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Jackpot Mobile Casino Games Compatible with Apple iPhone 6s & 6s Plus

There were times where we used to be stuck at our desktops to enjoy games, and with time we got the greatest gift – iPhones! But for how long could we rely on the same small screen? The same features and the same monotonous gaming experience? Thank you Apple for making it even more exciting with the new iOS 9 and iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus! The screens are bigger, better, and the hardware is more gaming-friendly. And that’s why it is the best for Jackpot mobile casino games. Slots are fun to be played on the move, the best use one can make of the travelling time while winning cash. And so for all the Apple lovers out there, Jackpot Mobile Casino has updated its games to be compatible with the latest Apple devices. So, upgrade yourself to the latest and probably the best phone and iOS by Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is meant for the gamers!

The most amazing feature that Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus brings in is the 3D touch feature. This feature enables the players a more refined selection with their finger taps and the intensity of the pressure applied. So when you are playing Jackpot Mobile Casino games like Bingo Billions or Foxin Wins, you will get a better control on your slot spins, which is more like a real time play now. Unlike the existing touch screen phones where you just have the option to tap – irrespective of the pressure you apply and for how long. This gives you a better control of simulation in games – this makes this new edition of the iPhone a totally ‘go for it’. Along with this feature, you also get an extended battery life. Smartphones are known to have a poor battery life, but Apple certainly gave it a thought and gave their new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus a better battery life than their predecessors of up to 11 hours of video. Not that it is directly connected with gaming, but a better battery life always means more time to play games on the phone rather than playing Hide and Seek with the charger and plug-in points.

Foxin Wins and Holly Madison

For games like Foxin Wins and Holly Madison, you definitely need a power-packed device for its strong and vibrant graphics and sound. And with the new Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus you get a better processor – the A9 which is claimed to be 90% faster than the A8 in the graphics. What more reasons do we need? But there is still more! The Game Center will no longer have limits! There can be three-players for a game, and up to 15 for a turn-wise play game, which also includes pass and play. So, when you download the upgraded versions of Jackpot Mobile Casino games, you can benefit from all of these features in your new Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

The screen got bigger in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus too, but with new features like 3D touch and better graphics, complemented by the extended battery life, the gamers will know why it is wise to upgrade to the latest Apple gadget. Having a casino on the move in your hands is exciting, but not enough if you don’t enjoy what you experience. For those who are still playing slots and other games from Jackpot Mobile Casino from their iPhone 5s or 5c, you now have a reason to upgrade to the latest Apple iPhone 6s or 6s Plus

New Scratch Card Games on Jackpot Mobile Casino

The fascinating Scratch Card Games we have always loved to rub to reveal puzzle pieces and symbols goes online now! Well, maybe the charm of scratching the silver panel is gone, but the excitement to know what’s inside remains the same. Traditionally, the player has to find the answer through the symbols lying under the silver panel of their scratch card, and if done correctly, the player wins a cash prize. The online version of these cards is no less exciting with its amazing 3D effects. Scratch card games have also become popular online for various other reasons – like they are pocket-friendly and the chances of winning are more than in a regular lottery. A game that is fun, not at all expensive and can fetch you money – Scratch card games are the best thing around. And with them even available on smartphones, lets the players enjoy them on the move.

Foxin Wins Scratch

From a few pennies to millions, winning from scratch card games can be anything! Earlier, to get a scratch card, you would have to run around the streets to get one, but now, it’s all available on your fingertips, and not just that, you get to choose from so many of them! Not possible on that favourite shop of yours, was it? There are always new scratch card games being updated, and even now there is Foxin Wins Scratch, Merlin’s Million Scratch, and Medusa Scratch to look forward to. You never know which comes with a better luck to you! Very soon you will be able to play with the above mentioned games, along with hundreds already serving addicted-players out there! Simply purchase it online for literally ‘peanuts’ and get your rewards in millions!

Scratch Card Games are made for all!

