How to Win The Progressive Jackpots

The big question facing the players is how to win the Progressive Jackpots? The life changing game which will make your entire dream come true; is just a spin away. It is no rocket science to play these online or mobile slots. Just set the bet level, choose the number of coins, paylines and spin away.

If it was as simple as that, then everyone would have been a millionaire by now. But winning at a progressive jackpot slots game is just plain luck. No question about it. But there are some handy tips which can boost your winning chances.

Keep those big bucks on hand

If your pocket runs deep, then the progressive jackpots are the right choice. For the high roller and the seasoned gambler, it is the thrill of anticipating the winning spin that drives them. Add to that a big fat bankroll with frequent top ups; you can enjoy playing the progressive jackpots a lot more.

Play cautiously with an eye on your bankroll

The progressive jackpots are a big drain on your bankroll. In the hope of landing the big jackpot; you have to bet maximum on every payline and for every spin. Not only are you risking your money, you risk losing them big time. The lure of the big honey pot should not make you take unnecessary risks. You should play those slots in the chance of winning small but regular wins. The big jackpot should not be the ultimate focus of you playing the game.

Consider the fine print of the T&Cs

Every online or mobile casino have their own bonus policies when paying the winners. To protect their interests they have wagering requirements, various terms and conditions which must be satisfied for making a withdrawal of the progressive jackpots.

Before making any real money wager on the progressive slots, understand the fine print of the casinos. Thoroughly read them, and get all your queries answered before embarking on playing here.

Look out for Bonuses and Promotions

The stiff competition faced by the innumerable online and mobile casinos, has made it mandatory for them to lure the players vigorously. Promoting their progressive games thorough online promotions, using social media channels and advertisements, is the correct way of making this possible. They also offer special promo codes, free spins and other bonuses to make the players play their games.

On the flip side, there are lots of casinos who will take your money and at the time of withdrawal can even void all your winnings. Stating different T&C involving the bonuses and promotions, they will make you regret for playing at their sites.

Do your homework on the progressive games

Prior knowledge about the progressive games is the key to making your gaming experience an enjoyable one. The payout structure of the game is different from that of a regular game. Some of the online progressive games have demo or free play versions for you to get familiar with the game. Play them to get acclimatised with the different symbols, features, the triggering conditions for the progressive jackpots and other related information.If you want more information on how to win mobile casino jackpots you can read our weekly blogs.

You can gather information from the online forums, players or other sites to know more about the game.

Know when to quit

The best tip for making your gambling activity a stress free one, is to know when to quit. The jackpot will always be there. You must set a gambling limit for yourself and restrict your gaming when you have reached this limit. There are various measures offered by the online and mobile casinos such as self exclusions which will help you gamble responsibly. There is always the next jackpot game to play. Once you have read this make sure you also read our top 10 expert tips for gamblers before you start playing.

Don’t restrict yourself to progressive slots

Predominantly the slots games have been linked with progressive jackpots. But there are other casino games such as video Poker, Blackjack, Roulette and Bingo which have progressive jackpots. Some of them are Cyberstud Poker, Jackpot Deuces, Roulette Royale etc.

Play for Fun

It’s true that the progressive jackpots are fun with the life changing win adding spice. But it’s also true that the regular slot games are more fun, when winning the jackpot is the extra something that keeps you going. Sometimes, the regular winnings are even more than the actual jackpot. So have fun playing and let the wins roll in.

The progressive jackpots are the next big thing in the slots world. This will continue to lure the players and make them play hard and fast with their money. For the short thrilling bursts, jackpot slots are perfect. But it is the regular slots that are the bread and butter for your game. Stick to short and regular wins; and you will have a healthy bankroll at the end of the day.

Responsible Gambling for Mobile Casino Users

Responsible Gambling is an endeavour taken up by the various online and mobile casino uk establishments, to counter the Gambling Disorder which some of the players may face. Just as we go to movies, restaurants, etc and spend within our budgets, Gambling should also be considered as a form of entertainment.

Responsible Gambling means knowing the consequence of gambling, on your personal and professional life. It also means, understanding that it is just an entertainment which requires budgeting and planning. It recognises that only disposable money should be used for gambling, withdrawing on a winning streak and more importantly stop gambling when losing. Getting timely help when faced with a gambling disorder or addiction is also a part of it.

