Top 10 Fun Facts About the Movie Ted!

Teddy bears are always cute and cuddly and have been in cartoon shows and animated movies that have entertained kids for many years. But that perspective changed completely with the movie ‘Ted’ that released in 2012. This became the most popular R-Rated movie of the decade with hilarious story and twist to it. The combination of a live action teddy bear and action star Mark Wahlberg created a massive popularity. But there are some facts about this amazing movie that will surprise you to the core.

Top 10 Fun Facts About the Movie Ted!

Know the Ted Story in Short

  • Ted became the 12th top grossing movies of the year 2012 with amazing response worldwide that lead to a collection of over half-a-billion dollars.
  • During the 85th Oscar awards, Mark Wahlberg appeared as one of the presentation hosts along with the bear and made the audience laugh.
  • To maintain the secrecy of the movie title and to avoid piracy, the film was shipped to theatres with a fake name ‘Thunder Buddies’.
  • This movie also became the top-grossing R-rated movie of the year in 2012. This popularity inspired the movie-makers to go on with the second part of the movie that was released later in 2015.
  • Actor Mark Wahlberg popularly known for his action movies admitted that this is his first ever R-rated comedy genre movie and that he is proud that he did it.
  • The song of the movie was also nominated for the best original song at the 85th annual Academy Awards.
  • The scene in the movie where Ted is shown as the guest in the Tonight Show is actual a shot from the real show. The original guest of the show was actor Emmanuel Louis who was smartly replaced by teddy bear from the movie.
  • The sales of the teddy bear replicas from the original movie boosted after the popularity of the movie worldwide.
  • The movement of the stuffed toy was made using motion capture by director Seth MacFarlane who also mentioned it is the first time he did something like this.
  • Both Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis who appears in this movie also acted in Max Payne and Date Night together.

Live it with Ted Slots at Jackpot Mobile Casino

The success of this hilarious movie has made its way to the casino world as well. Blueprint Gaming has successfully come up with Ted slots game that can now be played at Jackpot Mobile Casino. The five reels with 20 paylines have a betting range of 20p to £200 a spin. The scene from the movie with the bear in front of the sofa is the background image of the reels. You can enjoy funny and impressive animated effects of the popular bear throughout the game.

There are symbols of the game logo, a case of cola, beautiful woman, a goose and a flower vase along with Jack to Ace of cards. The bear symbol is the wild feature that covers all the above symbols. Three or more thunder buddies symbol unlocks various bonuses such as free spins, big money, wheel of fartune, bar crawl and flash spins. Overall, this slots game at Jackpot Mobile Casino is very entertaining and has lots of surprises that help you win massive rewards.

Purr-fect Week To Play Cat-Themed Slots at Jackpot Mobile Casino

One of the most adorable pets is cats as they not only look cute and cuddly but very friendly with kids too. Hence these amazing little creatures have a special place in the world of casino slot gaming. There are some cat-themed slots that look as funny and cute as your pets. You can experience various gestures of cats with colourful graphics. These cartoon style slots are sure to keep you entertained with funny expressions of cats. Not to forget some impressive features that help you win massive rewards.

Purr-fect Week To Play Cat-Themed Slots at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Cat Themed Slots: Let Some Cats Do The Winning For You This Week

  • Funny and Fluffy Copy Cats Slot

Copy Cats is one of the funniest cat-themed slots with different bright coloured cats as the symbols. The theme is pet cats of the city and the reels are set with a backdrop of apartments on a boulevard. This five reels slot with 25 paylines by NetEnt allows you betting from 10p to £250 each spin. There is a nice jazz soundtrack given to the game that keeps your foot tapping to its tune. Overall, the colourful and lively atmosphere makes the game very entertaining.

There is a red funny looking cat, a pink cute cat and a blue angry cat that are the symbols of the game. You can also find the symbols of milk bottles, fishbone, a toy mouse and paw prints in this cat-themed slots game. The red cat is the top paying symbol with 200x on five appearances.

There are two special features and the symbols that help you unlock them are cat’s collar bell and golden cat with a ball. The golden cat is wild and the bell symbols are the scatter. Scatter gives you ten free spins on three symbol occurrence. The key attraction of the game is the copycat feature and is triggered when the first reel is stacked full with a cat symbol including wild. All the cat symbols on other reels become the same cat as in reel 1, that makes way for big and mega wins.

  • Follow the Masterplan at Top Cat Slot

Top Cat is a popular cat-themed slots game based on the theme of popular TV cartoon show of the 80’s by the same name. This five reels slot has 20 paylines with betting ability from 20p to £500 maximum per spin. The reels are set against the background of an alley in New York City with a view of skyscrapers. Nice cartoon style music keeps you active during the game. The game’s graphics is very colourful and features the characters from the original TV show as the symbols of the slot.

