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Here are Some of the Best Songs Describing Poker

Here are Some of the Best Songs Describing Poker

Many poker songs have been inspired by the highs and lows of gambling and poker. These are our top picks to help you start your poker party’s soundtrack. So without further ado let’s dive into the article.

It is a sudden transition. But, bear with us. Put on your headphones and lower the volume if you want to have the best experience.

Glenn Frey and Don Henley, rock ballad kings, co-wrote this Eagles song. It is full of poker references and easily qualifies as one of the greatest poker songs. Although the song’s title might be misleading, it is not about a bandit running amok. 

Instead, the protagonist views solitude as a prison and fears dying alone. The Eagles believe that the whole life journey is determined by luck. “Don’t draw the queen of diamonds, boy. She’ll beat me if she can” or “the queen of hearts is always your best bet.”

It was originally released as the title song on the Eagles’ 1973 second album. Although it was never released as a single, it became a fan favorite.

Dark and gritty poker songs that are rough diamonds

You can lower the volume. The following poker songs are best listened to alone. Dark, gritty, yet full of emotion, the poker songs are rich and lush and feature powerful vocal performances that will leave you shaking.

The Stranger Song – Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen’s The Stranger Song was released in 1967, and it was inspired by the 1955 movie The Man with the Golden Arm.

The Stranger Song tells the story of a woman who is in relationships with men who aren’t interested in settling down and who instead pursues a vague, unattainable dream. 

Being a perfect woman. Leonard refers to them as “dealers,” who deal with random combinations of cards and “watch for the card that’s so wild, he won’t need to deal another.”

Here are Some of the Best Songs Describing Poker

Tom Waits – On The Nickel

On The Nickel’s lyrics may seem strange to a casual poker player, but they are quite enlightening after the first listen. 

Waits don’t mean to refer to some bizarre poker variant when he says he knows about a “place where a royal flush cannot beat a pair.” Waits speak instead of a place where all rules have been forgotten and only the strongest survive.

This is Los Angeles’ 5th Street, which was once home to the oppressed when the song was recorded. Waits do a great job of making a metareference. Poker players may know the fifth street as the river in many poker variations. 

Waits’ greatest tribute to the marginalized, underprivileged, and those who have lost the most important casino game of all, the game of life, is On The Nickel.

Rock Poker Songs You Will Enjoy Loud

Are you ready for rock? You can write a note to your neighbors and apologize for playing too loud music. The accompanying tunes about poker will blow your ears!  Get your cowhide coats on and get ready to shake out to these exemplary stone hymns that will get it started!

Aerosmith: Deuces Are Wild

Deuces Wild Poker players will know that the main goal of deuces is to get a pair, and it is because deuces can replace any other card that you may need.

This is exactly what Steven Tyler and Jim Vallance had in mind when they wrote Deuces Were Wild in 1988. Tyler refers to a woman in the lyrics as “I love you” because of her deuces.

This sunny ballad also features a reference to poker: “Cause me, and you are two of one.” Steven regards them as the perfect couple, and he is not good at grammar.

The label originally dropped the track to make room for Pump. However, it quickly became a favorite poker song and has been included on almost every Aerosmith greatest hits compilation.

Classic Poker Songs that Are a Little Old-fashioned, But Still Great

These poker songs are from lesser-known bands to almost a century-old blues standards. We researched and found that at least these songs are not familiar to you. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy these classic poker songs.

Diamond Jack – Wishbone Ash

Wishbone Ash might be the most dark band in our assortment, however their 1977 melody is loaded up with poker references to the edge. The band discusses the uncertainties of life and how to take things as they come.

Black magic or Lady Luck might refer to another part of popular culture.  We may never know the story behind the verses, yet we won’t let that prevent us from going after our receivers and chiming in. 

Robert Johnson – Little Queen of Spades

Robert Johnson’s blues-based example is the most famous in the poker songbook. It is also filled with gambling references, such as the little queen of spades that no man will leave.

Johnson is likewise one of them and gets chills at whatever point she’s near. Johnson repeatedly sings throughout the song that he’s “gonna find a gamblin’ woman” because a woman is the last thing a man wants.

Johnson proposes to the “little sovereign” of spades to be his accomplice in the association that will “bring in our cash green.” It doesn’t matter if he talks about money in poker or a romantic relationship, and his verses hit the right chord.


We hope you enjoyed these poker songs and that you had fun listening to them. To appeal to all tastes, we tried to cover as many styles as possible.

Did you enjoy any of them? Did you like any of them? Why not add them to a playlist for your next game with friends? You might get some additional tracks, or you could have an all-night party with poker themes!