Jackpot Mobile Casino’s Professional Players Online Roulette Tips

Ever asked someone or searched information about how to beat Roulette? The most common answer that you would have received must be a ‘No’. But only people with real experience will be able to answer this in a correct manner. The genuine experts who provide real online Roulette tips will tell you how to beat Roulette. Yet, this is possible though only in certain conditions. Get answers to your Roulette-related queries by following these professional Roulette tips.

Jackpot Mobile Casino's Professional Players Online Roulette Tips

Online Roulette Tips – Understand Roulette Wheel Physics

To be a professional Roulette winner, you have to learn to be an accurate predictor. For this to actually happen in a game, it is important to understand the physics of the revolving wheel. Though it may sound a bit too unbelievable! You must gain an insight into how the wheel actually works. Then, you can start predicting the outcome much more accurately. You may find a plethora of resources providing online Roulette tips. But, this article will reap you benefits in the longer run.

Consistency comes with Inside Bets

Outside bets can land you a win once or twice making you believe that it is the key factor for winning Roulette. But you might be wrong. It is actually the inside bets which promise long term winning. Thus, can make you a consistent professional Roulette winner. Since they showcase the inside sectors of the wheel, inside bets are a better choice. Such online Roulette tips take you on a long winning spree. And thus also establish a steady income by regular wins.

Online Slots do not follow Physics

A Roulette wheel that is virtual is actually impossible to beat. This is so because the virtual wheel starts and stops in a random and mechanised way. Also, it is not supposed to follow any particular physics as in the case of a real Roulette wheel. But, it is possible to predict the outcomes in a real Roulette wheel with deep knowledge and judgment. So, be careful while following tips online, of whether it is a real wheel Roulette or an online one.

Caution – you may get Detected

If you follow online Roulette tips, you can become an expert judge and you will start winning more. In such a case, the casinos can possibly deploy staff to detect such professional Roulette players as it is a progressive loss for the casinos. So, be careful and avoid those obvious signs in your behaviour that give the hint.

Give yourself time to build your Strategy

Strategies to win Roulette cannot develop in a few hours of practice. You may be following online Roulette tips to win. But, it usually takes some weeks to start predicting.

You can definitely aim to become a professional Roulette winner. Work by building a winning strategy for yourself. Your experience at the game will add to your learning. It is not an impossible task. You just have to take the right way. You will surely win.

The House Advantage in Online Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most played casino games in the land-based and online casinos and has stood on its spot for years. However, when the player plays Blackjack with strategy, there is a good chance for him to win great payouts. But that is a fact that casinos are not doing a losing business. They must be profitable despite players winning big jackpots. This is explained with the help of house advantage or house edge. This house edge is present in online Blackjack games too.

The House Advantage in Online Blackjack

Online Blackjack is to be Played with Strategy

Every casino site you visit has a slightly different house edge for the games. The games can be any of the casino games such as online Blackjack, slots, Poker, Roulette etc. This means that every casino has a specific percent of the money that they keep from the player’s wagering. To understand it better, let’s take an example. If the house edge is 1% so the casino gets £1 for every £100 the player wagers. The concept of house advantage is legal and has been approved by all the gambling associations. It is obvious that if there is no house edge, the casino will go in a debt as it has to pay the employees and maintain other features that take a lot of money.

House Advantage in Blackjack

Online Blackjack is said to have the lowest house advantage or house edge amongst the casino games. This house advantage can range anywhere from 0.5% to 2%. If the players use various basic strategies to play, it makes the house edge even lower.

The different rules in the Blackjack game have a huge effect on the house edge and the casinos actually set these rules to increase their profits. The rules can also sometimes be in the favour of the player. All of it depends on how you play your hand in the blackjack game. Some examples of the rules that might increase or decrease the house advantage are:

  • The dealer if hits on soft 17, it increases the house edge by about 0.22%
  • The player cannot double after splitting. It increases the house advantage to 0.14%
  • Surrendering against “A” early leads to the decrease of about 0.39%
  • Early surrender against a 10 decreases it to 0.24%

 A Word of Caution

 You must understand that you cannot win against the casino even if you are playing a game with the lowest house edge. At the same time, in order to lower this edge significantly in an online Blackjack game, ensure that you learn the rules of playing this game and play strategically. This will greatly enhance your winning chances.

The Do’s and Don’ts While Playing Roulette Online

The more it gets into you, the more you play. Such is the case with Roulette, one of the highest played table games both on a real wheel as well as online. While a real wheel can be played just for fun or professionally, playing Roulette online takes a lot of learning and experience to actually start winning consistently. You should know that the casino has an edge over the wins. Similarly, you must also know the rules, odds and winning trials that can be exciting as well as rewarding. Here is a comprehensive list of Do’s and Don’ts which must be kept in mind while playing Roulette.

