Upcoming gaming trends to upturn the casino industry for good

Upcoming gaming trends to upturn the casino industry for good
The online game is a thing and so is online gambling. Just as we have seen a significant rise in the quality of living, as a result of technological advancements, we have seen literally every other thing evolve. Same applies for the gambling industry, which is all set to cost around $60 Billion by the year 2020. We have seen a wide array of development with the mark of every New Year, and 2020 is going to be a new year, where innovation will take a new turn. Manufacturers of the casinos are going to deploy cutting edge technology into their gambling system, probably trying to woo their customers. 

Changes you can expect by 2020

Upcoming gaming trends to upturn the casino industry for good

  • Virtual and Augmented reality casinos

VR has been in the to-do list of a lot of places, and the casino owners have already adopted it quite some years ago, to make the best 3D simulation of an environment, their customers can interact with, and we very well know how realistic and beautiful they can be. Casinos have been offering such facilities, where users can actually use the VR to enjoy game slots and other casino games

Some of the best casinos also offer such facilities online, through their websites, which can be used by players to get face to face with their opponents and play, all the while sitting at home, enjoying the ambience of a real casino. 

Augmented Reality would as well shape the casinos in the future, and experience as similar to the Pokémon go games, players will get a 360-degree coverage of a real casino.

  • User experience changed on the grounds of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning

Apart from AI, machines will be taught new ways of learning, through algorithms and statistics models, using a computer system, where the machine will build up the ability to perform tasks on its own, without the help of additional learning. 

This is all set to change the business of casinos, as customer experience will go on the better side with it. Information preserved by the machines will be used to welcome and also retain customers, by way of providing customised services, as per their preference. Chatbots are as well being deployed by the companies to help users with their queries, and quick resolution on an immediate basis. Also, customer behaviours can be detected, both good and bad, eliminating unfair means. 

  • Increase in blockchain casinos

Blockchain technology, which is used by bitcoin, to keep records, is now being deployed by a lot of casinos, where time-stamped series of transactions are recorded which cannot be edited. The system uses this technology to store in data, which cannot be manipulated by any party, for the fair and square gaming experience. Immediate payments and safer transactions take place as no sensitive data will go into the system. This is going to be widely accepted by a lot of casinos in the mere future.

  • Internet of things, changing the entire game

It is the system which connects all the devices which have access to the internet, to create common grounds of accessible information and data. This is being used by casinos to create casino games for the users to access from anyplace. Users will be able to access the casino they love the most, and a VR set will be the cherry on top, which will have the ability to create an exact environment as that of the casino alongside appropriate sensors.

  • Enhanced and better mobile gambling

Games have not only become a medium of playing but, they have also become the basis of social interaction. Casinos will be building mobile platforms where users will be able to play with their friend or even interact with their players they get playing. This way mobile apps use is going to boost.

  • Easy and increased payment options

Vast numbers of online payment platforms have been coming up every year as of now, and the same is going to carry forward for the next year. We will see casinos include a lot of payment systems in their games, such as Google Play, and Apple Pay.

Casinos are a business which works to serve their players with the best possible experience. They are going to deploy technology for the coming year, to increase the levels of customer satisfaction, customer entertainment and also rewards. We will see the barrier of traditional gaming coming down, with the innovation of newly added technological tools, which would work and change how casinos have been running up to this moment. 

Here are a few guidelines to improve your odds at scratch cards

Here are a few guidelines to improve your odds at scratch cards
Scratch card games are fun to give a shot and often are a great way of making some instant cash or gifts you have been looking forward to. But there is no real way you can earn a guaranteed reward from Scratch card games for it is purely based on luck, luck which doesn’t have a scientific explanation. Even though we cannot describe luck, we can guide you in a way where you may increase your odds at winning rewards. 

Increasing your odds at scratch cards

Here are a few guidelines to improve your odds at scratch cards

  • Make smart buys

This goes out for the people who are new to this type of gaming. It is because Scratch card games can get really tricky and confusing sometimes. There are a lot of different designed cards, price tags they are offered at, the prize that is rolled out with it etc. The basic assumption goes by the people that buying the low priced one is often better. Also, a lot of Scratch card games players buy the cheap ones, but often fail to notice that the cheap ones basically come with small tagged prizes. If you want to win big, you will have to go for that higher-end scratch card games companies.