Suitable for every pocket, scratch cards can be fetched online from as low as £0.20. If you still think it’s not the same fun as real scratch card games, then you are wrong. These days, online scratch card mobile casino games have graphics that are astounding! Along that you get real time sounds with amazing background effects that create an ambience for an enjoyable game. Some scratch card games also come with an option of a virtual silver coin, which can be used on the virtual silver panel – making it as real as possible. With all the treats to your senses, there are also increased winning chances online. Even a little win satisfies the inner player of us.

A few pointers for the beginners though. It may sound easy to win, but it is not the same always. Winning on the scratch cards depends a lot on your fortune – there are no cheat codes or shortcut to it. Scratch card games don’t follow any pattern so they can’t be analysed as well, but if you can channel your luck – there is no question of losing! But unfortunately, we can’t do that. So rely on your instincts. Also, never invest all you got here, always set a limit to what you can spend or loose in a week or a month to avoid any unfavourable financial circumstances. Let’s be a practical here, it’s real money we are talking about!

Now that you are scared enough, some positive thoughts before you start your game. If you think that your fortune is on its peak, start raising your bets and win much much more. If there is luck, there is money, loads of money out there. Just be sure that it is your time – the right time. Scratch Card Games are the new favourite these days because of the minimum risk involved, so get yourself out there and win it all, before your favourable fortune hides back again!

Get 100 Free Spins on Medusa II Mobile Slots!

The Medusa II slot game is a sequel to the earlier and popular Medusa slot from NextGen Gaming. The earlier one had a very novel ancient Greek theme. Looking like a big treat from the ancient Greek, the snake haired lady is very much mistaken. She is quite generous when it comes to giving out the payouts.

Medusa II mobile slots is a 5 reel 243 ways to win slot game. There is a lot more going on in this slot game. Filled with the unique locked feature, free spins, stacked wilds and gamble feature; it is having the players check out the new one with enthusiasm. A visual upgrade in the looks and design department, it is better looking than the original one.

Medusa II slots - 100 free spins

Game symbols include the titular Medusa with her sexy pout. Helmets, golden snakes, bow and arrows, a stone turned victim, lower valued symbols from 10, J, Q, K and A. All of them exquisitely designed in the typical ancient Grecian style; you will feel their power when they line up on the reels to give a winning combination.

Medusa herself is the wild symbol who will replace the rest of the symbols. She is stacked on all the reels and will substitute for all the symbols except for the scatter symbols.

The Locked Reel feature is where 2, 3, 4 or 5 all lock and spin together to show the same symbols. You are thereby increasing your winning chances. The frequently triggered locked reel feature is your winning chance to make Medusa pay for your troubles and effort.

The Medusa II game logo is the scatter which will trigger the 10 free spins. The locked reel feature can also be triggered during the free spins. You can trigger additional 5 free spins when the logo is seen on the reels.

Turned to Stone stacked wilds feature is where the Medusa will turn her magic on you. It’s during the base game that Medusa will turn her powerful magic on you. A soldier will randomly attack Medusa on the reels. Known for her fiery looks (pun intended), she will turn him into stone to reveal a reel of stacked wilds.

The only sweet thing about this slot game is the upgrade in the graphics department. Compared to the original slot game, there is a big difference in the animation and the design aspects of the game.

The Medusa II slot game has the gamble feature enabled to double or quadruple your wins after every successful spin. Make a correct guess on the card colour or card suit and let Medusa grant you big returns.

You are drawn to the pouty Medusa, and her snake mane, right from the start. Jump onto the bandwagon and make her yours; snake hair and all!

There is a big promotional offer going on at the Jackpot Mobile Casino. Join now and you can get a 100 free spins or £5 mobile slots no deposit bonus on the Medusa II slot game. Keep those mobile slots free spins reeling and you can get your fill of the tremendous payouts. Enjoy the free spins and all of Medusa’s glory in full style.

Hunger Games Mockingjay slot game!

Remember Effie Trinket’s quote from the Hunger Games:“May the odds be ever in your favour”. We’ll make it our tagline for our pipedream mobile slots game.

