Myths and Facts of Slots Machines

If it isn’t true, it’s a myth. There are hundreds of reasons why you should not go about following the myths that’s surrounding a slots machine. The best and most sensible one is that you will lose your money, if you wind up blindly following them. While this is one hell of a reason; there are some of those who still have some misconceptions surrounding a mobile slot game.

Before demystifying on the myths surrounding a slot machine, it pays to know how it works. A tiny computer chip is the genie deciding on who gets to win the jackpot. The Random Number Generator (RNG) continuously cycles through thousands of numbers per second. It randomly picks one number which determines the final stop position on the reels that shows the winning symbol combination.

The most common myth surrounding a mobile slot games is that it can be tampered with. It is highly unlikely, since this RNG is cycling through the numbers every second, even when it’s idle. So, there is no way you can actually predict which number is going to pop up.

Look at the most bizarre and funny myths, that we have found circulating over the web.

1. The slot machine is long overdue for a jackpot win

Just because it has not been giving a win, doesn’t mean that the win is overdue. Every spin is completely random and independent. It is not influenced by the previous spins nor will it predict the next spin. Hitting a jackpot is a possibility, but don’t wait for it.

2. Machines that are closer to the entrance are more loose and those nearer to quieter zones are tight

There are no loose or tight slot machines. If that were so, then the casinos would run the risk of losing the players if work got out that they have been tampered with. It’s just another slots myth that holds no truth.

3. If I had played a bit longer, I would have won the jackpot instead of the next player

Even if you had continued to play on the slot machine, it’s the RNG which decides the next winning spin. It is constantly cycling through the random numbers and picking one number even when it’s idle. So the probability of you landing the winning spin is slim, even if you had continued to play a bit longer.

4. The time of the day, decides on how the slot machines give their payouts

Not true at all. The RNG is constantly cycling through millions of numbers per second. It decides the random number and is totally independent of the previous number. So, no matter what time of the day or night you play, you can’t predict the outcome of the next spin.

5. Betting only one coin will increase your wins

Betting one coin will extend your time playing on the machine and give you more time to change your luck. If you bet more coins, you might lose them more quickly or win a lot more if you are lucky. It is quite ironic that it works in both ways for the player.

6. If you use the slot cards, the casino might short change you with the wins

On the contrary, if you don’t use your player card, you will lose out on the various comps and offers that are associated with it. The machine doesn’t care if you are using slot cards or real coins. It is again the job of the RNG to determine the winning number.

7. By using the player card, my details are being compromised

The player card is a way of monitoring and rewarding the players for their loyalty. Also, the status level of the card does not influence the outcome on the slot machine. The casinos have to report to the authorities if the winnings are above the set limit. They will have a record of your gross losing or winning, if you are a regular player.

8. Slot machines can be remotely controlled to influence the payouts

While it is not entirely true; there are some experimental served based slots which can be remotely controlled by the casinos. It is still in the future, but the casino watchdogs will continue to monitor and audit the casinos to safeguard the players’ interest. As of now, it is not possible.

It is upto the players to believe or dismiss the various myths surrounding the slot machines. Most of them are false, and is the result of misinformation on how the slots machines work. It is a game of chance and the anticipation of winning big is what makes the players come back for more.

eCOGRA Certified Online Casino

Why being an eCOGRA Certified Online Casino is important?

One thing which any online casino player will look for is the eCOGRA seal of approval. It is synonymous with security and safety for the players. So, what exactly is this symbol that guarantees peace of mind when playing at an online casino? Read on to find out more of this agency.

What is eCOGRA?

eCOGRA is an independent auditing firm which specialises in the casino gambling industry. eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance; is the leading casino watchdog or the online gaming regulatory authority that governs the online casinos.

eCOGRA was the creation of the group of casinos and software providers, who have come together to give a common platform for the players to voice their opinions, disputes, issues and concerns. It is responsible for assuring the players a safe and secure environment for playing. Game Fairness in terms of the software and the technology used by the casinos is their top priority. It is also involved in promoting responsible gambling among the players.

Importance of being eCOGRA certified casino

It is important to play at an eCOGRA certified online casino. One of the basic responsibilities of the eCOGRA certified sites is to assure that the players about the authenticity of the online casinos. The surety of playing at an online casino which is safe; assures fair gameplay and prompt resolution of the player disputes is what being eCOGRA certified means. It also implies that the players are protected by law and that they are playing in a casino that follows the industry gaming standards.

The player is on a tight leash when it comes to playing with real money. Forever paranoid about the integrity and authenticity of the online casinos, they seek out ways to validate the casinos. One of the ways is through the eCOGRA seal of approval which represents all that they expect from a casino.

