Play the New Warlords: Crystals of Power Slots 150,000 Free Spins

Jackpot Mobile Casino brings to you one of its kind offer which indulges you into the best ever Warlords: Crystals of Power slots 150,000 free spins offer. This slot is full of features, unlike the most others. You will be pelted with random wilds in the random wilds feature, free spins and re-spins in the battle feature and the last chance feature.

Warlords: Crystals of Power with Slots 150,000 Free Spins Up For Offer

This NetEnt slot has 5 reels and 30 paylines. It comes with separate free spins feature of each of the 3 medieval rulers i.e. The Barbarian, The Priestess, and The Samurai.

The Crystals of Power symbol is the wild of the slot. There is a whole range of stacked wilds and wild substitutions happening on the reels making those lovely paylines for you. The scatters of the game are the symbols of the weapons of the rulers- hammer, arrow and the sword.

Combinations of these drift you towards the free spins, and additional scatters and wilds on the reels generating random payouts for you. Seemingly complicated high variance slot, Warlords: Crystals of Power slots game definitely will keep you on your toes!

Play the New Warlords: Crystals of Power Slots 150,000 Free Spins

Feel ‘Powerful’ with the Slots 150,000 Free Spins Giveaway Offer

Enjoy one of the lifetime opportunities through the slots 150,000 free spins Giveaway offer in the game which is already full of free spins. So, you will be tired of counting the number of free chances you have to spin the reels. This offer is valid between 25th and 27th November. You are rewarded with 10 spins each time you deposit £10 in your accounts. Moreover, if there are any free spins left after the promotion end, those will be shared with all the people those deposit during the promotion. So hurry before the weekend gets over!

Know-How Of The Wagering Requirements

All the winnings earned from the slots 150,000 free spins will carry a wagering requirement of 30x the total amount earned. There are only specific games that will count towards fulfilment of the wagering requirements. You can refer to the list on the promotions details page. Any Bonus credits will be made to your account within 3 working days after the end of the promotion.

However, these spins will be valid for only 7 days. Also, if you withdraw the funds before the wagering is complete, you will be bound to void all winnings earned from this promotion. Only the real money bets will be considered towards the wagering requirement. Wagers made on mobile slots free spins will not add up to the wagering requirement. Once credited the bonus remains valid for 28 days. If the wagering requirements are not completed in this period, the bonus free spins will be removed from your account.

So forget everything else and begin the unending entertainment. Just deposit and start spinning!

A Complete Guide on 1 3 2 6 System of Online Baccarat Game

There are several strategies that can be employed to play an online Baccarat game. Out of these, few like the Martingale system are quite risky and may let you lose a big amount of money in a short time. The 1 3 2 6 strategy or system used to play online Baccarat game is the method of choice for many seasoned Baccarat players. It is because first of all, it is very simple to understand and use.

Secondly, it doesn’t ask you to chase your losses whereas it lets you make profits from small winning streaks. Third and the most importantly, it limits your losses thereby you never lose a lot of money with it.

A Complete Guide on 1 3 2 6 System of Online Baccarat Game

How to Use the 1 3 2 6 System Of Online Baccarat Game?

As the name suggests, this system uses a 1 3 2 6 sequence to place bets in an online Baccarat game. Your first bet starts with 1 unit. It is up to you to decide the unit size before you begin playing. If you win this bet, you place a bet of 3 units, if you lose it you start again with 1 unit. Similarly, if you win 3 units, you place a bet of 6 units else start all over again with 1. Whether you lose or win the bet of 6 units, you start again from 1 unit.

So in essence, your maximum profit by winning all four bets will be 1+ 3+ 2+ 6 = 12 units and maximum loss will be 2 units (If you win the first bet and lose second or if you win first two bets and lose third).