Imagine if Katniss Everdeen, the strong willed, brave, and action packed heroine of the Hunger Games franchise, jumps over to the casino slots world. Here’s your chance to let your imagination run riot and wild. We’ll give you full freedom to come up with your own storyboard for this gem of an idea for the slots game theme.

There is already a card based mobile game from Kabam who in association with the studio Lionsgate has released its new mobile game, Hunger Games: Panem Rising. It is being released just in time for the November 21 screening of the third sequel to the popular Hunger Games franchise – The Mockingjay Part 1. Already creating a buzz in the entertainment world, it’s only a matter of time before fans start clamouring for the movie trinkets and souvenirs.

So go ahead, give your best shot (intended pun) at creating one of the most anticipated slot games!

The Plot: Uncover the best online slot game

Our Hunger Games: Mockingjay slot game, unfold with a quick back story of the movie. Naturally, you’ll find the movie’s characters showing up on the reels as game symbols and scatters? So how many of them do you think will show up in this fight for freedom?

Katniss Everdeen: The ultimate girl power shown in full glory is the first and obvious choice. Dominating and powerful with a hint of fragility around her, she’ll die for what she believes and loves. A reluctant hero, she becomes the saviour when she steps in place of her sister as a Tribute, in the annual Hunger Games Tournament.

Katniss is seen entering the war ravaged Panem District along with her team members in the suicidal mission to help them revolt against the absolute tyranny of President Snow.

Peeta Mellark: A trusted friend and potential love interest for Katniss, Peeta is only stable person in her life. He is the male Tribute alongside Katniss who represent the District 12 in the Games. A baker and artist by profession, he uses his skills many times during the competition to save others. He is also known for his oratory skills, which even Katniss uses for convincing the people of Panem in their revolution.

Gale Hawthorne: The best friend and skilled hunting partner, he is the true love of Katniss. Circumstances and war force them apart even as they fight against President Snow. Plus, he unknowingly killed Katniss’ sister Primrose, through an explosion. He leads the rebellion in the District 12 in her absence.

Haymitch Abernathy: The only survivor of the Tournament from the District 12, he is a douche bag filled with contempt, sarcasm and hostility. An alcoholic, who is forced to mentor all the Tributes who are selected from the district; he is shrewd and canny in devising ways and strategies to ensure their survival.

President Coriolanus Snow: He’s the thorn in Katniss life. Completely obsessed with ruining her life, he is the unconditional authority in the Panem District. He will manipulate anyone to get his work done using veiled threats of harming the loved ones. His sadistic and manipulative nature is his downfall and failure to curb the revolution. His famous quote is “Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear.”

Primrose Everdeen: The baby sister of Katniss, she is the reason for her being the Tribute of District 12. It is in her place that Katniss volunteers to fight in the Hunger Games. She is kind, gentle and is the driving force for keeping Katniss alive during the tournament.

The other symbols which can be a part of the slot game are the Mockingjay Pin. The symbol of rebellion is Katniss favourite pin. It is quite symbolic as it is used to mock the Snow’s authority.

The Three Fingered Salute can also make a fine entry to trigger the bonus games or the free spins.

So who do you think will show up as regular symbols in our future Hunger Games Mockingjay slots game? Do you want to play this game? Participate in our poll and we’ll let you know the results soon!

If casino game characters were on Tinder!

Tinder is changing and making new rules to the dating culture. A free location based mobile app, it is creating a dating revolution, breaking the rules and the acknowledged ways of dating. So imagine the situation where the top casino slots game characters make an appearance on Tinder! It would be a laugh riot swiping through the Tinder profiles and finding matches.

For the uninitiated, Tinder picks up your uploaded pictures from Facebook and builds your profile using your basic personal information. It matches potential dates based on your geographical location, common friends list and mutual interests. You can anonymously swipe right to like a match or swipe left to move onto another match.

Coming back to our imaginary scenario; here is a round up on the top slots game characters, which will make it to the Tinder list. Would you swipe right to like them or pass them over by swiping left? Take a wild guess on who will hook up with each other.

