Pay Tribute to Guns n Roses with our New Slot Game!

Guns n Roses has been one of the legendary bands that contributed to the rock/metal music genre since the 80’s. With some amazing records sold around the world, the band is still remembered for its music by all generations. Though the band’s glorious times did end with the tiffs between the band’s front man Axl Rose and lead guitarist Slash, the band did get to make some revolutionary music during its great times. The band members might have called it quits, but the fans certainly have not. Tributes continue to roll out for the band and the latest one is Guns n Roses mobile slot dedicated to the band.

Guns n Roses Slot Game Theme

The game theme of the Guns n Roses slot game is quite straightforward. The game serves as a medium for remembering the glory days of the band and the graphics and soundtracks are all suggestive of this. The game makes use of some iconic trademark symbols of the band like the band logo, Axl Rose, Slash and many other symbols. The soundtracks used in this game are also pieces or whole versions of original Guns n Roses songs, which can all add to the element of nostalgia.

NetEnt has ensured that all the necessary permissions have been obtained from the band members to avoid any copyright and piracy issues. The impressive efforts of developers in the game is well appreciated and has certainly paid off.

Slot Specifications and Features

The Guns n Roses slot game can be considered to be a place where you can pay your respects to the band. The sound effects and the graphics are the highlights of the game and there are some winning features which will help to win huge

The 5 reels, 25 paylines mobile slot games has some flexible bet lines and options that makes the game easy to play. Features like the autospin feature can be used if you want to play the game in a streak, and listen to some heavy Guns n Roses music in repeat.

Guns n Roses Slot

The game has all conventional features that any slot game does. From Wilds to progressive multipliers, the game is not disappointing in this field either. While the wilds are simple symbol substituting wilds, the scatters in the game are progressive and also feature a progressive multiplier. So the more scatter symbols you get, the more free spins and a higher multiplier you have.


The Guns n Roses slot game is one of the best tributes that the band can have. The slot game covers all aspects from being a rewarding slot machine to a medium of being a bringer of nostalgia for the band’s loyal fans. Though the game might seem to be a little dull with features, the frequency of occurrence and the RTP of the game is decently high to make you busy. Pay homage to one of the best bands in the world right here on Jackpot Mobile Casino!

Vegas Casino – Sins of Sin City

Going to Las Vegas might be a dream for almost every person on earth who loves to gamble. Clearly, with a motto that says what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas the immediate picture that pops into our mind is about all the fun in store and the wild things that you can do there. But concentrating more on the fun part, we all know that Las Vegas is one of the gambling hubs in the world, and no visit to Vegas is complete without entering at least one Vegas Casino in your visit.

But there are some things that you should know before you actually consider putting your hard earned money into any Vegas Casino, because as flashy as they seem, all casinos always have a few tricks up their sleeve to make sure that you do not get back home entirely being a winner.

Booze to Baffle your Brain at Vegas Casino

If you thought that all casinos were being really generous and kind hearted to you by offering free booze to make your gambling night fun, think again! Unless you are some prodigal alcoholic to whom the drink is just another soft drink with no difference, you are in for some well crafted house strategies to make sure that the money stays with them.

We all know that alcohol is meant to make us all fuzzy and it impairs our judgement and perception skills. So when you load up on the free booze that you get in any Vegas Casino, you are actually digging your own grave because you won’t even be able to tell the difference between 16 and 17 in a Roulette table, let alone make big bets and cash in.

Tick Tock Stops in the Gambling Den

Have you ever got lost in a Vegas Casino? If you haven’t, then you probably own it, or gamble there too much because all casinos are designed to get you lost. The casinos have a door in some insignificant corner which you can easily lose sight of once you get to business. Sometimes people get so lost in casinos that they take a seat on a slot machine and spin the reels to just take a break from all the searching!

But what will really get you alarmed is the fact that you will never find a clock in a Vegas casino! Of course the house does not want you to leave! When you still have money in your pockets they don’t want you to say “I’m done for tonight and it’s getting late. I must go home”. Instead the no clock strategy gives you a perception that you have just been in for minutes and a few more games wouldn’t hurt. But when you get washed out, the House representatives will tell you the time and even show you the door, because you have nothing more to give them!

The Odds of Every Game

You might think that most games offer you a fair chance in winning because the world is a fair place, but think again! Only Blackjack, live Poker & live Roulette have decent house edges within 5%. There are some other notorious games that do not even give you a fair chance of winning but that is the one of the casinos’ best kept secrets. If you are a slot player then play for max bets because they give you the maximum chances for winning.

