Play the all-new Irish-themed Rainbow Riches Drop of Gold Slots Now

Looking for a drop of gold or more at the end of the rainbow, are you? Well, you might want to direct your gaze at the Rainbow Riches Drop of Gold Online slot! Featuring a gargantuan 200 paylines and with wins of 250,000 pounds possible, the riches to be gained are potentially bigger than can be found at the end of most rainbows!

Want a chunk of it? Then read on and let’s see how that can be accomplished!

 Irish-themed Rainbow Riches Drop of Gold Slots

The Fascinating Raining Rainbow Riches Drop of Gold!

The Rainbow Riches Drop of Gold online slot is set in a dreamy countryside with lush green fields, clear blue skies and luxuriant trees to be seen. The reels on this Irish luck-themed slot are loaded with pots of the gold, lucky charms, and quite a few other icons that match the theme.

The reels have an interesting design, the likes of which are not usually seen in other slots. Thus, apart from the main reels, there’s another set of reels above. These reels are rainbow coloured and filled with silver and gold pots. To get these pots released from their perch above, players need to land the Drop of Gold icon on the fifth reel.

Acting as the wild are both the silver and gold pots. Like other wilds, the silver pot will replace all other icons save for the scatter in their never-ending quest to help form winning combos. The gold pots, on the other hand, replaces all other game icons, including the scatter when helping form winning combinations. Also, should a silver pot overlays a bonus icon, it transforms into a gold pot.

Bonus Features That Rain Riches!

The bonus features in the Rainbow Riches Drop of Gold online slot include the free spins mode and the Big Bet feature. This will be discussed in detail below.

To trigger the free spins mode, players need to land three and up of the bonus symbols anywhere within view. This grants eight and up mobile slots free spins. An extra four free spins are possible for each bonus icon that appears on the reels.

As for the Big Bet feature, it’s a kind of side bet that makes the bonus round instantly available. The Big Bet feature costs 20, 30 and 50 pounds. As an example, for the latter amount players get to access the Super Rainbow feature, double sized drops of gold icons, a greater number of paylines and the total removal of low-value icons. All this of course massively boosts winning chances.

The Rainbow Riches Awaits!

The Rainbow Riches Drop of Gold online slot has simple but rather colourful and charming graphics, a profuse amount of bonus features and truly entertaining gameplay modes. Overall, it’s cohesive, thrilling, and well-designed.

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How the New FOBT Changes Will Reshape the Online Casinos in the UK?

The betting industry in the United Kingdom is going through a sea change. The government along with the gambling council has come up with great changes that are expected to affect the gambling industry. So, what will be the changes that will take place and how will it reshape the online casino new UK circuit? Let us have an idea of the new rules and regulations and whether they will be good in the long run. The changes in the odd terminals will be combined with the changes in the online casinos across the country. This is expected to be a good gesture.

FOBT Changes in UK Online CasinosThe new FOBT Regulation Will Put More Stress On Affordability Checks

The first regulation that may affect the online casino new UK industry is the affordability check regulations. In this way, individual members will be resorted to checks to ensure that they can afford them. Secondly, the taxes on the online casinos have been increased by levying the Remote Gaming Duty, which is a revolutionary measure to limit unlicensed casinos from thriving in the gambling circuit. Furthermore, this will lead to more government revenue. This is expected to be beneficial for both licensed casinos and government and gambling authorities as it will lead to better administration and governance.

The new government regulations are also expected to heighten the security processes. Almost all the premier online casino new UK sites have started to heighten their security measures to adapt to better scrutiny. In the same manner, some of the new innovative casinos have also come up with better security tactics to become compliant with the new gambling regulations. Better infrastructure and security processes are being put in place to prevent any kind of hacking and phishing activities. In the same way, security processes are also being beefed up for mobile gambling to prevent scams from taking place.