Wizard Merlin: Witty, magical and quirky with a hint of madness

Our first profile is the magical odd ball, Merlin. White flowing mane, robes with the slightly weird and comical glint in his eyes, he is your knight in white armour (pardon the pun) with a magic staff for getting you out of problems. Do you like Merlin’s Millions or his re-spins, which will be the plus point for swiping right on his profile? He is definitely a piece of work, when it comes to transforming symbols into wilds and adding more wins. Hook up with him at Tinder, and you’ll get a front row seat to the magical bonanza.

Mr. Fox: Rich, savvy, wily and perfect family material

If the foxy and savvy Mr. Fox was not already picked up, then you should swipe right for him. Immaculately dressed, he’s the perfect family material, taking his kids on a cruise or spending time with them. Indulgent to a fault, he’s lavish his wealth on those he loves. Smart and intelligent, he offers the Super Bet option to all those who are risk takers like him, to win big! Definitely a big right swipe from me!

Miss Midas: Sexy, beautiful with a Golden Touch

Bold and beautiful, Miss Midas is your perfect date for the night. She’ll let all your fantasies come true (strictly censored!!) as she makes her way across the reels. She’s wild and extremely finicky. You will just have to lure her at Tinder with the Super Bet feature to feel her Golden Touch. There is no stopping her from showering her wins, once she’s under your grasp. Pair her with Merlin and you’ll have a totally magical date unfold on your screens!

Medusa: Totally awesome in her snake hairdo!

Medusa is a fashionista with a unique sense of style. Looking perfectly comfortable with a snake hair getup, she’ll rock the fashion world. If her stony stare doesn’t scare you then you will thoroughly enjoy her company. Scary on the outside, she’s a big softie inside; proof is her being generous with her treasures. She just wants to have fun while it lasts.

Holly Madison: Ex Playboy bunny with an attitude

Gorgeous, ravishing and an attitude to match, Holly Madison has it all to keep your date interesting. Being an ex Playboy girl has its perks. Already famous, she’ll add to your girlfriend’s dossier list. Pretty and perky, she’ll blow kisses for every win that you get when playing the game. Keep collecting her kisses and she’ll make your day (wink night!)

Upstanding Brit: Stiff royalty with an uptight nature

Standing guard in the British Queens land is an honourable job. Plus, with service duties, there is little time to enjoy. Nevertheless, you’ll find the jolly old bugger, finding time to enjoy his little pleasures like fish and chips, a cup of tea and driving the Red Bus. He is the Best of British there is to date.

Norman Bates: Dysfunctional psycho maniac

Here is one Tinder profile which will definitely get stroked left instantly. Norman Bates is your nightmare coming true. No one wants to end up dying while in the shower. Even if you take the risk of dating him, be prepared to bolt at the first sign of trouble. Just get the winning jackpot before turning him to the authorities.

Cave Raider: Adventurer, explorer and go getter

Yours truly will be away from home for most of the time, digging, exploring and facing dangers. Here is an adventurer and globetrotter bent on finding hidden and long lost treasures. Hop on for a roller coaster ride to the edge of the world and we’ll warn you in advance, it’s going to be hot and humid for a long time.

Private Investigator: Curious, suspicious and detailed

You can’t hide anything from him. Going on date with him, will have you forever on your toes. Fresh from solving the underworld gang war; he is ready to mingle and have a normal date. Fit as a fiddle, he is your debonair hero in times of trouble. Like him and you’ll enjoy the constant secure feeling at Tinder.

Long John Silver: Sword wielding Plucky Pirate

Get a taste of the high seas, as he’s your modern pirate. Dressed up in pirate outfits complete with cutlasses, caps and eye patches, there is plenty of action during your date. Join in the make believe world of pirates and hunt for the sunken wealth.

So what’s it going to be? Who will be the lucky one to make it to your Tinder’s list of potential dates? Swipe right or left and begin your new dating experience!

Down The Rabbit Hole, surprising revelations from Holly Madison!

Being a former Playboy girl definitely has both ups and downs. Just ask Holly Madison and she’ll vouch for it in her memoir book, “Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny”.

