Different types of Progressive Slots

Are you looking for that one single life changing win when playing the slots games? Then Progressive Slots are the ones to play. The slots are popular and the most played casino games, both in the online and land based versions. Considering that they make millions for the players, through these slots, basic understanding of what it is, how they work and their types is important.

What are Progressive Slots?

A Progressive slot is similar in all respects to the regular slots except for the jackpot. Playing a regular slot game; the casino mobile slots or the land based version is simple with the winning payline giving you the jackpot. This depends on the payouts given for the different game symbols and the gameplay of that particular game.

The Progressive slot, on the other hand largely depends on the increasing jackpot. A small amount/value is contributed to the increasing jackpot, by the player for every bet that they make on the game. There is no fixed value for the jackpot and it keeps on increasing until one player wins the amount.

This contribution can be from a network of interlinked slot machines in a single casino, or through different online casinos. Since thousands of virtual machines are interlinked, such slots can grow quite fast. It continues to grow until one player wins the pile of money, after which it resets to the starting value.

To win, the player needs to place maximum bet and on all the paylines.

Types of Progressive Slots

Of all the mobile casino slot that the players end up playing, such slots hold a special glamour. The thrill of winning the life changing amount on a single spin, is the pulling force for the players. There are different variations that the players can select from.

Standalone Progressive Slots – More commonly seen in a land based casino, it is distinct with the flashing progressive slot meter showing the current jackpot value and of course, the excitement seen in the people surrounding them. The jackpot is not connected to any other slot machine. This amount increases when a small percentage of the coins used to play, contributes to the jackpot. The jackpot amount is comparatively small as it is not connected to any of the networks.

Local/Proprietary/In-House Progressive Slots – Such slots are linked to a network of slot machines, within a single casino. The mobile slot games are developed in house by the casino or by the gaming provider. Sometimes, the jackpot can be linked together even though they are housed in different casinos. It’s because the same gaming provider supplies the games to these establishments. The jackpot is bigger than the standalone ones.

Wide Area Progressive Slots – These are most popular and widely played slot games. Linked over a network of different casinos, the jackpot grows through the contribution of thousands of players. The jackpot can runs into millions providing the life changing opportunity for the players.

The big infrastructure costs involved in setting up a wide area progressive slot, limits the casinos. As a result the payout percentage is smaller for these slots.

Random Progressive Slots

Sometimes the game providers develop games which dole out the progressive slot randomly. It depends on the individual slots gameplay.
There are other categories, which are specific to certain slot games. Sometimes called as the Mysterious progressive slots, it usually comprises of two types – the Minor progressive and the Major Progressive slots. Usually it works as an interlinked multi-tiered progressive slot. The players can win small but regular minor progressive slots, while playing for the big but infrequent major progressive slots.

Handy Tips for Winning on a Progressive Jackpot Game

Now that you know the different types, certain tips will come in handy when playing these games.

Keep sufficient backup bankroll when playing them. The maximum bet should be placed on all the paylines to have a winning chance. The player should note that different slot machines have different betting limits.

Always keep tight control on your budget. You will never win every time you play for them. The allure of trying to win the progressive jackpots sometimes makes the player go overboard with their betting limits. These tips and tricks will tell you how to win the Progressive Jackpots.

The wagering requirements, T&Cs of withdrawal of the jackpot amount should be noted, before playing these games. Read the fine print before playing with real money.

NextGen’s 300 Shields to go Wild on Jackpot Mobile Casino!

NextGen’s ‘300 shields’ is a theme game based on the famous movie 300 and is now available for all the Spartans around the globe. This game is all about the MADMEN where honour and glory matters. It’s not about the words that King Leonidas chooses it’s rather about the decisions that gave him glory. This game has highly rewarding game play, which allows brave and courageous people to win graceful amount of money.

300 Shields is a Breathtaking Slot Machine!

It is said that only a Spartan woman can give birth to a real man and only a real gambler can take all the winning of 300 shields home. 300 shields is all about the thrill and glory that can be found in a battle field only. But Jackpot Mobile Casino has brought it to your mobile phones.

