IGT Partners with Jackpot Mobile Casino to offer Exclusive Online Slots

Gaming giant IGT is all set to conquer the industry with its new move. The tech company has decided to collaborate with Jackpot Mobile Casino to come up with brand new IGT casino slots These will be the enhanced versions of the prior ones. The collaboration is going to work on the existing slots, as well as, come up with new innovative slots to capture the fancy of gamblers. Two of the previous IGT casino slots considered for this twist are Keystone Kops and Lucky falls- the Voice among many others.

IGT Partners with Jackpot Mobile Casino to offer Exclusive Online Slots

What to Expect in IGT Casino Slots?

The players are already very excited about this collaboration and are expecting a heck of fun when the new IGT casino mobile slot come in. The age-old Keystone Kops slot is set to get a makeover, so is Lucky Falls- the Voice. These popular games have been all-time favourites for gamblers all across the world. Now that the gaming behemoth IGT is looking to recreate them with Jackpot Mobile Casino, the gamblers have lost all cool and the wait is getting unbearable.

Keystone Kops Slot has quite a ‘lazed out’ theme!

The story of two lethargic police officers who are always up to something or the other has been portrayed in numerous movie plots. This is the revolving plot ground for the Keystone Kops casino slot.

The slots game by IGT featured the adventures or misadventures of these policemen who get into some trouble or the other as they go bumbling around the cases.

The players in these slots encounter a fun, light adventure where nothing ever gets too serious. The series of three live games tickle the gamblers’ funny bones and also give them a sense of adventure as they solve cases with the Keystone Kops. An old school player would especially like the feel of this old game out in a new avatar again.

The brightly coloured, high-end technology graphics add an extra edge to the game undoubtedly showcases IGT’s prowess. The game is best for newbies not looking to spend much with affordable penny slots for each of the three games in the series.

Make Some Noise with the Lucky Falls – the Voice Slot

Another game in the Lucky Lobster series, the IGT casino slot is ready to be launched in a made over fashion again. The adventures of the Voice will fill the gamblers with thrill and awe. Like all of the other IGT games, this online slot is also expected to be having high on technical front graphics and the best of colours.

There are several other casino slots that are about to be recreated and developed. What more this collaboration brings to fruition still remains to be seen.

Enjoy IGT Casino Slots at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Jackpot Mobile Casino provides a very user-friendly and smooth interface for you to enjoy uninterrupted gaming.

The Most Awaited Archangels Salvation Slots Launches this Week

The Archangels Salvation slots releases this 24th of April and the exhilaration in the air is thick enough to be cut with a knife. The spiritual plot indication hidden in the name of the new release is to be made public the coming week. This is surely triggering a surge of intrigue about the storyline. The speculations are rife that the plot in the game would be featuring supernatural elements of surprise. Still at least ten days away from the actual game release, the fans are indulging themselves in the guessing game over the theme and plot of the new mobile slot.

The Most Awaited Archangels Salvation Slots Launches this Week

The Interesting Experiment in Archangels Salvation slots

The video slot company NetEnt have decided to experiment with the game theme and things have got all spiced up in Archangels Salvation slots. The characters from Bible are expected to be featuring in the game with miracles and supernatural powers at display throughout the plot setup. The game is expected to finally show an apocalyptic face-off between good and evil. The 3D slot is about to portray the battle scenes when the angelic hosts of heavens wage battles against all the demonic evil present in the world.

What’s in for the Players?

Featuring over 100 paylines, Archangels Salvation slots is ripe with added benefits for the players. The slot machines in the game have been beautifully designed to adhere to the high expectations of the players. The graphic designers and developers of the game have assured the fans ahead of the launch to expect a visual treat with sensational free spins and offers.

The battlefield featured in the game also has two hotspot areas which turn any wild symbol landing on to them into two wild features. The game also consists of six reels which come with a wild feature unleashed by a two into two wild combined with the feature called ‘heaven’. These two conditions when coinciding lead to the creation of a stack of wilds which are awarded to the players.

A ‘Hell’ feature has been added too which leads to the awarding of 16 wilds in a single spin. Up to twenty-five, free spins are allowed in the game.

