List of The Craziest Things Gamblers Bet On


Beginners may believe that betting is limited to classic casino games and sporting events. However, there are many other things to bet on, including TV, movies, and politics. Additionally, many players are unaware of several bizarre betting options. Here are some of the craziest things you can wager on if you want to try something different.

Extraterrestrial life

Throughout history, scientists and astronomers have debated whether extraterrestrial life exists. Math and science geniuses are no longer the only ones who understand it; the betting world has also embraced it.

These days, you can find several land-based gambling venues and online casinos taking wagers on when we’ll discover alien life. As for the timeframe, it ranges from the current year to a decade or later.

While this may seem like a strange thing to wager on for many casino players, it has become a popular option among people who have a soft corner for both gambling and the universe.

The Next James Bond

In 2006, Daniel Craig made his first appearance as special agent James Bond (007) in Casino Royale, one of the most popular gambling movies to date. With the release of No Time to Die in 2021, Daniel Craig ended his nearly 15-year association with the iconic James Bond character.

The popularity of agent 007 has led to a lot of speculation about who will be the next Bond. In response, several bookmakers have accepted bets on actors like Regé-Jean Page, Henry Cavill, Idris Elba, Tom Hardy and James Norton. Fans may be backing their favourite stars, but only time will tell who will play Bond.

Cheese Rolling

If you live in the UK, you should know what cheese rolling is. But if you don’t know what cheese rolling is, here’s a short explanation: cheese rolling is a sport where participants roll a big chunk of a cheese wheel towards the bottom of the hill. Then they start a 200-yard race down the hill. Here, the contestant who is first able to finish the task wins the game.

A few years back, it was reported that the officials of the sport had sent an application to the International Olympic Committee. There was an application for it to include in the Olympic Games. As you’d guess, their application got rejected. However, it hasn’t stopped bettors from wagering on this unique sport.

Celebrity death pools

Back in the day, people doubted the existence of celebrity death pools. But with the arrival of the information age, everyone knows they exist. A casino player aware of casino myths may think of these pools as some joke. But the details they cover are mind-boggling.

Along with wagering on the year, the celebrity will die, celebrity death pools also cover betting options on the cause and the location of the death. Contrary to playing Blackjack at the best mobile casino, wagering on celebrity deaths is not always a wise idea. In other words, if you’re considering celebrity death betting, make sure it’s legal where you live.

Ferret Bingo

As the name suggests, this game is a novel way of playing classic Bingo games. Here, a ferret is placed in a cage that has numerous exit tunnels with numbers printed on them. The numbered exit tunnel the ferret comes through is then declared as the winning number.

While betting on Ferret Bingo is not as convenient as it is to play Roulette online, it’s an interesting thing to wager on. This is if you want to try something entirely different.


While this may seem more like an exquisite delicacy, Pesapallo is a sport that involves the use of a bat and a ball. To give you an idea, Pesapallo can be compared to the sport of basketball or rounders.

In Finland, a large group of people consider Pesapallo as the country’s national sport. While betting markets for this sport aren’t as common as other sporting events at the live casino, local bookmakers may offer odds for more significant Pesapallo events.

Understanding the Volatility in Slot Machines


When playing slot games, most players tend to check a variety of things, including the types of available symbols, the in-game bonus features and the slot machine’s RTP. But a highly significant aspect of slot machines that many players often overlook is the slot game’s volatility.

In this article, let’s delve deep into the concept of slot machine volatility and how it works in online slots. Also, we list the different types of slot volatility that you can find in both online and land-based slot games.

What is slots volatility?

In slot games, volatility is a term used to assess how high-risk a slot title is for the player. In other words, it details how often a slot machine pays out and the typical payout size.

Based on the risk involved and the size of the payout offered, slot machines can be classified into several different levels of volatility. But the three main types of slot volatility are low, medium and high. If you want to learn more about how the concept of slot volatility emerged, we recommend you take a look at our article on the history of slot machines.

Different types of slot volatility

Now that you know the basics of slot volatility, let’s take a look at the different types of volatility you can find online:

Low-volatility slot machines

As their name suggests, these slot machines have a relatively low level of risk involved. When playing low volatility slots, players stand the chance to win smaller, regular payouts (of course, if lady luck is by their side).

The final prize in low-volatility slots isn’t as enticing as in high-volatility slot games. But the fact that they pay out more often is enough to make them appealing to many slot players. Other benefits associated with low-volatility games include small minimum bets (which can vary from one game to another) and increased gameplay time.

