How is Technology A Determining Factor In Online Gaming?

Online gaming on our personal computers, smartphones and tablets has been on the rise. We not only now game in our gaming rooms, but on our way to work, at family get-togethers, and when taking the subway, among others. This was not the norm in years past.


Thanks to a series of affiliate breakthrough gaming technologies, the online gaming industry has increased in popularity and continues to do so to date. Technology has made it possible to have new offerings such as the monopoly casino. This article explains the effect of technology on gaming.

1. Artificial Intelligence and it’s Rapid Growth

Artificial Intelligence has left an indelible mark on online multiplayer gaming, especially in a niche like a monopoly casino. We no longer have to endure a banal and dull experience that is devoid of memorable experiences. While AI has been there since the onset of online gaming, it has improved over the years to provide an immersive, fun and challenging online gaming experience.

Games are now programmed to offer a series of challenges that triggered by a player’s actions. Most times, the AI machine in the game is unpredictable. This makes the game even more interesting. It is not uncommon to train a computer-controlled player to act like or better than a human.

2. 3-Dimensional Gaming

While there are great two-dimensional games, nothing comes close to three-dimensional games. Three- offer a more realistic perspective to online gaming that was not previously possible in their two-dimensional counterparts. Coupled with impressive graphics and high processing technologies that are common even in smartphones, 3-dimensional gaming has been a game-changer.

3. Top-Notch Graphics

Monopoly casino would not be as immersive were it not for detailed top-notch graphics that are now standard on it. Graphics have made it possible to have realistic shadows, textures and sprites that are also now common in modern games.

Hardware graphics have made it possible to enhance graphics on monopoly casino without sacrificing gameplay and general performance. High-performance hardware allows for more pixels, instructions and shading that wasn’t previously possible.

4. Portability: A Much-needed Game Changer

Almost every breakthrough technology has embraced portability. Gaming was not to be left behind. Gaming devices have been miniaturised to allow for portability. It means that people can log in to a monopoly casino and play on the go. Players need not have a T.V and console to enjoy their most favourite game.

Granted, beyond smartphones and tablets, there has not been a major leap in gaming device portability in recent years, but the initial idea has stayed with us for a long time.

5. Powerful Smartphones, Tablets and Gaming Apps

Smartphones offer a great ecosystem that has enabled the creation of gaming apps that can are downloadable on the app stores. Not every player can afford to buy a console or a gaming PC. Smartphones, on the other hand, are inexpensive.

It’s evident that

Affiliate technologies have sustained the online gaming industry. To experience the entirety of online monopoly casino gaming, check out Jackpot Mobile Casino today.

Is Online Roulette All About Luck And Chance?

If you are a rookie at the roulette table and are slowly gaining interest in it, there are a few factors that can increase your chances of winning. This article details a few tips that will help you in this cause.

Roulette all about luck and chance?

The Basics of Choosing a Roulette Table Casino

The first thing you need to consider before playing the roulette casino is the experience you want to have when playing. This is helpful for those who opt to play online or using live dealers. The choice of online casino directly dictates whether or not you are going to enjoy the game. Just because you are playing to win cash, does not mean it should be boring.

Holistic gaming experience includes detailed high-quality images that are well-designed, the general look and feel of the game, payout percentages, the user-interface and, overall, the user experience. One online casino that obsesses over the details is Jackpot Mobile Casino. Every title offered on the site has been curated with the end-user in mind: no frustrations over the games’ design and ease of use.

The Different Roulette Variants

The second most important thing is the handful of variants roulette has. Land-based casinos offer a few of these depending on their location and country. Shockingly, not many online casinos offer many variants. Find out whether the variants are available on your online casino of choice.

Playing different roulette variants increases your knowledge in the game and breaks the monotony of sticking to one. You need not stress over learning new variants over again. Just know that each variant offers is slightly different from the next. But the rules are just the same.


Tournaments are a great way to test your skill. Get into the fray by signing up for any online casino roulette tournament. Roulette tournaments are filled with gaming interaction and intense gameplay that improve your skills. While they are hard to come by, when you chance upon one, it will pay either in experience or in cash.

Mobile Roulette Table

Practice makes perfect, goes the adage. What better way to practice than by playing the mobile roulette table? Play on the go by downloading the app and practising strategy when you have free time. Mobile roulette has promotions and bonuses that increase your chances of boosting your wins and landing a win.

Free Games

Free games offer a great way to practice your roulette table strategies without the pressure of losing money. Most online casinos offer free games to new customers as an incentive and seasoned one for their loyalty. Free games also boost your confidence and help you improve strategy.