Hefner certainly know how to woo women and with his reality show “The Girls Next Door”, it only shows that age is just a number. The young at heart Hefner, courted many girls old enough to his granddaughters. But as they say, behind every rosy picture, there is always a dark one lurking beneath.

In her book, Holly recounts Hefner’s megalomaniac streak, possessiveness, sexual permissiveness and many more secrets. She shares details about living with Hefner as his Bunny girls along with Kendra Wilkinson, Bridget Marquardt, Crystal (Harris) Hefner and many more.

Since breaking up with him and moving out of his mansion, she has started a new life with Pasquale Rotella, 41. They have a two-year-old daughter, Rainbow.

Fact or fiction, Holly Madison reveals all

Holly Madison supposedly suffered from depression during her relationship with Hefner. She revealed that she contemplated suicide once. Anti depressants was a regular part of her life, before she overcame her dependence on them.

Holly revealed in her tell all book, that the first time she met Hefner, he had offered her Quaaludes, also known as “thigh openers” during the 70s. She refused to take it; only to be one of his Playboy girl’s months later and move in to the Playboy mansion.

The master manipulator that he was, Heffner would often pitch the Playboy girls against one another and enjoy the show. They would often have disagreements and fights, during their stay at the mansion.

More particularly was the feud with Kendra Wilkinson, which to this day is not resolved by both of them. Both claimed that the other was at fault and won’t budge from their stand.

A family unites two persons and bring them closer. Atleast, that’s what Holly Madison thought, when she was living with Hefner. But the medical reports of Hefner didn’t allow them this option. She took it as an indication of the life she was living and what her future would look like, and took the bold step to leave him.

Hefner’s money power didn’t hold her back. Holly recounts that Hefner tried to manipulate her by trying to add her name to his will. The only condition was that she stayed with him. Of, course Holly refused, saying that it was an insult.

A self confessed Disney fan, when Holly planned to celebrate her birthday there as always, Hefner put a spanner to her plans by inviting all her friends to join him there. It was a ruse to make them choose between them. As expected, many of them refused to accept both their invites, stating that they didn’t want to get mixed up in their fights.

Post her break up with the Playboy owner, she hooked up with the master illusionist, Chris Angels. But, it was like jumping from the frying pan into fire. Holly Madison was scared that he would eventually physically assault her, although he never hit her. He was known for his anger and she feared when it would explode.

Holly Madison hinted that Hefner’s current third wife, Crystal was unfaithful to Hefner and was probably having an affair just like his earlier wives. The runaway bride had earlier left Hefner at the altar, before marrying him in 2013.

Another juicy revelation concerned the NFL Hank Baskett and Playboy girl, Kendra Wilkinson. Their love story and eventual marriage almost never happened. It was rumoured that Hank was wooing another Playboy girl, before he was introduced to Kendra, and the rest is history.

Grab your copy of her book and judge for yourself, what the life a Playboy bunny is? If you’re into reality shows and the make believe world of glitz and glamour, then Playboy is the perfect fit. Let it pass otherwise.

For all those fans, we, at Jackpot Mobile Casino have an amazing slot game based on Holly Madison.

Amazing 10 things you never knew about Hitchcock’s Classic, Psycho!

“My suspense work comes out of creating nightmares for the audience. And I play with an audience. I make them gasp and surprise them and shock them.” – Alfred Hitchcock. If you haven’t watched the cult classic horror movie, Psycho; you can’t consider yourself to be a movie buff! Disturbing and equally terrifying, Psycho managed to put everyone on tender hooks. The 1960s horror genre was just beginning to take root, when Alfred Hitchcock stepped in with Psycho. He totally smashed the preconceived ideas, the audience had about horror thrillers.

Psycho is the most discussed, dissected, theorised and studied movie ever to be focussed on. Hitchcock was so paranoid of getting the final suspense disclosed, that he swore the crew members to secrecy. He even went to the extent of not allowing audience to enter the theatres after the movie started screening. Life size cut outs of him pointing to his watch were placed outside theatres, informing them that they should watch the film from starting or else not watch it at all.