Stakes of Playing

The first round of the game can be played by investing forty pence per spin. The upper limit on spending has been set to 200 pounds. A side needs to be chosen before starting the play and the ‘Heaven’ and ‘Hell’ features can only be used according to the side chosen. Up to 150 coins can be won by using the wild symbols.

Visit Jackpot Mobile Casino Now and Play

With so many features on the table along with the backdrop of an epic battle between angels and demons, Archangels Salvation slots are undoubtedly the most awaited of all recent games. So, brace up fans, and wait for the release! Try Jackpot Mobile Casino for a wonderful Gaming experience.

Why UK Players Prefer Playing Casino Games on Mobiles?

With the emerging technology, playing online casino games is no more restricted to desktops. Gambling enthusiasts can now engage in immersive games and win a million bucks by playing their favourite themed slots and table games at mobile casino UK on their smartphones itself.

The Rise of the Mobile Casino UK

Why UK Players Prefer Playing Casino Games on Mobiles?

If you are a gambling aficionado, you would have heard of the fortunate individual who won the massive £3.1 million jackpot by playing the progressive jackpot on Mega Fortune mobile slot in 2015. With such payouts on casino games played on mobile devices, over the years online gambling has grown manifold times in terms of its reach and convenience offered to players. In fact, the latest smartphones and tablets are more powerful than the computers that were released a few years back. Research indicates that the use of mobile phones has increased in the web domain so much so that most of the web traffic is reported from the mobile platforms.

Easy Availability Of Mobile Casino UK

The same casino games that you earlier played on your PC and Mac can be now enjoyed on your portable device making it much more convenient and accessible. With a mobile casino, you can play the popular slots from anywhere at any time and while on the move. Whether at a beach, a cafeteria or travelling, a stable internet connection is all that you need. Simply log into your hot favourite mobile casino UK site and start enjoying.

Supportive Technology on Mobile Casino UK Sites

Leading software providers and casino owners hosting the HTML5 and Flash have been adapting all branded desktop titles for the smartphone and player’s convenience. The visually enticing graphics can be experienced along with the same in-game features even on your mobile phones. Just that the package is portable with mobile casino sites.

A Plethora of Games on Mobile Casino UK

Most casinos provide apps which are downloadable via the Google Play or App Store for respective OS on phones. Some casinos make the native apps available to players directly from their homepage itself. It’s best to check with your casino provider on the best-suited mode for your chosen game. Following the casino’s instructions will aid in a smooth play.

Some sites also allow players to play without downloading the game. You can simply register into your mobile casino UK site with a username and password and instantly start playing the game. Play to win whopping amounts of real cash by making the requisite casino deposit through your mobile web browser.

Strict Security and Auditing

Whether playing on your desktop or smartphone, the last thing you would want is a virus or malware attack. There are several mobile casino UK apps that can be installed on your smartphone device to secure your device while playing games via the browser. Many mobile casino sites provide SSL security to protect account details of players. Reliable and reputed mobile casinos offer games that are lab tested and audited to ascertain fair play. Players should look for eCOGRA or GLI logos on their chosen games to ensure that the mobile game random number generators have been audited.

Whether you are using an iOS, Android or Windows-enabled mobile device, you can engage in hours of play and win multiple times your wager on most top-rated casino slots, table games and scratch cards with greater ease and reliance.

Mobile App of Jackpot Mobile Casino

At UK’s popular casino destination, Jackpot Mobile Casino you can find a unique collection of games including classic table games as well. The mobile site offers players to make a deposit via popular banking methods including paying via phone bill (BOKU), credit/debit cards, Skrill, Ukash, Neteller, PayPal and Paysafecard.

Get 100 Bonus Spins on Cleopatra Slot at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Among the first few video games to have made an appearance at casinos in Las Vegas, Cleopatra Slot garners a lot of love from gamblers and the popularity hasn’t declined even till today. Over the years many different versions of this game were created, Cleopatra II and some free versions that do not deal with real money. This is a mobile slot game created by International Gaming Technology (IGT) which is considered as one of the top gaming developers in the world.

