Mini Roulette Online: The Latest Craze amongst Roulette Lovers Worldwide!

When anyone envisions a casino, the classic game of luck, Roulette is always in the picture much like all those casino based movies. This classic game comes in different variations like European Roulette, French Roulette, American Roulette, and the simplified version of mini Roulette online at Jackpot Mobile Casino.

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Here mini does not stand for mini payouts, in fact, it’s called mini Roulette online because of the size of its wheel. It follows the rules of European Roulette. But the main variation between this version and any other version of Roulette is the difference in the number of slots. Since the wheel of mini Roulette online is smaller it consists of only 13 slots including 0 unlike 37 slots in European Roulette.

Mini Roulette Online: The Latest Craze amongst Roulette Lovers Worldwide!

Odds of Winning

You will find that there are other variations too like the difference in the odds. As the numbers in mini Roulette online are less than the European Roulette there is a difference in payout and odds of winning. The European Roulette offers a 35 to 1 payout with the odds of winning at 36 to 1. The odds are paid out 11 to 1 with real odds of winning at 12 to 1. This is another important difference.

The players can choose to bet on any number they want or they can place bets between two to four numbers to cover more slots at low odds.

  • A Split Bet is the one that is placed on two connected numbers and it pays at 5-1 odds but the true winning odds are 5.5-1. Covering a row of three numbers, a Street Bet pays off at 3-1 and the odds of winning it are 3.3-1.
  • A Corner Bet involving four numbers in a square pays off at 2-1 with the odds at 2.25-1. Covering four numbers in a column, a Column Bet will pay same as the Corner Bet with same odds of actually winning it. The bets can also be placed on red or black, high or low and also as odd or even. All these carry the bet at 1.7-1 odds.

House Edge

There is one more difference that you will find in this version which is the difference in the house edge. In mini Roulette online, the house edge is 3.85% whereas in American Roulette it is 5.26% and in European Roulette, it is 2.63%. However, because of less number of slots, the odds of hitting a certain number is also higher making it more likely for 0 to come up.

Make a Debut Now

Roulette is a very popular game but its huge table with so much money may appear little intimidating to the new players. This simplified version of the classic game at Jackpot Mobile Casino is great for the new players as it is quick to play and winnings are also made simple.

Get Lucky with our Exclusive Collection of New Lucky Slots!

There are many themes on which the slots are based nowadays. Some of them become favourites among the players and keep on appearing as a recurring theme in various online slots. Both Irish and Chinese themes are those recurring themes that appeal to the players all over the world. Brimming with Irish or Chinese lucky symbols, these slots have become the favourites among innumerable players. Two of these new lucky slots to hit Jackpot Mobile Casino are Luck O’ The Irish Fortune Spins and Lucky Tree slot games.


How to Play New Lucky Slots?

The Irish-themed slots are filled with the lucky symbols and icons as per the Irish culture. Leprechaun, rainbow, pots of gold, clovers, and horseshoes are some of the often repeated symbols in the new lucky slots based on Irish theme. Similarly, the Chinese-themed slots feature symbols that are common in the Chinese culture. The most common symbols featuring the Chinese-themed slots are lotus flowers, tortoise, fish, bamboo, hand-held fans and others.

Get Lucky with our Exclusive Collection of New Lucky Slots!

  • Luck O’ The Irish Fortune Spins – One of the new lucky slots, Luck O’ The Irish Fortune Spins includes all the good fortune symbols associated with Irish culture such as pots of gold coins, green meadows and of course a radiant rainbow. All these images are common to the Irish-themed slots but this one comes with a creative extra feature which provides extra excitement to the players.

    The players will hope to find that elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow in this one of the new lucky slots. The game features ten paylines and five reels. However, if you opt for the Fortune Spins, it will activate four extra reels thus increasing your winning chances. This is really a straightforward game that comes with only one extra feature with no wild or scatter icons. Rather it gives an innovative Fortune Spin Reels that can be prompted by the players whenever they want to.