1. Hitchcock’s thrilling horror movie

The honour for his best horror movie till date goes to the Psycho movie. Hitchcock made this movie in B/W because he didn’t want the audience to be disturbed by the actress Janet Leigh’s blood flowing down the drain. It was also his last movie in B/W.

2. The book based movie had real life connections

The movie is based on the novel written by Robert Bloch. It is said that he was inspired by Ed Gein, as serial killer of the 1950s Wisconsin serial killer. It is said that Bloch lived within 40 miles from where Gein murdered his victims.

It is rumoured that Alfred Hitchcock bought the book rights from the author for a meagre $9000. He even supposedly bought all the books available prior to the release of the film, to retain the suspense of the movie.

3. Terrifying shower scene

A popular rumour was that the actress Janet Leigh was splashed with ice cold water by Hitchcock, to make her screams realistic. She confirmed in her memoir that, throughout the 7 days of shooting, the crew used warm water for the scene to keep her comfortable. The red blood shown in the movie was actually chocolate syrup.

4. Iconic background score gets last minute addition

Another fact, which you’ll find interesting, is that the scene had 72 cuts and lasts about 45 seconds. Hitchcock wanted to direct the shower scene in silence with no background score. Thankfully for us, the music director Bernard Herrmann went ahead and composed the aptly named track “Screaming Violins”. Hitchcock was so impressed that he included the soundtrack, and it went on to become the most acclaimed music work of all times.

5. Fruits bear the brunt of Hitchcock’s cinematic authenticity

In order to get the right sound for the stabbings sequence, Hitchcock had his prop man Bob Bone get a variety of melons and in turn stab them while he closed his eyes listening to it. It was finally “Casaba” which won the stabbing spree from among watermelons, cantaloupes and honeydews.

6. Focus on eyes gets Hitchcock’s attention

Alfred Hitchcock ruffled the feathers of many ophthalmologists, who insisted that the close zoom of Janet’s face after being murdered, showed her eyes as contracted. It should have been dilated. The perfectionist and brilliant technician that he was, Hitchcock used eye drops in all his future films to shows dilated eyes.

7. The Birds references

There are many scenes which have birds referenced. Marion Crane, who name has the cranes name, is told by Norman Bates, that she also eats like a bird. He is also shown to have a bird stuffing hobby in the movie. It might seem like a premonition, that Hitchcock’s next movie was titled “The Bird”.

8. Toilet scene works up Censor board

It was the first time that a flushing toilet was shown in an American movie. Just before that murderous shower scene, Janet Leigh is shown tearing up a letter and flushing it down the toilet.

9. Life imitates art for body double

Myra Jones, who was the body double for Janet Leigh during the shower scenes, was murdered by a mentally disturbed man in 1988. She was stabbed to death. It was a case of life imitating art.

10. Psycho loses out on the Oscar

The irony of all times, the Psycho movie didn’t win one single Oscar. It garnered 4 Oscar nominations for Best Director, Best Supporting Actress (Leigh), Best Black-and-White Production Design, and Best Black-and-White Cinematography. Inspite of all its commercial and critical success, Psycho didn’t win a single Oscar.

Get set to play the slot game based on the classic thriller Psycho at Jackpot Mobile Casino and get a realistic experience. You can even get a welcome bonus up to £500 on joining the Jackpot Mobile Casino. The action packed slot can keep you glued to the screen for hours and reward you handsomely with its spectacular graphics.

A September to Remember at the Jackpot Mobile Casino!

It’s going to be an “Affair to Remember” this September (couldn’t resist mentioning the classic Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr movie). There is another movie, “Come September” starring the eternal star Rock Hudson and Gina Lollobrigida, which comes to mind when you think of September.

Well, since we are talking of movies, NextGen have decided to release a new slot game with a movie theme. It seems right, that they have chosen a dark, psychotic thriller as a game theme. The masterpiece Psycho movie by Alfred Hitchcock jumps over to the slots world, in this 5 reel 25 payline slot game.