The tips detailed above will help you get better at the roulette table. To enjoy the game of roulette and other titles, we recommend Jackpot Mobile Casino – a top casino that is fully regulated and secure.

Discover a Splendid Range of Online Slots

At the Jackpot Mobile Casino, the UK mobile casino, there are slots and then there are other slots that rank way above their peers. This is accomplished through such means as excellent gameplay mechanics, sweet graphics, innovative bonuses and the like.

range of online slots

The latter type of spin casinoslots is splendid in all respects and fully capable of ensuring that players get regularly taken to the moon and back. As for a list of these splendid slots that dwarf anything else on the market, read on and get to know more!

Splendid Slots Aplenty At Spin Casino

Now, the most splendid slots at the spin casino, Jackpot Mobile Casino are listed below in no particular order. Read the list below:

  • Thunderstruck And Loving It – the Thunderstruck slot was released far back in 2003 and is still one of the most popular and most played slots on earth. Made by Microgaming, equipped with 5 reels and 9 paylines and featuring a Norse theme. Bets per spin here cost as little as 9p and apart from a host of theme-related icons, a wild wait in the wings dying to double the value of all wins that it is a part of. A free spins mode is featured where all wins are tripled in value. Overall, this might look like a simple slot, but punches far above its weight class and does not relent till players have been dipped in an immense vat of enjoyment.
  • The Winning Foxin’ Is At It Again – The Foxin’ Wins slot makes it’s a way right from the stables of NextGen Gaming. It features a rather well-groomed fox who has a taste for the high life and is loaded enough to afford everything in view. The graphics here are very much attractive and there are 5 reels and 25 paylines in place for folks to get thrilled to the limit on. The Foxin’ Wins slot has no less than 4 separate bonuses, any one of which could make players’ dreams come true at any time.
  • The Vikings Cometh Spin Casino – the Vikings slot is simply peerless, and we are not being hyperbolic. This slot is themed around the HBO TV series of the same name and has the sort of high-grade graphics. It is generously equipped with from 5 to 7 reels and has from 243 to 78,125 ways to win. Gameplay characters here are all from the eponymous TV show and the cost of bets per spin is surprisingly affordable. As for bonuses, this slot has no less than 3, one of which enables max wins of 10,000x the stake. Yes, 10,000x. Overall, this slot is as splendid as they come and a champ.

The Role of Multipliers in Online Casinos

Just about every slot is equipped with multipliers and no that is not slots magic. The role of multipliers is simple enough in that it serves to boost the value of wins and adds a fair dose of joy to online slot gameplay.

Role of multipliers in online casinos

Most multipliers double and triple wins, though there are slots with multiplier values of 10x and above. There are also different multipliers types in existence.

So, tune in as we explore exactly what multipliers are and why they should be covered.

The Slots Magic In Multipliers Is Pretty Profound

Now, online slots in the present day are normally equipped with an exciting range of features. Among these are multiplier values.

These multiplier values serve to boost wins. Most slots have multipliers of some sort, though quite a few are not equipped with these. To know which slot has multipliers and which do not, players are advised to check out the paytable, as that is where such important information will be provided.

The details of some online slots magic multipliers are quite easy to grasp. Others though are a little bit difficult to properly understand. Then some multipliers boost the value of wins, while others boost the total wager and line bet value.

Time To Get Based And Multiplied

Usually, base game multipliers are as rare as hen’s teeth. In most cases, multiplier values are activated during the featured free games or are randomly activated during gameplay.

Should folks indeed discover an online slot that is equipped with a base game multiplier, the multiplier value multiplies the payline value. Thus, should the applicable multiplier be listed at 3x, and a 5-of-a-kind win gets recorded, players can expect to be blessed with a 3x the value of the winning icon.

Time To Spin It Up And Multiply

Free spins multipliers are the most commonly encountered type of multipliers. Such multipliers have different features according to slots magic.

Thus, some free spins multipliers award random multipliers. Others have a designated multiplier value and award this as necessary.

There are even a few slots where players can select their preferred multiplier value. In such cases, the bigger the chosen multiplier, the lesser will be the amount of awarded free spins.

Time To Scatter And Multiply

There are some slots in which the scatter icon also works as multipliers. In such slots magic, there is no need for the scatter icons to make an appearance on the winning paylines. They are instead able to land on any reel location and still form a winning combo.

Wild And Happy

Multiplying wilds are quite popular. They are simply wilds that double as multipliers.

Thus, whenever a winning combo involves such wilds, the value of the wins is boosted by the applicable multiplier. In most cases, the value of the multiplying wild is set at 2x to 3x.

