Get a break from slots and other casino games, because it is time to see what’s hidden in the scratchcards! ScratchCard Games are not only the most popular, but are the most loved for one simple reason – the blend of curiosity and excitement while scratching the thin layer of silver panel to reveal what’s under it. Almost everyone has played or at least seen the scratchcards around their neighborhood or in local shops, and have always wondered if we could ever hit the jackpot? But something has always stopped us from buying them in physical. Also, these days no one really has the capacity to look for scratchcard games in the disappearing local shops around. But the urge is endless, and so Jackpot Mobile Casino brings it online – just for you! And not just online, you can carry it around with you in your very own smartphones and tablets!

With the scratchcard games gone online, they are now available on your smartphones and tablets as well. Not that you have to literally scratch the precious touch screens, but the amazing graphics of Jackpot Mobile Casino will not let you miss the aura of the traditional scratchcard games. So, whenever in a mood to win, just play any of the scratch card games and win up to 1000 times of what you bet. Jackpot Mobile Casino offers games like Medusa Scratch and Foxin Wins Scratch that have a recorded payout percentage of more than 90%. Isn’t that great? The drill is simple, open up the app in your smartphone or tablet, and select the game you want to play. Once you are on the chosen game, choose your bet amount, accordingly you will be directed to a scratch card. There, as you would do on a real physical card, scratch and match 3 symbols to win a prize. And if it’s your lucky day, you might even hit the jackpot! Easy, right?

But there are no strategies to play scratchcard games as such. No game follows a pattern, the only rule they follow is your fortune. You never know which day is YOUR lucky day unless you put it to a test. And what can be better than a scratchcard game? You can win 5 free games or 1000 times your bet from one card on which you hardly spent anything. So, go ahead and tap on that play button and put your day’s luck to test! And when you hit the golden jackpot, there is no limit to excitement. That’s the magic of scratchcard games that makes it addictive to the gamblers all around the world. The low cost and high probability to win makes them a popular source of entertainment for many, so why not yours?

Even if you don’t hit the golden jackpot, chances are high that you can win from 1x to 1000x your betting amount. There is nothing to be disappointed about in scratchcards, not at all. Every symbol you reveal has its own payout value, and that is open to you in the table displayed. Whether you are in a mood to loot Mr. Fox or grab all the money from Merlin’s Millions, Jackpot Mobile Casino is there for you! And if you are up for a little thrill, Medusa Scratch Game is the perfect choice. Let the beauty-turned-monster work on her magic while you match the equally beautiful symbols of your fortune.

Sway away in the world of scratchcard games and uncover the big wins that await you! Good Luck!