Medium volatility slot machines

These are a kind of middle ground between low and high-volatility slot machines. Medium volatility slot machines can offer decent wins, and you don’t have to spin the reels for substantial periods to trigger the bonus round.

In many medium volatility slots, the bonus round usually triggers after a few dozen spinning rounds. Also, the final payout in these online slots can range between 100x and 500x your initial wager. This means that you can enjoy significant wins in a relatively short time if luck favours you.

High-volatility slot machines

A high-volatility slot machine is a preferred choice for players who want to try their luck at huge jackpot prizes. In these slot games, you can find scatter symbols and wilds, which are highly rewarding symbols.

A high-volatility slot machine is also known as a “high-risk” slot machine. Their payout frequency is lower than those of the other two types of slots. However, the size of the jackpot compensates for this.

High volatility slots are usually common among players who have significant bankrolls. As for the jackpot rewards, they can range between 3,000x and 10,000x your initial wager.

How to determine the volatility of a slot machine?

In an ideal world, the mobile casino will list the volatility of your chosen slot game in the information section. But sometimes, the volatility of the game may not be apparent. In such cases, here are some ways to determine the volatility of the slot game:

Try the demo version

The first way to determine the volatility of a slot game is to try its free version. While it may not be evident at first glance, the variance of a slot game remains the same in both the demo and money versions. Also, free versions don’t require to use of real cash, so you don’t need to worry about risking your bankroll to check the game’s volatility.

Check the game’s RTP

In online slot gaming, RTP is the theoretical percentage amount that a slot game is expected to return in the long term. The RTP rate is determined by the provider that offers the game. Usually, slot games with high RTP rates have higher winning chances. As such, the volatility of these slot machines is relatively low. On the other hand, the volatility of RTP slot games is high.

Do a quick online search

Another way to determine the volatility of your chosen slot game is to search for it online. The RTP of NetEnt’s Starburst slot game, for instance, can be found by searching for “Starburst Slot RTP” in your search bar. Make sure you check the volatility of a slot machine online using multiple sources to ensure it is accurate.

A Guide to The Most Effective Side Bets in Blackjack


With simple rules and low casino advantage, Blackjack is a highly exciting casino game to play at both online casinos and land-based gambling venues. What makes Blackjack even more interesting is the fact that it allows players to place a variety of side wagers. Here, we explain to you the basics and the payouts of some of the most popular Blackjack side bets. Keep reading!

What are Blackjack side bets?

As their name implies, Blackjack side bets are additional wagers that can be placed in a Blackjack game. Both online and land-based Blackjack games offer these features in order to make blackjack more appealing.

In most Blackjack games, players need to place the initial wager before being able to make side wagers. The only exception to this rule is the Bet Behind side bet. A very positive thing about Blackjack side bets is that they pay irrespective of what happens in the main game. So, even if you lose your main bet, you are eligible to win your side bets.

Speaking about the payouts, they vary based on the specific Blackjack dealer rule and the probability of the side bet winning. In general, you can expect to receive a payout between 2 to 500 times your initial wager with Blackjack side bets.

How to place Blackjack side bets?

The same as with double down and other main betting options, placing side bets in Blackjack is easy. On the Blackjack table, you’ll find designated areas where players can place their chips. The square slots are located near the main betting area and are printed with their motives.

If you want to place a specific type of side bet, all you need to do is move your chips or point towards the betting area for that wager. In online Blackjack games, you can transfer your virtual chips with the help of your mouse or fingers. The minimum wager for Blackjack side bets is usually equal to the minimum wager size for original bets.

A look at some common Blackjack side bets

When playing Blackjack Split and other Blackjack variations, there are a variety of side bets for you to make. Below we take a look at the most common Blackjack side bets:


21+3 is a popular side bet in Blackjack. And it involves the three cards that are received in the initial Blackjack round – two face-down cards that are given to the player and one face-up card that’s received by the dealer. Here, a payout is awarded if the combination of the cards makes any of the following Poker hands – Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Straight Flush and Suited Triple.