Allowing the online casinos to display their eCOGRA verified seal on the websites, guarantees to the players that they are playing in a safe environment, promises fair gaming and responsible conduct.

Benefits of playing at an eCOGRA certified casino

The Wild West mentality of grabbing the highly profitable gambling market; without any regard to the laws and scamming the players of their hard earned money was predominant before the emergence of the casino watchdogs.

The most important benefit of playing at an eCOGRA certified online casino, is the mediation that can be guaranteed between you; the player and the casino. With the online casinos being certified by eCOGRA, the number of claim disputes has seen a drop compared to the earlier days of online gambling. This is the true benefit that the players have of playing at the certified casino.

In case of any player dispute which cannot be resolved through proper casino channels, they can approach the eCOGRA for mediation. Of course, if the casino is not certified by eCOGRA, then you will have a tough time proving your case.

The players can be assured of prompt services and resolution of their disputes. In the event of a dispute claim, it provides the assistance to the players free of cost or at a small price.

With these many valid benefits in store for you; it is important for you to choose an eCOGRA certified casino. Play on without fear as you have the backing of one of the reputed and authentic Casino Watchdogs behind you. While it doesn’t make the rules related to online gaming, it’s the police force that ensures nobody breaks them!

E-Wallets Mobile Casino Deposit Methods

You will probably consider the ways to fund your casino account, which is convenient and easy. If your preferred method is not available, then you will just move over to the next casino. E-wallets are the best option for those who don’t want to divulge your bank account/credit card details to every casino that you play at. The E-wallet is like a third party financial institution that acts as a holding place for your financial transactions for your mobile casino deposit. This payment system is the veil which protects your sensitive information from the online casinos. It only allows your email address to be known to the mobile casino uk or the online vendors.

Setting up of the E-wallet account is simple and easy. This one time registration, allows you to use this account to pay for any of the online transactions that you make, including funding your casino account.

You just have to provide your basic information and fund your account through credit/debit cards or bank accounts. Once the real casino gets the E-wallet account details and your confirmation of the amount to be deposited, this is transferred instantly.

Selection of E-wallet Mobile Casino Deposit Methods

A number of E-wallet options are available for the player to select. The most popular ones which allow safe, secure and easy mobile casino deposit/withdrawal of amounts are listed below:

PayPal: It’s more widely associated with the online shopping consumers mostly in the US market. But the increasing popularity and convenience factor has made it foray into the gambling arena. Still, to stay clear of the US gambling laws and restrictions, there are not many casinos which offer this method.

Neteller: Being one of the foremost players in the E-wallet field, it is the most reputed and safest option available to the players. Initially a Canada based company, it has shifted base to the UK, to take advantages of its gambling laws. It has a long standing reputation as the best electronic payment methods.

Skrill (previously known as MoneyBookers): Like Neteller and PayPal, you can fund your account through credit/debit cards or your bank account. Being regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of the UK, guarantees that, it’s safe and secure.

The other lesser known and accepted E-wallets payment methods are Click2Pay, Click and Buy, InstaDebit, Ecopayz and many more.

Although in a general term, you can consider Ukash, PaySafeCard as E-wallets, because sensitive bank/credit/debit card information is not given to the online casino. But, they are E-vouchers system which involves buying vouchers of the specific amounts, and redeeming them at the casinos.

Pros of E-wallets mobile casino deposit/withdrawals

The pros of the E-wallet mobile casino deposit method outweigh the cons. The ease of the getting your money transferred to and from your account without hassles is the biggest plus for E-wallets.

Ease and convenience are the hallmark of the E-wallet systems. You don’t have to fill out the online forms each time, you decide to make a payment/deposit to your account, or switch to another online casino. Plus, the long waiting time is reduced which is usually associated with withdrawals using cheques or transfers.

Most of the failed credit card transactions don’t get remunerated resulting in a lot of heartbreak and loss of money. E-wallets come to your rescue, as all the transactions are recorded leading to a thorough investigation and getting your money back. In case of disputes, it is a perfect way to get it solved.

Security of your money takes top priority for the E-wallet providers. They use the latest encryption 128-bit technologies to protect all the sensitive information. Special servers are used to store all the information and require only authorised access.

Cons of E-wallets mobile casino deposit/withdrawals

Considering that it is a popular and convenient method, not all the online casinos use this option. It’s mainly, because of the cost factor involved in integrating the system with the casino software. Even if they allow this option, only a limited number of E-wallet providers are available to the players for mobile casino deposit/withdrawals.

Most of the e-wallets do not allow US players to make a casino gambling deposit. But, allow them to make use of it for other purposes. Depending on the country restrictions and gambling laws, a majority of the E-wallets systems allow the players to use this facility.