There will be improved customer relationship and implementation

When it comes to customer relationships and implementation, online casino new UK sites have come up with better and more effective customer care initiatives. For example, casinos may utilise the power of artificial intelligence and augmented reality to provide a seamless experience for customers. As such, customers will be able to get an instant answer to their queries and problems, and that too on a 24/7 basis. Presently, some casinos do not have the facility to offer customer care on around the clock basis. This affects their businesses sometimes. With new FOBT changes coming in place, a lot of stress has been given to better customer relationships.

Last but not the least; online casino new UK will come up with games with more themes and advanced features. All these aspects will prove advantageous to the gambling industry in the long run.

Top 20 Facts About ‘Highlander’ Movie You Probably Didn’t Know!

Movie buffs with an eye for adventure action films are sure to have spent considerable screen time watching the Hollywood fantasy flick Highlander. Directed by Russell Mulcahy, the movie released in 1986 was inspired by a true story by Gregory Widen. While you would have enjoyed the thrilling action in theatres or on TV, you probably wouldn’t have known some interesting facts about the film and it’s shooting.

Highlander Online Slots

Here are Some Fascinating Details of Highlander

  •  Christopher Lambert had to fine tune his English speaking skills within no time as the only other English film he had featured in earlier was the Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of Apes in 1984.
  • How many know that Connery and Lambert struck a great chord with each other on the Highlander set, so much so that they addressed one another with their characters’ names. In fact in the sequel of the film, Lambert insisted Connery to feature.
  • With the surmounting scheduling challenges, Sean Connery managed to have his scenes shot within a week.
  • Sean Connery recorded his opening dialogue in a bathroom which was played to producers over the telephone. The producers approved of it as they couldn’t figure the quality of the record over a bad connection.
  • The famous Freddy Mercury and team were initially meant to record a single song for the movie, but the footage of the movie inspired them to contribute more.
  • The notable scene where Kurgan delivered his infamous dialogues was actually filmed in a real church. Interestingly, the character’s dialogues were considered blasphemous by the church priests present at the time of the shoot and had to be adlibbed later.
  • Clancy Brown had almost turned down the role when he discovered the requirement to wear make-up as he was allergic.
  • Prior to having the Queen on board for the soundtracks, the Highlander crew considered other industry biggies like Sting, David Bowie and a few other musicians. If it were to fall in place likewise, the music could have sounded completely different.
  • The scenes which involved sparkling swords were dangerous to shoot as the swords were tied to car battery terminals to generate the desired effect. Each time the blades touched one another, sparks were created making it a hazardous environment to shoot.
  • Lambert worked hard on developing a specific accent required to suit his character in the Highlander and coached for a considerable time to deliver his dialogues with the perfect twang.
  • The extras on the set of the film were paid a £10 bonus amount to manage their own rides to the shooting location. This also served as an advantage to make up for the number of horses required in the scenes.
  • The film’s opening scene was initially scripted to showcase an ice hockey match but NHL turned it down as they felt that the original scene relayed the sport rather violently.
  • Yes, the wrestlers featuring in the film’s opening wrestling match scene were real-time ring heroes!
  • Did you know that the movie was screenwriter Widen’s class assignment which he scripted in his undergraduate days at UCLA? Later it was sold for $200,000.
  • The Director of the movie appeared in a cameo in the film. The first person hit by Kurgan’s car in the film is none other than Russell himself.
  • A restaurant roof was severely damaged in the course of production.
  • Lambert, a French native himself dubbed in the language.
  • The film involved shooting a stag that actually tried to escape the sets and was successful. The movie crew had to manage with footage from National Geographic.
  • Highlander’s popularity seeped its way into sequels and animated TV series. The ‘franchise’ was not really planned but just happened with the overwhelming response it received from cult lovers.
  • Much to its fame, the casino industry developer, Microgaming, designed the Highlander slot for the cult classic genre of gamblers. Playable on 5 reels with 243 winning combinations, this online slot features free spins, quickening wilds and offers payouts up to 3416x your stake on every spin.