Below we’ve listed the payouts for different 21+3 hands:

  • Flush – Three cards from the same suit (5:1)
  • Straight – Three cards in sequence form a straight hand (10:1)
  • Three of a Kind – This hand comprises three hands of the same kind (30:1 or 25:1)
  • Straight Flush – Three cards that are in sequence and of the same suit (40:1)
  • Suited Triple – Three identical cards (100:1)

Lucky Ladies

Introduced in the mid-20th century, this side bet is popular among players who play Blackjack in land-based gambling venues. Here, a payout is received if the total value of the player’s initial hand is equal to 20. But note that the payout for certain card combinations is better than the rest. Here is the Lucky Ladies pay table that’s common at most gambling venues:

  • Two unsuited cards totalling 20 – 4:1
  • Suit cards totalling 20 – 9:1
  • Matching cards which total 20 points – 19:1
  • Two queen of hearts – 125:1
  • Two queen of hearts plus dealer blackjack – 1,000:1

Perfect Pairs

This is another common side bet in Blackjack. Here, players bet that they will receive two cards of the same rank. The payout for this side wager depends on what kind of pair is dealt.

  • Mixed pair – Two cards of the same rank, but varying colour (6:1)
  • Coloured pair – Cards with the same rank and colour (12:1)
  • Perfect pair – Cards that are of the same colour and have the same suit (25:1)

House edge for Blackjack side bets

Blackjack side bets are a great way to try your luck at significant monetary rewards, but it’s worth noting that they come with a relatively high casino advantage. For players who don’t know, the house edge is the mathematical advantage that the gambling venue has over you in a given casino game.

To lower the house edge in Blackjack, the basic strategy can be used. The basic strategy details the optimal move to make for each hand, based on the player’s total hand value and the dealer’s up card. The standard Blackjack system does not require knowledge of advantage gambling techniques like Blackjack card counting, but some things must be memorized.

Popular Casino Myths You Need To Be Aware Of


In almost every aspect of life, myths and fallacies surround us. And casino gambling is no exception to that. In the casino gambling world, one can find several players believing notions and concepts that simply aren’t true.

We look at some common casino myths that beginners and even more experienced players believe. Read on!

Casino games can’t be won

Since casino gambling became mainstream, this casino misconception has been around. People tend to believe this notion because they don’t know how casinos work or have incorrect information about them.

To ensure that their costs are covered and profits are generated, casinos need to make money. For each of their casino offerings, casinos have a house edge. The house edge is the long-term mathematical advantage that a gambling venue has over its players.

In other words, the casino edge is a way for gambling operators to generate guaranteed returns from Roulette games and all other casino games they offer. However, the thing is that the casino advantage only applies in the long run. In the short term, you can beat the casino odds if you use the right strategy and have lady luck by your side.

Casinos provide oxygen to their gaming atmosphere to keep players energized

This is another common misconception in the land-based casino gambling world. The theory behind this fallacy is that pumping extra oxygen into the air makes people feel more energized. That way, there are higher chances that they will continue playing for longer durations.

But this idea isn’t quite true for a number of reasons. First, medical-grade oxygen can be expensive, and using it for extended periods will result in increased expenses for the gambling venue. Also, there is no scientific evidence that validates the notion that adding extra oxygen can alter playing habits.

Finally, the leading gaming commissions have special executives who keep a check on the air quality at gambling venues. Casino operators wouldn’t want to do anything that might result in their licenses being revoked.

The game will stop working if you win consistently

Although quite rare, casino software or hardware malfunctions can happen. And sometimes, this may cause the game to stop working. If a player is on a consecutive winning streak here, he may think that the machine has stopped

working due to him winning significant amounts. But again, this is just a casino myth.

As mentioned earlier, the house edge is based on the wager amount and works in the long run. That being said, the casino would only lose its profits if it stopped players from playing the game. If your game freezes when playing online, it’s more likely that you may be experiencing connectivity issues or having an incompatible device. Nevertheless, on the best mobile casino platforms, the chances of your gameplay stopping are almost close to zero.

I can be affected by the decisions of other players

In the casino gambling world, some players believe that the decisions made by others at the table can affect their outcomes as well. However, let us tell you that this is simply not the case. As long as you play at a legitimate casino, you can rest assured that the results are completely random and aren’t based on each other.

In addition, the outcome of every casino gameplay round is completely random, regardless of how other players play. If you’re still worried about this casino misconception, you should start with online gambling. As online Blackjack and other online casino games are played directly with the casino, you don’t have to worry about what other players are doing.

A casino’s loosest slot machines are located at the end of the casino

It is believed that in the early days of casino gaming, gambling platforms wanted to attract more players to their slot games. As such, they placed the looser slot machines in their corridors so that more players could see and try them. And this led to the introduction of another misconception in the casino gambling world.

While it’s true that the payouts vary from one slot machine to another, it’s impossible to know which slots pay more often over the long haul. Also, you need to factor in other things such as betting limits, payout frequency and volatility. For example, progressive slots can offer significant wins to their players, but the chances of you grabbing that huge prize reward are quite slim.