The Most Popular Casino Baccarat Strategies Listed


Believed to have originated in 15th-century Italy, Baccarat is one of the few casino games widely played. The game of Baccarat features easy-to-understand rules and is highly exciting to play at online and offline casinos.

When playing Baccarat, some players might want to use a Baccarat strategy to improve their winning chances or increase the game’s overall entertainment level. As such, here’s a look at the top strategies you can use in the game of Baccarat.

The Martingale strategy

The origins of this betting system can be traced back to 18th-century France. Over the years, this Baccarat betting system has evolved, and many players now use it to play casino games like Blackjack and Roulette. Interestingly, the Martingale system is also used to play the game of Craps.

The basic premise of this Baccarat betting strategy is straightforward. The Martingale system says that you should double your wager size after every loss. And you continue doing this until you experience a winning wager. Upon winning, you reset your wager amount to the original stake size.  

Players need to have a significant bankroll amount when using the Martingale system. This is because you never know how long a losing streak may last. Using the Martingale system always has some level of risk involved. So, it’s usually preferred by players who want to add that extra thrill to the gameplay.

The Fibonacci strategy

This betting strategy was devised in the early 1400s and was originally used to play Roulette. But over time, the strategy has been modified to be used in the game of Baccarat.

Unlike the Martingale system, where you double your wager after every loss, the Fibonacci strategy is based on a specific number sequence called the Fibonacci Series. For those who don’t know, the Fibonacci series is a sequence of numbers where each number is obtained by adding the previous two numbers. That way, a Fibonacci sequence looks like – 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, and so on.

Using this strategy, you start with the first number in the Fibonacci sequence. If you happen to win your first hand, you go on to the next number in the sequence. If you win again, you move on to the next number in the series. You continue doing this until you have a losing hand. Upon losing, you reset your bet amount to the original stake size.

The Paroli system

This is a positive progression betting strategy. It was originally designed for a card game called Basset but is now used to play several casino titles that are available at our mobile casino online.

You can think of the Paroli system as the opposite of the Martingale betting system. But note that, unlike the Martingale strategy, this betting system has a set limit for the maximum wager. When using this betting strategy, you start with a fixed stake size. Then you double your stake size after every win.

Once you have three consecutive wins, you cease to double your wager size and go back to your initial stake again.

The reason why the Paroli system is so popular is that it’s very easy to understand. As such, even novice players can easily use it to play different Baccarat variations online.

The D’Alembert System

This betting system shares some similarities with the Martingale strategy and is designed to work with even money wagers. Understanding and using the D’Alembert system is quite simple, though it may not always be the best choice for Baccarat side bets.

When using the D’Alembert system, you start with a base stake and increase it by one unit with every loss. You continue doing this until you get a winning hand. Then you reset your bet amount to the original stake again.

Summing Up

So, this covers the most common betting strategies you can use in the game of Baccarat. Whatever betting system you choose, it’s important to remember that they can’t ensure guaranteed wins. Also, you must pay special attention to your bankroll when employing a Baccarat strategy. Check out our Baccarat tips to learn how to make the most of your online and live Baccarat gameplay. Happy gaming there!

A Comprehensive Guide to Casino Roulette Tournaments


When it comes to casino tournaments, players usually link them to casino games like Blackjack, Poker and Slots. But along with the Blackjack and Poker competitions, players also can indulge themselves in the fun and excitement of Roulette tournaments these days.

Roulette tournaments are a great way to enjoy the popular casino classic in a highly socialized setting. Continue reading as we explain to you what Roulette tournaments are and how to play them online.

What are Roulette tournaments?

Simply put, Roulette tournaments are casino competitions that pit multiple Roulette players against each other. Instead of playing against the house, Roulette tournaments require players to compete against each other for a prize pool.

To add to the overall excitement, casinos usually split a tournament into multiple rounds. The goal is to score the highest number of points or coins and to rank on the top of the leaderboard. The number of possible winners in a tournament varies from one platform to another. Sometimes, it’s only the top winner who receives the complete prize pool. But the top new mobile casinos like ours can also reward multiple tournament winners.

Based on the number of rounds, these competitions can last a few hours or go on for several days. Some tournaments may even take weeks or months to determine the final winner. If you want to know more,  you can check out our article on Roulette history that details the emergence and evolution of Roulette tournaments.

