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Understanding the Different Types of Slot Wild Symbols


Slot machines are the go-to choice for hundreds of thousands of casino goers worldwide. In the past, slot machines featured a simple layout and had a limited number of slot symbols. But with the recent technological advances, slot games have become more sophisticated and come with a variety of different symbol types.

We start this article by explaining to you what wild symbols in slot games are. Then we delve deep into the different slot symbol types. Stick with us!

What Is a Slot Wild Symbol?

Simply put, a wild symbol is a slot machine symbol that can take the place of any basic icon. In other worlds, it can act as a replacement for other symbols. That way, players get the chance to form increased winning combos that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Keep in mind that wild symbols usually won’t replace the special symbols. The special icons in modern slot machines are scatters, free spins symbols and other unique slot symbols.

Let’s have a look at an example to make this clearer. Assume you’re spinning the reels of an online slot featuring different fruits as its basic symbols and a princess as its wild symbol. After setting the reels in motion, your screen showcases the following symbol combination: Apple-Apple-Princess-Apple-Apple. In normal circumstances, the following symbol combination would’ve resulted in a loss. But as the princess symbol is the slot’s wild icon, it can take the forming of the missing Apple symbol. That way, players can have a winning combination in the given slot game.

What Do Slot Wild Symbols Look Like?

Now that you know what wild symbols are, you might be wondering about their look and structure. Let us tell you that wild symbols don’t follow a specific design or style. Different slot machines come with different wild symbols. But usually, slot wilds are linked to the game’s theme. For example, the wild symbol in the Thunderstuck slot takes the form of the German deity Thor.

Different Types of Wild Symbols


Below we’ve listed the different types of wild icons you’ll come across in wild slots:

Random Wild Symbols

As mentioned earlier, wild symbols acts as a replacement for other basic symbols. In many online slots, the wild symbol may appear randomly at any point during the gameplay. As such, be sure to go through the slot’s paytable to know how the wild symbol can be landed.

Expanding and Stacked Wild Symbols

Expanding wilds and stacked wilds symbols share several similarities. But there are some important differences as well.

As their name implies, stacked symbols usually appear as single wild icons that are “stacked” on each other. These icons usually go on to cover the entire reel, which increases your chances of grabbing a lucrative payout. Some popular online slot games that feature stacked wild symbols are Beauty and the Beast and Games of Thrones. Stacked wilds can also be found in some Emporium slots.

In contrast, expanding wild symbols usually appear as a single icon that goes on to cover all positions on the reel. Several popular online slots such as Secret Code come with expanding wild symbols and other fun slot features.

Sticky Wilds

These slot icons just do what their name implies. They stay in place on the reels for more than one spin. Stacked wilds are highly popular among online slot players. This is because they can stay in place for multiple spins, offering players the chance to form increased winning combos.

Moving Wilds

These are a variation of sticky wild symbols. While moving wilds can stay in place for multiple spins, they don’t occupy the same position. Instead, they shift their positions on the reels to help players form the best winning combo. These wild icons can be found in slot games such as Pinnochio.

Wild with Multipliers

The main function of slot wild symbols is to replace basic icons. But along with that, some slot games can also feature wild with multipliers. So, along with replacing the basic icons, these wild icons can apply a specific multiplier to your winnings. It’s important to note that the multiplier is usually applied when you’ve formed a winning combination.

So, this covers our comprehensive guide on the different slot machine symbol types. Now, it’s time to enjoy some slot gaming action on our platform. We’ve got hundreds of online slots featuring wilds and other special icons. Happy gaming there!