The symbols of this cat-themed mobile slot games consist of four different cats along with the Top Cat as the main symbol that pays the most. You can win 400 times your stake with five of its symbols on the reels. Playing cards Jack to Ace are the symbols with low coin value between 50 and 100 on five of their kind.

The fishbone on a plate is the symbol for the wild feature while the game’s logo triggers the bonus. There are five different bonuses offered and you can only unlock one with three or more scatter symbols. There are free spins, multipliers, wilds and cash picker bonuses that you can win from. The game also features a jackpot king bonus that can give you a reward of up to 250000 times.

Meow Your Way to Great Wins

Jackpot Mobile Casino is the place to be this week. Cat-themed slots await you there. Make it big and purrfect!


The Mystical Online Slots: Gypsy Moon vs Shangri-La Slots

When it comes to online casino slot gaming, there are some that truly offers a magical experience throughout the gameplay session. This category of slots is based on mystical themes. These games usually are based on objects of imaginary nature and look marvellous. They consist of relics and artefacts of ancient historical based and appear as symbols in the game. There are two such games that truly stand out to be among the best in the category. They are Gypsy Moon by IGT and Shangri-La slots by NextGen Gaming company.

The Mystical Online Slots: Gypsy Moon vs Shangri-La Slots

Some Basic Difference between Gypsy Moon and Shangri-La Slots

  • Both these mobile slots have five reels but the paylines totally differ from each other. Shangri-La has 15 fixed amount of paylines while Gypsy Moon slots is powered by 243 winning ways from its symbols.
  • The betting limits of Shangri-La start from £0.20 and maximum is £50 each spin. The Gypsy Moon slot has a very low betting range of £0.50 to £2.50 per spin
  • Gypsy Moon is set on the backdrop of the bright night sky with a view of the blue moon and twinkling bright stars that look very magical. The background of Shangri-La slots is a mystic river with an Asian temple and a view of majestic Himalayan Mountains.
  • There is no background music in Gypsy Moon slot game but random music plays while the reels spin and during the autoplay mode. Shangri-La has a very soothing spa music in the background that sounds very relaxing and helps you concentrate on your gameplay.
  • Both the games offer the gamble feature that allows you to wager your winning amount in betting on colours and suits of the cards. You can win 2x on your bet for colour and 4x on your bet from winning on suits.

Symbols and Bonus Features of Gypsy Moon Slots

There are ten base symbols in this game that includes a full moon, a fortune teller book, a crystal ball, pendant, tarot cards, a candle, rose, bracelet, magnifying glass and a finger ring. Out of these symbols, the moon is the one that pays the most. You can win 200 times your total bet with five of its symbol on a payline. There are is a wild feature represented by a gypsy woman shown as a fortune teller. Wild covers for all the symbols except the scatter. There is an ancient astrological calendar that triggers the scatter feature. You can win free spins with three or more of it along with 5 to 20 times your bet.

Symbols and Bonus Features of Shangri-La Slots

The symbols of Shangri-La slots consist of a white Asiatic tiger, a rhino, elephant, sword, lotus and a temple. There are hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds of playing cards in the form of gemstones too. The tiger is top payout symbol where you can win 500 times on your stake. There are three different wild features and a scatter bonus. A girl in a photo frame, flaming photo frame and a whole girl’s picture are the wilds. A golden prayer wheel is the scatter symbol but this unlocks further bonuses. Three of scatter symbols can trigger one of any four features.

Make a Real Fortune Now at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Both the games offer wonderful themes and gameplay experiences. But when it comes to the number of bonus features and ability to win, Shangri-La slots has a slight upper hand over Gypsy Moon slots. Take your pick. Jackpot Mobile Casino has amazing bonuses to get you started.

Ultimate Guide to Online Roulette Bets

Roulette has been attracting a majority of gamblers because of the probability of the winning it offers. Though the game offers overall a good winning opportunity, losing comes naturally as part of the game. So to avoid losing more than winning, you need to understand how the betting works. This is especially in the online Roulette systems since there is no one around to guide you. Online Roulette bets work best when you have completely understood the areas where you can place bets and their payouts.

Ultimate Guide to Online Roulette Bets

Online Roulette Bets: Learn to Earn

Placing online Roulette bets blindly on random numbers will require a high amount of luck to win. But the beauty of this game is that it allows certain strategies that can enhance your winning chances. This game is all about calculating your odds based on the probability of various betting lines. Though the straight betting on a single numbers pays the highest value of 35 times on your bet, it is not the best area. The probability here is just about 3% that can get you under huge losses if you keep playing on it for long.