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Play the All-new Foxin Wins Football Fever Slots Now

For those who like playing football as well as earn to win good money, Foxin Wins Football Fever Slots is the ideal choice. This sequel of Foxin’ Wins slots in football theme is accessible across both the computer and mobile devices. It has already become one of the most new mobile slots based on the game of football, ideally suited for all the die-hard football fans out there.

Developed by NextGen Gaming, it has been launched just at the opportune time before the 2018 World Cup in Russia. At each level of the game, you come across splendid features along with lucrative rewards.

Foxin Wins Football Fever Slots is Designed Like a Huge Football Stadium

Play the All-new Foxin Wins Football Fever Slots Now

Foxin Wins Football Fever slots comes with five reels and 25 paylines. Players will be able to play this game with a minimum of just 25p for each spin. The maximum amount that you can put at stake is £62.50. There is SuperBet feature through which you can get more money. However, you need to pay some extra money in order to enrol in this feature. This feature provides an additional wager where Fox Pups symbols are displayed on the third reel. You need to shed 10 more coins in the first level for each spin. For the second level, you have to pay 50 coins for each spin.

In addition to the SuperBet feature, there is a random bonus that can be triggered when you land Leprechaun Shakedown and Fox Funds symbols on the reels. You will be able to bag free spins and multipliers from this bonus. There is also a free game feature in store for you with three gold pot scatter symbols. In this you get 10 free spins, a multiplier along with a retrigger bonus option. This is indeed a great feature that lets you win good rewards in one go.

Talking about the design, Foxin Wins Football Fever Slots has been created like a giant football stadium. Some of the common symbols that you get to play with include A, K, Q, J and 10. On top of these, there are nine card symbols. The symbols that have higher denominations include the logo of Fox playing football, fox cash, fox Mountains and fox in a convertible car. The wild symbol that you need to look out for is the Referee Fox symbol act as the wild. It can provide you with 80 times the total stake.

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Top Strategies To Win at Live Blackjack UK!

Blackjack continues to be one of the most cherished traditional casino games in the gambling world. Even today with the popularity of online casinos, this classic game remains a favourite among veteran and modern players and is available in a number of innovative variants. What could be more exciting than playing Live Blackjack UK from the comfort of your home with the same fervour and thrill as experienced in a brick-and-mortar casino? Whether a beginner or a pro, prior to trying a hand at any of the global variants of the game, you could run through the tips to come out successful at this casino game.

Winning Strategies of Live Blackjack UK

Hit or Stand in Live Blackjack UK?

As a player, you’ll be better placed if you know when to hit or stand in the game. Your Live Blackjack UK dealer could possibly hit on any hand 16 or even lower. In case you are holding a hand that with a value less than 17, your winning chances are likely to be lesser with an exception to the dealer’s bust.

Doubling Down

Known as one of the quickest ways to win in Live Blackjack, you can either double your bet or lose twice the amount all at the same time in the doubling down. The best time to double down could be when a hand totals 11.

Splitting in Live Blackjack UK

Split the Aces and Eights for a better winning chance. Splitting into pairs of 8s is better as it enables the chance to hit two hands higher than 16. This strategy could be a lifesaver in your Blackjack game.

When to Stand in a Blackjack Game?

There is no straightforward answer yet the best strategy is to stand upon reaching a value of 21 as this could bag you an instant win. When you exceed the number 21, you convert an A from 11 to 1 and thus it would be suitable to hit up a hand value of 12. And yes always stand if you have 19 or more!

Bet behind in Live Blackjack UK: Tips

While playing live Blackjack UK you may often experience a situation where all seats are occupied and you are left to place a bet behind any player. If you decide to go ahead try the bet behind the strategy as it can bring you the opportunity to place bets as soon as the seats become available. Follow the player ahead closely to take an advantage of his employed strategies to be in a better position to adjust your moves accordingly.

Whichever strategy you adopt for a win, ensure you know all the game rules before playing a hand at the Blackjack table.

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Jackpot Mobile Casino offers several variants of the classic Blackjack game playable across any device of your choice and even when on the move. Make the most rewarding pick from any of the following at this popular UK casino and grab your wins.

