Differences between Jumping Jack Cash and Wild Cat Canyon Slots

Slot games are fun to play because of their storylines and unique bonus features. With so many new mobile slot games around, you will definitely find some of them quite similar when it comes to the theme of the game. Here are two such newly launched Jackpot Mobile Casino games that look alike on several fronts: Jumping Jack Cash and Wild Cat Canyon slots. They have the same backdrop of a calm desert. Though they look similar, the features, bonuses and stakes are all different.

How Different is Wild Cat Canyon Slots Game?

Differences between Jumping Jack Cash and Wild Cat Canyon Slots

  • Wild Cat Canyon Slots

Though the setup of the theme in this game has a desert, the backdrop is actually a canyon. This five reels slot has 25 paylines that you can adjust as per your preference. The theme is based on the wild cat that is on hunting mode to catch its prey, an animal that looks like the road runner. The betting limit starts with as low as £0.01 and goes up to £250 as a maximum per spin. The cat is the wild symbol and appears only on second and fourth reel substituting for all except scatter symbol. The scatter feature is the cat’s paw print and three of them give you free spins that you can choose between 5 with 10x win, 10 spins with 5x win and 15 with 3x win. This game offers an RTP of 95.46%.

  • Jumping Jack Cash

This slots game is totally different to Wild Cat Canyon slots as it is based on not a cat but a kangaroo named jack. The background is a plain desert in the Australian outback and not a canyon in California. There are five reels and no defined paylines but offers 1024-way winning possibilities. The betting limit starts with £0.50 and goes up to £250 per spin. The game logo is the wild symbol and covers for all except the scatter feature. The kangaroo logo is the scatter feature and offers free spins of 7, 10 and 15 upon three, four and five symbol landings. Free spins can be re-triggered with 2, 3, 4 or 5 scatters. It has an RTP of 95.95% with various bonus wins.

Play & Spot The Difference

Both Wild Cat Canyon slots and Jumping Jack Cash slots offer fun and entertainment along with various bonus features. Though the theme looks similar, they are very different in several aspects. Play them at Jackpot Mobile Casino to know more.

A Quick Guide on Insurance in Blackjack

Blackjack is no doubt the most popular casino game in the world and a favourite game of professional gamblers. This age old game is nothing new to many but still keeps most players in dilemma, especially when it comes to insurance in Blackjack. This is an amazing benefit given to players and it helps prevent you from losing your money. The catch here is that you will end up paying 50% of your bet amount as a fee towards insurance but in return, you will get two to one on your total bet amount. So, before you try your hand at any of the Blackjack variants at Jackpot Mobile Casino, know your choices.

A Quick Guide on Insurance in Blackjack at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Why go for Insurance in Blackjack?

Insurance in Blackjack is offered only when the dealer’s open card is an Ace and in such case, the probability of the dealer winning with a Blackjack hand is higher. Once you place a bet, there will usually be no way to take back or cancel the bet. And you would want to do that once you know that dealer will win for sure. So to overcome the losses from that probability, an insurance to cover you is offered each time the dealer gets an Ace as the first card. If he gets Blackjack hand, then you may lose the hand but you will not lose your money. Instead, you will make a profit when dealer wins in this scenario as the payout is 1.5 times your bet amount. Half of your total bet is taken as a fee towards insurance, which is fair enough.

Is Insurance Good or Bad?

Though the probability of dealer winning the hand when he gets an Ace as an opening card, there is no guarantee about it. So if you have taken insurance in Blackjack but dealer does not win, then you will lose half your bet amount just like that as a fee. However, you still have a chance to win the hand but it is hard to say that you are making a profit after losing the half towards insurance. But this option may work well when you are playing a multi-hand Blackjack, where you can take insurance on one or two hands instead of all hands. In such case, it is always better you taken insurance on the hand where your bet amount is lower than other hands.

Statistical Calculation

One thing you can do before taking insurance in Blackjack is keeping track of your game statistics. Each time the dealer gets an Ace as the open card, keep note whether it turned out to be Blackjack hand or not. But make sure you are choosing the minimum possible amount for betting because what you are doing here is just learning to understand the probability. Observe for say 25 games where the dealer had Ace as face up card and analyze the results of all. If the probability of dealer winning with blackjack is more than 75% then you can take chances by availing insurance. So, higher the probability rate the better for you. And this feature is particularly beneficial when you are playing high stakes of betting.