Remember that this system works best on the even bets i.e. 1:1. Hence if you would like to play with this, you should bet on player’s hand instead of banker’s.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 1 3 2 6 System

The main advantage here is that there are no big losses suffered using it. Since you are not chasing your losses but limiting them by placing 1 unit bet whenever you lose, you won’t be betting large and eventually losing it.

The main disadvantage is that you nullify the possibility of that big win. You won’t be betting large, hence you limit your losses but at the same time limit your wins as well. Moreover, your winning streak is made up with small bets only so you cannot capitalise much on a long winning streak too.

How to Play Jacks or Better Video Poker?

To play Jacks or Better Video Poker, all you need is to understand the rankings of a hand in a standard game of Poker. Rest everything is pretty simple. In this game, you are dealt five cards. You can draw two more cards to make the best winning combination by keeping or discarding the earlier ones. Any winning combinations you make in the first draw stay in place for the second one. But if you wish, you can hold combinations as per your will.

How to Play Jacks or Better Video Poker?

Play Jacks or Better Video Poker – Know the hands

Following is a list of all the hands:


Royal Flush
Straight Flush
Four of a Kind
Full House
Four to a Royal Flush
Three of a Kind
Four to a Straight Flush
Two Pair
High Pair
Three to a Royal Flush
Four to a Flush
Low Pair
Four to a Straight
Three to a Straight Flush
Two to a Royal Flush
Two High Cards
One High Card

Depending upon the cards you are dealt with, you will hold the cards or draw new cards. For example, if you are dealt two high cards, you will hold these two cards and draw three cards.

What Else to Know?

After you place the bet to play Jacks or Better Video Poker, you will be dealt five cards. If you get Jacks or better after you draw two cards, you win an amount depending upon your initial stake. The lowest bet pays 1x of your original bet amount. If you would like to win more, you should place a higher bet.

Gamble your Winnings

After you make a winning combination, you can choose to either take out the payout or you can gamble your winning amount. The gamble game displays options to choose the colour or suit of the face down card on the screen. If you do it correctly, you win double the winning if you bet on the colour and make it four times if you bet on the suit.

To play Jacks or Better Video Poker, you require much more than the luck. You have to use the correct strategy to make the highest winning combination and hence earn maximum from the game. If you do so, you can pretty much get rid of the house edge. It is a Poker game which is very interesting and is a lot of fun to play. You can also try the free version first before playing with real money.

Try Out the New Superhero slots At Jackpot Mobile Casino

Everyone has a favourite childhood superhero whom they dream of meeting at least once in their lifetime. Jackpot Mobile Casino brings you four great superhero slots that promise you a chance to spend as much time as you want with the superhero of your choice albeit virtually. So apart from watching the movies based on your superhero, you can now play the superhero slots and enjoy all the more.

Many of these superheroes originated mainly from the comic books published in America by the DC comics, a subsidiary of Warner bros. Their Justice League comics, Batman, Superman, and The Flash comic characters are the heartthrobs of many. These costumed characters apart from possessing certain supernatural powers are normal people in life and portrayed to have taken the responsibility of saving the town from the clutches of evil forces.

Try Out the New Superhero slots At Jackpot Mobile Casino

Four Great Superhero Slots To Choose From

Justice League is a fictional superhero team that is created by cartoonists at the American DC comics. It is also known as Justice League of America. It released its first comic book in the year 1960 and comprise of a team of superheroes that include Batman, Aquaman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Since then, there have been many subsequent releases and the team has been a part of many movies and comic books versions. And now we have some superhero slots based on it.

Justice League Slots – As Powerful As The Team

Justice League slots powered by NextGen is a game comprises of 5 reels and 25 payline and is just like the comic book, it features many superheroes such as Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash and Batman. Overflowing with features, you get to play the random team rescue feature where the three middle reels witness symbols changing into wilds. Then there is the superhero power up feature where you keep on getting free spins until the wilds or the superheroes keep on appearing. The attack on metropolis feature gives you at least ten free spins and the other can be easily won from the frequent wild symbols that this feature sees. If you collect sufficient wilds, you get to play for a 10x multiplier in the superhero spins feature.