– Blackjack Classic

– Blackjack Silver,

– Blackjack Platinum VIP,

– Blackjack Grand VIP,

– Blackjack Fortune VIP,

– Blackjack Live,

– Blackjack Suit’em Up,

– Blackjack Lucky Ladies

– Blackjack Buster,

– VIP Blackjack Live,

– Hi-Lo Blackjack,

– Blackjack Perfect Pairs,

– Blackjack 21+3

– Blackjack Professional Series

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Brand New Chinese-themed Online Slots To Play!

Online slots new games based on ancient Chinese theme takes you through an all-inclusive Oriental journey. They are a combination of all the themes from China along with modern casino setting. As you play the new mobile games, you will come across themes like martial arts, Chinese cuisine, and the animals considered lucky in China and so on. All the slots are developed by the renowned developers and come with a host of great features and lucrative returns. Players with varying slot preferences can play these online slots new as they offer a fantastic gaming experience.

Play new Chinese-themed Online Slots New Games

Check Out What These Online Slots New Games Has To Offer!

Here are some of the popular online slots that have Chinese themes. They have already become quite well liked on the gambling circuit.

Discover the Orient Culture with Wild Orient Slot

This is one of the latest online slots new games from Microgaming. The main theme of the slot is to depict the lifestyle of the Far East. Wild Orient consists of five reels and provides players with 243 ways to win. The symbols in the slot consist of animals found in China, such as tiger, elephant, panda, monkey and wading bird. Other symbols include letters and alphabets. The Wild Orient logo acts as the wild symbol. Players get bonus features like free spins and re-spins.

Learn Some Acrobatic Skills in Six Acrobats to Get Yourself Great Wins

It is again developed by Microgaming. You can play each spin from just 9p on your desktops or mobile devices. Six Acrobats slot has five reels and nine paylines. The main attraction is that it has a 5x multiplier reward. Moreover, there are 25 free spins to be won along with an additional spin if you are able to land the scatter symbol properly. The different playing cards related to Chinese tradition constitute the symbols in this slot.

Lucky Twins is Sure Not To Be Missed As It Might Bring You Bumper Luck

As an evident from the name, Lucky Twins online slots new game is based on the Chinese theme of good luck. It consists of five reels and nine paylines. The symbols in the slot include the logo, lucky cat, dream catcher, Chinese firecrackers and coins. Letters and alphabets are also there. However, it does not have any extra bonus features apart from the random wilds and scatter landings.

Watch Huangdi the Yellow Emperor Create Lovely Wins For You

Developed by Microgaming, Huangdi the Yellow Emperor has five reels and 25 paylines. This is based on the legendary Chinese emperor who is considered a hero. There is a chance to win up to 30 free spins in this slot. The dragon is the wild symbol in the game and provides exciting rewards for you are able to land it anywhere on the reels. It is possible to play this exciting game starting from just 25p to £50.

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Difference between Elephant King and King Tusk Slots

Animal-themed slots are a hit across all genres of online casino slot players, especially when powered by the top-notch software studios with high-quality graphics and animations. Players are keen to explore the jungle safari riding the Elephant can try their hands at the infamous slots Elephant King and King Tusk slots. Here is a comparison between the slots for you to sound a trumpet as you begin your journey on the reels with the best-suited one.

New African Safari-themed Slots

How King Tusk Slots Differs From Elephant King Slots?

Developed by IGT, the Elephant King slot is set in the African Savannah grasslands. The sunset backdrop is colourful and enticing enough to transcend you into the dense forest and wildlife adventure mode. It is placed on 5 reels and 40 paylines and is playable across all popular devices. This safari theme casino game features an innovative Prize Disk component which provides winning opportunities to players on every spin.

The King Tusk slots game from Microgaming is set on 5 reels and 25 paylines. The game’s theme is purely elephant centric and to their natural habitat as compared to the Elephant King slot. You can stake anywhere between 75p to £1500 per spin on the Elephant King slot as compared to a minimum 25p and maximum of £62.50 a spin on the King Tusk slot.