Recognising the tell tale signs

While a majority of the players treat gambling as a fun activity, sometimes they can lose control and it becomes a disorder which affects their personal and professional life. There are a number of subtle signs which the family and friends can pick up. A closer look at the person’s activities and daily routine will let you know that there is a gambling problem.

  • Difficulty in maintaining focus in work and home
  • Always pre- occupied with gambling sites and news
  • Refusing to acknowledge that there is a Gambling problem
  • Lying, making excuses, skipping work etc, to give gambling top priority
  • Wagering with money that doesn’t exist. Thus running debts, borrowing or stealing money
  • Feeling disturbed, frustrated, irritable when not able to gamble for long hours
  • Extended periods of gambling, losing sense of time and money

Support & Treatment

Recognising and acknowledging that you have a gambling problem, is the first step to recovery. When this subconscious mental block is removed, the player is more receptive to treatment. The support of family and friends are of paramount importance in this endeavour.

The most important factor in treating the gambling addiction is identifying the reasons for what makes them gamble in the first place.

  • Adrenaline rush which they get from playing. The feeling of well being that comes with winning.
  • Monetary benefits that increases your financial position
  • As an escape method to beat family and work related problems
  • As a stress buster or for entertainment
  • Initially peer pressure is the first step, but once addicted it takes hold

The next step in the road to gambling recovery is engaging the help of professionals of this field. There are many government and private medical facilities that help deal with this problem. Following are the most recognised and established organisations in this field.

Gamblers Anonymous: A self help group of men and women who have come together to face the problem of gambling. They offer support and help to other compulsive gamblers. It is recognised by the government and is one of the leading organisations involved in gambling addiction.

Online UK service site:

International service site:

Gamble Aware:  A website that gives advice on gambling responsibly – this means making choices based on all the facts, and staying in control of how much time and money you spend.

Online Site:

GamCare: A registered charity that takes a non-judgemental approach to gambling, and a leading authority on the provision of information, advice and practical help in addressing the social impact of gambling.

Online Support:

National helpline number: 0808 8020133

Gambling Therapy: Gambling Therapy provides advice and support through email, forums and live help. They offer a global support and service is available in multiple languages. If English isn’t your fist language this group will be very helpful.

Online Site:

Responsible Gambling Council:  It is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to problem gambling prevention. It works towards reducing gambling risks by creating and delivering awareness and information programs. It is involved in improved adoption of play safeguards through best practices research, RG Check accreditation program and standards development.

Online Site:

Responsible Gambling Efforts From The Online Casinos Side

All the online Casino establishments are committed to making your gambling experiences safe, secure and fair. They recognize that the various players are here to enjoy their time here with the chance of winning in the process.

The efforts put in by the online casinos are

  • Prevent under age players from playing – They undertake strict ID and age verification proof to establish the age of the players.
  • Parental control software can be installed to prevent underage gambling and prevent them from accessing inappropriate websites.
  • Allowing only players from countries where online gambling is allowed to play at their sites.

Several gambling and depositing limits are available for the players. They are encouraged to opt for these measures to prevent excessive gambling.

Self Exclusion – If the players feel that their gambling activity is becoming an addiction, there are several self exclusion tools offered by the casinos. They specify the period for which their casino account will be locked, thus preventing gambling. They can contact the customer support team, email or call them to initiate this option.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Deposit limits – The players can set their daily, weekly or monthly deposit limits to counter their gambling activities. They cannot gamble once this limit is reached.

In addition to the above measures all the licensed gambling establishments are required to contribute towards the Responsible Gambling Trust which is involved in research, education and treatment of the problem gamblers.

Basic common tips for Responsible Gambling

  • Never gamble under duress or emotional pressure
  • Gamble within your set time and money limits
  • Never chase losses
  • Play for fun and enjoy your gambling

If you gamble responsibly, you will enjoy your stint at the online casinos and win extra money in the process.

How Casinos Attract The Women Gamblers

The casinos are no longer the domain of men. This is just the right time for the casinos to take note of the surge of women breaking the gender barrier. The more the merrier right, and with the rise of the women gamblers, the casinos are in the right mood (pun definitely intended).

Women gamble for the thrill, excitement and the social experience. The men gamble for the power, control, skills and of course the money linked with playing the game.

Women tend to be comfortable around the luck based and less attention needing casino games. Bingo, slots and scratch cards dominate the women gamblers game list. You can almost see the hesitation from the women when they want to play the card games. It’s not that they don’t want to, but the fear of entering the male domain and being mocked at; is what stopping them. This is definitely true in the case of a land based casino.