You will not find any potter, sculpture or a blacksmith in the army of Spartans. All you will find is the barbarous swords and shields of the Spartan warriors. The most amazing and highly paying symbol of 300 shields is the shield of Spartans itself. It is the scatter bonus symbol of this game and it holds the power of mighty 300 Spartans that eventually defeated the Persians.

In this thrilling war game, every time you get 3 or more shields at the same time, 5 free spins with 2x multipliers is awarded to you. Once you get these 3 shields all you have to do is get more and more shields to make a strong wall that could hold thousands of Persians. Again, if you encounter 2 or more shields during the first 5 free spins then additional 5 spins are awarded to you, but this time you get a 5x multiplier for those 5 free spins.

You only get more here!

The best part of 300 shields is that it lives up to its name and thus the fun of shields doesn’t end here. It rather keeps on increasing. Because if you again get 6 or more shields during the 5 free spins awarded consecutively after the first 5 free spins then additional 5 free spins are awarded to you and this time you get a 25x multiplier. Now if you again get a total of 12 or more shield symbols during these 5 free spins, then you a get colossal 300x multiplier for the next 5 free spins. So, 300 shields is not just a game, it’s a MADNESS! And only a courageous Madman can play this game.

This game is a must play for all the 300 fans. It is one and only slot game that is not just about the money but it’s about the glory and thrill of being a part of those heroic 300 Spartans who fought for their nation. As King Leonidas said the Spartans fight for glory! The Spartans never retreat! The Spartans never surrender! Spartans fight! They win or they die! Similarly, this game is about the gamblers who are not afraid to bet whether they win or they lose! Whatsoever they do they do it wholeheartedly!

Get Lucky 24×7 on our Latest Mobile Slots

Today the world of online mobile slots is expanding day and night. With the amazing new mobile slots, you can get lucky 24×7. The latest mobile slots like Spinata Grande and Dracula not only give you the chance to win a big amount of money, but also provides unique theme based gaming experience. Every casino, as always, gives an opportunity to its players to escape this world of constant fear and calculated life steps. The online mobile casinos are designed for you to take a look at the unpredictable and random gifts of your life in a minute.

Graphically Enhanced theme based Latest Mobile Slots are here to make you Lucky 24×7

The latest mobile slots of the online casinos are getting more and more exciting. You can either say that the reason behind the creation of these new slots is the growing competition or just the growing demand. They have the ability to make you rich in an instant. The best part is that they make you lucky 24×7 as they can be played at any place at any time.

The best of the latest mobile slots includes movie based games like Jack and the Beanstalk. As the name says, this game is based upon the classic story of a young farm boy Jack. This story is about the boy Jack who finds a magical bean that grows to be a giant beanstalk that leads him to the land of giants. There he gets a golden goose and a golden harp. The highest paying free re-spins and Treasure collection feature of this game makes you rich in a glimpse.

The latest mobile slots today are based on the Roman Empire and wars too. One of such famous games is Victorious Slots. Victorious mobile slots is based upon the conquering age of the Romans. This game is based on the 243 ways to win technology. The amazing game play of this game gives you up to 25 free spins and as big as a 50x multiplier on the total betting amount of a spin.

Another dazzling latest mobile slot machine with vivid animations is the theme based Dracula mobile slots. This game has bloodthirsty animated Dracula that pays you big stacks of money. The stacked Dracula and Maiden symbol of this game pays you as high as 200 times of the line bet. This game also has thrilling bat feature that is triggered randomly during the free spins. This feature transforms symbols in randomly chosen similar symbols and forms winning patterns. Play this game not only for the money, but for its vivid graphics and realistic animations.

The themes of these latest slots are not only restricted to the movies and fictional characters today, but go beyond the imagination! As a result we also have culture based theme slots too. One such slot is on Mexican theme – Spinata Grande mobile slots. The colossal symbols of this game pay you colossal amount of winnings. The free spin and Extra spin feature of this game ensures that you win the jackpot of this game again and again. This game is a must play for its vivid Colossal bonus symbol and mini slot feature.