Top 10 Badass Boxing Movies

There is nothing more inspiring than people fight in a boxing ring, giving it everything they have got for a life outside the ring. There have been hundreds of movies on this sport released but very few deserve a credit. Here are some of the best boxing movies there ever has been.

10. Ali

There are a very few films that seem too good to be true and the Will Smith starring film about the legend Mohammed Ali is one of these. The movie covers all aspects of Ali’s life during his epic journey to fame.

9. The Gladiator

Though most people get the Greek epic picture in their heads when they hear this name, there was a Gladiator that rolled out in the 90’s that was one of the best rough and tough boxing movies ever. The movie really had nothing in it except some eye popping fights and amazing punches created by some acting legends.

8. Girlfight

Though it may seem a little out of ordinary and a little too dramatic, Girlfight is an awe inspiring film about how a woman can rise over the challenges of her life through boxing. The film is about a girl constantly harassed by her step father. She somehow turns up in the hands of a gym trainer through her brother and learns the art of boxing and becomes one of the greatest boxers of her time. She comes back home to finish the single greatest challenge of her life, her Step dad.

7. The Fighter

This Christian Bale starring film has a mix of everything from an epic challenge, brotherhood and even women. Though it might sound that the sport has very little to do with fighter the film is focused around the life of a boxing champ in the making searching for fame.

6. When We Were Kings

This is yet another film about Muhammad Ali’s life but focused more in the rumble in the jungle period. The film has everything that Ali had in his life including a loudmouth, and a fist that can bring some serious pain with it.

5. Fat City

The director of Fat City, John Huston himself was a boxer. The film is about two boxers, one whose career is done and the other whose career has just begun. Mixed with a bunch of emotions and some chronic drinking habits, the film shows how men settle their differences in the ring, as men should.

4. Cinderella Man

The Cinderella man is one of the most touching movies ever and it is based on the true life story of Jim Braddock, a boxer at the times of the great depression. The film shows how he struggles to put food in his family’s mouth and his fight inside and outside the ring for survival.

3. Raging Bull

This epic movie is a deep study into the real life of boxer Jake LaMotta. Robert De Niro had to put quite a lot of effort into this film and it can be seen. The movie is about a boxer who uses the sport to vent off his rage and get punished for the sins he did in his life.

2. Million Dollar Baby

Though this film is not exactly all about the sport, it still deserves a mention for its gripping and heart wrenching story line. The life of a boxing champ can be turned to dust when her neck breaks during a fight. The film shows how even though euthanasia is the easy option, fighting to survive and be respected is the biggest challenge outside any ring and how determination is the one thing that helps you out.

1. Rocky Series

The Rocky Balboa movies are some of the most inspiring fighting movies. Rocky’s humble beginnings as an underdog and his rose to fame and still a humble character is worth a mention. The Rocky movies always have an epic fight each one better than the other and this makes it a must watch movie series.

If you feel ready to step into the ring and land a few punches on your opponent then the best way to do it is going to be playing the much celebrated NetEnt game Fisticuffs. This game is all about boxing and can be really entertaining thanks to its funky graphics, classic theme and a whole lot of wins to offer players.

January Sales begins at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Ever since its start, Jackpot Mobile Casino has been a prime destination for all Online Casino Gamers because of the two things. You find the best games in this site and you get the best online casino bonus in this site. In this month of New Year, Jackpot Mobile Casino kick-started with a bunch of exciting offers that lasted a week each. The latest of these was the January Sales promo, where players were given huge deposit bonuses.

There are a lot of casinos that promise some online casino bonus or the other from time to time, but in Jackpot Mobile Casino, you will not find one day that goes by without one offer or the other. On January 14th, the January Sales promo was released and it lasted for 7 days up to January 20th.


£10 Min. deposit required. Valid 14th to 20th Jan. Up to £1,500 bonus. 30x Wagering requirements and T’s and C’s apply.

January Sales – Best Online Casino Bonus Offer of New Year

Being the first month of New Year, you will be looking for a lucky break to assure you that this year is going to be the best yet. The only way you can do that is by playing our casino games, and for that you need to have credits in your account. From January 14th to January 20th, Jackpot Mobile Casino brings you the next online casino bonus promo offer called January Sales. Here, any player who deposits fixed amounts in their accounts on scheduled days receives a 100% deposit bonus!