Internet and online casinos are a welcome respite; due to their anonymity and excellent games collection. No longer judged or ridiculed; the women gamblers can play their desired casino games and enjoy the attention showered by the casino patrons. If the casinos knew any better, luring these women gamblers should be their top priority.

The casinos are already making the right noises, by making the games available. The next step is making the ladies comfortable. And the casinos are hoping to do just that by handling the below points to their advantage.

Add an element of familiarity

Women gamblers stick to games that have a familiar ring to it. Introduce games which they can identify with, such as slots, scratch cards games based on the latest movies, TV shows or reality shows.

Some online casinos are more popular than others, due to their marketing strategies, keeping the women gamblers in mind. They have a user friendly look and feel with demo version of the online games that encourage them to try and test them before investing their real money.

Introduce soft gambling casino games

Being conservative is built-in the women’s psyche. They are not a big fan of spending enormous money on the high risk games such as table games. More comfortable playing the low risk Slots, Bingo or Scratch cards; the casinos must have a collection of games that are wallet friendly. Incase if you are new to the online gambling industry we have a special mobile slot guide written along with to top10 tips for gamblers which can be referred before betting.

Stop stereotyping women gamblers

While the above points are valid for the general female players, casinos should really stop making them as the rule. There are many exceptions to these generalisations. You will be surprised by the number of female gamblers, who don’t want the pink, delicate and flowery version of the online casinos.

They want to be treated seriously and not be labelled as a mom, housewife or a control freak; but as a serious online gambler.

Tap into the mobile casino market

It is a known fact that the number of women gamblers playing the mobile casino games is on the rise. Recent advancement in the mobile gaming technology has made it convenient, secure and safe for the women players to indulge in their gaming session. Away from the prying eyes; they can play these casino games while on the move anytime and from anywhere.

Offers, Bonuses and Promotions

The casinos are no stranger to the concept of freebies. All the women love free things and will love to get their hands on them. The free spins, free plays, no deposit bonuses and welcome bonuses along with the seasonal promotions and offers are geared towards attracting the female gamblers.

 Women tend to gamble online more in times of a financial crisis and want to help out their families. So it makes sense to lure them, thorough bonuses, promotions and special offers. Promote the different casino games which have high payouts, better winning chances, and you will have the female gamblers lining up at your casinos.

The female gamblers are on the rise and will continue to do so in the near future. The online casinos can make them their golden goose by keep a right balance between the male and female gamblers. It’s not hard for them to target these players to satisfy both their interests and bankroll (pun intended).

It’s Roll Camera, Action for Casino Gambling Movies

Gambling, Casinos and Movies make a deadly combination, period. The blitz, glamour and allure of the neon lights; spinning roulette wheels, shuffling of cards, rolling dice and the sweet sound of coins falling from the slot machines!

Freebies, free drinks, meals and of course the pretty girls is the perfect backdrop for any casino themed movie. Offering a bit of everything from the dark and moody, to the light, fluffy and humorous to the movie goer, you are waiting to get your hands on these nuggets.

My all time favourite is The Sting. It’s a treat to watch Robert Redford, Paul Newman and Robert Shaw play cat and mouse, to pull off the perfect con job. A casino owner who murders their friend is about to be the bait for these feisty acting legends.

There is no other movie that takes the title away from the master of artistry, Martin Scorsese. Giving us the 1995 master piece, the Casino takes a peek into the greed, deception and power and money. Powerful performances from Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Sharon Stone and James Woods, it’s the all time favourite.

Moving away from all these dark movies, on a fun note, The Hangover and its sequel, takes the cake for things that’s totally bizarre, funny and frowned upon in a trip to Viva Las Vegas. Expect tigers, roofies and whole lot of baddies as they barge into the bachelor’s party that’s going downhill from the start.

Mixing up one night stands, booze and shotgun weddings is the working theme of any casino/ Vegas movie. Add a dash of adrenaline action to this cocktail, and you have the Ocean’s Eleven. George Clooney, Brad Pitt and the lovely Julia Roberts mastermind the casino heist with élan and walk away with applauses. The sequels certainly lose their touch but they made up for a fun movie.

Bugsy (1991) a gritting movie based on the real life of Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel and his famous Flamingo Hotel. Seeding the way for the mobsters to control the Casinos, it showed the dark underbelly of the Las Vegas and its mob connection.