  • Lucky Tree – This Chinese-themed slot and it is based on the lucky tree myth. According to the Chinese folklore, this lucky tree is the money tree that offers many riches.

    This slot is played with five reels and 30 paylines. One of the new lucky slots, Lucky Tree comes with three bonus features- Wild Coin Mystery will have the tree shaking and giving up to 7 coins that transform into wilds, Free Games Bonus will award you up to 20 free spins. You also have Pick Bonus where you stand a chance to win up to 5,000 coins by matching symbols. The game is presented well with various features to keep the players interested. The game has been quite popular in land-based casinos and now as an online slot, it is both fun as well as highly rewarding.

Experience Culture Now

Both these represent the symbols popular in Irish or Chinese folklores really well. Jackpot Mobile Casino gives you the opportunity to experience both these on online and on mobile devices!

Ultimate Guide to Live Dealer Games​

Casino games existed long before any of today’s available technology, even before the days of television. The history of casinos goes back to early 16th century when people started gambling for fun. Later many mathematicians formulated some games to offer more realistic and acceptable results. So people are accustomed to playing casino games since many centuries now. Most people still do not find online casino games very convincing because they are electronic with no dealers around. This is especially in the case of card table games. The live dealer games in leading-edge online casinos like Jackpot Mobile Casino, the euphoria is back.

What Should You Know About Live Dealer Games?

Ultimate Guide to Live Dealer Games

People still prefer land-based games when it comes to games involving cards because of the professionally trained dealer. These dealers have intense knowledge about the game where they deal cards. So nothing can really go wrong while dealing. Hence professional gamblers prefer going at a casino for playing their favourite game. Live dealers are real humans who deal real cards for you. So the shuffling of cards and the card you get are as precise as in real world casinos. Only thing is that the dealers are seated in a studio in some other country or city than yours. The studios are equipped with multiple high-definition cameras so that you get the best view of the game table.

Benefits of Live Dealers

Most of this dealer on live games comes from land-based casino background. These are people who have worked in the real casino earlier and hence they are strong with game knowledge. Live dealer games also provide you with a chat feature so you can communicate with the dealer. This will make the game more realistic and you will not miss playing in brick and concrete casinos anymore. These games are actually better than real world because unlike land casinos you have complete privacy here. Some people feel embarrassed when they lose but the live casino has no one around you.

The best part is you can cut down the cost of travelling all the way to Vegas or some other place just to try your luck. Use that money on betting and play more rounds of your favourite games instead.

The best part of live dealer games is that you need not spend a whole day to travel to a casino and waste precious hours. Just log in to the casino site and start playing whenever you have spare time. Unlike land casinos, you need not sit in the same place all the time.

The game will be same but you can play from anywhere. Don’t like the atmosphere you are at present? Just hit a beach or go to a resort and enjoy your casino game on your laptop or even a Smartphone in the middle of a beautiful environment. You need not even carry huge cash or card, just add funds to your online casino account and enjoy your favourite live dealer game.

Go Berserk as Jackpot Mobile Casino is the One

Overall, live dealer games offer realistic gaming experience along with a host of other features and benefits that you cannot get in a land casino. Try once you will be hooked to these games for life. Head to Jackpot Mobile Casino for the first-hand experience of live dealer games!

King of Atlantis Slots Debut at Jackpot Mobile Casino​

Jackpot Mobile Casino has various mobile casino slots based on ancient Greek mythology. These games depict royalty and talk about the gods and goddesses with various supernatural powers. King of Atlantis slots is one such game which is based on the lost city of gold. The king of this game is Poseidon who rules the high seas and guards its sheer wealth. The backdrop of this five reel slot game is a mountain with Greek structure and gold spread all over that looks very magical. There are 40 paylines on which you can place your bets with an amount ranging from 40p to £1800 per spin.

How to Play King of Atlantis Slots?

