Most Popular Themed Online Slots To Play

The online market for a casino gaming is flooded with competitors – trying their best to intrigue their customers in. However, a few stand the test of time and remain viable till date. The reason being is simple and almost supposable: these sites offer one of the most innovative and creative popular online slots, those that stand out from among the heaps of slot games offered. Jackpot Mobile Casino is one such UK site that offers the mobile casino slots for the rich casino-like gaming experience. Factors that decide the popularity of the slot games are:

  • The uniqueness in the theme
  • The representation of the gameplay
  • The variety in bonuses and offers made

Play Popular Themed Online Slots

A Few Popular Online Slots Offered With Unique Themes

  • Vegas Slots: Vegas slots reminds you about the glamorous and flamboyant lifestyle of Las Vegas. Yes! The theme itself gives players the experience of visiting a casino in Vegas. Even though ‘Casino’ and ‘Vegas’ are the two terms that have been colloquial and may seem quite ordinary, yet the representation of the gameplay reflects the lifestyle of a casino in Vegas and thus, enhances itself as one of characteristic uniqueness! Try out Vegas Magic, Super Spinner, Twin Spin and many such slots at Jackpot Mobile Casino.
  • Cleopatra Slots: Mysterious and filled with dazzling bonuses, this slots game has emerged out to be one of the most popular online slots game. The symbols and representations take you back to the land of the pharaohs. But the catch is that you may have the chance of living like a king/queen, by availing its free spinning features and multiplier schemes! Try out the top Egyptian-themed slots at Jackpot Mobile Casino today.
  • Blockbuster Slots: Any movie fans out there? You may be in for some pleasant surprise with Blockbuster Slots providing you with action-filled, the blockbuster hit themed gameplay! All character and symbol representations mimic the golden age of movies from the 80s. It also includes themes from the latest hits as well. Take your own pick – Jurassic World, Jumanji, The Mask, Planet of the Apes etc at Jackpot Mobile Casino.
  • Magic Slots: Tricks and treats – This popular online slots allows players to enjoy the spirit of magic! Treats can be enjoyed via its varied assortment of free spins and multiplier schemes as well. You can find Lucky Wizard, Magic Ian, Rosella’s Lucky Fortunes and many more such slots at Jackpot Mobile Casino.
  • Golden Slots: Fancy the tinkering sound of gold coins and the glittering image of golden tickets – which gambler doesn’t? This slot game allows players to fantasize about gold, the ultimate prize-winning reward anyone could get. Lavish in design and structure, it will allow you to delve into its immersive experience! Try out Golden Mane, Golden slots at the UK’s very well-known Jackpot Mobile Casino now.

Jackpot Mobile Casino – The Go-to Spot For Popular Online Slots Game

Jackpot Mobile Casino gives you the ultimate experience of playing popular online slots games – all within the reach of your hand. With the increase in the popularity of handheld games, Jackpot Mobile Casino brings you the most demanded games with no compromise in quality and experience. Some features for this site are mentioned below:

  • Accessible in mobile devices as well as desktop & tablets/laptops
  • Includes well-employed band of software providers like Microgaming, Nextgen Gaming etc.
  • A large variety of slot games to choose from
  • Welcome bonuses offered to new entrants

All this and many more make Jackpot Mobile Casino as one of the best spots for you to visit! Be sure to check it out!

Learn These Facts About Progressive Slots Online

One of the biggest dreams for a slot machine player is to pull the progressive jackpot off, isn’t it? Neither can you use any trick here nor say any magic words. A random number generator helps to make a major win in progressive slots online. So, your probability of winning or losing has got nothing to do with the man who was playing right before you came in.

Progressive Slots Online Facts

You might already be aware of plenty of facts about these slots. Still, there are some exceptional facts that a majority of people do not know. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Interesting Facts about Progressive Slots Online

  • Random Extra Jackpots

Of course, it is obvious that you play progressive online slots to win some best possible jackpots. But do you know what’s even more exciting here? Some players are fortunate enough to win random jackpot prizes. They do not even have a significant number of active paylines.
If you wish to try your hand on these prizes, nothing is better than playing progressive slots online.

  • Gaming with Different Currencies

Another interesting fact about playing mobile slot online is that the main currency you’ve deposited into your online casino account will not change when you go for playing progressive slots online. This, therefore, proves that the currency using which you’re playing your online slots doesn’t matter. You can still win the jackpot with your base currency.

