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Are Blackjack and 21 the Same Game?


Blackjack is one of the most exciting and thrilling games. The core aim of online blackjack is to beat the dealer by getting as close to 21 as possible without going over it. For that, you can leverage several strategies like stand, hit, blackjack double down, or blackjack split

If you are a regular player at the online casino UK, you must have an idea that the game of blackjack is often referred to as 21. But what’s the truth behind blackjack 21? Are both the games the same or is there any difference? Continue reading to explore more details.

Blackjack and 21

Are you wondering whether blackjack and 21 are the same? Well, the answer is yes. Both refer to the same casino game. The rules and payouts of the games remain the same. In other words, 21 is another name for the game of blackjack. The reason behind it is quite obvious. The casino game requires the players to score 21 without busting to beat the dealer. 

Blackjack is very simple and easy to understand. That is why it attracts both experienced and novice players alike. As the game starts, each of the players along with the dealer will be dealt two cards each. Then players can place their bets. Based on your hands and that of the dealer, you can decide whether you want to stand, hit, split, or double down your bet.

Evolution of Blackjack

Several years back, blackjack was quite popular as Twenty-One game. Many people believe that the game has a French/ Spanish origin. As per the records, the game of blackjack was played in 1768 in France. On the other hand, it was introduced in Britain during the 1770s and 1780s. However, the first rules got printed only in 1825. 

In some places, the game was called as 21. It was also known as blackjack in other places. So, based on which part of the globe you belong to, it can be determined whether the game is popular as blackjack or 21.

Reason Why People Believe Blackjack and 21 Are Different

Are you wondering what makes many people believe that blackjack is different from 21? Well, there is a reason. It is because of the existence of Spanish 21, which is a variant of blackjack. No doubt, the objective and basic rules of both games remain the same. All you need to do is get close to 21 without going over it. However, there are several differences between the standard blackjack and Spanish 21. 

Differences Between Regular Blackjack and Spanish 21


One of the main differences between blackjack and Spanish 21 is that the 10s are removed from the deck in the case of the latter one. That means instead of a 52-cards deck, a 48-cards deck is used in the Spanish 21 game. All the other cards will have the same value as the regular blackjack games. Owing to the removal of the 10s, the hand of the players is likely to consist of a lot of low-value cards. However, this game can be still exciting and fun.

Another significant difference between blackjack and Spanish 21 is related to the side bets. In regular blackjack games, you will find less options when it comes to side bets. One of the common side bets is the insurance bet. It can provide the players with a payout of 2:1.

However, Spanish 21 can offer a wide range of side bets to the players. It also offers insurance bets. Some of the popular side bets of this blackjack variant include a 5-card hand, 6-card hand, and 7-card hand. The payout of the 5-card hand is 3:2. On the other hand, the 6-card hand can provide the players with a payout of 2:1. Finally, the 7-card hand pays 3:1. 

There is yet another significant difference between the two casino games. In the game of Spanish 21, the player who scores a 21 always wins. That means whenever the dealer and the player will have a blackjack hand, the player will win the round. However, it is not the case in regular blackjack. In blackjack, if the same situation arises and both the dealer and the player hit blackjack with exactly the same number of cards, no bets get paid. 


Both 21 and blackjack are the same casino game. Confusion arises among the players due to the place of origin and availability of blackjack variants like Spanish 21. By now, you must have a complete idea of blackjack 21. Whether you want to play 7-card blackjack or any other variant, look for a reliable platform. Also, knowing the blackjack dealer rules and leveraging the best blackjack strategy can enhance your overall gameplay and provide you with an exceptional gaming experience.