The Batman – “It’s Not Who I Am Underneath But What I Do That Defines Me”

Also called the Caped Crusader or the Dark Knight, the Batman character of Detective comics has always enjoyed the maximum popularity. In his real life, he is called Bruce Wayne. There are several fantastic movies made on this character including the very famous The Dark Knight movie where the actor- Heath Ledger played the role of the Joker.

Batman slots is a 5×4 reel superhero slots that come with 50 paylines that are full of the famous batman gadgets including the Batmobile, Bike, Batarang, and what not. Along with it, you meet the enemy, The Joker and his paraphernalia including the squirting flower, the playing card, and the gun. The slot comes with features such as the bonus bet, batman wilds with re-spins, and Decent in madness. It is a high variance slot game and comes with a decent return to player percentage of 95.71%.

Superman- The Red Caped God

“There is a wrong and a right in the universe and the distinction is not hard to make”. Superman another creation of DC comics is the oldest superhero out there. He has superpowers and is out to save the world from all the bad. Now, we have superhero slots game dedicated to this character.

Play with Superman Wilds in This Superhero Slots Game

Superman slots is a 5 reel 50 paylines game that has comic style graphics. The superhero is the wild icon who lets you enjoy double wins in the base game. Also, in the free spins round, apart from ten free spins, you get one wild reel with 5x multiplier applied to the wins. Do try your hands on the ‘Save the world’ feature, which can only be activated with the little expensive bonus bet. Your aim is to catch Lex Luther and win a 100x cash prize.

The Flash – The Only One Faster Than The Speed Of The Light

Created by DC comics, the Flash character showcases the life of Barry Allen, a forensic scientist, whose lab is hit by a lightning bolt thereby imparting him super speed. He can now run as fast as light if not more and is obsessed with solving crimes around him. Based on this character, The Flash superhero slots game is also as interesting as his comics.

30 Paylines with Rogues and Speedster Features

The Flash slots come with unique features and handsome wins. The Flash will pay you 5x in the base game which increased to 10x in the free spins game. Enjoy the speedster feature where the base game will witness symbols changes in wilds thereby promising increased wins. Next, comes the Rogues feature which is activated by the bonus bet. Here you get 12 free spins and a host of bonus features too – expanding frozen reels, random wilds or 4 more free spins.

Each of these superhero slots promises extreme fun with all these unique bonus features, decent payouts, and of course the much-loved superhero theme. If you are the one who is an ardent lover of this theme and the related superheroes, you are sure to have a gala time playing each of these. So don’t stop the fun, spin and win!

Play IGT’s New Family Guy Slots at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Family Guy slots is based on the famous animated cartoon series that shows the adventures of the Griffin family. It is an IGT powered slot that is loaded with a host of bonus features based on each character of the show. Family Guy slots is as much interesting as the show, if not more. The entire idea of creating it originated from the wide popularity of the show and people’s unending love for the Griffin Clan.

Unique Features And Great Animations in Family Guy Slots

Family Guy slots is a 5 reel and 30 payline game that can be spun for as low as 25p and as high as £250. The characters from the TV show- Meg, Stewie, Chris, Brian the dog, Lois, and Mr Peter Griffin can be seen hopping on the reels one after the other. The accompanying symbols which are relatively of lower values are the ray guns, teddy bears, TVs, and colourful wine bottles. The Bonus symbol is a black symbol with world bonus written across it. The graphics of Family Guy slots is keenly crafted and are of high-end HD quality.

Play IGT's New Family Guy Slots at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Now, get ready to get accustomed to the bonus features you will be showered with while meeting each of the members of the family. To enumerate, one is the pick me bonus, then there are the multipliers, free spins with sticky wild features and several cross-functional bonus features.