  • Various Slot Versions

Talking about the progressive slots online, some renowned casinos offer two distinct kinds of the same slot. Players can come upon a 2 reel or a 3 reel slot that possesses the same label as that of a 5 reel slot. Basically, you get a wide variety of options to choose from and spin away.

  • Jackpot Offer To Be Limited To The Players Using Maximum Bet

Before starting off the game, you should aim to go through the rewards paytable. This helps to find out if you can win the jackpot prizes without playing all the paylines.

  • Winnings can be Transferred To Your Account In A Single Cashout

Are you wondering how an online casino would process your funds if you get fortunate enough to pull that huge progressive jackpot off? Well, the payout is usually made within a period of one or two weeks. In fact, in some casinos, it might take a month to transfer the winnings of the players into their account.

Try Your Luck at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Are you looking for the new mobile casino to avail some unexpected yet super cool progressive jackpot prizes? Deposit your money, play your favourite progressive slots online and try your hand on exciting jackpots only at Jackpot Mobile Casino.

Get in the Christmas Spirit with Santa Slots

Christmas is a great time to celebrate the festive vibe and pick some presents. For the online gamblers this season the Santa Slots comes in a remodelled version where players get to dive into the Christmas feel and experience their holiday season in a magical land. There are Christmas presents to unlock, exciting new rewards and an array of surprises locked for the players to unfold with each spin.

Play Santa Slots

With Santa featured on the game, the players get access to an exciting new outlay and revering feel of the festival.

So go merry and unlock the exciting features of the Santa slots outlined especially for Christmas!

The Christmas Feels With Santa Slots

The Santa slot features holiday season theme by recreating the graphics into a winter season outlay with Santa on the screen. There are Christmas surprises loaded with it. On the screen, there is a Christmas tree which is all lit with jingle bells, stars, sleigh, elves, gifts etc and there is a lot of snow falling on top of this decor.

The Christmas motifs like bells, lights and stars make the screen light up. The background music and the entire snow-covered world offer the gamblers the best of holiday season experience in this mobile slots.

What’s in Santa’s Sack For You!

Santa slots is the 5-reel and 20 paylines game brings in happy vibes setting the Christmas spirit alive. There are bonuses and rewards specially designed for the players of Christmas season.

Scatter symbols when appears thrice on the screen it triggers a bonus of free spin rounds. There are 6 free spins offered along with a special feature where if 2 Santa appears on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th reels of the free spins the winner gets prizes.

There are bonus symbols for the season which hold chances to hit the jackpot. When a player gets three bonus symbols on the reels they are guided to the Christmas tree which loaded with presents to unlock. Each unlocking brings either a multiplier or fixed rewards for the player. There is a chance to win up to 250x the stake.

There are rewards and bonuses to be won with each spin.

Jackpot Mobile Casino – The Best UK Online Casino!

The merriment of celebrating Santa Slots gets more exciting with Jackpot Mobile Casino. The casino is trusted for delivering excellent use of graphics, quality audio, cutting-edge technology and additional rewards for the players this season.

Creating a healthy gambling environment, the players are sure to experience the holiday-themed games on Jackpot Mobile Casino with exclusive offers. Santa slots being one of the most chosen slot games to play this season is best played on Jackpot Mobile Casino with revering display and all-around experience!

Snow Wild and the 7 Features Slots Release from Red Tiger Gaming

Taking the story of Snow White and the seven dwarves, Red Tiger Gaming has come up with an exciting slot game – Snow Wild and the 7 Features slots. The screen ignites with the beauty of cutting-edge design and brilliant use of graphics as the slot opens up with its 5-reels.

Play Snow Wild and the 7 Features Slots

Setting standards for the fantasy-themed slot games, Red Tiger Gaming has brought a unique portrayal of characters in this release.

The Theme of Snow Wild and the 7 Features Slots

Set on a biker bar, the slot game opens with the finest of detailing and a classic outlay. There are electric guitars, wooden décor and also an apple to match with the theme. The interesting aspect of this game’s display is that it is a mix of both animated images and a realistic preview.

The reels represent symbols like snow wild, crazy dwarf, sneaky dwarf and others along with a lucky wheel symbol.

The Game Features And Bonus Style

Each symbol of this 5-reel and 20 paylines game represents a character. The characters have their unique features that trigger some reward for the players. For example, the Flash dwarf, when shows on the reels, starts to play the guitar and smashes away some of the old symbols to make way for new. These new symbols can bring in better wins or wager for the player.

When 3 lucky wheel symbols land on the screen, these trigger a Lucky Wheel bonus game where the player triggers the presence of other symbols of the base game. While Goldy Dwarf awards an instant win, the Tickly Dwarf treats the player with a re-spin.