Features of Cleopatra Slot Game

This slot game provides the ultimate gaming experience for gamblers, its features such as hi-tech functions, top of the game animation and graphics, different options for betting, and many bonus games. The classic game consists of five reels with a total of 20 paylines; each payline gets activated once a coin is added to the slot. For a maximum bet of 100 credits, one can bet per line for almost 5 times, this gives the unique opportunity to the players to win up to 10,000 credits. This game is so flexible that one can bet as low as 1p to as high as £10 per line, as per one’s budget the game can be played and enjoyed.

Cleopatra slot is a classic game that has managed to be around for so long mainly because of its attractive ancient Egyptian theme. Add to that the seductive voice-over of Queen Cleopatra definitely manages to get the players hooked on the game for hours at end.

Get 100 Bonus Spins on Cleopatra Slot at Jackpot Mobile Casino

How to Get Up To 100 Bonus Spins on Cleopatra Slot?

Cleopatra slot game is known to offer dozens of free spins and bonuses. You can get as high as 100 bonuses at Jackpot Mobile Casino just by launching Cleopatra™ this will automatically activate the spins for you. If you have set your mind to this, then you need to hurry as the promotion will be active only between 00:01 and 23:59 BST on the following dates April 3, 8, 15, 22, and 29. The time zone BST is ACST – 8.30 hrs or PTZ +8hrs.

Deposits over £40 will obtain 100 bonus spins and those deposits in the range of £20 and £39 will get 40 bonus spins. This promotion will be applied to only the first deposit of the day and the spins will be valid only on Cleopatra™ game each worth £0.10. The best part about this is you can play the free version first to practice and enjoy a risk-free experience of the game before diving into the real game with real money and multiply your wins.

If you’ve been having thoughts of playing some different game or have always been enticed by the glitz and glam of the Las Vegas-style casinos, then Cleopatra Slot is definitely for you. It is not just adjustable to any budget but is also flexible enough to enable any style of playing. With the kind of glamorous graphics, it has, it is definitely a must try game for new and professional gamblers alike.

Top 7 Tips to Win At High Limit Classic Blackjack Online

As a player, you can easily emerge a winner in by implementing the exact gaming strategies. Knowing the game in a better way will help you to get an idea of the gaming strategies. Let us have an idea of some of the basic tips to win at this great game of online High Limit Blackjack Classic.

Top 7 Tips to Win At High Limit Classic Blackjack Online

  1. Try to Reduce The House Edge in Online High Limit Blackjack Classic

One of the significant tips in online High Limit Blackjack Classic is to reduce the house edge. You can reduce it from 5% to as low as 0.5%. This is where a good gaming strategy is required. A good way to reduce the house edge is to start playing with a small number of card decks, such as a single deck. Moreover, in case the dealer peeks when an ace or a 10- point card is dealt, it will help the player and reduce the house edge to a significant level. While some blackjack rules may offer payouts of 1:1, the basic payout ratio is around 3:2.

  1. Know the Rules Of The Game Well

First thing first, you need to have an idea of the rules and regulations of the game to implement the strategies. For example, Online High Limit Blackjack Classic may come in a range of variants like Pontoon, Blackjack Switch, and Double Attack Blackjack and so on. You need to choose the one that suits your preferences and budget. In case of Double Exposure Blackjack, the dealer’s two cards are dealt face up compared to Double Attack Blackjack that offers you the scope to increase your stake after you see the cards of the dealer.

  1. Count the Cards Properly

Card counting needs to be done with care as it helps you to keep track of the dealt cards to determine who has higher odds and when the dealer is favoured.

  1. Know when to Hit

In most cases, you have to hit when the dealer’s up card is 7-10 or ace and the card in your hand is 8 or 12-16. You can also hit in case the value of your hand is 11.

  1. Know when to Stand

You would need to stand when the dealer’s up card is 6 or below and the total of your hand is 13 or more.

  1. Know when to split

It is always advisable that you split eights and aces. If the value of the dealer’s up card is 6 or below, you need to split.

  1. Know when to Double

You can double when in Online High Limit Blackjack Classic when you hand equals 9, 10 or 11. Through this, you can easily hit 19 or 20.

Playing this Blackjack Version at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Online High Limit Blackjack Classic at Jackpot Mobile Casino is an attractive 3 hand variant of online Blackjack. In addition, the prize money that you receive is also worth playing it. The bet ranges between £1 – £2500 per hand. It has minor variations to the rules compared to conventional Blackjack and is ideal for high rollers. At each level of the game, you come across exciting gameplay options that help you achieve great rewards.