The different types of Roulette tournaments

As with the competitions for other casino games, there are several different Roulette tournaments. But the two most commonly offered tournament types are free-to-play tournaments and buy-in competitions. Below we’ve explained them in detail:

  • Free-to-play tournaments

Free-to-play-tournamentsAs their name suggests, these Roulette competitions are free to play. In other words, they don’t require you to pay an entry fee. Here, you receive a set number of points for every win in the game. Also, most free-to-play tournaments come with a time limit in place.

There’s a leaderboard to keep track of your progress. The leaderboard lists the name of all participating players along with the number of chips won. Although not that common, some free-to-play tournaments may allow you to extend the time limit by paying an additional fee.

  • Buy-in Roulette tournaments


Buy-in Roulette tournaments come with an entry fee attached. So, they’re played a little differently than free-to-play tournaments. After paying the required buy-in, players are given a set number of chips here. And just like playing online Roulette, buy-in tournaments have minimum and maximum wagering limits that all participants need to follow.

Buy-in Roulette tournaments also feature a leaderboard to allow players to track their progress. The final prize in these competitions takes the form of real money that players can cash out after winning.

  • Live tournaments

Live-tournamentsFor players who enjoy playing Penny Roulette or other online Roulette types in a live setting, live tournaments are the way to go. Live Roulette competitions closely resemble taking part in a tournament in a land-based setting. As with the other Roulette events, these competitions feature buy-in and have a time or spin limit in place.

  • Time limit vs spin limit tournaments


As mentioned earlier, most tournaments come with a pre-defined time limit or spin limit. This makes things easier in terms of determining the winner and also adds to the overall excitement. Below is a short comparison between time-limit and spin-limit tournaments.

  • Time limit tournaments


These tournaments have a specific time limit in place. So, players can choose the number of spins they want to wager on and stop wagering once they get ahead. Also, time-limit tournaments offer flexibility in terms of budgeting. A downside of these tournaments is that the time limit can force players to make more risky wagers.

  • Spin limit tournaments


These competitions have a spin limit on each round. Spin-limit tournaments are highly exciting and preferred by players who enjoy taking risks. An experienced player with lady luck by his side can have a distinct advantage here.

Some Roulette tournament tips for you

Here are some tips to make the most of your Roulette tournaments gameplay:

  • Although winning in tournaments is based on luck, having a strategy can sometimes help you. So, make sure you have a plan before playing.
  • Before taking part in any tournament, be sure to check the competition’s terms and conditions.
  • Look for competitions that reward multiple top players. That way, you’ll have increased chances of winning some prize amount.
  • Finally, you must select tournaments that suit your wagering style and playing preferences.

The Different Roulette Chips Types You Need to Know About


Roulette is a fascinating casino classic enjoyed by millions of players worldwide. While the game is quite easy to start, you need to understand the fundamentals of Roulette to play it optimally.

One key element of Roulette that you need to know about is Roulette Chips. This article details why casinos use chips instead of real cash. Also, we touch down on the different Roulette chip types and their values. Could you stick with us?

Why do Roulette tables use chips instead of cash?

As with many other casino games, chips are an integral part of Roulette tables. Casinos have been using Roulette for decades now, though their form and appearance have changed substantially from the past. As a player, you might wonder why casinos don’t allow the usage of real cash and prefer chips instead. Well, there are several reasons for that:

  • First, the size of all Roulette chips is usually equal. So, using them keeps things much tidier at the Roulette table.
  • Next, using chips makes it easier for the croupier to know which player is wagering how much (each player is given a different-coloured Roulette chip).
  • Many players are more comfortable placing large wagers using Roulette chips than fiat money. Also, as chips occupy a small area on the table, they make it easier for players to spot popular Roulette patterns.
  • Finally, Roulette chips are exclusive to a single Roulette table. So, it eliminates the risk of a rogue player stealing them and using them at other Roulette tables or casinos.

Chip values at land-based Roulette tables

Chips usually don’t come with set values when playing Roulette at a brick-and-mortar casino. After taking a seat at the Roulette table, players are given a stack of chips of varying colours. The difference in colour helps dealers quickly identify the bets placed by different players.

Then before the commencement of the gameplay round, you need to assign some value to your chips. Ideally, you can choose whatever value you like, but it must be aligned with the table’s minimum and maximum limits. After assigning the value, you must signal the dealer to take note of that.

Based on your wager amount, you need to place the required number of chips in the designated area on the table. When the gameplay round ends, you can change your chip value. Note that Roulette chips are usually exclusive to a single table, meaning you can’t use them to play other Roulette games at the casino. It would help to exchange them for real cash once you’re done playing.