Weigh and Take a Call

There are many theories and explanation whether or not you should take insurance in Blackjack. But at times it is really your instincts that can work wonders and you must rely on it before taking insurance. Once you make up your mind, head to Jackpot Mobile Casino and enjoy this classic in various forms.

Top 10 Tips To Win at Online Baccarat

When it comes to the most entertaining yet professional casino gaming, nothing can beat online Baccarat games because it is very easy to master. It requires certain techniques while placing your bets and there are hundreds of different proven strategies that already exist. To begin with, there are some tips which if you follow will help you make some profit by the end of the day at Jackpot Mobile Casino.

Play Online Baccarat Games Like a Pro

Top 10 Tips To Win at Online Baccarat Games

1. Baccarat is a kind of game where you cannot predict the results and requires a greater deal of luck in order to win, especially on a tie that pays 9 to 1 which is usually a rare occurrence.

2. The best part of this game is the ability to place your bets on all three positions; that is the player, banker, and tie. Doing so will ensure that you make at least one win per game and chances are that it can be a tie. Baccarat side tips also enhance your chances of winning.

3. When it comes to choosing the bet amount for each position, you need to rely on your instincts as there is no guarantee which hand wins the most.

4. One trick in these online Baccarat games is identifying the stronger position and this can be done by keeping a tab on the statistics of the earlier results.

5. Banker wins the most rounds of this game and you can rely when placing your bets on this position. However, if you are planning to play just a couple or few more rounds then this is not the ideal strategy.

6. Though banker has higher winning probability, you cannot expect a profit from few rounds as you need to spread your bets over tens or hundreds of levels to ultimately make a profit.

7. In online Baccarat games, if you are willing to place bets on all three positions, then choose the lower amount for tie followed by little higher for the player and the highest on the banker.

8. One thing you must be aware is that the banker charges a commission of 5% when you win in that position. So your return in such case will be 95% and this is a drawback for high stake players.

9. Online Baccarat games are very addictive and you will always feel that you want more money to win. Most people do the mistake of continuing the game after making big wins as it boosts their confidence. So you must learn to stop once you have made a good amount of profit of say 50% or more.

10. Based on the amount you deposit as funds to play this game, you need to plan your betting amount. Always try and split your funds over a hundred games which can increase your winning chances. The fact is that no one can win with just 10 or 20 rounds.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

There are many different variants of online Baccarat games but the tips and strategies required to be followed remain constant. This game is all about playing as many turns as possible in order to make a profit. Jackpot Mobile Casino has this classic in many versions. Try one now!

Celebrate the Easter Week at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Easter is the time of happiness and joy everywhere. The celebration and the feast keep you in positive spirits. It’s an occasion that offers a great time for people of all age groups to join hands in cherishing those moments when Jesus returned. This moment of festivities calls for a reason to celebrate and time to get deals on things that matter. This Easter, Jackpot Mobile Casino brings a whole week wins with the new Easter promotion.

Celebrate the Easter Week at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Rejoice, the Big Easter Promotion is Here

The celebration is no different at Jackpot Mobile Casino with Easter promotion to help you make most out of this festival weekend. At Jackpot Mobile Casino, there are not just one or two but a whole week of promotional offers you can benefit from, with each of 7 days offering you different kind of deals and discounts on some of the best casino slot games.

1. Da Vinci Diamonds Slots: This 5 reel slot game dedicated to the time when the world’s best artist Leonardo Da Vinci lived with many of his masterpiece creations like the Mona Lisa painting. The key attraction of this slot game is the huge number of free spins that you can win and big wins that are offered during free spins. 13th April, the day 1 of Easter Promotion offers 20 bonus spins for this game when you make the deposit using the code ‘20VINCI’.

2. Good Friday Deal: This is the day that kick starts Easter celebrations and an irresistible offer of up to £100 is offered for the taking when you make a deposit. You need to make a deposit using the code ‘MATCH100’ and you can get 100% of your deposit additional as the bonus. 14th April 2017 – Mark the date!