These bonuses are self triggered and you need not redeem any codes for this offer. All you need to do is, follow the given schedule and make deposits in your account to get the 100% deposit bonuses. The offer lasts from January 14th 00:00 (GMT) to January 20th 23:59 (GMT).

Promotion Details

The deposit amounts and the scheduled days are given below for this online casino bonus offer:

  • Deposit any amount up to £100 and get 100% deposit bonus on January 14th.
  • Deposit any amount up to £200 and get 100% deposit bonus on January 16th.
  • Deposit any amount up to £300 and get 100% deposit bonus on January 18th.
  • Deposit any amount up to £400 and get 100% deposit bonus on January 19th.
  • Deposit any amount up to £500 and get 100% deposit bonus on January 20th.

As you can see, the offer lasts for a week’s time and making the most of this online casino bonus offer is highly suggested because no other casino offers deposit bonuses except for the first time you ever deposit money when you open your gaming account in the casino.

Though the offer says you can deposit money up to the specified amount, depositing the maximum amount is one way of being a winner. If you are wondering why, it is because you will end up getting a whooping £3000 in your account for just depositing half the amount. That’s right! If you deposit the maximum amount, then you end up getting a not so little £1500 as a bonus! So what are you waiting for, January Sales begins at Jackpot Mobile Casino.

Advantages of Playing Online Roulette Games

Playing online roulette is a hot topic when discussing any mobile casinos. The many advantages of playing roulette online, is what drives them to have separate section for it on their websites.

Occupying the centre place in a land based casino, the roulette wheel is the biggest draw for it. Right from the early 19th century, it was the unpredictability and sheer excitement of landing the spinning ball on your selected number that has ruled the casinos. The Internet has heralded a new era with the dominance of the online roulette casinos. So what makes it more popular than their offline counterpart?

Convenience Tops the List

Imagine travelling thousands of miles, spending on food, travel, accommodation, all for the exciting casino games. Skip all that with the online roulette casinos, with just a mouse click and you ready for your casino fix. Play right from your homes or on your mobiles, anytime and from anywhere.

The ease of accessibility and no fixed location is what driving the online casinos popularity. Plus you can play in your pyjamas, take breaks, pause and resume the games, if you want.

Game Pace

You have control over the game’s pace when playing at an online roulette casino. There is no dealer hurrying you to place your bets. You have time to consider on what numbers to place your bets on. If you are new to roulette, it is a great way to learn the different betting options and increasing your winning chances. Finish off your chores if you want, by taking a break from online game.

Random Number Generator Software

You are assured of security and good faith, in the game’s fair play, when playing in a land based casino. The cynic will always find fault with the truthfulness, fair play and security of an online roulette casino. Rest assured, the software used in the Random Number Generator (RNG) is thoroughly tested by independent auditors and the results are displayed on their websites.

Game variety

The land based roulette casinos are more likely to have one type of the roulette wheel, be it European, American or French roulette, depending on its popularity and location. The players are given a wide range of choice to play in an online roulette casino. The demo versions of these games, makes them familiar with the game play, rules, payout structures before playing with their real money.

Betting options

The ease of placing the bets is more in an online roulette casino. The various betting options, their payouts, your past betting history, and other related information is easily accessible on screen. Not so, in a brick and mortar casino, where, you have to manage all this on your own. Plus there is no pressure for placing the bets. The game won’t start until you have made your bet.

Comparatively Faster Payouts

Typically the online roulette casinos offer faster payouts than the offline ones. The same payouts are offered, but their cash out frequencies is much better. The quick service is vital if they want to retain the online players.

Online Bonuses and Promotions

A host of freebies like food, drinks, and casino chips are waiting for you in a traditional casino. Playing at an casino games gets you another variety of freebies. Exclusive bonus offers, special promotion, involving free plays and sign up bonuses for new players are offered to them. Successive real money deposits, makes them eligible for the various offers and VIP programs which is beneficial for them.

Increase Your Social Network

You can’t beat the atmosphere and excitement of playing in a real casino. Playing at an online roulette casino is a solitary activity. But, it does allow you to interact with different people, through their Live Dealer roulette games. You can enjoy the real life settings from the comfort of your homes.

The personal choice is the deciding factor, whether you want to play roulette online or at a traditional casino. Either way, the end result is the same excitement and gameplay with luck playing a big part.