Another movie that caught the attention is 21. The real life story of 6 MIT students, who fleeced the casino of millions by counting cards, is probably the best movie to tell you that greed never pays. Applying maths and smartness, to the unpredictable casino world and making it work at least for little while, is the USP of this movie.

A casino gambling list without mentioning the Bond movies is an incomplete one. Casino Royale, Diamonds Are Forever are just passing references, for all the bond movies.

While Blackjack rules the roost in most of the casino movies, Roulette is not far behind. The ever green classic, Casablanca (1942), Run Lola Run (1998), The Croupier (1998), The Deer Hunter (1978) had their share of scene time in these movies.

Well, it seems casino themed movies are not the hot topic right now. The only recent movie to get a mention is The Gambler, a remake of the Original of the same name, starring Mark Wahlberg.

That said, casino movies are going to be the all time favourite for the directors. It says a lot, considering the millions of ideas that are cropping up in their minds. Invariably every single movie has some sort of a situation where gambling on lives, money, people is involved. So cuddle up and enjoy the casino movies with a bag of popcorn!

Cave Raiders Plunder the Treasure Trove of Slots World!

Hissing snakes, land of the undead, scarabs, Book of Dead, mummies – you get the picture right (pun intended). The stuff Hollywood moguls don’t fringe from trying out their latest gizmos and story lines on. The evergreen idea is the perfect script for raking in the millions.

If you’re wondering whether shifting through the dirt of time and pulling out mouldy skeletons, is a normal day’s job for the archaeologist, then Indiana Jones would have made it to the top level in his job right now. One of the best archaeology themed movies of our times; Harrison Ford and Sean Connery have shown what the father-son duo can do, to thwart the evil thinking of the Nazis.

While they are busy with that, the Egypt has been the hot favourite for slicing thorough the undead, scarabs, ancient booby traps and of course the Book of the Dead. The Mummies starring Brendan Fraser, John Hannah and Rachel Weisz; seems to bring out the best in them as they fight the reincarnation of the lovelorn Egyptian priest amid ancient pyramids, arid air and lost treasure.

Any Hollywood archaeology themed movie is incomplete without a token mention of the Tomb Raiders movie series. Why should only the boys have all the adventure, fun and the treasures? Lara Croft, the kickass dame is kicking the butt of the bad guys.

She has made the jump to the casino world as well, with a 5 reel slot game released a while back. Giving her brisk competition is the Cave Raider slots, another 5 reel 25 payline, mobile slots game from Nektan. Not exactly the actual archaeological stuff, but you will get the front row seat for watching the Indiana Jones Spoof character jump across the reels.

Ditch those shovels and punch in the coins, to rake in the treasure trove of up to 1,000 time your initial bet. Finder’s keeper is the central theme of this mobile slot game set against the jungle backdrop. Watch out for the hissing snakes, skulls and deadly traps as your only way of escape is by planes. The Wild Skulls can shake up your winnings with their power to replace the rest of the symbols.

If these virtual slot games don’t satisfy your wanderlust, then the pick of the cherries is the Jurassic Park series. The ultimate movie to bring back the prehistoric dinosaurs to our timeline; the havoc it causes when man interferes with nature is awesome. The special effects seen here are still the best that you will ever see in a movie.

The honourable movie mentions that include treasure hunting and adventure under the cloak of archaeology are the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, National Treasure movies series, King Solomon’s Mines, Sahara, Stargate and many more. For a movie buff, the list is endless and still counting. Well for the slots gambler, they will have to make do with the Cave Raider for now.

Gambler’s Fallacy And Online Players

Gambler’s Fallacy aka, Monte Carlo Fallacy is one term that crops up repeatedly in the casino literature. While most of the online players have their own theories on what number or colour will occur next, they will put it to practice with the Gambler’s Fallacy playing some part in their wagering decision making.

Of all the three types of gamblers, viz. the professional gambler, recreational gambler and the pathological gambler, it is the last one who takes the Gambler’s Fallacy to heart, literally. They totally believe that despite their losses, they will recoup their losses with wins at the end. They will continue with this belief until their money runs out.

Gambler’s Fallacy: Misguided Truth or False

Answering what the Gambler’s Fallacy is a good topic for all the online casino mobile players.

It is based on the belief that a positive outcome is expected when a series of negative outcome has already occurred or vice versa. Technically, the term fallacy includes an event which is supposed to occur based on the past sequence of outcomes. The past outcomes will decide on the future outcomes.