The Wildlife Game Symbols

The symbols on Elephant King reels are represented by wild animals such as Rhinos, Zebras, Gazelles and the obvious elephant which is the highest rewarding symbol that can bring you 500 coins for matching 5 of those on a payline. The shield and spear act as the wild symbol and replace all other symbols barring the Elephant King which makes the scatter. Both the slots offer playing cards as lesser value symbols. However, in King Tusk slots game the more valuable symbols are represented by an elephant family and pots of gold coin. In both the cases, the elephants denote the wild symbol and substitute all symbols except for the scatter.

Hunt for Bonuses In The Grasslands

The Elephant King slot promises a bonus reward or activates the mobile slots free spins bonus feature with every triggering symbol. Interestingly, you are sure to win the Prize Disk feature and on entering the free spins bonus feature you can be rewarded with 30 free spins. Unlike the Elephant King slot, the King Tusk slots game offers 3 free spin features which can be accessed by landing 3 of the game logo scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Each of the 3 free spins features offers their specific wild feature which comprises 10 free spins to start with. Moreover, on King Tusk slot, the expanding wilds can give wild reels and bigger rewards. During every free spin, you can reactivate the feature to win up to 20 free spins.

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The popular Jackpot Mobile Casino offers players the golden chance to traverse the African forest lands and discover the richest reserves with the King Tusk slots. You can either play for fun or stake real money for euphoric wins on your stampede expedition even on the move.

Check Out Our Brand New Slots!

They are new, they are fantastic and they are here at Jackpot Mobile Casino of the UK. They come studded with some great features and benefits. Not only do they have an excellent theme, but also have loads of rewards to play from. You can try these new slots from all your smart devices with the same thrill and excitement. All the games run on advanced gaming platforms. The following are some of the new mobile slots that have been released recently. They have already started becoming quite popular in the gambling circuit.

New Online Slots to Play

Popular New Slots Recently Released

  • Play with the Titans in Kronos Unleashed

It is one of the new slots that have gained major popularity. It comes with five reels and 60 paylines and has been developed by WMS. You can play this exciting game for just £1 to £400 for each spin across the desktop or mobile devices. The plot of the slot is based on the King of the Titans and has attractive bonuses to choose from. There is also a jackpot bonus feature that provides you with 50000 times of rewards on your existing stake.

Apart from the jackpot, you can also get free spins and re-spins features in Kronos Unleashed slots. The number of free spins ranges from 5 to 75 free spins. The symbols that you get to see in the slot are 2, 3 and 4, while the higher ones are Kronos, arrow and lightning logos.

  • Learn some Sumo Spins to get you Some Lovely Payouts

It has been developed by Microgaming and has five reels and twenty-five paylines. It can be played on desktops, tablets or smartphones from just 25p for each spin. As the name suggests, the slots game is inspired by the Japanese art of sumo wrestling. The main attraction of the game is the Happy Wilds Sticky Respin feature that provides you with the scope to win good money. Apart from that, you get to win the free spins feature that gives you 10 free spins and one wild reel.

The Sumo Spins slots has wonderful graphics and has Japanese symbols, such as pagodas, temples, trees, and so on. There is also a Japanese soundtrack for added attraction. The symbols that have lower value include A, K, Q, J and number 10.

  • Learn to Play Supreme Football to get Bouncing Free Spins Your Way

This is another new slots that has been recently released. As evident from the name, the slot is all about football. It comes with five reels and fifteen paylines. It is possible to play fifteen lines for a single spin. The whole interface is designed like a jam-packed stadium with all the action in the middle.

There is a progressive jackpot that is the main attraction of the Supreme Football slots. Other bonus rounds are also available. All the symbols are related to the game of football.

Play all These New Slots at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Jackpot Mobile Casino offers you the scope to play all these new slots under one roof which is the leading UK casino online. It is a storehouse of plenty of attractive slots. Moreover, new players who register here get whooping welcome bonuses. For regular players, there are attractive VIP bonuses.