So the Roulette betting table offers various other options that are far better than a straight bet.

More bets, Better the Chances

Bowling is the best example to explain how online Roulette bets work. In bowling, hitting a single pin can be harder but when you have ten of them, it is easy to knock them all down. Similarly, when you place your betting chips on more than a single number, chances of the ball landing on your number in Roulette wheel is more likely. The split where you can bet on two numbers has slightly stronger chances than straight with about 6% win probability. This increases as you move up the ladder on the betting lines. You can jump to the street with three numbers betting that has over 8% chances.

Next, comes the corner with four numbers and about 11% probability. Top line bets have five numbers followed by six numbers for the line. Finally, the dozen and column has 12 numbers but with a probability of over 32%. The payout decreases as you increase the betting numbers but you can still make a good amount of profits.

Online Roulette Bets on the Outside

There are three outside betting areas with a winning probability of about 50% which is the highest. The payout here is 1 to 1 on your bet, meaning you still can make 100% profit on your betting. Colours of red or black, high numbers from 19-36 or low from 1-18 or even-odd are the additional bets you can use. These help you stay on the winning course and it makes sense to place the highest value chips in this area. You cannot place online Roulette bets outside without an inside betting.

Get Ready to Roll

Once you have understood how above strategies work, there is no stopping you from winning at a Roulette game. But to see how it actually works, it is always better to get a hang of it by betting with least possible chip value that the game allows. Once you know how it works and once you know the advantages of playing online Roulette games you will naturally get more confident but until then it is best not to wager huge amounts. Jackpot Mobile Casino can be a good place to start!


June Weekends are loaded with Free Spins and Bonuses​

It is a new month again and time for some good news to all the online casino players. There is a new promotion casino online that runs during all the weekends in June. Since a weekend is a perfect time to play online casino games, you can make use of some offers. Slot games require you to spend a good amount of time in order to make maximum profits. So most players use the ample time available on the weekends to convert it into easy money making tool with casinos. One such big one is happening at Jackpot Mobile Casino. Here is more about it.

Newest Promotion Casino Online for An Amazing Time with the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra

June Weekends are loaded with Free Spins and Bonuses

Jackpot Mobile Casino’s June promotion casino online includes one of the best Egyptian themed slots by IGT called Cleopatra. This five reels slot has twenty paylines where you win with various symbol combos. The slot is set in the backdrop of a golden arch. There are symbols of Cleopatra and various ancient Egyptian artefacts. There are plenty of bonus features you can win from too. The betting limit in this game ranges between £1 and £1000 per spin. Overall, the game offers wonderful graphics and sounds along with plenty of winning opportunities. And this weekend promotion on this wonderful slot is like a cherry on top of a cake.

What is the Weekend Promo all about?

There are two offers that this promotion casino online has in store for you. But the benefits can be only used on Cleopatra slots. To be able to enjoy the offer benefits, you need to make a minimum deposit of £10. On your deposit, you can choose either additional bonus funds or free spins that can be used on the above slot. To enjoy free spins, you need to use the code ‘SPINS’ while making a deposit of £10 or more. You will then be awarded 25 free spins each worth £0.20. If you want bonus funds then use the code ‘BONUS’ to enjoy 100% on your deposit up to a maximum of £100. You can use these promotional codes five times and it will be active on weekends in June.

More Info on Weekend Promotion Casino Online

In order to enjoy these amazing benefits in June, you must be a legal age of 18 or over. You must have an account at the casino site to be eligible for that. You can make use of the above offers from 2nd to 4th, 9th to 11th, 16th to 18th, 23rd to 25th and 30th June to 2nd July. Once you make a deposit using ‘BONUS’ or ‘SPINS’ as codes, it will take up to three working days for the benefits to be credited to your account. The winnings you earn from the 25 free spins in Cleopatra slots game will require a wagering of 30 times the total bonus amount. After that can withdraw the winnings and enjoy extra earnings.

Make Your June Weekends Special Now

With this promotion casino online offer, you can add more value to your weekends in June. Anything extra in slot gaming means enhanced opportunities to win huge rewards. 25 spins or 100% bonus, both help you play extra and increase your opportunity of winning at this wonderful game. Head to Jackpot Mobile Casino; a weekend is around the corner.

How to use Paylines to your Advantage on Mobile Slot Games?