A Big Dose Of Slots Magic

There are quite a few slots games with some sizable multiplier values. Most of these are made by the most popular software providers on the market and are worth a look.

While multipliers are awesome, they still do not guarantee big wins. Rather than rushing to play any slot with a sizable multiplier value, folks are encouraged to take time to carefully consider all aspects of the game before deciding if this or that slot is worth their time.

Why is Mobile Casino Gaming Best-Loved Among Players?

Mobile casino gaming has been around for a few short years. It makes it possible for players all over the globe to log into any phone casino of their choice and have their fill of any of the almost limitless array of online casino games on offer.

mobile casino gaming

In the earliest days of online casino gaming, it was only possible to access online casino games via desktop or laptops. Technological advances eventually resulted in the creation of increasingly capable smartphones that could support mobile casino gaming.

There are varied reasons why new mobile casino gaming is loved to bits by lots of folks. Some of these reasons will be detailed below.

The Phone Casino Offers An Unbearably Sweet Experience

The reasons for the immense popularity of the phone casino and mobile casino gaming are simple enough. They are as follows:

  • Convenience – there is simply nothing more convenient than phone casino games. Such games are accessible on mobile devices, which are far more easy to use than desktops and laptops. The convenience of mobile devices means they can be easily carried about more than desktops and laptops. As such, players can access any casino game they wish to anywhere and at any time. This massive convenience is, in fact, the main draw of mobile casino games.
  • Ease Of Use – mobile casino games are all fully mobile-optimised. As such, gameplay on such devices is a breeze. This translates to great ease of use, with most mobile casino games being even playable with just one hand.
  • Games And More Games – there are currently a few thousand mobile casino games. These range from slots to bingo, keno, baccarat, poker and lots more. The nearly limitless array of phone casino games available on mobile means that the tastes and preferences of all players are fully catered to. This makes mobile casino games attractive and appealing.
  • Graphics – most mobile casino games feature the sort of eye-candy graphics that could attract a wide audience. This assuredly helps make them popular among the players.
  • Cost-Effectiveness – playing mobile casino games can be very cost-effective. Players are usually spoiled with bonuses and they save money by not being required to visit this or that brick-and-mortar casino. The cost-effective nature of mobile casino games also arises from the fact that most of these games have lower limits than their casino counterparts. Therefore, players with a low bankroll can stretch it to an incredible extent by playing mobile casino games.
  • Bonuses and Promos – it is usually the case that online casinos hosting casino games spoil their clientele with any number of bonuses. These bonuses can boost the bankroll, massively ramp up the gameplay enjoyability and even make players eligible for a jackpot prize of serious proportions. These bonuses are fully part of what makes mobile casino games popular and will continue to work their magic for the foreseeable future.

An Exciting Collection Of Slot Games Awaits You!

Slots come in a very wide array of varieties to better cater to differing player preferences. Some video slots games deliver the sort of thrills and fun that will attract a wide audience. These slots feature sweet graphics, bonuses, storylines and more and are to be coveted.

Collection Of Slot Games

An exciting collection of such sweet video slots are detailed below.

Video Slots Make Life All Exciting

Here are a few of the most exciting slots this side of the Andromeda Galaxy:

  • Here Come Fantastical Dragons– the Dragon Fantasy slot is a ReelFeel Gaming creation that features enough dragons. It also has some of the sweetest eye-candy on earth and is equipped with 5 reels and 25 paylines. On hand are some of the most exciting collection of theme-related icons, as well as enough bonus features. Play this video slots today and get a reel feel of sweetness.
  • What A Fortunate East- produced by Nektan and with plenty of eye-candy, the Fortune of the East slot is worth checking out. This is an Asian-themed slot with simplicity and greatness as its watchword. It has a free spins mode where fortunes can be made and are easily accessible on all internet-connected devices. Get this video slots spinning up and enjoy the fantastic gameplay.
  • How to Get Seasoned, Chapter 1– the 4 Seasons slot is from Betsoft Gaming and features cute and lovely characters. It has a 5×3 reel structure, some seriously colourful graphics and a couple of bonuses that deliver excitement and suspense. Access the 4 Seasons video slots today for a good chance at greatness.
  • Vikings In Hawaii. What Is The World Coming To– the Tiki Vikings slot is a beauty from Microgaming and Just for the Win. It has a 5 reel and 20 payline structure and features a slew of Viking characters having all the fun they can on the island nation of Hawaii. Apart from having the sort of cheery theme-related graphics that make players break out in dance, this slot also boasts a couple of chunky bonuses. Overall, the Tiki Vikings is an exciting slot that offers enough entertainment to the players.
  • What A Seriously Joking Gem– the Joker Gems slot is a gem-laden beauty from the stables of Elk Studios. It comes with a 5×5 reel structure and makes use of a Cluster Pays game engine that makes it very easy to form wins. Accessible on all internet-enabled devices, this slot comes loaded with a space theme and no less than 3 fixed jackpot prizes, all of which are in the three figures. Overall, the Joker Gems slots is a brazenly exciting bag of fun and thrills that conspire to make life sweet.