As Snow Wild appears on the lucky wheel, she blows 3 kisses which triggers one of the 7 features and increases the potential to win.

Betting and Wagering In The Game

A player can start playing Snow Wild and the 7 Features slots with a starting amount of just £0.20 and go up to a maximum of £500. This makes way not just for the beginners but also for the gamblers who want to play high stake games.

The biggest of jackpot include winning wagering of 500x the stake.

Jackpot Mobile Casino – UK’s best online casino!

If you choose to play Snow Wild and the 7 Features Slots, Jackpot Mobile Casino is the best platform to choose. It is one of the UK’s most popular online casinos offering a complete gambling experience. From a unique collection of games to featuring some of the most popular and latest online slots – the platform provides for easy payment methods, responsible gaming culture and an exciting gaming outlay.

Snow Wild and the 7 Features slots are best played with the cutting-edge technology audio-visual assistance available on Jackpot Mobile Casino!

Reel Talent Vs Stage 888 Slots

On the surface, both the Reel Talent and Stage 888 slots share lots of similarities. They even have the same number of reels and paylines. Both are very colourful and well detailed, feature-packed, accessible on both mobile devices and the desktops and are as innovative as they come. Accessing any of this duo is a sure ticket to paradise for any player!

Play Reel Talent Slots and Stage 888 Slots

However, there are some significant differences between these slots online.

A Look Deeper at the Stage 888 Slots and Reel Talent Slots Online

  • Game Developers- the Reel Talent slots is made by the duo of Microgaming and Just For The Win. Both the game developers have a solid pedigree, with Microgaming being one of the most famous and innovative game developers anytime, anywhere. As for the Stage 888 slots, it is the product of the tigerish Red Tiger Gaming, who have a well-deserved rep for developing solid games that anyone would gladly kill to play!
  • Themes- the themes in both slots online are similar but also different. The Stage 888 slot is all about a talent show featuring lots of well-dressed contestants who could easily find work as fashion models. The Reel Talent slot has a similar theme, with animals rather than humans being the talent show contestants. The players of this particular slots online are therefore treated to such incongruous sights as singing lions, fire-breathing alligators, guitar-strumming wolves and magic-performing rabbits.
  • Bonuses- this is one area that the Stage 888 slots get one over the Reel Talent slots. This is due to the fact that it features lots more bonuses than its competitor, including a quartet of randomly activated ones that either enhance winning chances or handsomely rewards players. The Reel Talent slot is no slouch in the bonus department, however. It features a couple of bonuses, one of which pays out up to 605.25x the stake.
  • Look And Feel- the Reel Talent slots has a more restrained look than its competitor. The primary colour employed on the reel is blue and everything is designed to be as eye-catching as possible. The Stage 888 slots, in contrast, look much like a teenage girls’ fantasy come alive, as it makes chief use of pink and shiny colours.
  • Wagers- in the Reel Talent slots, players can wager from 10p to ₤100 per spin. Conversely, the Stage 888 slots have the lowest and maximum bets per spin set at 20p and ₤500 respectively. This makes it much more suitable for high rollers looking to splash out obscene amounts of cash.

While the Stage 888 and Reel Talent slots boast lots of similarities, there are also significant differences between the duo. These serve to distinguish them for those on the lookout for talent show-themed slots that promise lots of thrills and enough action to blind a horse!

Show Your Reel Talent At Jackpot Mobile Casino!

The Jackpot Mobile Casino is the mobile casino games others make sure to keep tabs on! Its collections are filled to the brim with the latest and best slot games ever released and its staff are tasked with helping players have the time of their lives. Access the Stage 888 and the Reel Talent slots here and experience thrills unlimited!

Play Astro Legends Lyra and Erion Slots with Cluster Pays

The Astro Legends Lyra and Erion slots is apparently themed around the playing of electronic music on a decidedly alien planet. It comes with icons that are both colourful and striking, features a reel set of unusual shape and is a cluster pays slot where wins can be rather easily formed.

Play Astro Legends Lyra and Erion Slots

All in all, it definitely sounds like a slot anyone would rightly kill to play! Why not read up on the rest of its features listed below and decide for yourself.

Exotic Adventures With The Astro Legends Lyra and Erion Slots

The visuals in this mobile casino slots are both strange and magnificent. The backdrop features a rather desolate alien planet, and Lyra can be seen at the left of the reels busily strumming her piano-like instrument for all she’s worth!