Welcome the New Year with brand new Slot Games

It’s New Year and what better way is there to welcome it rather than a bunch of new and exciting games with a bunch of new features, gameplay and tons of rewards. Jackpot Mobile Casino is proud to announce that a bunch of new slot games on Games Galore promotion has been added to the site. From January 6th to January 12th, 7 new games have been added to make your slot gaming experience better than it ever was. From roof ripping tornadoes to spine chilling vampires, we have everything ready to roll to give you a memorable experience here at Jackpot mobile casino.

Check out the new slot games brought in with Games Galore promotion over the period, what they have to offer and what they are all about below:

6th January, Wednesday- Tornado Farm Escape

It’s time to kick out the old and bring in the new and nature gives a helping hand too! Tornado Farm Escape from NetEnt is one game that can get you addicted. With a farmyard theme and unsuspecting farm animals chasing about, watch what happens when a tornado sweeps through the place. With 2 unique features called the Tornado Feature and the Storm feature, you can expect some good returns.

7th January, Thursday- Twin Spin

All the spinning with tornadoes can’t be stopped in just a day and that is why Twin Spin is the next one on this list. The Twin spin slot game is one of the new slot games here, and it has a classic old school Vegas nights theme with bells, cherries, gems and bars being used as the symbol. The game is a class apart with 243 paylines! Being a NetEnt new slot games, one feature is not good enough. That is why the game has something called the twin reels feature where one to 4 reels can be an exact copy of another reel. The game also uses symbol substituting wilds to boost your chances of winning big.

8th January, Friday- Shamrock n Roll

You better pray to the gods of fortune for some Irish luck when you get gaming in this celtic themed slot. The Shamrock n Roll is yet another classic game with symbols crafted in gold and even a gold jackpot at the end of the game. The game uses wilds and free spins and rewards you well. But if you are looking to win some serious money, then aim for the jackpot that this game offers!

9th January, Saturday- The Invisible Man

The Hollywood horror movie inspired new slot games, The Invisible Man is one such slot game which the spooky effects get to your nerves with the cops nabbing Griffin. The game possess cool features like Win Both Ways, Wilds, Re-spins, Free spins and bonuses like Griffin’s Rage Bonus Game and Police Spin Bonus Game. If an excellent payout is your motto, this slot is for you

Games Galore

10th January, Sunday- Gonzo’s Quest

Engage on a quest to find the lost city of gold, El Dorado with Gonzalo Pizarro on Gonzo’s Quest. One of the first ever platinum slot games from NetEnt, the game still continues to be an all time hit thanks to its amazing theme and rewarding game play. Your mission is to help Gonzalo find El Dorado by helping him through thick jungles and making your own riches along the way. The game features some innovative features like Avalanche feature, Free fall feature and even a bunch of free spins. Finding El Dorado gets you the Jackpot Bonus!

11th January, Monday- Foxin’ Wins

Coming from NextGen, Foxin’ Wins is all about an aristocratic fox trying to catch a leprechaun. The game is highly engaging and is quite different from the usual spin to win games which can get boring after a while. The game has a number of features like wilds, scatters, multipliers and even a randomly triggered bonus. With a maximum reward of 2000 coins assured in the base game, Foxin’ Wins is one must play slot game.

12th January, Tuesday- South Park

The last game in our list of new slot games is none other than South Park ! This game has everything. Be its features, background score and graphics. With 4 bonus games which features the 4 boys. All you need to do is spin to watch your payouts soaring all through the game!

Guide to Online Gaming Associations and Regulatory Bodies

The working of the online casinos is a like well oiled machine. Every aspect of the casino is handled with precision and accuracy. The players will look out only for those casinos which are recognised and approved by the Online Gaming Associations. That should be the case, since you are dealing with the real money transactions. A single mistake could cost you; your reputation, legal, financial, social and political standing. Once your casino is blacklisted, there is very less chance of you coming back.

Understanding Online Gaming Associations

The Online Gaming Associations are those regulatory bodies who are qualified and experienced to certify an online casino based on certain criteria’s and guidelines. Being certified by these casino watchdogs will give the players a surety that it is a credible online casino. They are not being cheated out of their money and are given quick and prompt services, when required.

Certified by them, mean that it acts as a differentiator between the good and rogue casinos. The seal of approval will be their passport to gaining the trust of the players. It guarantees that the casino software is thoroughly tested for fairness and randomness.

The Online Gaming Associations act as a mediator between the players, online casinos and the members. It is charged with resolving the issues in an amicable manner, without involving expensive legal costs or the bad publicities.

Another important aspect of these online gaming associations is that their seal of approval can be displayed prominently on their websites.