If you think that you deserve to get lucky 24×7 then just play these mobile slots now as they will ensure that you get lucky every minute in only a minute!

Dazzle your fortune with Dazzle Me slot game!

You will be glad to hear that Jackpot Mobile Casino brings to you amazing and unique Dazzle Me slot game. This game is glitteringly awesome and better than most of the other diamond- fruit themed mobile slot. Today’s world of casino mobile slots is not at all about those fruit slots only where you were considered lucky only, if you get 3 sevens or cherries. It is all about the amazing gameplay and graphics these days. This growing era of casino games gave rise to must play games like Starburst, Twin Spin etc. These games changed the way one thinks about the fruit and diamond slots.

Something that is better than Starry Starburst and high paying Twin Spin is Dazzling Dazzle Me slot!!

Starburst is a high paying game with golden bars and glittering emeralds and rubies. This game has amazing stacked wild rainbow star that gives you free spins every time it’s encountered it is amazing yet something is better than it.

A Twin Spin pays you for all 243 possible ways and a game with very high winning frequency. It is also filled with BAR, cherries and Diamond. The best part of this game is twin reel system which links two reels with identical symbols together, this twin reel can further expand to give you triple or even quadruple identical reels. This game is amazing but still something is better than this.

Something that is better than these amazing games is Dazzle Me slot. The Dazzle Me slot has seven, golden bell and other colourful gems. The jackpot amount for this game is 40000 credits which is far more than the maximum winning amount of 25000 credits of Starburst and Twin Spin slots. The game play of this game is better as it has a unique 2-2-3-3-5 reel arrangement which is hardly seen in any slot these days. The Dazzle Me slot has as high as 76 high paying pay lines as compared to 10 pay lines of starburst and 243 ways to win of Twin Spin slots.

The free spins can be won in The Dazzle Me slot by getting 3 or more ‘free spin’ symbols in any position. For 3, 4 or 5 free spin symbol you get 8, 12 or 16 free spins. The other feature of this game is dazzling wild reels. This dazzling wild reel appears randomly with stacked wild diamond symbols. Any reel from 1 to 5 can turn into a stacked wild reel randomly. This wild reel can substitute for all the symbols except for the free spin symbol. Another feature of this game similar to twin reel slots is the linked reel feature. These linked reels appear during the free spins only in this game. The identical linked reels that can appear could be reel 1 and reel 2 or reel 3 and reel 4. Reel 5 of this game couldn’t be linked with any other reel. These linked reels of same symbols increases chances of winning.

The Dazzle Me slot game is in other words, a better version of Twin Spin slots and Starburst slots game. Its unique features make it different from any other diamond-fruit slot and make it a must play game. So if you like to dazzle then do play this game as soon as possible!

Guide to The Best Touch Mobile Casino Games!

A touch mobile casino is something which you can operate with mere touch of your fingers. Most of the mobile phones today are touch screens only. This gave rise to touch mobile casino games. Playing a touch mobile casino game is very simple yet risky as it involves real time money transactions. This Jackpot Mobile Casino’s guide to the best touch mobile casino games will help you in finding out the best games around and will make sure that you play safe and don’t become a victim of a fraud or scam. Today, Jackpot Mobile Casino itself offers a variety of the best games. The best of the games you can play here includes theme based games like Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, Twin Spin, Spinata Grande, Dracula, South Park and other legends like Foxin’ Wins, Jackpot Jester, 300 shields and many more.

Have on the Go with Touch Mobile Casino!

Gambling or playing a slot game gives you a thrill as it can give you all and can even take it all. The game is enjoyed most when it is played without a second thought. A second thought comes to mind only if you are playing on a wrong slot or at a not so known mobile casino or it some cases at a wrong time. A good and experienced gambler hardly makes this mistake. But for the new players there are some basic tips which will help them in understanding every essential part of the touch mobile casino.