King of Atlantis Slots Debut at Jackpot Mobile Casino​

King of Atlantis slots offers a unique betting strategy where you can choose from three different betting range. The limit depends on how many wilds you want to see during a spin. There are options for 20 wilds, 40 wilds and 60 wilds. These are a maximum number of wild symbols that you can expect to appear in a spin. More the spins, better the winning combinations and the payout accordingly. Another unique feature is, it is not the usual 3 rows but there are 5 rows in the slot. So the number of symbols appearances is more. Hence, that leaves you with a scope of getting up to 60 wilds in a single spin. So you need to define the number of wilds to start playing.

The betting limit changes according to your choice of wilds:
● 20 wilds – min £0.40 & max £800 each spin
● 40 wilds – min £0.65 & max £1300 each spin
● 60 wilds – min £0.90 & max £1800 each spin

Expanding Wild Feature

The emphasis is more on the wild feature starting from the betting limit. This is because the size of the wild symbol is large enough to cover two whole reels. The wild in King of Atlantis slots is represented by the symbol of Poseidon, the god of the sea. It substitutes for all the other symbols except for the bonus trident symbol. Wild covers reel 2 and 3 or reels 4 & 5 or both to offer maximum wins. Once wild appears, it reveals into individual symbols to make the various winning combinations on the slot.

Symbols of the Game

There are various other attractive symbols in King of Atlantis slots that make the reels look wonderful. There is a beautiful mermaid who pays the highest of 250 times the stake followed by a dolphin with 200 times. The others are low-value symbols, such as king’s crown, ruby studded finger ring, a harp, jar, sea shell and an artefact. There is another bonus symbol apart from the wild, which is the trident that represents scatter. This can only appear on the first reel and triggers free spins. You will get 8 free spins when trident appears along with a wild on reel 2 or 4.

Experience Ancient Greek Like Never Before

King of Atlantis slots is a game that offers visually stunning graphics and mind blowing gameplay experience. Walk through the Poseidon kingdom and experience its beauty at Jackpot Mobile Casino.

How To Play Ra Roulette Online?

Ra Roulette online is one highly popular game that is played with standard European table with all the basic rules. This game offers a live dealer and is set in a studio with multiple high definition webcams to offer you a realistic experience. So the game is played on a real Roulette table using a real spin ball that gives results accurately. Another speciality of this Roulette variant is the side bet which is based on a popular slot game ‘Book of RA’. Before you try it at Jackpot Mobile Casino, know the rules.

How to Play Ra Roulette Online?

To begin the game of Ra Roulette online, firstly you need to choose your bet amount followed by the number or numbers you want to place your bets on. As stated earlier, the game uses the basic rules from the standard European format and hence you will be able to bet on various standard bet lines. You can either choose to manually place your bets on single or multiple numbers or pick from various predefined betting lines. The choices include – the split for two numbers betting, street for three numbers, corner for four, the line for six, columns and dozen for 12 number betting. You also have the standard outside betting options such as high-low, odd-even and black-red that gives you additional winning opportunities. The probability in these outside games is higher than the main game by 50% and they keep you on a winning mode regardless of the results of your inside bets.

How To Play Ra Roulette Online?

Side Bet Game

The Book of RA single reel side bet game is an option feature that you can use to place your bets and win some amazing rewards. There are seven symbols in the slot each with a different kind of payout on your bets when the reel stops at one of them. The blue colour man symbol is the top paying symbol of the slot with 80 times your bet and a house edge of 11.01%. The probability of this symbol appearing is low while the lower value symbols such as Q & K appear more frequently.

The Payouts

The payouts in Ra Roulette online is no different than the classic variant as the highest is still 35 to 1 when you win with a straight bet on a single number. The split pays you 17 to 1, followed by 11 to 1 on street, 8 to 1 for the corner, 6 to 1 for line and 1 to 1 on dozen and column. The outside bets all pay you 1 to 1 on your bet amount.

Look Forward to an Entertaining Game of Roulette

With a side reel game and live dealer setup, Ra Roulette online is definitely one of its kind. If you are a Roulette fan, you must try this variant at Jackpot Mobile Casino.