Win King-sized Jackpots On Our New Online Slots!

The thrill of playing an online casino game is incomplete without making some of the biggest winnings on the chosen slot game. While online and mobile casinos offer several bonuses and promotions to lure gambling enthusiasts, avid players look for the king-sized jackpots and decisive wins. Here are a couple of new slot games that can assure you King Jackpot at Jackpot Mobile Casino.

Win King-sized Jackpots On Our New Online Slots!

Hook your King Jackpot Wins in the Stampede Slot

For players who are fascinated by the African wildlife, the Stampede slot from Betsoft brings ample scope of exploring the grassy Savannahs. Released in November 2017, this engaging slot is placed on 5 reels, 4 rows with 1024 winning combinations.

Traverse the Grassland To Pick Your Treasures

Stampede gives the player an opportunity of scoring frequent prizes with a potential of landing free spins. This slot has an RTP of 95.20% and keeps a low volatility. You can bet from 0.25 to 50 credits per spin. The low variance of the game allows players to wager more and score several times than hitting the King Jackpot at one go.

The game symbols include a range of wild animals such as Rhinos, Cheetahs, Lions and Wildebeests. The scatter is represented by the Elephant and can payout 50 times your betting line when spotted anywhere on the screen. You can, however, unlock the free spin bonus round at the same time when these elephants appear spooked. Be careful though! With multipliers that can reap as much as 10X, lucky players can win big prizes.

2. Grab the King Jackpot rewards with Game of Thrones

If you enjoy reading or watching the Game of Thrones series, you will love immersing yourself in the slot game by the title. You can pick your rewards by locating the game-based characters in this video slot that offers 243 ways of winning. With the symbols depicting various Westeros Houses, the wild card represented by the Game of Thrones logo makes for the prime symbol. The Scatter is denoted by the Iron Throne symbol.

Enter the Kingdom And Spin the King Jackpot Win

There are four stages in the Gamble round which can increase your size of winnings. These include the three-eyed Raven, White Walker, Dragon and Direwolf. On choosing the head or tails correctly, players can benefit from the potential of their winnings getting doubled. In an occasion where they lose, the feature is concluded. Players have the option of collecting the amount won at any time by pressing the ‘collect’ button.

Three and more Iron Throne icons can make you enter the Free spins round of the game. All the four houses of Westeros feature in this round and players can make a single choice. Each house offers a specific set of free spins, an additional stacked symbol and a multiplier value. Players can win almost 18 free spins and a multiplier value up to 5 times. The chosen symbol for the house is stacked during the free spins round. Moreover, you can re-trigger the free spins feature for cumulative king jackpot prizes.

The Best Place To Hit A Jackpot – Jackpot Mobile Casino

Jackpot Mobile Casino is a one-stop shop to play these and many exciting slot games with ever new themes. So, log in today!

New Mobile Slots With High RTP Releases This Month

Return to Player, better known as RTP is a popular term used by the casinos to describe the percentage of player’s stake that a slot machine can repay in course of the gameplay. This means that if a player selects new mobile slots games and places a hundred £1 bets on a slot on which the RTP is 90%, he/she can expect to win back at least £90.

One must note that both RTP and house advantage are typically calculated over the long term. One of the flipsides of house advantage is the RTP because if a slot machine has around 20% house advantage, the average RTP will be 80%. This means that over time, players will have to forgo 20% of all money stakes while the remaining 80% will be returned to the players in the form of wins accumulated.

Rewarding New Mobile Slots Which Promise A Worthy RTP!

New Mobile Slots With High RTP Releases This Month

  • Clutch on wins with the roaring RA’s Legend

Powered by Red Tiger Gaming,RA’s Legend is a fascinating new mobile slots game based on Egyptian mythology. It features 4 distinct bonus features and is backed with enticing graphics and high-quality animations that makes it a class apart from slots of this genre. Placed on 40 paylines, the slot is playable across all devices and allows players to bet from 20p to £500. Irrespective of your bankroll size, you can make big wins with a choice of setting your loss limit or single win limit on the autoplay mode. This new mobile slots game has a medium to high volatility with RTP of 95.02%.