First and foremost, always download from a secure game provider. So every time you download, make sure that you download the correct game and from the right provider. Make sure that your game provider provides fastest and 100% secure payment system. Buy chips from the provider only if you are well satisfied with your provider’s services.

Secondly, always do the backgrounds check. Know your game provider and the game you play. Try to avoid the rouge casinos. Always research about the casino you choose to play at and play at well reputed and known casinos only. Do not play at black listed casinos, ever. They will allure you with big prices and bonuses, but just avoid them. You can always find the list of black listed casinos online.

Play at reputed and secure casinos that provide maximum match bonuses. Some casinos offer No deposit bonus while some offer deposit bonuses. Some common known match bonuses are, 50% match bonus, this means every time you make a deposit you get 50% more of it deposited in your account. 100% match bonus gives you double of your deposited money. 200% match bonus or higher works in the same fashion as the other percentage based match bonuses. Higher match bonuses allures players, but always go through the terms and conditions and other wagering requirements before making a deposit.

No deposit bonuses on the other hand, are very rare and allow you to play without depositing any money. It is designed for the sceptical player’s who doesn’t like to give their money in the hands of casinos. Other than these, you can get a monthly/weekly bonus, Banking Bonus, High roller bonus, Referral bonus and many more.

A player should always opt for the game and the game provider that suits him the most. Our basic advice is that always go with the safest and the one with a good reputation. Then choose the one which gives you maximum suitable bonus. My last but most important advice is play while holding your lucky totem and whether you win or lose never forget to enjoy the game!

Irish Eyes Slots vs Irish Eyes 2 Slots

Irish Eyes and Irish Eyes 2 slots are two amazing games that narrate an Irish saga and are all about a redhead beauty lost in Irish forest. These Irish theme based games are very popular among the players because of their amazing game play and soothing graphics. The environment that is built in this game has it all, be it a pot of gold from leprechaun or the simple shamrock leaf. Irish eyes 2 slots is the sequel of the famous Irish eyes mobile slot game. It has a better graphics and a better game play as compared to its prequel. It also has a very charming snippets like, ‘Who’s that girl? She’s Wild!’ that can be heard at the beginning of the game. The vivid graphics of this game take you to the dense forests of Ireland where you can even find the magical leprechauns.

Irish Eyes 2 Slots is a better and advanced version of its prequel!

The girl, the leprechaun and his pot are all same, the only difference is that the red beautiful girl has come this time with more money and the leprechaun’s gold pot has more gold!

Irish Eyes went viral because of its amazing Irish theme. So, Jackpot Mobile Casino decided to bring to you its better version with Irish Eyes 2 slots. The theme of both the games is same but there are lots and lots of fun elements added in the latter version. Both the games have 5 reels and 25 paylines. The symbols however are different. Irish eyes have a golden lake, a pot of gold and a shamrock leaf. On the other hand Irish Eyes 2 slots have a golden heart of the Irish beauty, leprechaun’s hat, Irish pipe and a shamrock leaf. The symbols of the latter version are graphically enhanced and are better than the previous version.

Irish Eyes Slots

Irish Eyes Paytable

Both the games have wild and scatter symbols. The Irish Eyes have a wild leprechaun and scattered red beauty. On the other hand, Irish Eyes 2 has a wild beauty and a scattered gold pot. In Irish Eyes you can get a maximum of 12 free spins at once while in Irish Eyes 2 you can get as big as 20 free spins.

Irish Eyes has its amazing player’s favourite Pick Me Bonus. It triggers when a leprechaun appears on reel 1 and 5. During this Pick Me Bonus you can win up to 100 times of your triggering bet. Once this round is triggered you have to choose symbols. The multiplier award, which you get during this round, gets multiplied by the total bet of the triggering spin.

In Irish Eyes 2 slots, the bonus feature is the random gold pot feature. This triggers the free spins plus when you get 2 of the gold pots anywhere, you get 2 times of the total bet! That is not it, on getting 5 of these; you can get 100 times of your bet! This is definitely huge!