3. Cleopatra: This is another amazing 5 reel slot game based on the ancient Ptolemaic Egypt when Queen Cleopatra ruled the Egyptian lands. This slots game offers lots of bonus features that you can win during free spins. So 15th April, the day 3 of the promotion gives you 50 free spins in this slots game with just £10 deposit using the code ‘CLEO50’.

4. Easter Sunday: On 16th April, the most important day of Easter, there has to be something special. And Jackpot Mobile Casino is giving 50% of your deposit amount. What is great about this offer is the limit here is exceeded up to £250. You can claim the bonus on your deposit using the code ‘BOOSTED’ while adding funds.

5. Starburst Monday: 17th April is a bank holiday and 5th day of Easter where you can get 25 free bonus spins in Starburst slots with just £10 deposit at Jackpot Mobile Casino using ‘STAR25’ as the code.

6. ‘Cleomatch’ Code: This is the code you can benefit from on the sixth day of Easter promotion while adding funds that can be used in Cleopatra slots. Here you not only get 50% of your funds as a bonus but 10 free spins to use in this feature rich slot game too.

7. 200% Bonus: On 19th April, the last day of the Easter, the surprise is huge with a whopping 200% of your deposit added as the bonus in your account. ‘MATCH200’ is the code and you can get up to £40 on your deposit.

Win Every Single Day

With this Easter promotion week at Jackpot Mobile Casino, you are a winner every day of the Easter week as there are additional funds and spins that you can use to increase your winnings. A perfect gift to every gambler to celebrate the season in a unique way.

The Rise and Rise of Mobile Casino Industry

Casinos have kept people across the world attracted towards them since many decades now because of the player’s ability to make money with some luck. And with mobile casino industry, the number of players is constantly on the rise. Every day a new game is released on app markets of Android, iPhone and Microsoft platforms and the gameplay experience on mobile phones is getting better with each new game. Don’t believe it? Check out the releases on Jackpot Mobile Casino and get soaked in the experience.

The Rise and Rise of Mobile Casino Industry

Why is the Popularity of Mobile Casino Industry increasing by the Day?

The very reason why people prefer playing casino games on their smartphones is quite obvious. It is because they can play from anywhere and carry their favourite games with them. Many technology advancements in the mobile phone industry have made phones smarter, powerful and easier to use. Today, you can hardly find a Smartphone user without an internet connection in his or her phone and that has helped mobile casino industry reach more users than before.

Casino games such as slots are very easy to play on mobile devices than on computers because it starts instantly and you do not even have to find a place to sit and play these games. You can simply win money while on the go with a casino game app.

Adding funds using phones: Another key factor that contributes to the growth of the mobile casino industry is the ability to use your phone like a credit card to add funds to your casino gaming account. You can either use the balance from your prepaid account to transfer or an option to get billed if it is a post paid account. Many service providers allow this facility that makes it easier for mobile users to instantly add funds and place bets on the move. No hassles of typing your long credit card numbers or going through a series of authentication processes; just upload money with a touch of a button. Smartphones these days also offer the highest level of security features so your transaction is secured and safe to carry out.

Easy Game Options: Unlike computer systems, smartphones are based on touch screen technology and that makes it easy. Play your favourite slot game with just a tap of your finger. Most games that mobile casino industry offers has the ability to shake your phone to spin and some games even with the ability to play using your voice commands. Such advanced options attract people to choose their mobile phones over other devices to play casino games.

Go with the Trend & Wager on-the-go

Smartphone technology and mobile casino industry are going hand-in-hand with various developments and use of modern gaming technologies. The games are becoming more entertaining and new features are constantly introduced to make your gaming and winning experiences better each day. Jackpot Mobile Casino is one such destination every mobile player is headed to.

How To Play Double Ball Roulette?

When it comes to winning money in a casino with your luck, no game is more fun and exciting than Roulette. But what if the same game offers double the chances of winning in all areas of inside and outside bets? Double Ball Roulette which is played with not one but two balls that roll inside the Roulette wheel. This means, if one ball misses landing on your chosen number, the second ball is still available to make your luck stronger. So you can imagine what you can do with two balls and multiple areas of betting. At Jackpot Mobile Casino, it is available in both double zero American and single zero European style Roulette games and you can choose the one that suits your strategy.

How To Play Double Ball Roulette

Go on a Winning Spree with Double Ball Roulette Rules & Strategies

● The layout of the Double Ball Roulette wheel and the table are pretty much similar to classic Roulette game, except for two balls are released one after the other after certain time interval. You will have an option in hand to release the ball anytime before the predefined duration.