You have escape from Norman Bates deadly clutches to win 2,500 game jackpot. We’ll help you with this, by letting you participate in the Let’s Go Psycho September promotion.

Keep playing the Psycho slot game from 00:00 Wednesday 2nd Sept until Tuesday 8th Sept 23:59 (BST) and you can win £400 as the top prize. Get a prize draw entry for every £10 you play! The more entries that you gain, the better are your chances of winning the £400 top prize!

Be one among the 20 players to have a winning chance. The rest of them can scoop cash prizes of up to £200. Let’s Go Psycho this first week of September.

Kick off your own special rugby season

Moving from movies to sports is easy when you have the Rugby World Cup round the corner. You’re going to have a ball (pardon the pun!) playing any of our slot games from 00:00 Wednesday 9th Sept until Tuesday 15th Sept 23:59 (BST).

Participate in this Worth a Try promotion and score a bonus up to £35 as you play any of our slot games. Deposit and play at least £10 every day of the week until next Tuesday and we will credit you an extra £5 in bonus cash every single day!

Kick off the Rugby World Cup in style, and make the most of this offer. Go ahead, deposit, play and claim your bonus now!

Mid month Spin n Win bonanza!

Mid September from 00:00 Wednesday 16th Sept until Tuesday 22nd Sept 23:59 (BST), will have you spinning like crazy! Hop on for a terrific ride, to top the leader board list and the winner gets £400 cash. The rest of 50 winners will get a share of the over £1,000 as prize money.

Spin n Win… It’s as simple as that. Just deposit and wager a minimum of £10 on our Slot games and earn 1 point. Earn more points and keep an eye on the leader board list. Check out the list and race your way to the top!

Ready, Steady and Scratch that winning itch

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5 evidences that indicate Draco Malfoy is an untold werewolf

Here are a few new signs that Draco Malfoy is an untold werewolf which are hard to digest…
Draco Malfoy could be a werewolf! This speculation has been doing rounds for a while, but there is quite a few new and fairly fascinating indications for us to concentrate

Since nobody apart from J.K Rowling can fix this once and for all, few of the new concepts literally makes sense – also we have wondered whether the Slytherin is a cursed shape-shifting creature or not.

1 . There is a higher chance that Voldemort could have commanded Fenrir Greyback to bite Draco

Voldemort, the Dark Lord, was popular in punishing his followers for their failures. Lucius Malfoy, a death eater is the one who creates chaos rather frequently – Remember? He is the one who gave Tom Riddle’s diary to Ginny Weasley but his consequences are never seen significantly. Voldemort is known for sending Fenrir to bite those children whose parents don’t do his bidding,

2 . The intimation by The Dark Lord that Draco is a werewolf

The time where the Death Eaters discover that Remus and Tonks are having a baby, Voldemort says to Draco: “Maybe you can babysit the cubs?” Is it just a casual comment? Or is he prompting Draco that it will not matter if he was bitten because, well, he’s already been bitten?

3 . There is no evidence that, just as in books, Draco carries the Dark Mark

Is there really the Dark Mark on Draco’s arm? We never get a proof of this in the books as we get to see in the film but he terrifies Borgin (of Burkes and Borgin) using something on his arm. It can be the Voldemort’s followers’ mark – if not, what else there might be to scare the beholder? A bite of a werewolf, maybe?

4 . Draco is not treated like a Death Eater by the Death Eaters

At the climax of The Half Blood Prince, the Death Eaters set up a barricade in the astronomy tower after they invade Hogwarts through which you can pass only if you have Dark Mark. After Draco goes into the tower, it goes up and just before Draco comes down, it comes down. Freaky?

5 . Draco has good motives not to divulge his confidentiality

In the world of Rowling’s wizard world where the werewolves are considered as that of a lower class of being, Fenrir might be proud of being a werewolf, but for anyone like Malfoy it would be a nightmare who has always been immensely proud of his pure-blood status. Draco would be ashamed if was exposed just like Lupin.

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