Get Ready for May Bonus Codes Weekend

When it comes to casino slot games, some themes simply stand out. ‘Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild’ falls in one such popular genre. In this five reel slot game, you can win in 243 ways. The betting limit starts with just 20p and goes up to £100 a spin. With mind-blowing graphics of deep jungle in the background and beautiful fireflies all over, you are sure to find the entire theme magical. The dark and intense jungle beats resonate with the ancient African tribal music. This is definitely one of the best bonus codes casino slot games in this category so far. Jackpot Mobile Casino will let you enjoy this awesome game with an incredible weekend promo offer this May.

What’s in Store for You at Bonus Codes Casino this Weekend?

It is a whole new month again and there is good news for all the casino and slot game lovers. There is an irresistible bonus codes casino promotional offer that you can make use of to win big. Since the weekend is the best time to spend on your favourite slot games, the promotion gives you some amazing benefits on every weekend of May. Any account holder over the age of 18 years old can make use of this offer that will remain active for all weekends; that is from 5th to 7th, 12th to 14th, 19th to 21st and 26th to 28th of May 2017.

Get Ready for May Bonus Codes Weekend Promotion

Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild is one of its kind slot game with high winning probability and best bonus features. And to make your chances in this game brighter, you can make use of bonus codes casino while depositing your money. There are 25 free spins up for the grabs when you make a minimum deposit of £10. To get the free games you need to use the code ‘SPINS’ while adding money to your casino account. These spins are worth £0.20 each, which means you are getting £5 back in the form of spins which is amazing.

During this promotion in May, you can make get more than free spins with bonus codes casino offer. When you are depositing a minimum of £10 by using the code ‘BONUS’, you will get 100% of your deposit as bonus fund which is subject to a maximum of £100.

Grab the Freebies Now

With these wonderful promotional offers, you can make the best use of weekends in May. So, mark the dates in your calendar. You wouldn’t want to miss this big one from Jackpot Mobile Casino.

Role of Technology in Improving Online Gambling Security

Since the dawn of the Internet, all the popular casino and gambling games have gone online. Betting using real money has become common these days. It is now extended to mobile phone and tablet users who can play using real money on the go. But the question is how stringent is the online gambling security to safeguard users?

Biggest Online Gambling Security Features

Role of Technology in Improving Online Gambling Security

  • High-End Encryption

When you play casino games online you are required to register as a user on a casino website. You need not worry as long as you are playing free games as there is no money involved. However, these games offer attractive rewards, luring you to bet using real money sooner or later. That is when you got to make sure your money is in safe hands. The encryption system that makes your password highly secured. This is one of the best online gambling security features that are used in all casino sites today.

  • Regulating Authorities

Every country today has its gambling commission and various licensing authorities. They constantly monitor, govern and regulate casino operators. They ensure that the online casinos are legitimate and follow all the rules and regulations. These rules are made in the best interest of the users. They monitor whether the operators are using approved and tested online gambling security features in their websites. Any casino site not following the required security measures will attract massive fines. It can result even in the cancellation of license to run the site. So you must to check if the website falls under a jurisdiction guarded by those stringent guidelines and policies.

  • Banking Transactions

In order to allow users to place bets, online casino sites offer easy and convenient deposit methods. You can use your credit or debit cards, wire transfer and various other modes of payments. To enable online gambling security, banks and financial institutions today employ strict guidelines and implement modern technology security features. These advanced hardware and software systems guarantee your transactions are safe and secure. Most banks even offer multiple levels of security that prompt users to go through various verification procedures. One of the most advanced features today is the OTP or one-time password confirmation. In this system, a code is sent to your registered mobile phone or email ID and the transaction goes through only when you enter this code on the payment gateway. This is something which no one will have access to. The only thing you must ensure here is not sharing the code with anyone else.

Play with Peace

The internet and the computer technology have advanced to a whole new level when it comes to offering better online gambling security. So people can invest their monies on their favourite casino games without any worries of being cheated. Jackpot Mobile Casino is one such safe haven!