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A Detailed Guide to the Different Poker Chips Types


Have you ever tried your hands on poker games? If yes, you must be familiar with the poker chips However, if you are new to the world of casinos, you need to have an idea of the poker chips and their different types. 

So, what exactly are poker chips? Well, they are tiny, round discs utilised by the online casino UK that symbolise the value of money.  You can find the chips in a variety of materials, including plastic, clay, and metals. Moreover, you can also come across poker chips in different designs and colours. 

Players leverage the poker chips in order to place their bet in a game or tournament. The main goal of every player is to collect as many chips as possible. 

Want to know more about the chips? Read on to explore the complete details.

History of Poker Chips

You may be well aware of poker history. However, have you ever wondered about the history of poker chips? If not, here is a quick look. 

Poker chips have been there for quite a long time. So, its history is pretty interesting. Poker chips made up of bone, wood, or ivory are known to have been used in China for the very first time. It dates back to the period of the Tang dynasty during the ninth century. The chips weren’t just used for poker games but were also a part of various other gambling games.

It was only during the 1800s that the use of poker chips in Europe and the United States started. It symbolised the value of money as it is today. At that time, for developing poker chips, a substance known as Celluloid was used. The main reason for using the substance was that it was easy to shape and quite affordable. 

Gradually, with the passage of time, poker chips were made using other materials such as plastic, metal, clay, and more. 

Types of Poker Chips

Whether you are playing Texas Hold’em poker or 5 card draw poker, the poker chips are the bloodline of the game. Therefore, knowing about the different types of chips available is important. Here are some of the most common types of poker chips. Let’s explore!

  • Casino Chips

When it comes to types of poker chips, casino chips come to mind first. Each of the casino chips is assigned some kind of monetary value. Wondering how you will know the value assigned? Well, it’s pretty simple. The value is usually written on the surface of the poker chips. 

In some casinos, currency chips are considered to be the direct replacement of coins and cash. The best part is that they can be transported across different casinos. Moreover, players can use them to place their bets in various casino games. At the time of receiving the payout, players can again convert the chips into cash through direct exchange.

  • Tournament Chips

Poker tournaments are indeed interesting and exciting as they offer a lot of fun experiences to enthusiastic players. Apart from poker tournament strategy, poker chips are also important. Without the poker chips, you cannot participate in the tournaments. 

A point to note here is that the tournament chips are only valid for specific tournaments. After that, they cannot be used to gamble in other casino games. Also, these chips do not have any equivalent financial value. That means instead of placing bets in dollars, you will have to bet with the poker chips in the tournaments. Moreover, during a tournament, the starting stack of chips that the players have does not represent the entry fee.

  • Colour-Based Poker Chips

Next on the list is the coloured poker chips. The value of the different coloured chips usually varies. It also depends on the type of poker game you are playing. 

In both offline and online casino games, the value of the different poker chips is determined by some general criteria. But there are no specific rules or regulations that govern the determination of the poker chip values.

No doubt, the value of the chips will differ from casino to casino. However, the most common values of the coloured poker chips are listed below.

White: 1

Red: 5

Green: 25

Blue: 50

Black: 100

Purple: 1000

Yellow: 5000

Tips to Handle the Poker Chips

  • Stack the poker chips properly. It will enable you to conveniently count the stacks and manage the finances.
  • Do not hold the chips too tightly or fiddle with them.
  • Avoid stacking chips of different variations together. Instead, stack them separately.
  • Place all your chips behind the betting line.


By now, you must have a complete idea of the poker chips. Poker is truly a fun game. You must have heard some of the best songs about poker. It is time to try out the game. Make sure to have an idea of the poker chips, poker hand order, and strategies to get the best possible gaming experience.