First of all, you would obviously be interested in knowing about  the world bonus feature for which you need to bring 3 or more of the ‘World Bonus’ symbols adjacent to each other. To get the world bonus, you need to spin the globe.

Then, there is the Drunken Clan Bonus feature. To activate this, first, you are required to choose a character who will reveal a certain multiplier number. This number increases as the rest of the characters get drunk. If you aren’t a teetotaller, you are sure to be elated by the beer taps.  Well, since it is a casino mobile slots, you can just be happy with the pouring coins in the range of 5 and 750 from the beer taps. This bonus feature continues until the chosen character is the last person standing till he/she succumbs to the beer. You can expect prizes in the range of 25x and 1,000x of your stake within this.

To further add the cherry on the cake, in Family Guy slots you will find Chicken Fight feature where Peter Griffin, the head of the clan gets involved in a fight with a big fat chicken. After you choose the member who can overpower the chicken, the game continues for 3 rounds with multipliers of up to 5x if your selection wins. You’ll be awarded up to 7 prize vouchers each offering a cash prize between 5x and 1,000x.

Lastly, there is the Lois Hot Free Spins Bonus feature offering 10 free spins in Family Guy slots. You need to have the Giggity Retriggity symbol on reel 3 and you can look forward to 5 further spins. Also, if you get the wild heart symbol on reel 5, it will start filling a sort of a meter at the bottom of the screen filling the hearts. After all the 3 hearts are filled, the 4 differently coloured Lois symbols will turn to wild symbols and they will remain sticky until the end of the feature.

Among the extra bonus features in the Family Guy slots come the trio of slightly bonkers bonuses. These are activated if any of these appear on any spin that doesn’t offer a bonus. These include Peter’s feature, a cash bonus between 200-500 coins, Stewie’s feature through which 3 extra wild symbols are randomly added to the reels, Lois’ feature which awards extra cash payouts if you get specific characters. For example, Peter will boost potential payouts from 100-1,000 coins, Brian will help you to trigger World Bonus round by only 2 rather than 3 Bonus symbols.

Meet the Super Awesome Griffin Family In The Family Guy Slots

Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin is the head of the Griffin family, he is an Irish American blue-collared worker. He is portrayed to be a lazy, laid-back, dumb, outspoken, and an immature person.

Lois Griffin

Lois Patrice Griffin is Peter’s beautiful wife and Meg, Chris, and Stewie is her kids. She is a Scottish Anglo American caring housewife. She also teaches her children to play the piano. However, she is portrayed to be very flirtatious.

Meg Griffin

Meg is 18-year-old the only daughter of the Griffins. She is an introvert, self-conscious, unattractive teenage girl with very low in self-esteem. She is soft spoken.

Chris Griffin

Christopher Cross is the 14 years old socially awkward, obese, irresponsible, and quite an emotionally effusive child.

Stewie Griffin

Stewart Gilligan is a one-year-old child but known to behave in adult ways. He speaks in a British accent. He has built a time machine with his child-genius through which he and Brian have travelled through time.

Brian Griffin

Brian Griffin is portrayed as the talking dog and the best friend of both Peter and Stewie. Brian is a Brown University pass out who often behaves in a mature way, often seen ridiculing Peter’s ideas.

This November, Be A VIP Rock Star With 50 Free Spins

Monday 7th November 2016 will witness the beginning of the world’s best online casino free spins promotion which will let you have a great rocking time with the chance of winning one of its kind Rock Star experience. So now when you play NetEnt’s three great rock-themed slots Guns N’ Roses, Jimi Hendrix and Motorhead, you get a chance to visit London and watch O2 concert along with lot more cash prizes! Interested? Who wouldn’t be! Read on to find out more!