Irish Eyes 2 Slots

Irish Eyes 2 Paytable

Irish Eyes 2 slots definitely have more when compared to its prequel Irish Eyes slots, which is a hit among the slot addicts. This is what makes this game a must play. In addition, the new and brighter redhead beauty is back and she is worthy of your visit!

Arrival of 243 ways of winning in mobile casino games!

It is said that the only thing that doesn’t change is change itself. If a change is evident, you just can’t stop it. But what’s better than a change? It’s the transformation. A transformation is a change that retains the previous characteristics of a thing and just adds few better things to it. The arrival of this technology in mobile casino games is not a change it is a transformation in the world of online casino. With 243 ways of winning, there is more fun and more winning possibilities in your gambling. This creative technology is designed to give you more money, more number of wins and more fun.

The simple mechanism of 243 ways of winning!

Now the most important and basic question that comes to mind is what does this 243 ways of winning mean? In simple words, it is nothing but just 243 possible payline patterns that are provided to you for every single spin in a game. It means when you spin in a game designed on 243 ways of winning technology, you have 243 different chances of getting a win. That is amazingly big! This pays you every time you get 3 or more same symbols on adjacent reels from leftmost to rightmost column. And this happens a lot!

Pay lines vs 243 ways of winning

What’s fun in a gamble with restrictions? A gamble is something that gives you all or takes it all. Paylines restrict your winning probability. After all, what is 10, 20, 30, or even 60 paylines in front of enormously big 243 paylines? 243 ways technology is nothing but just 243 paylines only. Another disadvantage of payline based games is the selection of paylines. Sometimes a player doesn’t bet on a winning payline and at the end of the spin gets disappointed. Which payline to select and which to leave is always a very big problem for players! In 243 ways technology you always have to bet for all 243 ways with a comparatively very small amount. So this makes your every bet eligible for getting winning amount for all 243 ways.

Significance of 243 ways of winning

This technology came into existence in around 2009. Before the release of this technology, games like Cash-a-pillar were a big hit because of their huge 100 pay line patterns. A player always wants more; there is no end to a man’s need and greed! Even 100 pay lines couldn’t satisfy a gambler. The only reason for that is that very restriction. Why 100 if he can have 243?! This very feeling gave rise to this high paying amazing technology. These 243 ways gets even better when wilds and scatters are brought into the game play. A wild is something that substitutes for other symbols. Getting such symbol in game which has 243 winning possibilities gives a player a great opportunity to win.

Some legends of online casino world are based on this technology only. It is 243 ways of winning only because of which we have Choy Sun Doa, Cash Stampede and many more amazing games in the world of online casino. Get more at Jackpot Mobile Casino!

Don’t Be a quackpot, Try Doctor Love on Vacation!

Don’t go for a quackpot when you have Doctor Love on the rescue! Whether on a vacation or at his workplace, Doctor Love will cure all the gambling madness for you. Jackpot Mobile Casino ensures none of its users fall for the quackpot, who claim to have a better expertise than our beloved Doctor Love.

Quackpot or Doctor, what’s your call?

Doctor Love and its sequel Doctor Love on Vacation are two popular slots on new mobile casino. Though the second one is the sequel, it has a lot of different goodies to offer. Doctor Love is all about curing your health and wealth problems, and Doctor Love on Vacation has all the solutions to your problems right on the beach! What to expect? Patients flaunting their suntans, Pina Coladas in everyone’s hand, and our very own handsome Doctor Love with his brilliant smile – this much and much more, which you can never get from other quackpots.

There is a reason why doctors are doctors and others are not! Isn’t it best for us to stay away from such quackpots? If we can take precautions in our real life, why ignore our online gambling? Keep distance from the fakes and trust Doctor Love! He is not just another handsome man on the block; his smile can cure all the diseases. And if you play his slots, you are just going to have a longer and wealthy life!

Doctor Love slots and Doctor Love on Vacation slots are two mobile casino games with very different themes. While Doctor Love is all about hot nurses and hospitals, Doctor Love on Vacation is about the beach and cocktails. Whichever theme interests you more, go for it! Both versions of Doctor Love will take away your woes, whether it is with his hospital skills or with the fun quotient on the beach.