  • Buying in bulk increases your winning chances

You might want to buy way more tickets in a go, as one single ticket held will bring you lesser luck, where a bunch of them increase your chances of winning manifolds, as much as you bought. This is often used by Scratch card games players and a lot of them have actually made it to a reward.

  • Keep tickets as spare

We aren’t telling you to keep the ticket as a reminder for the loss; in fact, it doesn’t come into play at all. Mistakes do happen by everyone, and so that can happen with you or the scratch card games company as well. You might have checked the combination wrong, or if they have simply missed out disclosing all the winners in the first go, where you happened to snap out throwing the ticket at the bin. Companies might also come up with some special disclosure after a day, where you might have won, and your ticket is nowhere to be found.

  • Study the scratch card

Expert players of Scratch card games often use this method to increase their chance of winning. It is a way in which they study the layout and the templates of the scratch card, to determine which one is unique in itself and might possess some sort of numerical or figures, as in the winning combinations. This is used by manufacturers as well, to trick out the players, but this doesn’t generally apply for all of them, and so they are equally effective. 

  • Keep up with budgets, by creating some

This way, you would not win Scratch card games getting rewards, but rather take a safety measure from huge losses. Yes, basically people get drawn into the thought of winning so much, that they start spending too much before they often make one single profit. This is to be avoided, at any cost. So, in order to incur huge losses, you need to make a budget and then buy scratch cards accordingly.

  • Stick with one single game

If you get playing a lot of diversified games, you will not be increasing your odds for winning the game, rather diversifying your odds at loosing and also creating a lot of losing grounds. It is when you stand your grounds on one game; you will be eliminating one of all your losses and heading towards winning. This goes the same for the scratch card games where you must stick to one game. 

No matter how many tactics or guideline one provides you with, they aren’t 100 per cent assured of getting you a reward every time you pursue to play scratch card games. The possibility of winning often depends upon luck, and no one can determine or evaluate it. The above-discussed ones are just guidelines, which can take you a bit closer to your winning chance, but would not assure you of rewards. You might be searching for the way in which you can win, but if it was that easy, everybody would be doing it, and every company would not be running up such businesses of creating and offering scratch card contests. Even though these guidelines would not assuredly give you returns, it does contribute to eliminating most of the losing chances you would be carrying around with you.  

What Are Real Money Online Slot Games?

What Are Real Money Online Slot Games?
Online casinos are more popularly known as virtual casinos. They provide a variety of games that are available in the normal casinos. Amongst those, casino slot games are most commonly played online games.

Why people prefer online slot games?

Online slot games provide the player with a benefit of placing their bets online without having to be physically present in a casino. This way, people can play in the comfort of their home. Moreover, reports suggest that online slot games result in better payouts than traditional casinos. 

What is the procedure of casino slot games?

Online slot games work on the basis on an RNG – Random Number Generator. It creates random numbers using a mix of different numbers, within seconds. This mechanism is used in all online slots to achieve different results. A number is formed and displayed on the screen after the player clicks on the spin button 

What Are Real Money Online Slot Games?

What is the mechanism of RNG?

When the player clicks on the spin button, the RNG begins producing a lot of numbers at a very fast pace. After the button is clicked, the machine displays the same number it is currently on. An important thing to note here is that the slot does not store memory. This means the RNG cannot be hacked or biased in any manner. No part of the slot has the memory of how many times the generator is spun or how many times a player has won or lost. The slot machine cannot be preset to achieve specific desired results. The outcome is not affected by the previous results; it solely depends upon your luck and timing of pressing the button. 

What are the plus points of RNG?

The software of RNG is verified by technicians to ensure that it delivers just and fair results and is not biased in any way. The basic functioning and procedure of random number generator remain uniform throughout the Internet. 

What are real money games and free games?

As the name suggests, real casino slot games involve betting some money on the slots. Whereas, free games are meant for practice and are generally played by beginners to get an idea of how the game works or just for the sake of having fun. These games do not require the player to place any bets or risk money. 