Final thoughts

E-wallets are the safest and most widely used option for making mobile casino deposit/withdrawals. Some casinos even offer bonuses and offers to the players for electing to use E-wallets over the credit/debit cards. Quick processing, high security of your personal details is what you get for using E-wallets in the online casinos.

Pros and Cons of Gambling Online

The never ending debate of whether gambling online is good or bad will go on until infinity. As long as people exist, they will continue to visit casinos and gamble. The proliferation of the mobile and Internet boom, catapulted the gambling online from the brick and mortar setting to the virtual world.

Different arguments have been placed regarding the legalisation of gambling online. Why? It’s not everywhere in the world, that gambling is allowed. Some countries restrict it based on religious, moral, social and legal sentiments.

The benefits far outweigh the disadvantages that surround the gambling online.

Generating employment in gambling online industry

It is a common point raised by the casinos to support their argument. The promise of generating employment in the surrounding communities is a valid one. For a land based casino it provides job opportunities to the hospitality, security, tourism, food, retail and other industries which have some part to play in the setting up of the casinos. From the online casino gambling’s point of view, it gives the developers, designers and other personnel involved in developing a website jobs.

Giving a boost to the global economy, it is a great way to generate funds required to have a comfortable life.

On the flip side, the casino draw jobs from other sectors; negatively impacting their growth. In case of economic downturn, the communities may not recoup from this and sustain their current employment rate.


It is the best point that the proponents of gambling online  have in their support. Anyone over the legal age of 18 years can enjoy the online or mobile casino games free. For the risk-averse player, there is the fun version that doesn’t win you money, but gives you entertainment. As long as they don’t overspend and run into debts; it promises to be a great source of entertainment.

In the course of getting their entertainment, caution should be exercised to prevent unnecessary risks, debts, spoiling relationships with colleagues, family and friends. You can also read our blog on gamblers fallacy that may help you to understand few more terms in gambling.

Source of Revenue

The professional gambler is the only one who can make gambling online act as a source of revenue. In challenging economic times, people turn to gambling as a source of generating income. It can be helpful in the short run, but it is always ends up in running debts, going bankrupt or even worse. Gambling online should be only a source of entertainment.

Filling the Tax Coffers

Casinos are great tax generators; although this depends on the individual casinos and their honesty to pay the taxes regularly. It can add to the tax exchequer and generate the necessary funds needed to build the infrastructure and the economy.

Not all the gambling online establishments stick to this route. It can result in money embezzlement, money laundering and other black market activities.

Problem Gambling and Addiction

Crossing a limit beyond which gambling online turns into an addiction and problem is the most important concern facing us. The onus on deciding when this entertainment turns into an addiction, is vital to prevent their adverse effects. The physical, emotional, financial, legal and moral stability is affected by all the people involved. we also have a expert blog written on how casinos attract women gamblers, please give it a shot if you want to know more.

Anything which is beyond our reach will tempt us; that’s basic human tendency. So if gambling online is legalised, then the general opinion is that the people would not be addicted to gambling. If you are a responsible gambler, having control over your gambling then this should not be a problem.

Affects Crime Rates

There is not much evidence to support that the crime rates either increases or decreases in areas surrounding the casinos. But, the general consensus is that, some people in gambling debts resort to violence in order to get the money required to pay it back.

In order for the land based or the online casinos to work out, proper rules and regulations and their correct enforcement is required. The number of online frauds, scams and thefts are an indication that casinos are neither safe nor a guaranteed means of income.

The average player is looking to have fun online or visiting the real casino, while making money in the process. At the end of the day, it is the individual’s choice whether they want to risk everything they have for the slim chance of winning big. A bit of commonsense, smart betting and luck is what drives the players towards the gambling online. The pros outweigh the cons. A right balance of fun and entertainment with responsible gambling will go a long way in making your gambling enjoyable.

Random Number Generator & Fair Mobile Casino Games

Fair Gaming is the cornerstone on which the players trust their money when playing. Entrusting their money on the casino games, in the hope of landing a win, is why they visit the casinos. All mobile casino games for real money are merely based on luck and chance. It is this randomness and the anticipation of a win that makes gambling the most popular pastime. In the virtual setting this randomness and chance factor must be man-made. This is where the Random Number Generator comes into picture. All the casinos use this Random Number Generator to decide on the next outcome in the casino games.

Fair gaming and using the RNG goes hand in hand when dealing with the reputation of the casino. The entire premise of ensuring randomness and fair gaming in the casinos is the basis on which it survives in this tough casino world.

How does a casino assure Fair Gaming?

The duty of providing the players quality games and ensuring fairness is entirely on the casinos. Game fairness is assured by providing all the players with equal chance of winning. This entire process should be completely random, so that there is no partiality or bias involved.