The Impact of VR in the Online Gaming Sector

A million years ago -in 1994 actually- a tiny company located in the Isle of Man that no one had ever heard of showed just how serious it was about revolutionising the casino room by launching an Internet virtual casino. Online casinos were then very few and far between and had just been introduced to the market. A few short decades later, that same company was duly recognised as one of the most innovative software providers ever, with its name being known to a global audience. The company was of course Microgaming.

There is little doubting the fact that had Microgaming not been a deeply innovative company that was not afraid to push boundaries and question old dogma, the casino industry would be different from what it is today. And that is why Microgaming gets all the accolades due to it.

VR in the online gaming sector

The success of Microgaming and other similar software providers helps illustrate the fact that technology never stands still. Instead, it is constantly evolving, with new tech being ceaselessly invented and old ones being hastily discarded when they prove unable to keep up with changing needs and preferences.

One such new tech is the smartphone and this more than anything else has revolutionised life in the last decade or so. Yet another tech is virtual reality. This could be potentially a life-changing tech in the casino room that forcefully disrupts old ways of doing things.

For some reason, VR has never been able to hit it big but perpetually seems to be just about to do so. So, is VR the future and what impact might this novel tech have on the online gaming industry? Read on and get some solid answers.

The Casino Room Looks More Lovely With VR

Now, just about all online casinos want to offer the most engaging, exciting and thrilling games to their clientele. VR makes such games fully possible in the casino room, with players playing in a virtual world of peerless immersive.

Now, at present, the biggest cons of online casinos are that their games are not as engaging as those found in physical casinos. In physical casinos, players can get spoiled with lots of lights and sounds, while playing casino games in the casino room with other players from all over the globe. This experience is what online casinos are yet to offer to the fullest extent.

The magic of VR for online casinos is that it makes the con detailed above irrelevant. VR players can thus play any casino game of their choice, with their VR equipment making it look like they are right in an actual casino having the time of their life.

It gets even better. VR online casino players can even play casino games right in space or on a deserted tropical island that is as immersive and realistic as sin. Online slots can be played right in the age they are set in and with the most diverting animations and graphics possible. For example, with VR, a slot like the Gonzo’s Quest slot could be rendered in a manner that the player gets convinced that he/she is right next to Gonzo himself, getting caught up in one adventure after another.

Yes, VR promises endless opportunities and could easily make casino games the leading means of entertainment on the planet. As such, should VR work out, online casinos might experience a boom the likes of which has never been seen before.

But When Will The Promise Of VR Be Realised?

VR promises a lot but has yet to deliver on most of these. It is by any measure a disruptive technology that could change the world as we know it. The trouble is that it is yet to live up to its potential and there is no knowing when it ever will.

At present, lots of tech companies and online casinos are hard at work integrating VR into online casino operations. Whether their efforts will be successful is not currently known, but there are grounds for optimism.

VR Adoption Barriers

The barriers to widespread VR adoption in the casino room are due to both hardware and software limitations. For the present, VR hardware is expensive and offers limited content in the casino room. This limited content, in turn, limits the number of users willing to invest in the technology by buying a VR headset and other related equipment.

As of now, VR is a niche product, rather than a mass-market one. Till the hardware is made more affordable and the content improves this situation will most likely remain the same.

Still, there is no harm in dreaming about the future world. One where VR is in widespread use in the casino room and with the most wickedly immersive casino games in operation.

Everything you should know about Blackjack Block Bonus

There is always something new to learn in a Blackjack game like the Blackjack Block Bonus which is a Blackjack strategy. If you have never heard of this Blackjack terminology, then you are at the right place. This article will expose all the intricacies of this term, so before you jump on the online casino bandwagon and register with Jackpot Mobile Casino, for example. You will fully understand this strategy and how you can apply it in a game of Blackjack.

Blackjack Block Bonus

What is The Block Bonus Blackjack Strategy?

Blackjack Block Bonus is simply the term used for a Side Bet. This Blackjack strategy is applied based on a player’s first couple of playing cards and the upward-facing playing card of the dealer. The side bet would be successful where a single suit of the cards in the dealer’s hand is similar to a single suit of the cards in a player’s hand.