The Do's and Don’ts While Playing Roulette Online

Do’s While Playing Roulette Online

  • Check for the credibility of the website that is offering the online Roulette game. As an attractive offer, a well-known site will give away declared exciting prizes at various levels to gather traffic to their online casino. Crowd means credibility for an online casino.
  • While prizes are an important choosing criterion, playing Roulette also involves checking out for Bonus reward points while signing up or other similar features that make the online site famous and well-known.
  • Grab hold of some of the useful and widely used online Roulette tools that prove to be of huge help whenever you need assistance before making a wise move during the play. Though not very costly, these tools can help you with abundant of advice while a game of Roulette online is on and you are stuck!
  • Give importance and due respect to the other online players who are also playing Roulette online. You can use the live chat facility to join them in a conversation and can also discuss playing options and gaming experiences.

Don’ts While Playing Roulette Online

  • Never try out your luck on an American wheel while playing Roulette online. Because of its Double Zeros, it gives the house an undue advantage over the players and you are always set to lose your money. Instead, you must try out the European Wheel as it gives you more chances to win because of a single zero slot.
  • Don’t search for biased wheels because they simply don’t exist. Since the online games are computerized, there is no wheel which will come with the advantage of a human error. So, don’t waste your time looking for such wheels in online casinos.
  • Don’t be hesitant in asking for support. Most of the reputed websites have a continuous customer support system to help you just in case you get stuck at some point.
  • Lastly, don’t lose heart if it is your losing day or maybe a losing whole week. There is always a win waiting for you at the other end of the road, you just have to play consistently and develop a strategy of your own based on guidance and experience.

Rather than giving it a random shot, get well-equipped with the required knowledge about playing Roulette online from experts. The rest is simply cakewalk.

Jackpot Mobile Casino Celebrates Trustly £2000 Prize Draw

To make your transaction experience easier and safe, a new e-wallet service is launched. It is called Trustly and is now available for players at Jackpot Mobile Casino. And to celebrate this new payment method, our casino has announced online casino prize draw. Here, you can stand a chance to win £2,000 in cash prize. Sounds incredible? Here is more to it.

How to Bag the Trustly Online Casino Prize Draw?

Jackpot Mobile Casino Celebrates Trustly £2000 Prize Draw

Trustly has been created keeping in mind existing challenges players face while depositing and withdrawing funds. Until now, you had to go through a lengthy procedure of inputting various bank information to successfully complete a transaction. Even e-wallets require you to add funds to it before being able to make transactions. But with Trustly, you need not worry about any of those things. All you need to have is a Trustly account and you can add as many bank accounts you want. Your transaction is secured by 256-bit encryption and a one-time password that is sent via SMS to your mobile. So, only you will have access to your accounts. And this online casino prize draw is held to celebrate the launch of Trustly at Jackpot Mobile Casino.

Understanding the Promotional Offer

To take part in this Trustly online casino prize draw, you need to deposit a minimum of £20. Every single deposit of £20 or more will give an entry ticket to the promotion. This is being held from 24th July to 30th July. So the maximum number of entries increases your chance of winning the draw. Apart from £2000 grand prize, there are 20 prizes worth £100 each too.

Play by the Rules of this Online Casino Prize Draw

To participate in this online casino prize draw, you need to be registered member at Jackpot Mobile Casino. Only people above the age of 18 years are eligible to have an online casino account. Players with a maximum number of entries are more likely to win the draw. However, even a single entry can get you first place if you are too lucky. The draw picks a random entry associated to a user. The draw is held within three days after the promotion end date. This promotion is live across the entire Nektan network that includes various online casinos. The prizes take a minimum of three working days to show up in your account. You will have only 28 days to withdraw or wager on your favourite games.

Make the Most of It

£2000 is not a small amount to ignore and you can only imagine how many games and how many thousands of turns you can play. So the next time you plan on adding funds to wager use this time and opportunity. Just deposit using Trustly at Jackpot Mobile Casino and keep getting ticket entries for the draw.

How to Play Realistic European Roulette Online?

Roulette is one of the most played table games online and also in the land based casinos. The gameplay involves a Roulette wheel and a betting table. There are a few different variations of the Roulette game available in casinos worldwide. European Roulette online wheel has numbers ranging from 1 to 36 and a single zero. All the numbers have either red or black background except the 0. The 0 has a green colour in most of the wheels.

