an ace and calculates it as 11 will make the total 17, or greater (but not more than 21).

The blackjack dealer has to take the ace’s number as 11 and then stand. Therefore, the dealer’s choices are automatically for all games, while the player has the option of picking either one or two cards.


If the dealer’s face-up card has an Ace, one of the players can place an additional bet at least half of the initial wager that the dealer’s hand is a ten-card, that is, blackjack to the house.

When all bets are made, the dealer is looking at the card in his hole. If it’s a ten-card, the dealer will turn it up, and those who placed the insurance bet are rewarded and get more than their half-bet, which is the two-to-one payout. 

If a blackjack happens for the dealer, then, of course, the hand is completed, and the players’ primary bets are refunded if a player is blackjack-playing or more, in which case it’s an off. Insurance is never an ideal option for the gambler unless they’re certain that an unusually large number of ten cards remain unallocated.


There is nothing better than the experience of others. As you’ve come to know the basics of blackjack and dealer rules of blackjack, you’ll be able to adjust your strategies accordingly to enhance your play.