Some of the most recognised, credible and established online gaming associations are the one that the players look out for. The more certificates, the more credible and authentic the casinos are. Some of them are:


Established in 2003, the eCOGRA is the first approval seal which the player must look out for. The eCommerce and Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance, is a non profit organization run with the cooperation of casino owners, players and casino industry leaders. Based out of UK, it is an independent auditing firm.

This approval assures that the casino software and games are fair. The players are assured that the high standards are maintained across the casinos. They all comply with the eCOGRA’s Generally Accepted Practice (‘eGAP’) requirements. Regular auditing, reviewing and monitoring of the casinos infrastructure, software, games and other aspects are done before they give their approval.

Gambling Commission

The Gambling Commission is an independent Online Casino Watchdog, established in 1999. It was set up to assure the players that the casinos are closely monitored for a safe online casino gaming experience. It was set up to regulate commercial gambling in the UK under the Gambling Act 2005. On 1st October 2013, it also took over the responsibilities of the National Lottery Commission to regulate the National Lottery under the National Lottery etc. Act 1993. It ensures that the casinos are crime free, open and fair.

Interactive Gaming Council

The Canadian based Interactive Gaming Council is another independent organisation that is a member of the Online Gaming Associations. Established in 1999, it is also involved in player safe guard and protection. This also guarantees that the player’s safety, interests, fair gameplay are given top priority.

The game providers are the prominent members who frequently take advantage of the expertise of this gaming council.

Online Players Association

Founded in 2000, the Online Players Association (OPA) is collaboration between the players and the approved casinos. A common code of ethics and rules guide the casinos members to provide them a safe and secure environment for gaming. It ensures the players and casinos follow the guidelines and rules laid down.

Only after passing the approval process conducted by the OPA members and executives, will the casinos be allowed to publish the OPA approval logo.

Technical System Testing Certified (TST Certified)

Offering its testing and consulting services to the various casinos, the Technical System Testing certification adds value to the online casinos. Set up in 1993, this organisation tests and validates all the casino software and the features of the online casino to ensure fairness and randomness. It assures that all the requirements and specifications are met, to ensure a smooth gameplay.

There are some other online seals or certificates which the players should watch out for. Although they not directly involved with the online gambling associations; their approvals will assures extra authenticity to the online casinos.

VeriSign (Assures them the player personal information are protected by Distributed Denial of Service Protection and iDefense Security Intelligence Services)

PricewaterhouseCoopers (Assures the players that all the financial transactions conducted by the mobile/online casinos are legitimate and regularly monitored)

All these Online Gaming Associations or Casino Watchdogs are in place to provide the players an enjoyable casino experience. They can access their favourite casino games from their mobile devices, laptops, desktops or mobile devices while on the move.

Online Casino Gaming Software

Gaining monopoly on the casino gaming industry are only a small number of gaming software companies or providers. It became quite apparent in the early days of casino gaming that creating gaming software and providing quality customer service to the players were two different things. It required a lot of time, patience and dedication. Instead, they opted to focus on creating the software and licensing it to the online casinos.

The onus of promoting the games, its bonuses and offers was left to the online casinos. Considering that there are thousands of online casinos, the players have varied options to choose the game of their choice.

The list of online casino gaming software providers is small but there is such fierce competition among them. Outdoing each other in all areas of the gaming aspects is their motto with the end result being quality gaming software. The names that keep coming up are Microgaming, NYX Hub, Playtech, Probability, NetEnt and many more. All of them have the same vested interest of providing quality games which end with both of them on the winning side.

Designing and Aesthetics of the Game Take Top Priority

There is no stopping the gaming companies when it comes to providing casino games which look, feel and virtually replace the real world land based casino games. In order to stand out among the thousands of online casinos, they had to choose the casino software provider which developed games that were in tune with their casino theme and overall layout of the website.

Every game provider has a certain niche and would like to stick to it. Almost all the games developed by them have the same aesthetic sense surrounding it making it easier for the players to identify them.

Varied Games Collection

The casinos are going full blast in providing the player a wide and varied collection of games. The broad categories of games that all of them include are Slots, Card games such as Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat etc; table games such as Roulette, Craps etc.

Individually you are spoilt for choices within each category. Take the case of Slots itself. Every game provider is releasing a new game within a few months, leading to a good competition amongst them; upping the ante in terms of design, gameplay, and layout, audio and visual effects.

Varied game themes are the support on which the games succeed over time. Suiting the needs and tastes of the vast player demographics, it has become a standard to develop games in HD quality.