November Rocks with This Online Casino Free Spins Promotion

From 7th November until 16th November, there are 5000 prizes to be won under November Rocks online casino free spins promotion along with the bumper prize of a VIP Rock Star Experience. To participate in this offer, all you have to do is to deposit and play any of three slot games – Jimi Hendrix, Motorhead and Guns N’ Roses from the NetEnt’s Rocks Trilogy. When you make 50 free spins every time by playing these slots, you will receive one ticket and you can collect up to 50 tickets per day. The winners will be chosen by a draw held on 17th November and will be notified on 18th November 2016.

This November, Be A VIP Rock Star With 50 Free Spins

VIP Rock Star experience Inclusions

  • Return flight tickets for two from any of the selected European airports.
  • Private return airport transport.
  • 3 nights accommodation in London’s 5 star Sanderson Hotel including breakfast.
  • 2 tickets to a gig of player’s choice at the O2.
  • Helicopter flight for two over London.
  • Dinner for two and bar tab at Roadhouse, rock n roll style Bar and restaurant.
  • 2x weekend Oyster cards to get around the city.
  • 2000 cash to spend.

Moreover, the winner gets complete management throughout the online casino free spins promotion. You can redeem the prize within six months of the promotion closing.

Other Great Prizes To Be Won

This is not all. If you are the lucky one nothing like it but even if you aren’t, you can try your luck at various other cash prizes and free spins.

  • 2nd Prize: £5000
  • 3rd Prize: £3000
  • 4th – 5th Prize: £1000
  • 6th – 20th Prize: £500
  • 21st – 50th: £100
  • 51st – 100th: £50

These cash prizes including the £2000 cash for the 1st place are worth £25000. Moreover, there are no wagering requirements on these cash prizes. Furthermore, there are a lot of free spins to be won:

  • 101 – 200: 100 free spins
  • 201 – 1000: 50 free spins
  • 1001 – 3000: 20 free spins
  • 3001 – 5000: 10 free spins

These free spins from the online casino free spins promotion will be valid on Guns N’ Roses, Jimi Hendrix and Motorhead slots. The winners will be notified via email or SMS. After the bonus program has been activated, the winners must login into their accounts within 5-7 days.

So what are you waiting for? Unleash your gaming enthusiasm and try your luck at having a fantastic time in the Rock N’ Roll capital with this November Rocks online casino free spins promotion!

Play Starburst Slots With 350 Free Spins

If you are looking to play the best space-themed slot game out there and earn some cool free spins at the same time, you should make use of the Starburst mobile slots free spins promotion. Under this giveaway, you get 50 free spins not once, or twice, or thrice but for the entire week. All you have to do is deposit a minimum of £10 and become eligible to enjoy free spins on that day.

Starburst Slots Free Spins – What is the Validity?

November 3rd marks the beginning of this great promotion and it stays there for one complete week until November 9, 2016. You can avail this offer on the first deposit made every day of this week. These free spins will be credited to your account within three working days of the promotion end date. To avail these, all you are required to do is launch Starburst slots to activate them. These spins will be worth 10p and can only be used on only to play Starburst.

Play Starburst Slots Free Spins at Jackpot Mobile Casino

What Wagering Requirements This Promotion Holds?

The standard wagering requirements must be met for you to enjoy Starburst slots free spins. All the bonus funds earned from these carry a wagering requirement of 30x of the total amount earned. The wagering requirements would be settled from the following wallets in this order: Real money, Bonus, Free spins bonuses.

The bonus funds will convert automatically once you complete the requirements. One important point to note is that only one free spins bonus is activated at a time. So, before availing this offer one should go to ‘my account’ tab and check the queue for any pending bonuses. Once credited, these remain valid for 7 days, so remember to use them before they expire. If you withdrew funds without the wagering requirements are met, all the bonuses would lapse, so please ensure to complete the required wagers before you do so.

Starburst is a great slot to play with its simple gameplay yet wonderful graphics and decent rewards. Starburst slots free spins casino promotion is a cherry on the topping. Make maximum use of this promotion and have a wonderful week full of gaming and earning great payouts.