Consider the classic example of the roulette game. Suppose the last 5 spins resulted in a red landing, the roulette player will assume the probability of the black landing for the next spin. The players are misguided by the notion that since the earlier spins resulted in red landing, the next black landing is overdue. This false notion is what the Gambler’s Fallacy is all about.

Actual Truth behind Gambler’s Fallacy

This notion is so much further than the truth. In reality, the roulette wheel or the ball doesn’t decide the outcome of the spin. They don’t have any memory of the past outcomes, meaning every spin is independent of the earlier ones. You can’t predict the result of the spins.

The same notion is seen in almost all the areas of gambling, be it sports, casino or even in real life. Eventually all things even out over the course of time. This could be days, months or years. The idea of betting on an event which has no fixed time is not only ridiculous but also not feasible.

Hot Hand Fallacy

Going hand in hand with the Gambler’s fallacy, is the “Hot Hand Fallacy”. This is in contrast to the Gambler’s Fallacy. Here it is assumed the winning or hot streak will continue indefinitely. They believe that since they have been winning the bets, the probability of them winning the next bet is more. This winning streak will continue.

Studies have been conducted to verify whether both the Hot Hand fallacy and the Gambler’s Fallacy are true to some extent. There is no conclusive proof to support this argument. Generally, it is observed that the players who believe in both these concepts, end up making smarter bets with better odds (not always true). They are better equipped to adapt to the situations and make suitable adjustments to their betting game plan. If you are a beginner in gambling than you should definitely read our 10 important tips for gamblers blog before you get started.

It has also been observed that cognitive suggestion is one of the reasons for players to fall prey for Gambler’s Fallacy. The power of suggestion can influence the betting pattern of the players.

On a closing note, the gambling player should always remember that nothing can influence the outcome of the next bet. While you can predict the possible outcomes based on the large chunk of data available, there is always the unknown factor which can turn all of them wrong.

That’s what gambling is all about. If everything were predictable, you wouldn’t be gambling in the first place would you? It’s the unexpected thrill of winning that drives you to the casinos right? So enjoy playing and have fun!

Using Social Media Platform for Mobile Casino Promotions

Nearly everyone has a Tablet or Smartphone by which they are constantly connected. Constantly wired to the Internet, they are bombarded with messages from every business in town, to try out their products. Social Media is the main reason for this boon or bane, depending on your view point.

The mobile casino industry is making big waves, which is a big plus for all the casino players. They can enjoy the casino games right from the comfort of their home. It is a big business, with the revenue output running into millions. It is projected that the online casino gambling will be the top money generator for the gambling industry.

To make it to the top, the mobile casinos have to make a lot of effort to attract new players and retain them. Thinking up various marketing strategies which are cost effective, efficient and shows result is the latest mantra for those guys who love to play mobile slots games on the move.

Casino Marketing has opted to have social media as its bulwark for managing their online presence. It is an integral part of its strategy, with dedicated teams for handling this operation. You cannot ignore the importance of social media in the success of the jackpot casinos.

Using Social Media = Gaining Success

The current age bracket is from 20s to early 30s who are actively using the social platforms for their personal and business interactions. Being bombarded by thousands of messages, it’s just as easy to dismiss them without even looking at it.

Mobile casinos or even the online version, need the social media for keeping their brands in the news. They are always trying to reach out to this younger lot. The top platform is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. Facebook tops the list with over 600 million users followed by Twitter. The new platform includes Vine and Instagram, while Goggle+ winds up the list.

The saying that a picture speaks a thousand words; is true for making an impact. YouTube is the best choice for the online and mobile casinos. The visual impact that a good promotion or message makes, is worth spending your money and time on it.

Social Media Magic Tricks

Social media uses a lot of campaigns, newsletters and info graphics to increase the traffic to their casino client website. Prizes, bonuses, promotions and contests are one way to keep the player interests. And the best way to do this is to convey the information in a precise, accurate and interesting way. It should be entertaining as well. With the proliferation of thousands of online messages, it’s important for them to get their point across on time.

The online and mobile casinos have to consider the 4 R’s of social media: Reputation, Recommendations Relationships and Reach.

In order to be at the top, they must maintain proper customer relationships with their users. This will in turn increase their reach through recommendations and word of mouth publicity; thereby cementing their reputations as worthwhile casino.