One way of assuring this is by the use of Random Number Generator. It can be even called as the brains or the lifeblood of the casinos. As the name itself suggest, the system randomly generates the numbers. It is this random number which will decide your fate when playing the casino games.

There is no pattern or sequence to selecting this random number; just a random number that is spilled out every millisecond that the number generator is running.

Unravelling the Random Number Generator

The RNG as it is commonly known is the software that is used by the online casinos to generate the particular number on which the slots or the roulette wheel stops spinning. It is the number which decides how the cards are dealt in a game of Blackjack or Poker.

An interesting fact about the random number generator used by the online casinos is that the most popular RNG algorithm is the Mersenne Twister. The two version of this algorithm known as the MT19937 and MT1993-64, were developed by two Japanese mathematicians, Takuju Nishimura and Makoto Matsumoto in 1997.

The working of this Random Number Generator algorithm is based on the principle of the starting seed number. This random number is used by the RNG algorithm to generate a new random number. The process continues again, with the previous number being the next seed number. This is what decides the randomness of the casino games.

In a true mathematical sense there is no randomness in using the RNG. You can only come as close to being random when using the RNG. This is due to the large number of possibilities that can occur before the same sequence of random numbers can occur.

The RNG is working nonstop in the background. It is entirely disconnected with the games played, the coins used, the bets wagered or even the type of deposits made.

Are RNG’s used by the casinos truly fair

Yes and No. As said earlier, the algorithm used by the number generator is built by a human, which naturally implies there is always a pattern or a sequence. But the high level of random numbers generated per millisecond, makes it impossible for the casinos or the players to manipulate the RNG’s.

In theory, if you know the starting seeding number and the algorithm used; you can predict the next random number. Know this secret, and it is closing time for all the online casinos.

In reality, all the online casinos must have their Random Number Generator independently audited and tested to ensure fairness. Various organisations such as eCOGRA, TST give their seal of approval only after rigorously investigations is carried out. As long as the casinos have these approval seals; you can be assured that the RNG’s used by the online casinos are fair.

Any malpractice by the casinos with respect to the random number generator can make the casinos to lose their license to operate. The loss of reputation, finance and legal standing will be something which they cannot afford to lose. Hence, it is important for the casinos to ensure fair casino gaming.

Steps for resolving online casino player payout problems

Winning in a slots game, watching the ball land on your selected number or beating the Blackjack dealer is the stuff that any casino player will only dream of. And taking back what’s rightfully yours should be no problem. By placing a request in the casino’s cashier for a withdrawal, you can be assured of prompt service ans no payout problems.

There are various reasons why a casino will refuse or delay making a payment to the players account and for a player it looks like a payout problems. One of the most common one, is due to lack of sufficient information provided by the player with regard to making a withdrawal. Another issue is the failure to satisfy the terms and conditions required for making a withdrawal.

In spite of meeting all the conditions as specified by the online casino banking policies, if you have the misfortune of not having your winnings cashed out, there are several resources that you can opt for during the payout problems.

Take the customer support teams help during payout problems

Naturally the first step during any payout problems is that you should contact the online casinos customer support service. All the online casinos have a helpful support team that should do the trick. Available 24/7 this team is the face of the casinos. It is the first link that the players have for getting their payout issues sorted out.

Internet advancement has made it easy for the players to contact them round the clock from anywhere and at any time. Depending on the online casino mobile, different facilitates are available for the players. Email and chat facilities are the preferred modes of communications.

The customer support team are capable of resolving almost all of the minor payout issues at their level. If this is not sorted out at this level, then it is necessary to the next level of escalations.

Contact the casino Webmasters/managers

If the support team is not able to resolve the issue (which is very rarely); then the managers are the next level of help available to the players during the payout problems. They have powers which can be used with discretion and on a case to case basis. Most of the payout issues will be sorted out at this level.

Any escalation beyond this level is a serious matter which requires an immediate solution. The negative reviews by the players in forums are a huge disadvantage to the casinos, creating negative publicity.

Report to the Licensing or the games software providers

If the resolution offered is not to your satisfaction during your payout problems, then you can contact the casinos regulatory bodies. eCOGRA, Interactive Gaming Council, Gambling Commissions, Online Players Association are some of the Casino watchdogs that are founded to protect the players rights and interests.

Usually the casino games software providers are the big league players with solid reputation. They have a separate grievance cell which will help in player’s disputes between them and the casinos to which they provide the software.

Legal Recourse

This is the last resort that is available for the players if nothing works during your payout problems. It is an extreme step which will impact both the players and the casinos. Whoever is found at fault will face a lot of hardship and public attention (negative and positive).

The online casino player will most likely not face any major issues, if they play at reputed casinos. Before playing with real money, doing a prior research about the casinos will save a lot of hardship and trouble.