Chip values in online Roulette games

Playing Roulette online is a lot easier for you. This is because online and live Roulette games don’t require players to assign values to their chips. Instead, these games make use of standard chips with pre-set values. Also, the best mobile casino software keeps track of all the chips wagered, so players can handle the dealer missing to take notes of their bets.

How are Roulette chips made?

Roulette chips, and casino chips in general, have been around for centuries. In the past, Roulette chips were made using ivory and clay. To prevent rogue players from duplicating the chips, casinos imprinted their branding on the chips and uniquely designed them.

Today, Roulette chips are usually made of clay or composite materials. These chips are manufactured using a process called injection moulding. The exact method of making these chips is kept secret to avoid their counterfeit production. Also, the process of making these chips varies from one manufacturer to another.

When playing at UK casinos, the chips’ weight can be between 8 to 16 grams. And the chips weigh around 10 grams in the case of American casinos. Some top manufacturers of Roulette chips are Abbiati, GTI Gaming, and Gaming Partners International.


So, this was all that you needed to know about casino Roulette chips. When playing online, one doesn’t have to worry about assigning values to Roulette chips, as they have pre-set values. But it’s an important thing to do when playing Roulette at land-based tables.

 If you want to try an innovative Roulette variation along with standard Roulette, go with Auto Roulette, which automatically spins the wheel. We also have a comprehensive Auto Roulette guide to help you get started. Happy gaming there!

Blackjack Card Values: Everything You Need to Know


Blackjack is one of the most popular casino classics, all thanks to its straightforward rules and relatively low casino advantage. The main aim of Blackjack is simple – to have a hand total that’s exactly 21 or the closest to it without going over.

Along with the gameplay rules, you must know how different cards are valued in Blackjack. This is because knowing how much each card is worth will help you decide what wagering option you should choose. Continue reading as we explain everything you need about Blackjack card values.

Blackjack card values explained

Like many other online card games available at our mobile casino, Blackjack is played using a standard card deck. And each standard card deck has 52 cards in total.

The number cards between 2 and 10 carry their face value. This means a number 2 card is calculated as 2, a number 3 card is calculated as 3, and so on. As each traditional card is made up of four suits, there are 36 numbered cards in total.

In Blackjack, the King, the Queen and the Jack are referred to as picture cards. And each of them is valued as 10 in the game. And as you’d guess, each standard card deck consists of 12 picture cards.

Now we’ve got one card left to cover – the Ace. You can view the Ace as a “special” card in Blackjack. 

This is because the Ace card can have two different values in Blackjack – either 1 or 11 in Blackjack. Most online casinos offer flexibility in choosing the value of your Ace, but some operators may require you to stick with a predefined value. So, it’s always better to check the rules of your chosen Blackjack game before beginning to play.

Another great thing about Blackjack is that the suit of your cards doesn’t matter here. You can have a 4 of Spades or a 4 of Hearts card, which will still be valued as 4 in the game.

Some important Blackjack moves listed

After receiving your initial two cards in online Blackjack games, there are several wagering options you can go with. As a player, you can stay in the game by hitting or cease to play by opting to fold. Then there’s the doubling down a wager that allows you to receive one extra card for double the size of your initial bet. Here are some other important Blackjack wagering options you need to be aware of:


In Blackjack, split refers to splitting your initial two cards into two different hands. In most Blackjack games, this option becomes available when the value of your initial two cards is the same. Note that you need to place an additional wager to be able to split your cards into two different hands.


This is one of the most common and popular Blackjack side bets. In Blackjack the insurance bet is offered to you when the dealer’s up-card shows an Ace. And it insures you against the dealer’s cards forming a Blackjack Insurance bet usually pays 2:1, though the payout may vary in some games.


In Blackjack, players aren’t allowed to change their bet after placing it. If the dealer loses a gameplay round, they must return the bet amount to each player sitting at the table. In contrast, having a winning hand means the dealer gets paid by each player whose total is less than 21. If the dealer and the player have the same point total, then there’s no need to make any payments. This process is referred to as settlement in the game.

Blackjack house edge and the basic strategy

Blackjack is renowned as a casino classic with one of the lowest house edges. As per probability analysis, the casino advantage in Blackjack can range anywhere between 0.25% and 2%. This essentially means that you can expect to get £98 on every £100 wagered.

Many experienced players use the basic betting system when playing Blackjack. This is because it helps them keep the house edge to its minimum. Also, using betting strategies tends to improve their overall winning chances in Blackjack. But it’s also important to remember that Blackjack is ultimately a game of chance. So, using the basic betting system may not always help you in Blackjack.