Astro Legends Lyra and Erion slots comes has the usual playing card values though these are all theme-related, as well as icons made up of such valuable rocks as a peridot, amethyst and a garnet. A wild is additionally featured, can only show up on reel positions that are bordered in pink and adds a multiplier of 5x to all wins in which it is involved.

Last but not least, the reel set is arranged in a hexagonal formation. The sight of this can take some getting used to.

Alluring Bonuses In The Astro Legends Lyra and Erion Slots

There are a couple of bonuses in this slots online that make it a must-play. These are:

Sonic Respin: this is a randomly occurring bonus that involves the icons from winning spins getting locked in place. Erion then shows up and blocks the rest of the reels while his sister blasts away at them. Should these reel blasts reveal matching icons, players are given another respin to chase fame and fortune with.

Stardust Collection/Lyra Spirit Bonus

Now and then during gameplay, a star-shaped bubble appears and is popped by who else but Lyra. Once it bursts, a value of from 2 to 10 is displayed and added to what is already shown at the top right of the reels.

When a total of 100 is reached, the Lyra Spirit Bonus begins, with Lyra transforming into a wolf. Players must then choose a track for her to race on, with the said tracks being littered with rocks that must be avoided, while gems that translate to win multipliers are collected.

Should players reach the 7th round of this bonus and can expect to get win multipliers of 20x.

Astro Legends Lyra and Erion slots is a rather unusual offering with audio that speaks to the soul! Overall, this is a well made and packaged slot that pulls out all stops to thrill.

Go Heaven-Hunting With The Jackpot Mobile Casino!

The Jackpot Mobile Casino is an online casino that is not afraid to treat its clients to all the high-grade games seasoned with the most delish bonuses that their nervous systems can bear! Play the Astro Legends Lyra and Erion slots at the Jackpot Mobile Casino today and get to heaven rather quick!

Microgaming’s Eagerly Awaited Slot Game, Showdown Saloon Launches

Set in olden times in the Wild Wild West, Showdown Saloon slots by Microgaming launches at the UK’s top casino, Jackpot Mobile Casino. This 5 reels and 15 payline offering has minimum and maximum bets per spin of 20p and ₤100 and can be accessed on all devices bar the kitchen sink! It has an old West theme, lots of eye-candy and bonuses.

Play Showdown Saloon Slots

The OId West Comes Alive With The Showdown Saloon Slots!

Slots themed around the old West are nothing new, and Microgaming itself has released bunches of such slots. The Showdown Saloon is however in a class of its own and assuredly never takes prisoners!

Showdown Saloon Slots features a backdrop of poker cards and bullets, with the icons on the reels consisting of poker chips, guns, whiskey, and dice. The wild is the poker card and this icon takes the place of every other icon except the free spins icon.

Bonuses That Make You Go Yee-hawww!

For obvious reasons, Microgaming has seen fit to load their new creation to the very gunwales with all manner of juicy bonuses that taste just like the real thing. These are:

There are actually mystery stacks on all featured reels. During spins, one icon is chosen to replace the Mystery Stacks found on the reels. This same icon as well replaces the two Mystery Stacks icons that are positioned furthest to the left and thereby enable bigger wins.

When the players land identical full icon stacks, the Respin round gets activated. The icons stacks that triggered the respin are then locked in place for a respin. On all spins, the Mystery Stacks have the capability of matching the icons in the triggering full stacks of icons, with this leading to players benefiting from up to 5 identical full stacks of icons.

And then the final bonus round is the Free Spins. This is triggered when players land 3 and up stacks of icons, starting from the first reel. 3, 4 or 5 stacks results in the award of 5, 10 or 15 free spins respectively, with the other bonus feature being fully active during the Free Spins bonus round.

The Showdown Saloon slots from Microgaming shows to the full their skill and expertise in crafting slots that easily make players lose their minds! The featured graphics are great and mighty, as are the bonuses in this slots online. Overall, the Showdown Saloon slot appear set to colonise the minds and hearts of all players and is a highly volatile offering that feeds players the sweetest fun and action they can imagine!

A Showdown For The Ages At The Jackpot Mobile Casino!

The Jackpot Mobile Casino has Microgaming’s newest release locked and loaded for players who want to get blown away to infinity and beyond with the best Western-themed action and fun! Play the Showdown Saloon slots at the Jackpot Mobile Casino today and get the fun roll for a lifetime!

Rainbow Riches’ Latest Variant The Home Sweet Home Slots Launches!