Why go for real money games?

Let’s be practical, a person bets in casinos and plays with a sole purpose of winning. He thinks about earning big money with least effort, relying on his luck. Real money games follow a similar process as traditional slot games. A player places his bet and spins the wheel. If the outcome of the reels matches, he wins. If it doesn’t, he loses. Surely, free games are great for practice and to get a summary of the game, but what’s the point if a player does not end up playing the real game itself?!

Are there any online slot strategies?

Any gambler knows that there is more to casino games than just placing bets and waiting for results. The outcome of any slot game completely depends upon the player’s luck. But that doesn’t mean he cannot brush up his strategies every now and then. By following certain tips, one can gain expertise in betting:

  1. 1. Start small – In the beginning, instead of going all in and placing high bets, such games should be chosen that give small but definite rewards.
  2. 2. Know your capacity – Oftentimes, players get gassed up and bet money which they cannot afford to lose. It is important to be wise here and bet according to one’s bankroll.
  3. 3. Secure the bonus – Bonus rounds within the game are actually very beneficial. Not only can it help the player to unlock free spins but can also lead to winning the jackpot.
  4. 4. Select trustworthy casinos – A lot of online casinos are a fraud. It’s best to identify and stay away from those. All real money casinos must hold a license and should be verified as genuine sites.
  5. 5. Work the way up – The basic 3 reel slot games have lesser combinations than a multi-slot game. They provide less but quite certain payouts. Therefore, it is best to start with those and then move on to the bigger ones. Finding games with huge jackpots, in the end, is always a good strategy.

Slots are definitely a much sought after option in online casinos. Regular players agree on the fact that slots provide better payouts and don’t drill a hole in the player’s pockets. 

Card counting in Blackjack: Its nature, function and forms

Card counting in Blackjack

Ever stopped to think why Blackjack is such a popular card game? Whether one considers conventional setups or online casinos, Blackjack is one casino card game people prefer. And the best thing about the game is if we actually look at the history of the Blackjack card game we will be able to find a number of successful players who managed to get the upper hand over the system and win consistently. One of the ways players use to minimise the house advantage and turn the advantage towards themselves is using the concept of card counting.

What is card counting?

A system used to tip the odds in the player’s favour card counting is widely used when playing a Blackjack card game. To explain it in the simplest terms this is a system where every card in the deck is assigned a value, and the player keeps a count of the cards using their values as the cards keep coming out of the deck. This way players are able to determine what type of cards are still remaining in the deck so that they can decide on whether or not to place bets, minimise the risk and win big, or place a small bet to minimise losses. This is basically what card counting is and why it is used.

Card counting in Blackjack

Various forms of card counting

There are various forms and various levels of card counting currently being used in a Blackjack card game. Basically, most of the different types or forms of card counting come under three levels – level I level II and level III; while level I is the beginners level, the 2nd and 3rd levels are more complex and complicated. Beginners start at the level I with card counting and as they become proficient move up to the harder levels.

Level I card counting methods include the popular Hi-Lo method, Red Seven method, KISS method and Knock Out Blackjack method. Among all the Level I methods Hi-Lo method is a balanced method and is the most preferred method. In this method, high-value cards are assigned a positive value, and low-value cards are assigned a negative value, +1 and -1. If the card counting value is negative it means the deck has low-value cards, which means the dealer is at an advantage. In such a situation card counters either place minimum bets or avoid placing bets altogether. In the case the card counting value is positive it means the deck has more high-value cards. In such a situation, since the players are at an advantage the card counter can place a higher bet with a minimum risk. When the whole deck is empty card counters end up with a zero when using the system.

While level I methods like Hi-Lo use -1, 0 and +1 the level II methods like the Omega II assign -2 and +2 to some of the cards in the deck. Among the level II methods, the Omega II method is balanced while Wong Halves is the balanced method in the Level III methods. Wong Halves is the most accurate system in card counting but is the most complicated too since it assigns values infractions!

Is it card counting illegal?