Also, the rank of the player’s playing card should be better than the rank of the card held by the dealer. Any recorded win is completely reliant on the information of the player’s card. The Block Bonus Side Bet is believed to be popular at casinos based in parts of Eastern Europe, Ireland and also in the North African country of Egypt.

Rules Of The Block Bonus Side Bet

  • A standard playing card deck with 52 cards is used when playing a Blackjack game that allows this side bet.
  • The ranking of the playing cards in a Blackjack game where this side bet is permitted is very similar to that of a typical poker game. The only exception is that Aces have a high rank, unlike a poker game where Aces may be ranked “1” (low) or “11” (high).
  • In a Blackjack game where this side bet Blackjack strategy is permitted, a player emerges a winner based on their first-two playing cards and the upward-facing playing card of the dealer.

How To Win Using This Side Bet Blackjack Strategy

Winning a Block Bonus side bet can be done in the following ways;

  • The Normal Block: Here the two playing cards of the player have a different rank and suit. However, the upward-facing playing card belonging to the dealer is of a similar suit to one of the cards held by the player. Also, the card held by the player with a similar suit with the dealer’s card is of a higher rank than that of the dealer.
  • The Flush Block: In a Block Bonus Side Bet Blackjack strategy, you can also win via the ‘Flush Block’. This is where the player’s two cards, as well as the dealer’s upward-facing card, are of a similar suit. The ranking of the two cards held by the player is also different and one of those two cards has a higher rank than the dealer’s single upward-facing playing card.
  • The Pair Block: Here the two playing cards of the player have similar ranks but are not of the same suit. However, the suit of dealer’s upward-facing card is similar to any of the two cards held by the player. Also, the card held by the player for which the dealer has a similar suit is ranked higher than that of the dealer’s upward-facing card.

In conclusion, there is also “The Ultimate Block” win. This is a Block Bonus Side Bet win where the two playing cards of the player have a similar suit and rank. Also, the rank of the two cards belonging to the player is higher than the upward-facing card of the dealer. Certainly, implementing this Blackjack strategy when it is allowed in a game has its merits.

Amazing Facts about the Popular ‘Casino Royale’ Movie: A must read!

The name Casino Royale itself brings goosebumps! It is perhaps one of the best movies of James Bond that is based on a casino theme. Well, 007 is himself a fantastic poker player and has appeared in numerous casino scenes before too. But the fact that the central theme of the movie is a casino makes this one more special. The movie created a cult in the box office and was watched by millions of people worldwide. Daniel Craig, the new Bond gained instant fame with the movie. So, what are some wonderful facts that have made this movie so popular and a touch above others?

Facts about the Popular ‘Casino Royale’ Movie

Some little-known facts about Casino Royale that you will love to read

#To begin with, you will be surprised to know that the film was adapted from the very first James Bond book written by Ian Fleming. It was quite a difficult plot to be adapted, given the grandeur and the plot sequence. However, it was successfully released, and the rest is history.

# The firm is not the only adaptation of the novel. The first was an hour-long television program aired in 1954 by Climax! TV, and it was followed later in a satirical version in the year 1967.

# If you are a casino enthusiast, you must have noticed that in Casino Royale, James Bond tips the dealer with a chip of half million as he wins the game.

# Just two days after the premiere, pirated copies got circulated and were being sold in London. In fact, Daniel Craig was offered a copy while he was on a trip to Beijing. He was wearing a cap and glasses and so people could not identify him.

#Craig was injured in the sets of Casino Royale when he was filming an action scene. He lost two of his front teeth and had a dentist fly from London to replace them.

# To make his performance better, Daniel Craig hired a personal trainer to be in great fitness and shape. He also tried to do all the stunts himself as much as he could.

# Eva Green was the lead female character in Casino Royale. Later she starred in hits, such as Salvation, Sin City: A Dame to Kill, 300: Rise of an Empire and so on.

# To depict the sinking of the Venetian ship at the climax in the best manner, huge preparations were made. The largest-ever rig for a Bond film was constructed. Apart from that, the set included tanks, inflatable balloons, and a dilapidated three-story building. The rig weighed 90 tons and was controlled by hydraulic valves.

# Ian Fleming had celebrated the first draft of the novel Casino Royale by buying a gold-plated typewriter. In fact, Pierce Brosnan who had previously acted as Bond purchased it later.

# Last but not the least; Casino Royale was the first 007 film to be released in Chinese theatres. The Chinese version had some minor edits before release.

So now that you have known some interesting facts, it’s time to watch the movie and enjoy!