This social media exercise is like a two edged sword. It can have a positive and negative impact on the success of the mobile casinos. A positive result would be an increase in their revenue and market share. New business deals and a boost to their online presence will in turn reveal new customer base all over the world.

But one drawback is that a bad post or comment can snowball into a big cyber bomb which can explode at any time. How you react to this situation, makes a big impact to your later social media activities on the Internet. You might drop out of the big race due to negative publicity and subsequent financial, legal or other issues.

Make use of the social media to convert those non players into casino players. An effective social media presence will boost your growing audience, and add a competitive edge to your online casino marketing strategy.

Common Roulette Mistakes to Avoid while Playing Online

There are numerous sites offering countless advices on ways avoid online roulette mistakes and how to play the online roulette game. Topping the list is also ways to win big and enjoy the game. We will let you in on some of the online roulette mistakes that the players usually make. Plus the ways to avoid these common mistakes, that plagues the mind of an online roulette player.

Not playing the least house edge roulette game

It is the most common of the online roulette mistakes. Of all the different online casino games, the one which gives you a better advantage is the French Roulette. Take note of the house edge that is around 1.35%, which is way below the one seen for the American roulette (5.26%) and the European roulette (2.7%). This is because of the 38 numbers (0 to 36 and 00) seen in the American roulette and the 37 numbers (0 to 36), seen in the European roulette.

Not keeping tight control on your bankroll

A good roulette player is one who has a good bankroll management system. Playing without any thought on how to wager and for long, it is a sure way of burning through your bankroll. You end up making wagers with money that you don’t possess. This will lead to potentially dangerous situations in both your personal and professional life. It’s always better to keep track of the amount that you can wager and its limits.

Playing a high stake game

When you are on a winning or losing spree, you want to recoup the amount at all costs. It’s a recipe for lessening your bankroll, as you end up playing high stakes games. In relation to the above online roulette mistakes, you might think that with a lower house edge, you can keep on upping the wagering. But it always better to keep track of your bankroll when playing the game.

Paying for roulette betting systems

If only the players, would keep in mind that the game of roulette, is purely based on luck and chance; this would result in a longer and stress free game of enjoyment. But, this is lost to most of the players, who end up paying for a lot of useless scams. These systems claim to calculate the odds of landing a winning number. Always note that there is equal chance of landing the red or black colour, the even or odd number.

Stick to one betting strategy

There is no single roulette strategy which will make you an overnight millionaire. In general, you can keep on betting whether you win or lose the rounds. It is based, on you increasing your bet when losing and decreasing your bets when you’re winning. It all depends on your attitude towards playing the game. The over enthusiastic novice player, forgets all this and goes on a betting spree without any thought on the consequences.

Letting emotions empower you

The most controlled roulette player can be overcome by emotions at some point. You must have a clear head when betting without getting mixed up with emotions. The only outcome of this online roulette mistakes is the spiralling bankroll and your confidence. Whether it’s winning or losing, cash in and walk out when you’re on an emotional high.

Ignoring the free online roulette games

A practice run on playing the online free roulette games will always work out in the end. Being familiar with the games, its payouts structure, with stop you from making mistakes, when playing with real money.

Plus it’s more money saving, compared to playing in a real land based casino. There are no extra charges involving travelling and accommodations.

Making combination bets

Another online roulette mistakes that the players make is placing multiple combinations bets. The idea is that by placing multiple bets on the table, they are spreading the odds of winning. Even if one bet fails, the other bets will win for them. But, they forget that the house edge still remains the same, whether it’s a single bet or multiple bet. Plus they end up reducing their bankroll (biggest roulette mistakes), if all their bets end up on the losing side.

Multitasking is a bad idea

In any other situation, multitasking is a great idea, but during online gaming it is best to stick to a single task. This common online roulette mistakes will make you lose attention of your bets and your bankroll.

Playing until you win back your losses

It’s a very bad online roulette mistakes, which is guaranteed to bring you more bad luck, rather than good fortune. In trying to recoup your losses, you start wagering money that you don’t have. You end up on the losing side. Play to enjoy the game, and remember that roulette is purely a game of chance and luck, but if you follow this blog you can still avoid few common roulette mistakes players do! But if you are looking for tips & tricks read our online roulette strategy blog.

Enjoy Fruit Games on the Move

Playing fruit games are just another day at the office for the thousands of mobile slots players. Comparatively simpler than the rest of the video slots, you don’t have to worry about intricate bonus games or long drawn out features needing your extra attention.