Right before you jump into one or more of the card counting methods to ensure you come out with profits while playing Blackjack card game one issue you must be aware of is whether the system is legal or not. The answer to the question isn’t straightforward as card counting isn’t illegal according to the law, but casinos have the power to remove suspected advantage players at the Blackjack card game. Having said that, casinos can only ask players to leave but can’t confiscate their chips or winnings!

What happens if you get caught and how to avoid it?

Since casinos have the inherent right to deny service to any person, they can ask people suspected of card counting to winning at a Blackjack card game to leave. So, the best way to employ your knowledge and skill to make money is to avoid getting detected. Superficially you can try looking like a tourist who is out to just have a good time and not make money; this includes dressing the part, spending some time before actually playing hard and being discreet about card counting. Another way is to form card counting teams and avoid detection as a team but still make money out of the casino!

Are Scratchcards Similar to Online Slots?

Are Scratchcards Similar to Online Slots?

Two of the most popular chance-based games we wouldn’t think that there is much common between scratch cards UK and online slots. While one involves scratching off an opaque panel to see whether or not we have won, the other involves pulling on a lever and seeing the reels move and align correctly for us to win. Though they aren’t even remotely related on the outside, if we look at both the games a little bit closer, we can see that they share a lot of similarities. Though we aren’t saying slots and scratch cards the UK is the same here, there are some similarities these popular chance games share. 

The ubiquitous popularity 

If there is one aspect that both slots and scratch cards UK have, it is ubiquitous popularity. Whether one is talking about online casino games or conventional games, most people love both these games and one would have played them at some point or the other in their lifetime. 

Slots are very popular in conventional brick-and-mortar casinos as well as online ones. Conventionally, slots enjoy a popularity that is double that of the table or card games since both gamblers as well as non-gamblers like and participate in a game of slots, frequently. Where non-gamers play to try their luck once in a while, gamblers play slots as a distraction in between session or before going back to the game they are serious about. The same is true with mobile slots too as is evident from the variety of slot games online casinos are currently providing. 

Similarly, scratch cards UK also has a huge following online and offline. In fact, the conventional scratch cards were so popular that online casinos had to recently jump into the business so as to not lose on the profits. Just like online slots, scratch cards to enjoy the patronage of professionals and newbies online. 

Are Scratchcards Similar to Online Slots?

The ease of playing 

Compared to skill games such as card games, slots, as well as scratch cards in the UK, are very easy to play. Players need zero skills to play the game, and the results totally depend on the players’ luck. This is one of the main reasons why non-gamers prefer these chance games. 

Playing online slots is very easy; all the players have to do is place the bet, and the Random Number Generator software does everything else. It is the same with scratch cards; all players have to do is scratch the opaque surface off to see whether or not they were lucky. 

Instant gratification 

Another reason for the popularity of slots and scratch cards UK, especially when compared to other chance games, especially the lottery, is the instant gratification. When playing either slots or scratch cards, you will know your luck almost instantly as compared to say lottery games where the winners are announced at a particular date and hence players have to wait to find whether or not they are lucky. But this isn’t the case with slots or scratch cards where a pull of the lever and scratching off the surface can immediately tell a player how lucky he/she is. 

Low investment 

One of the main reasons why playing casino games requires a lot of planning, especially financially, is because of the huge investment one has to make to win. People have to plan beforehand and put together a bankroll to enjoy casino games like Roulette and Blackjack for a couple of nights. Compared to some of the popular table and card games, slots and scratch cards the UK are a lot cheaper. Incidentally, people can enjoy a round of slots or buy a scratch card for as little as a few cents. Thus, though proper money management can ensure financial safety in the long run, players can enjoy both slots and scratch card games with very little investment, especially when compared to the other popular casino games

The attraction of jackpots 

The best aspect of both scratch cards the UK, as well as online slots, is the availability of huge jackpots. The possibility that the player has a chance to win huge every time he plays certainly makes both the games attractive, and this factor is the main reason why both these chance games enjoy such immense popularity. And given the fact that you can start playing the games from 10p, this is another reason why both online slots and online scratch games enjoy such immense popularity today. 


Thus, though slots and scratch games are played differently, it is obvious that they do have a host of similar characteristics.