● You will have to start the game by choosing your bet amount followed by the number you want to place your bet between 0 to 36 or 00 to 36 depending on the game type. You can either choose just one number and stand a chance to win 34 times your bet when both balls land on it or two different numbers, each for one ball to win 17 times the bet per ball.

● This game also offers double ball jackpot game which is the side bet, and you can win 1200 times you bet amount if both balls land on a single number you have chosen. The bet limit in this round is usually limited to £1 or $1 depending on your country or the game you choose.

● There is no change in the types of outside bet in Double Ball Roulette as you have basic ones such as red/black, odd/even, 1 to 19, 19 to 36, etc. So the rules in these betting remain unchanged to that of conventional roulette.

Betting and Payouts

● The highest payout is when you choose a single number and both balls land on it, paying you 34 times your bet. Chances of that to happen is less likely so most people choose a minimum of two numbers to win 17 times their bet. Win from both balls will anyway make it to 34 to 1.

● The split betting in Double Ball Roulette works amazing; if you place a bet on a line between two numbers and if at least one ball land on one of the two numbers, you win 8 times the bet. But with two balls, there is a chance that you can win from both the number and take home 16 times your bet amount.

● The same works for the street betting where if one ball lands on your chosen street you get 5 to 1 but if both balls land on the street then 10 times your bet amount is what you win.

Double Your Wins Now

There are various options and betting areas you can win from in a Roulette game and Double Ball Roulette multiplies all those chances of winning by two times. So the amount of luck required to win in this game is just half of what is needed in other games at Jackpot Mobile Casino.

A Complete Guide On Blackjack Perfect Pairs Online

A Blackjack game is not complete without a side bet option and there are many side games to go with the hand of a Blackjack but nothing is better than Blackjack Perfect Pairs online. This online casino game features a side bet with three combinations to win from, and since this game has three main hands to bet on, you can stand a chance to win from three sides bet hands too. This side bet game is already very popular across the world and played in thousands of casinos in the world.

A Complete Guide On Blackjack Perfect Pairs Online

The payouts are real good and with three hands, the probability of winning is high. The betting limits start with as low as £0.10 and go up to a maximum of £1,000 per hand both for main and side games. While you explore this new variation on Jackpot Mobile Casino, here is what you need to know.

Deep Dive into the Game Rules of Blackjack Perfect Pairs Online

Side game betting

o Perfect pairs are the name of the side game in Blackjack Perfect Pairs online and regardless of the result of your Blackjack bet, you can win this side bet. There are only three combinations you can win from but there are three hands of side bets available.
o First and highest is when your initial two cards are of the same value, same colour and belong to the same suit and this gives you 25 times your bet amount.
o The second highest side bet is 12 times your bet amount which you can win when you get same value cards with the same colour, that is diamond & heart or club & spade.
o The third and final combination is when you get two cards of same value regardless of suit and colour they belong to; here you can win 6 times your bet amount.
o The results of the side bet are declared soon after dealer deals the card and before the main game begins.

Blackjack Betting

Blackjack Perfect Pairs online follows the basic rules of the classic game where your goal is to beat the dealer with 21 points or closers to it than the dealer’s hand. If you exceed it then you lose the hand, however, that has still no effect on the side bet game where you can still win. This game has an option of insurance that you can take when dealer’s face-up card is an ace.

Split & Double down

This is a feature in Blackjack Perfect Pairs online that allows you to double your bet amount and is available only when the total value of your first two cards is 9, 10 or 11. Another feature is split two cards to form two separate hands and the bet gets doubled here too. This option is available only when your first two cards are of identical face value.

Useful Tip: The probability of getting a lower value card when drawn is usually low and hence it is always better to avoid drawing further than 17, although the game allows you to since chances of getting a ‘Bust’ is more.

Watch out for the Big Payout

With a payout of up to 25 times your bet amount in the side bet and ability to play three sides and three main game hands in a single round, Blackjack Perfect Pairs online is definitely the kind of casino game that offers better winning chances over other games. The return to the player is 99.63% in Blackjack and 93.89% in perfect pairs. Waste no time in trying it at Jackpot Mobile Casino!