And, the Jackpot Mobile Casino offers just the right mobile pocket fruit games for you to try your luck on! Get Fruity with this 5 reel 9 payline variation of the classic fruit machine slots game. Tasty and good enough to eat, spin the delicious looking cherries, plums and lemons on the reels. The Bells, Bars and 7 symbols compete for your attention for landing the winning payline. As an odd symbol, you can get your fill of the other rich and tasty wins with the Joker’s cap.

Acting as the game’s wild symbol, it is the Joker of this slot game; replacing the other symbols to form a winning payline. Adding a winning spin to the gameplay is the free spins bonus round. Just let loose 3 or more of the Free spins symbol on the reels to trigger the free play.

Get Fruity makes new inroads in the pocket fruit games arena

The only consistent factor among all the fruit themed mobile slot games is the different fruit symbols that are shown on the reels. But the Get Fruity mobile slot begs to differ. Adding its own stamp on the theme is the exceptional design quality and gameplay that’s consistent with the all the Jackpot Mobile Casino mobile slot games.

So what is it about this Get Fruity mobile slot fruit games that get’s your attention. It is definitely the rich and high quality graphic, visual foreplay of colours and designs that is pulling them in. Creating a slot game that’s compatible for playing on your Android and iOS platform is the first steps towards luring the highly volatile and short attention spanned players.

The 96.34% payout percentage makes the Get Fruity mobile slot a highly profitable mobile game to play. Compared to the other fruity games that are on hand, this extremely good payout is a very good motivation for the players to try their luck on the mobile casino games for real money.

It’s not just the penny wagers, but the high rollers who are lining up to play this slot on their mobiles, smartphones and tablets. With just a miniscule starting bet of 0.01, it ends with £50.0 for the players to try their luck at winning the games jackpot. Winning up to 2,500 times the line bet is more than enough reason for them to play this mobile fruity game.

With so many pluses, it is no wonder why our fruity games is topping the charts as the most played mobile slot of the Jackpot Mobile Casino.

Keep playing our fruit games and Get the Fruity tempting wins all through the year!

Liverpool v/s Arsenal Match Prediction!

This Saturday is going to be adrenaline pumping with the Arsenal and Liverpool clashing for a berth in the top four teams of the Premier League.  Set to fill the Emirates Stadium to maximum capacity, on Saturday, 4th April, this pivotal match between the third placed Arsenal and the fifth-placed Liverpool is set to bring the fans to their feet. Having a six point lead, is a big boost for the hosts, and with just seven games remaining, they are all set for a record 18th straight season in the Premier League.

Peaking at the right time, Arsenal had a terrific run in the league matches except for one disastrous game against Monaco. Hoping to continue their winning streak they are ready to play the defending champions.

Another reason to cheer for Arsenal’s boss Arsene Wenger, is the return from injury of Captain Mikel Arteta, Jack Wilshere and Mathieu Debuchy.

But Liverpool is no pushovers. Saturday’s match is a must win situation for them. Plagued with injuries and suspensions, they must secure a berth in the top four to have a chance of winning the cherished cup. A loss at this stage will be a hard hit for the Reds to crawl back from.

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers, will have to make some difficult tactical decisions when he selects his starting eleven against the Arsenal. Injury questions over the Liverpool players such as Raheem Sterling, Daniel Sturridge and Adam Lallana, and 3 match suspension for Martin Skrtel and Steven Gerrard are a big blow for this must-win encounter against Arsenal.

Coming from the games sidelines are interesting news about the highly anticipated football game. As a first in the history of the Premier League, both Arsenal and Liverpool will have their team prep talks broadcast live from the dressing rooms. Fans will get a close look at their team’s morale through the live streaming, courtesy of Periscope.

New social media platform Periscope will get a big boost for its app. Making a leap to the Big League (pun intended) it hopes to bring in for the two broadcasts, a combined 250,000 viewers which would set a new record for the app.

The big bosses of both the country clubs initially were reluctant to have the pep talks of both the teams to be broadcast live. Arsenal’s boss Arsene Wenger and Liverpool’s boss Brendan Rodgers warmed up later to the idea, stating that it was a smart move to draw in more fans from the Asia and UAS to the Champions Premier League. Both teams have agreed upon strict rules to be followed by the teams, with only the captains talking during the interview.

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