For varied reasons, some of which has to do with super-colourful reels and very attractive bonus features, the Barcrest line-up of Rainbow Riches slot has always been outstandingly popular. They have inspired quite a few sequels, with these trying to push the envelope and surpass their predecessors. Now, an all-new Rainbow Riches variant has been released to the market by Barcrest. This new offering shares a lot with its predecessors looks set for success and goes by the sentimental name of Rainbow Riches Home Sweet Home. Take a look at some of its features below.


Play Rainbow Riches Home Sweet Home Slots

It’s Rainbow Riches Home Sweet Home, Folks!

This Barcrest product is equipped with a standard fare of 5 reels and 50 paylines. Like all others in the range, it can be accessed on all devices, with bets per spin being set at from 10p to ₤500.

The Rainbow Riches Home Sweet Home has essentially the same look as most other Rainbow Riches slots that came from the August stables of Barcrest. It is set in a rather lush meadow, with the reel set being made of interlinked gold chains and some doors being positioned at the top.

The icons on show include playing card values, as well as harps, horseshoes, mushrooms, violins, crosses and the game logo.

Bonus Features In This Irish New Release

  • Knock Knock Bonus – the full appearance of the scatter icon on the first reel triggers this bonus feature. The 4 doors positioned above the reels are then opened, with the icon they contain becoming wild.
  • Free Spins – whenever a trio of the scatter icon are fully displayed on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels, 8 free spins are awarded to players. The free spins feature can as well be re-triggered from within the bonus round, with the Knock Knock feature being fully active and capable of adding wilds to the reels.
  • Big Bet – like most other Barcrest creations the Rainbow Riches Home Sweet Home slot has a Big Bet feature. This costs varying amounts depending on the feature selected and assuredly boosts the possibility of wins.

The Rainbow Riches Home Sweet Home slot continues in the tradition of its venerated forbears by offering lots of sweet graphics and all high-grade fun that players could need. Overall, it is a must-play that piles on the sweetness and eye candy like it’s going out of style!

Play The Game Like It’s Meant To At Jackpot Mobile Casino!

The Jackpot Mobile Casino is one of those mobile casino slots that takes you to the fairy world! It offers all the slot, table and casino games that the players of all stripes could desire and sweetens the deal with its bevvy of excellent promos, bonuses and more. Play the Rainbow Riches Home Sweet Home at the Jackpot Mobile Casino today and get the sweet taste rather quick!

Christmas 2018 Special: Play The Brand-New Jingle Spin Slots Today!

Christmas is nearly here and Santa is busy taking his reindeer crew to the vet, burnishing his sleigh and going on a diet of sorts so as to slim down enough to fit through tight chimneys! No doubt you currently feel like getting fully in the mood of the season and yodelling your joy about the forthcoming parties, feasts and vacations. Getting into the mood of the Yuletide does not have to require lots of expensive shopping, not if you are playing the Jingle Spin slots! Made by NetEnt, this mobile slots online has a Christmas theme thick enough to be rolled up and baked into bread and features all of 5 reels and 20 paylines, apart from a few oh-so-sweet-and-tender bonuses.

Play Jingle Spin Slots

Jingle Spin Slots All The Way!

The slots can be played with bets per spin being set at from 20p to ₤200. The whole scenery is designed with a lovable festive air and there are even some adorable dwarves seated above the reels. To the left is a Christmas tree, with the right part featuring Santa himself, lever in hand. Playing card values are included, here, along with such baubles as you would normally find on a Christmas tree.

Of these icons, a red/gold one is the most profitable, with players able to receive 50x the stake when 5 of it are landed on a paylines. A gift box performs the role of the wild and takes the place of every other icon when forming wins.

Sing Along Some Jingle Spin!

There’s a Christmas bauble wheel in view in the Jingle Spin slots. This has a quartet of baubles with unique features that grant spreading wilds, free spins, coin wins and a surprise gift.

During every spin in the Jingle Spin slots, the bauble wheel is spun by Santa himself. When a wild appears beneath anyone of the featured baubles, that feature is activated.

The Jingle Spin slots is an adorably fun and creative slot with lots going for it. The bonuses in play are varied and creative and win gained on them are of course special! Overall, this slots online offers players a way to get started early on the Christmas celebrations and have a right royal time too!

Jingle Spin Now At Jackpot Mobile Casino!

Santa and all his adorable brethren have decided to pay a visit to Jackpot Mobile Casino via the Jingle Spin slots, and boy, do they come bearing gifts! Play this slots casino game with the greatest online casino in the UK and make your Christmas celebrations all the more special!