Adding the progressive games to their collection is a brilliant step by the providers to lure the players. The jackpot to be won is the honey pot that keeps the players playing them in spite of the high stakes involved.

Download or No Download Casino Software

There is one good thing about the online casino software. The players have the option of downloading the entire casino software onto their PCs or mobile devices. The plus point of this method is that they have the whole collection of games suite to choose from. With the added benefit of automatic software updates; it ensures that you have quality software with all the latest bug fixes and updates.

The no download version is for the players who don’t wish to be tied down to one particular game provider. They can play from anywhere or any time without having to download the entire game suite. For whatever reason, they can play the games by accessing the online casinos through the web browsers.

It’s the casinos responsibility to provide them the same safety, security and environment as seen in a downloaded version of the software.

Real Money or Fun – the choice is yours

Online casino gaming software has recognised that the players want to try out the games first before wagering real money on them. It is their chance to gain firsthand experience on the game rules, payouts, betting limits and other details of the game.

Only if they are confident of the playing and winning chances, will they move on to real money betting. As a big casino tip, it is better to play the free play version of the games before wagering real money.

Game Fairness

All the game providers assure that the proper measures are taken to provide the players the same game fairness as seen in a real world casino. Random Number Generators is the basis on which the whole online casinos work. The games are independently tested and audited by reputed testing organisations and given their seal of approval only after this process.

The software testing companies such as TST (Technical System Testing), GLI (Gaming Laboratory International), CFG (Certified Fair Gambling) provide independent testing for the proper functioning of all the casino software and hardware equipments.
The most recognised and reputed organisations such as eCOGRA (e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) gives its approval to the online casinos based on its fairness, security, the safety of the deposits made.

Safety and Security

The casino gaming software is responsible for providing adequate safety and security to the player’s money, personal and banking details. All of them incorporate the latest encryption technologies; don’t sell, divulge player information to third parties unless required by law.

Play Volatile High Risk Slots and Win Big

Look at any online slot and you probably find words like 97% RTP. Sounds like its part of some mathematical equation. Well, it should not deter you from playing the online slots. It is just to remind you of the winning percentage that is guaranteed to the players by the casinos. Hence, it is appropriately called as the Return To Player.

The higher the volatility of the slots; the bigger is the risk involved in playing the game. You end up wagering more on the slots, in the hope of landing that elusive big win. The wins are frequent and fast, but you have to wager more in terms of the paylines and number of coins for every spin.

The ways of the slots are mysterious and is largely dependent on luck. You will probably get confused with all the hoopla surrounding the different ways to describe the mobile slot game. It is quite interesting if you are willing to spend some time on understanding the terms.

You will hear words like high volatile, low variance or similar phrases. The term variance and volatility of the slot games are interchangeable words having the same meaning. It represents the amount of risk involved in playing the slot games.

What’s playing a slots game without risks? Describing the new mobile slots as high, medium or a low volatile is one way the casinos get the players to play the slots. The lure of winning the big jackpot is what drives the players towards the game of chance.

So what are high risk slots?

The players can guess on the high risk slots through their big payout percentages that are published by the casinos. If the slot promises a big jackpot with an incredibly huge payout percentage; then you can be sure it is high risk slots.

Plus, if the difference between the game jackpot and the next win is quite huge; the players can expect long periods of playing without getting any wins. By looking at the payout table, you can also find out about the high risk slots.

You can similarly use the term high variance to describe the high risk slots. It represents big wins with long periods of playing without bagging a single win.

The casinos will promote the progressive jackpot slots as the high volatile or high risk games. You must have a lot of patience and a big bankroll to play these games. Promising fast action with every spin, you can expect the fewer and smaller payouts in between gameplay at high risk slots.

Low risk and medium risk players

The low volatility or low variance slots are usually favoured by the risk averse players. These players are just playing for the entertainment and the fun part. They are quite satisfied with the small but frequent wins that the slot promises. If they leave the casino with a small profit at the end of the day, then it’s a day well played.

Sandwiched between these two categories of slot players are the average risk taker. Willing to invest a small part of the bankroll on the slots; he will seize the opportunity to win the jackpot when presented. Responsible gaming and having the common sense to move away from the game when in a tight spot; are the characteristics of these slot players.

Final choice is yours

The last call is yours. It is left to you to decide to which category of player that you belong to. Depending on the type of player you are; you can play the medium, low or high risk slots. There is nothing stopping you from playing the volatile games. All you need is the risk taking ability; deep pockets and loads of patience to tackle the big win games.