Realistic Games came up with its own version of European Roulette online and it is now available to play at Jackpot Mobile Casino. The game has been designed to perfection. There are two camera views that can be used to look at the wheel thus offering better viewing angles.

How to Play Realistic European Roulette Online

How to Place Your Bet on Realistic European Roulette Online?

In this European Roulette online, betting is same as in other Roulette games. Different chips are given whose sizes are 100, 25, 5, 1 and 0.25. They are beautifully placed at the bottom of the game screen. Click on them and put them on the box you want to bet. To increase the number of coins, keep clicking on the betting box and the chips will keep piling up on each other.

Apart from the normal betting table, there is also a racetrack betting table that can be used to place some additional bets. There is an option to check the history which means that you will be able to see all your last bets and the statistics. The statistics are divided into different ranges like range, colour, column, dozen and parity. The player is given a choice to select between a male or female dealer voices. Apart from this, the player can also select the spindle, cloth colour, camera view, and the span length.

A Fantastic Customer Gaming Experience

Some other buttons such as the ‘Clear All’, ‘Undo’, ‘Double Bet’ and ‘Repeat’ bet options are also given for the player’s convenience. The player can make many different types of bets like the Single Line, Double Line, Zero Trembles, Corner, Zero Corners, Up, Dozen, Split, Column, Tier, Voisins, Even Chance and Neighbour. There is a special La Partage Rule, which means during a game of European Roulette online if the outcome number is 0, all the even chance bets will become half in the stake.

Is it Worth it?

This European Roulette online from the Realistic Gaming is a very interesting version of Roulette. Available at the leading casino of the UK, Jackpot Mobile Casino, this game has some really great graphics. The different bets are rewarded according to the paytable that is available in the information section of the game screen. It is easy to note your progress and pattern of your gameplay through the history tab. In addition to this, betting has been made really easy for the convenience of the player.Know the top online European Roulette online tips to enhance your potential chances of winning. So sit back and relax and have fun while playing this amazing version of European Roulette online.

Party with Ted Every Tuesday at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Weekday slump? No more! You are now going to wait for the weekend to come to an end. Jackpot Mobile Casino brings you this awesome Tuesday Match Promotion.

Party Begins With Ted On Every Tuesday Match Promotion

Deposit every Tuesday this July at our casino and win 50% bonus on your first deposit up to £100. Now every Tuesday is a reason to party and look at the fuzzy Ted who wants to join you in making some great wins. The promotion has got online casino lovers looking forward to Tuesdays. This offer will be active on 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th of July 2017.

The offer can be availed only on your first deposit of the day. Are you a valid account holder aged 18 plus? If yes, deposit and bet a minimum of £10 on Ted slots or any of your favourite slot and you are eligible for this promotional offer.

Party with Ted Every Tuesday at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Things You Need to Know

  • The bonus fund carries a requirement where you wager 30 times the sum of your First deposit and bonus amount.
  • The wagers made towards real money games alone are eligible to earn the bonus funds.
  • Any wagers made towards free games will not be considered for this purpose. Meet the requirement to convert your winnings and bonus to capped cash. Once the wagering requirements are met with, the bonus funds from the Tuesday match promotion will be converted automatically and become withdrawable. However, the maximum conversion amount from bonus funds is 4x the bonus won.
  • Any withdrawal of funds before completing the wager will render any winnings and bonus void. The bonus may take up to 3 working days from the end of the promotion to be credited to your account.
  • Make sure you complete the wagering between a period of 28 days since it is credited to your account. If the complete wagering requirements are not met within this valid period, the remaining bonus funds will be removed from the account.
  • A slight constraint is that bonus earned from the Tuesday Match Promotion can be used only on certain slot games.
  • Players have to keep in mind that only one bonus will be active at a time and the remaining will be queued to be activated. You can view your bonus queue under the ‘my profile’ section.

Grab this opportunity and deposit on your favourite slots at Jackpot Mobile Casino this Tuesday. This Tuesday match promotion can keep you pepped up through the week. The best thing about it, it keeps coming every Tuesday of this July!

Make Life Better With These 2 New Slots!

It is time to engage in some real gaming fun. You can move on from boring and repeated games that you have played an innumerable number of times to indulge in newer slots that are innovative as well as recreational. Jackpot Mobile Casino launches new slots online that bring in with more interesting features and attractive payouts with free spins. If you are wondering where to shift your new attention to, here is a brief about the best two chosen from the vast pool of slots – The Wild Life and Life of Riches.

Experience the Thrill with New Slots Online

Make Life Better With These 2 New Slots Online!