There were times when casino slots used to have just a single or couple paylines at maximum. But since the time the digital slot gaming began, developers were able to tweak this limit to a next level. So the era of slot games with multiple paylines began and there are no limits as to how many paylines a slot game can have. There are some with thousands of winning ways from the symbol combinations of their games. Now it is all about choosing mobile slot games based on the number of paylines offered, so you can maximise your winning abilities.

Best Paylines Strategy for Mobile Slot Games

How to use Paylines to your Advantage on Mobile Slot Games?

  • Stay within Budget Confines

Playing mobile slot games with all paylines active can definitely help you win better. But if you are running out of luck then you do not want to exhaust your funds over your favourite game. That is when adjustable paylines come very handy. When you are running low on your funds, all you have to do is reduce the number of paylines. You can either reduce few or completely to lowest possible. This will help you use your funds for more number of spins. Remember, the key to winning at slots is spinning as many times as possible. The more you play, the stronger are your chances and paylines helps you achieve that.

  • Optimise Free Spins Round

 Since they are free, it is best you play with all paylines active. But slot games do not allow changing paylines after you have triggered free spins once. And keeping all paylines active for the sake of free spins can mean using a lot of budget. And when you are having a hard luck, such a strategy can be wasteful. The best advice in such cases is to choose games that have a free spins count down. You can increase your paylines depending on when you are expecting the free spins to happen.

  • Play All Out

You need to keep all paylines active when you are playing progressive mobile slot games. These games require you to bet using all paylines in order to win the jackpots. Even one inactive payline can mean no jackpot for you. So don’t think twice when it is a progressive jackpot. Go all out.

Balance & Play Right

So, you basically have to know when to increase and when to decrease your paylines. It affects your budget, after all. If you have got this lesson right, head to Jackpot Mobile Casino for a round of mobile slot games.


Win A Share of £10000 on Jungle Spirit Call of the Wild Slots

There are many slot games based on wild animals and jungle that take you on adventure trip deep into the forests. But one game that has truly proven to stand out is the Jungle Spirit – Call of the Wild slots. The five reels slot is set in the backdrop of a deep spirited jungle with fireflies and glowing butterflies around. The music of the game is an African tribal jungle beat that sounds very magical. The game offers 243 ways to win. It makes winning a combination an easy deal. The betting limit starts with £0.20 and if you are lucky, then you can try the game’s highest of £100 a spin. Now you can play it at Jackpot Mobile Casino and enjoy it better!

Play Jungle Spirit – Call of the Wild & Get a Lion’s Share of £10000

Win A Share of £10000 on Jungle Spirit Call of the Wild Slots

There is a Jungle Fever network promotion that starts from Monday, 5th June and ends on Sunday, 11th June 2017. This is open to all the players of Jungle Spirit – Call of the Wild slots across all the casino sites and apps online. Here you can stand a chance to win a share from a grand amount of £10000. To win these huge rewards you need to get entry tickets to a draw that will be held on Tuesday, 13th June 2017. Every £10 wagering on Jungle Spirit – Call of the Wild slots will earn you a ticket. You can collect up to a maximum of 50 tickets per day during the promotion period. So, a total of 350 tickets can be accumulated throughout the Jungle Fever promotion period. The more the number of tickets you earn, better are your chances to win a maximum share.

Game Theme

Visually, this slots game offers an impressive 3D graphical content that makes it one of its kind. There are symbols of elephant, tiger, bear, crocodile and king cobra that help you win from their combinations. There are playing cards symbols that pay the lower amount of rewards and appear more frequently on the reels. It is loaded with many bonus features that help you easily make those big wins. So wagering makes more sense and you will not only win from this game features but stand a chance to be one of 500 users who will get a share from £10000.

Game Bonus Features

Symbol expansion is one of the features triggered when butterflies overlay animal symbol appears in a winning combination. In such case, the animal symbol expands to cover the reel. You can win a large number of combinations when this happens. The free spins that are activated by three or more lotus symbols give you an option to choose the number of spins. In Jungle Spirit – Call of the Wild, there are four to twenty spins you can choose from. The larger the spins lower the winning stakes and four spins give you plenty of huge winning stakes.

The Deal is Hot, Strike it Now

With plenty of bonus features and intense graphical theme, Jungle Spirit – Call of the Wild is the game you do not want to miss. And the Jungle Fever promotion is just a cherry on top of the cake that gives you a chance to win from £10000 pool. So, head to Jackpot Mobile Casino now. The jungle fever is fast catching on.

The Upsurge of Mobile Phone Casinos​

Online casinos made gambling every day an easy deal. It has been over two decades now that people have been sitting at their computer desks to try their luck for big money wins. That is now becoming outdated thanks to growing popularity of mobile phone casino. Jackpot Mobile Casino’s increasing fan following is the testimony to the upcoming on-the-go gambling trend.