Doctor Love Slots

Doctor Love Paytable

Set your bets, click on autospin or spin manually – and enjoy the coins that fill your pocket. This time it is not the hospital bills you pay, it is your account that gets full of gold. Enjoy amazing features that are tagged along – Wild, Scatter and Gamble features. While both the slots are pretty simple to play, they have even a better payout! Watch out for the wilds and you will end up having more than you can think of!

Doctor Love on Vacation Slots

Doctor Love on Vacation Paytable

Can a quackpot give you that? Not at all! All they can give is some advice which is not reliable at all. So why go for something not authentic when you have Doctor Love to your rescue? With a little love and lots of cash, have the most amazing gambling experience on Jackpot Mobile Casino. Play from your smart phones, tablets or PCs – anytime and anywhere! The charm of Doctor Love will steal the show when you spin and win. Be richer only on Jackpot Mobile Casino.

Christmas Comes Early at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Christmas is coming early this year and it will rain Jackpots! The wave of Christmas chill will hit your mobile screens in November this year. As this Christmas will be very special for you and all the credit goes to the Jackpot Mobile Casino. This mobile casino is all set to bring amazingly different and excitingly amazing 35 plus new games to dazzle you in all possible ways. Christmas is all about getting the surprise; a surprise well-wrapped in glittering gift wrappers. The fun of opening them one by one is what makes Christmas really special. Jackpot Mobile Casino has wrapped your early Xmas gifts and is all set to deliver it to you. And the best part is that you don’t even have to hang a sock all night to lure the Santa to get them!

It’s raining JACKPOT this Christmas!

The latest big news for all the charming gamblers and fans of the Jackpot Mobile Casino is that this lot of new games will also have games from your favourite game makers like NextGen – NYX & NetEnt!!! Isn’t it exciting! This integration of Jackpot Mobile Casino with these great game providers will take your gaming experience to the whole new level.

Now it’s time to raise the curtain and open all the neatly packed gifts one by one. One amazingly awesome part of opening a gift is to guess what’s inside. So, let’s follow this tradition and open your presents one by one.

The first stack of gift is brought to you by none other than Nintendo’s NextGen NYX. On the top of this stack is a present that has the entire universe inside it and is full of stars, it is all time favourite, ‘Starmania’. Next wrapped in banana peels and will make you wild is ‘Gorilla Go Wild Scratch’. The next one is wrapped in glittering golden foil and has a cute beautiful lady jester inside; it is ‘Jackpot Jester Wild Nudge’. Next box contains two surprises in one; the wrapper seems Irish and the box is heavy as a pot of gold, this box contains the red head beauty of ‘Irish Eye’ and ‘Irish Eyes 2’. The hooting of an owl can be heard from the next box and it contains the game ‘Owl Eyes’. This new box buried deep down in stack seems very old and mystic as it has all time favourites the ‘300 Shields’. One box has a ‘Doctor Love’ and another has a ‘Volcano Eruption Scratch’. And there is many more.

The other stack of games is sent by NetEnt, it has also sent its very best to compete with the others. This Christmas, you get to go on a quest via ‘Gonzo’s Quest slots’, you can take a look inside your piggy bank by playing ‘Piggy Riches’, you can figure out the feelings of a vampire by partnering with ‘Dracula’, you can travel the world using the money that will be given to you by ‘Magic Portals’. Whip the piñata with ‘Spinata Grande slots’ and grab precious gems with ‘Dazzle Me slots’. And you can experience much more fun by playing the every other 15 to 20 games that is gifted to you by the prestigious game partner NetEnt.

There are 35+ online casino mobile games more lying in the bag of Santa and these above are some of them; it includes many a game that is made only for you by Jackpot Mobile Casino’s other game partners like Aristocrat NYC and Realistic NYC. So just sing the new official Christmas version song of Jackpot Mobile Casino,” Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way. Oh! What fun it is to play all these new games and Jingle all the way”!