  • Take a Big Bite Of This Spicy New Mobile Slots Game: Extra Chilli

If you are looking for a red-hot experience on the slot machine, this Mexican-themed slot from Big Time Gaming is a highly volatile one enabled to payout 20000x your stake on every spin. Playable on all devices, you can bet at a minimum of 20p and a maximum of £50 per spin. With the winning symbols that get replaced by new ones, players can make the most of winning continuously. The highest winning offer comes with its 117649 winning combinations. With an RTP of 96%, Extra Chilli is worth a spin!

  • Jump into the Wild Inferno with New Mobile Slots Game: Flame

Powered by NextGen, this slot is set on 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 paylines. The main features of Flame slots are all that you need for a fiery fun on the slot machine. There are seven mini-features which can be activated randomly in the main game as well as in the bonus rounds. The features, however, appear frequently in the bonus game. With an exception of the Wild Inferno mini-feature that allows re-spins, all others can be played over a single spin. This new mobile slots game has an RTP of 96.1%.

  • King Size Win on Avalon 2

Placed on 5 reels and 20 paylines, Avalon 2 is a complete entertainer for the players with the legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the British Isles. With the Holy Grail, jewelled ornament, an armed Avalon coat and a Crown, the high-value symbols look promising. The Lady in the Lake appearing as the scatter and two wilds represented by “Avalon in the clouds” and a “treasure chest”, make the special symbols of this new mobile slots game. Players can win up to 30000 coins with the Avalon wild symbol by landing up to 5 of these on an active payline. This feature within the max bet spin makes it the highest rewarding winning combinations of the game. You can win 7X multiplier during the free spins feature by unravelling the 12 free spins. With an RTP of 95.02%, players can set out on this mighty quest to grab some big money.

Jackpot Mobile Casino is the Place to be

Play with your choicest themes at Jackpot Mobile Casino and win the most attractive rewards on the slots that vouch for a high RTP.

Learn the Basic Rules of Online Three Card Poker

Online Three Card Poker ranks among the popular casino and gambling games that are played worldwide. The simple rules along with the high winning prize make this game form very popular among both young and old people. Jackpot Mobile Casino brings certain rules that you must know for playing Three Card Poker online. The tricks and rules are very easy to remember and apply in the game with great success.

Useful Rules That You Need To Remember In Online Three Card Poker

 Learn the Basic Rules of Online Three Card Poker

Usually, there are several divisions and regulations that you need to have an idea of while you are playing online three card Poker. If you are a beginner in the game, it is advisable that you first follow the proceedings to get an understanding and its features. The rules are as follows:

  • The dealer will be able to provide each player with three cards, and also has three cards for his own. The cards of the dealer cards will always be dealt in a face-down position.
  • A Player will be able to make a Pairplus or an Ante bet. In case the player has an ante bet, he or she will be able to either fold or raise the card.
  • In case the player folds the card, then the Ante wager will be forfeited. In case the player opts for the raise, then he will be able to come up with an additional play bet. This will be same as the ante bet.
  • The dealer needs to have a queen card in order to qualify. In case he is not able to qualify, then the player will get the entire Ante bet money and the Play Bet money
  • If the dealer is able to qualify, then the hand of the player will be compared with the hand of the dealer and whoever has the higher hand will win
  • In case the player is able to make the ante bet and has a higher or straight, then he will get the Ante bonus
  • In most cases, the Pairplus bet is based according to the value of the player hand poker value

Side Bets And Bonuses Help You Win More Money in Online Three Card Poker

When it comes to bonuses and side bets, there are quite a few to choose from in online Three Card Poker. Usually, there are two versions of side bets in the game. Both of them begin from £1 and have a progressive jackpot related to them. In case of the first version, the player is not able to get back the original wager, even if he is able to win. In case of the second version, the player is able to get a straight payment according to the original wager. According to the type of wager you have, you will need to choose the side bet. There are quite a few bonuses too in online Three Card Poker. Most popular among them is the 6-Card Bonus that is based on the highest five-card poker hand.

Playing at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Now that you know the basic rules, play now at the UK’s Jackpot Mobile Casino which provides a great interface to enjoy Three Card Poker online casino game without a hitch. Visit our casino site today!