What has triggered the Mobile Phone Casino Trend?

The Upsurge of Mobile Phone Casinos

  • Advanced Technology Mobile Phones

The mobile phone technology has developed to a greater extent in offering plenty of features and possibilities to the users. This advancement is simply a boon to casino players and it is only a matter of time when desktop computers will be forgotten for good. There are many mobile phone casino sites that are ruling the gambling world today. These sites work best on high-end phones with strong hardware specifications. Smartphones are becoming as powerful as computer systems with regards to the memory and processor handling capacities. The nanotechnology has enabled mobile phone manufacturers to reduce the size of processors and various other components.

  • Enhanced User Experience

Another breakthrough in mobile phones is the display technology that delivers crisp and clear visuals. Technologies like LED, AMOLED, OLED, etc helps users experience high definition picture quality that looks very realistic. This is a great advantage to mobile phone casino players as you can view every detail of the game including the game statistics. Some slot games have advanced features that work perfectly on a specific screen size. There are phones with display sizes of up to 7” inches that gives a maximum view of the game. When there are multiple buttons and features in a casino game, bigger size phones are ideal for covering all aspects of the game view.

  • Privacy Protection

There were times when people played casino games in their spare time from their office computers. That is unfortunately forbidden in most organisations and against ethics of any workplace. So you do not want to lose your job over a casino game, do you? But with a mobile phone casino games, it is hard for anyone to notice what you are doing. Just spin a slot and lock the phone screen the moment someone is approaching you. You can even keep a slot game on at all times and hit the spin every time you get an opportunity. This works to your advantage even when you are travelling in a train, bus or cab. Even if you are driving a car and stuck in a traffic, you can just pull out your phone and start gambling.

Be a Part of the New Trend with Jackpot Mobile Casino

Jackpot Mobile Casino focuses on best-ever experience for small screen users. Mobile phone casino is not just limited to phones but extended to tablets as well. Whether you are feeling lonely in a party or bored in your office meetings, gambling is just a mobile phone click away. You can enjoy complete privacy with these games on your phone. There are some progressive jackpot games that cannot wait for anyone. When the time is right, you do not want to miss your opportunity. And Jackpot Mobile Casino is a perfect saviour during such times. Register with few clicks, grab the welcome bonus and get started for free!

Enjoy Rainbow Riches Free Spins at Jackpot Mobile Casino!

There are some games that truly stand out when it comes to offering better free spins. And Rainbow Riches Free Spins slots is one of the best in the category. This slot by Scientific Games has five reels and ten paylines. This wonderful new game is now available to play at Jackpot Mobile Casino. Visually, it is a very simple game with very few symbols and offers basic slot game features. What makes the game unique is its ability to offer you up to 999 free spins that simply enhances your chances of winning big.

Enjoy Rainbow Riches Free Spins at Jackpot Mobile Casino!

How to Make the Most of Rainbow Riches Free Spins Promotion at Jackpot Mobile Casino?

  • Befriend the Bonus Symbols

The symbols are very basic and there is nothing much going on in here. There is a game logo that pays you the highest along with symbols from playing cards. There are two bonus feature symbols represented by a rainbow and golden clover. The clover symbol is the wild feature that substitutes for all except the rainbow. The symbol of a colourful rainbow is the scatter feature of Rainbow Riches Free Spins slots. The latter is the one you must focus on as it gives you free spins. 10, 15 and 20 free spins are offered with 3, 4 and 5 symbol appearance. This can be re-triggered any number of times up to a maximum of 999 spins. And this is your gateway to those huge stakes of winning.

  • Be a Part of the Big Tournament

Jackpot Mobile Casino is the best place to enjoy this wonderful Irish-themed slots game with promotional offers to benefit you more. When you make a deposit of £10 and become a player with a maximum number of wagering on Rainbow Riches Free Spins slots, you will win £250 straight. You can also join the tournament of this game and stand a chance to win a share of £1000 along with bonus credits.

This promotion is running between 25th May and 21st May for all players over the age of 18 years. The tournament will be live with the winner taking home £250, players in positions 2 to 5 with £100 each and £70 each for positions 6 to 10. All winners will be entitled to a bonus credit that you can use to wager on other game at Jackpot Mobile Casino.

Take the Shortcut to Success Now

Free spins increases winning opportunities in any slot and Rainbow Riches Free Spins slots lead the board in the category. With additional spins and the tournament at Jackpot Mobile Casino, there is no stopping you from winning this wonderful game that is as rich as it sounds.