• Wild Life – It’s Going to be Wild with Safari

Inviting you to experience the Wildlife of Serengeti, Wild Life slots game is worth giving a spin. Calling all the slot hooks, the slot game beckons with ten paylines and also a special feature called as the Expandable Life Spin. Even if you have never been on an African Safari ever before, Wild Life is a definite hit amongst the new slots online as it gives a truly wild jungle experience. This casino slot delivers stuff true to its name, decked up with adventurous sounds as well jungle sightings making a fresh and much-wanted game in the safari based group.

You’ll crave for more when the Wild symbol pops on the screen. The entire slots game then gets a twist as you will see the whole reel run wild for that particular spin. If you are lucky enough to grab this wild amidst the Free Spins Bonus, you will be granted the Sticky Wilds feature. This unique tool keeps the reel wild for the entire remaining bonus!

Getting to play with symbols taken right from the jungle’s heart, you will find a plethora of animals on the screen with sightings of African animals like zebra, giraffe, and Jaguar. Even the alphabets and numbers have been given a wild touch in animal skins thus making the new slots online a pure jungle adventure.

• Life of Riches – There’s Going to Be A Party, Wine, Music and More

This online casino slot is a priceless experience and gives an unmatched thrill to its players with luxury at its supreme. Not to mention its high-value symbols like yachts, private jets, and luxury sports cars, this new slots online game is led by the Life of Riches for all those who wish to indulge in sheer luxury.

Life of Riches slots appear to provide a world-class experience with its five-reel gameplay makes the spins completely pleasing as it promises attractive payouts on its huge 30 paylines set up. Life of Riches slots needs a 0.01 minimum bet and can pay a whopping 120,000 wins when won in maximum. If you bag a good three scatters in the base game, you will be given 10 free spins which can be retriggered too. That is a fabulous offer which not too many other new slots online are giving, right?
All wins in the game are met by a 2x multiplier which can merrily climb up to 4x when a stacked wild appears.

So don’t wait. Rush to your favourite online casino site – Jackpot Mobile Casino and enjoy the thrill of both of these new slots online.

Say Aloha! To Honolulu and Win a Share of £10,000

When it comes to a holiday trip, nothing beats the fun and excitement of a beach vacation. One place that commonly strikes our mind is Hawaii. And this casino online promotion is based on such an exciting Hawaiian game at Jackpot Mobile Casino. Aloha Cluster Pays is a six reels slot game that consists of five rows to help you win better. There are no designated paylines in this game as such. Instead, every cluster of minimum 9 symbols makes a win for you. The cluster can go as big as 30 symbols win, where you could win massive rewards. The wagering in this game has various coin values starting 10p that can go up to £200 a spin.

Say Aloha! To Honolulu and Win a Share of £10,000

Walkthrough of the Game and the Casino Online Promotion

Game Symbols and Features

This slots game which is part of an amazing casino online promotion has various ancient and traditional Hawaiian symbols. Red, green and blue coloured masks along with pineapple, coconut, sea shell and a flower are the base symbols. The red mask symbol pays the most when a cluster of 30 symbols appear. You can then win a whopping 10000 times your stake that is up to £20,000 in rewards. There is a wild substitution symbol with a question mark that replaces all the base symbols. You can win up to 12 free spins, random sticky re-spins and various other bonuses during the game. Overall, the game offers a colourful treat to your eyes with the ability to win huge rewards.

The Honolulu Casino Online Promotion

This is a network promotion that runs between Monday, 3rd July and Sunday, 9th July 2017. To participate in this wonderful promotion, you need to wager a minimum of £10 on Aloha Cluster Pays slots. Every £10 wagered will give you a ticket and you can score a maximum of 50 tickets per day. During the end of the promotion, a winner is randomly selected. The results of this draw will be declared on Tuesday, 11th July 2017. So the maximum number of tickets you score, the better will be your chances of winning a grand prize.

The Prize

If you stand to be the winner of this casino online promotion, you will get two return tickets to a complete Honolulu trip in Hawaii. This prize includes 7 nights of stay where you can choose from four best hotels in Hawaii. This also includes airport transfers, a cruise to Turtle Canyon Snorkel, a guide, drinks, lunch and surfing lesson at Waikiki Beach. People who win second through to 501st position will get cash prizes from £12.75 to £1700.

Play Your Way to Hawaii

This casino online promotion is a perfect opportunity for those longing to make all paid expenses dream holiday. The Aloha slots game offers plenty of opportunities to win, so you can make use of your winnings to spend on this amazing trip. So get ready to experience the best game combined with an irresistible offer at Jackpot Mobile Casino.