Popular Roulette Patterns You Ought to Try

Popular Roulette Patterns

Whether you’re playing Roulette online or in a land-based casino, it’s important for you to be aware of several Roulette terms and systems. And one of those things is the Roulette number sequences.

In this article, we take a look at the most common Roulette patterns and what they mean to you as a casino player. Also, we explore the concept of hot and cold numbers in Roulette. Keep reading!

Roulette Patterns basics

When speaking about Roulette games popularity, their sheer randomness is one of the things that makes them a highly lovable casino title. Some casino players tend to believe the notion that they can know the game’s outcome if they follow specific Roulette patterns.

Let us tell you that it isn’t completely true, however. For instance, experienced Roulette make use of Roulette betting systems to improve their chances of winning. But using Roulette strategies doesn’t guarantee a win every time you play Roulette online. Using a sound bankroll management system and having good casino habits can help you reduce your losing chances in Roulette.

Winning probability for a single number in Roulette

When playing Roulette with the best online casino, you can find that each and every online Roulette game is based on the RNG software. The RNG system is there in place to ensure that the outcome of the game is completely random.

Also, Roulette doesn’t have any means to keep records of its past data. So, every time the dealer puts the ball on the spinning wheel, the result is bound to be completely random in 20p Roulette and other Roulette games.

That being said, here’s a look at the winning chances for a single number in Roulette. For the American Roulette wheel with double zero pockets, the chances of winning a specific number are 1/38. On the other hand, the winning probability for a specific number in European Roulette is 1/37 as it has only a single zero pocket.

Let’s assume that on the American Roulette wheel, the ball landed in the 15-number slot two times consecutively. The chances of the ball stopping on number 15 for the third time are again 1/38. Even if the number 20 hasn’t emerged as the winner in the past 50 spins, the chances of it winning on the 51st spin are again 1/38.

Repeating Roulette number patterns

Let’s move on to the winning probability for repeating numbers in Roulette. The combined probability for a specific number – 15 in our case – winning two times consecutively can be calculated by multiplying individual probabilities. That way, the combined chances for the number 15 winning two consecutive times are 1/38 x 1/38 = 1/1444.

Now if we go on to calculate the combined chances of the ball landing three times on the number 15, it will turn out to be: 1/38 x 1/38 x 1/38 = 1/54,872. In that same manner, the probability of the ball landing four and five times consecutively will be 1/2,085,136 and 1/79,235,168 respectively.

As mentioned earlier, all online Roulette types don’t have any means to store the results of past spins. So, the chances of you winning a single number spin will always be the same.

Below is a table that details the winning chances of repeating numbers for American and European Roulette:

RepeatsAny numberPre-selected number
American Roulette
European Roulette

The concept of hot and cold numbers in Roulette

For players who don’t know, hot numbers in Roulette are numbers that happen to appear quite often on the Roulette wheel. On the other hand, cold numbers are the ones that haven’t come up on the wheel for a long time. In any given Roulette game, these numbers keep changing from time to time.

While it may seem alluring to place wagers on hot numbers, let us tell you that they will hardly improve your winning chances. Again, this is because the final outcome in Roulette is completely random when playing at the top mobile casino or any other online gambling platform.

But if you still wish to wager on hot and cold numbers, here are some things you can try. First, you can keep a track of the numbers that have appeared in the results of the last twenty or thirty spins. Then according to the cold number betting system, you can exclude those numbers from your betting preferences and wager on the rest. Alternatively, you can go ahead with placing wagers on numbers that have appeared in the last few spins if you want to use the hot number betting strategy. 

Steps to Play Instant Roulette Efficiently

Instant Roulette is one of the newest additions to the list of online live casino games by Evolution Gaming. Released in 2020, the game uses some interesting tweaks and makes the overall Roulette gaming experience faster and more efficient.

In its short history, Instant Roulette has garnered immense popularity and can now be found at all the top online casinos out there. So, what’s it that makes Instant Roulette so fast, exciting and entertaining? Read on to know more about it.

What is Instant Roulette?

The difference between Instant Roulette and other Roulette variants is found by looking at the game’s arrangement. Unlike European Roulette, which has a dealer sitting at the table, Instant Roulette makes use of 12 auto-roulette wheels. Yes, you read that right!

As the wheels in Instant Roulette spin automatically, there is no need for human involvement in the game. Also, all 12 wheels in the game are programmed to spin independently at different stages of the game, meaning the action in the game goes non-stop for an extended time.

Owing to its nature, Instant Roulette doesn’t have a defined betting period. This means you can load the game any time, place your wagers, and get your results in no time.

Rules of Instant Roulette

As with many other casino games online, it’s easy to start with this Roulette variant. Just remember the following things before starting to play:

  • As you’d guess, the main aim of Instant Roulette is to predict where the ball will land on the wheel.
  • Similar to 20p Roulette, each Instant Roulette has numbers 1 to 36 coloured in alternate red and black and a green zero.
  • This Roulette game allows players to change their wagers whenever they want.
  • As there is no fixed betting time, you can play the game at your own pace.
  • The stakes for your betting round are placed on the wheel which is closest to the ball’s current landing.

How to play Instant Roulette

As mentioned earlier, Instant Roulette uses a European-style wheel to determine the outcome. The only difference between this Roulette game and other Roulette types is the use of 12 synchronised wheels. So, even if you are new to Instant Roulette, you can get going with the game after reading the following instructions:

  • The betting area to place your wager is located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Use the chip display to select the chip value for each bet.
  • After selecting the chip value, click on the respective box on the betting area to place your bet.
  • You can use the ‘Undo’ option if you want to change your current bet selection.
  • After choosing and placing your bet, click ‘Play Now” to initiate the gameplay round.

Note that when playing Instant Roulette, 2 to 3 wheels that are closest to the ball drop light up simultaneously. And for the next betting round, one of these glowing wheels gets automatically selected.

After completing the current betting round, you can place new bets by following the above instructions. Alternatively, you can use the ‘re-bet’ button to place your most recent wager and play again at mobile casinos.

Instant Roulette playing strategies

While there’s no doubt that there are a lot of technical differences between Instant Roulette and other Roulette types, it’s still the classic Roulette game at its core.

This game relies on the European Roulette wheel with a single zero pocket, meaning it comes with an RTP of 97.3%. As this is the lowest house edge for Roulette, you can win a decent amount if you get lucky.

Also, the fact that Instant Roulette is based on the European version means you can still use all of the Roulette playing strategies here. For starters, you can choose to follow basic betting systems like placing the same bets again and again. Experienced and more advanced Roulette players can go ahead with complex betting strategies like the Martingale system and the La Partage betting strategy. Whatever betting system you choose, make sure that you have a proper bankroll management system in place and only wager the amount you can afford to lose. Happy gaming there!

Best Way to Learn Card Shuffling Techniques

Since the time casino gaming has gone mainstream, casino houses have been using shuffling techniques in their card games. They do it to randomise the deck order so players can’t guess what cards have been distributed and which ones remain in the deck.

For casino games like Online Roulette and slots, a shuffle cards trick isn’t required as these games don’t make use of cards. But for other titles like Blackjack and Poker, shuffling the deck is crucial, even if it comes at the expense of slow-paced gameplay.

Here we go through a couple of popular cards shuffling techniques that are simple and effective at the same time. Each of them comes with its own set of pros and cons, so you can try them all to see which one is the best for you.

The Overhand Card Shuffle

The Overhand Shuffle is the go-to choice for many card players, as it is probably the first shuffle they learned from their parents or best friend during childhood.

To use this technique, you first take the deck of cards and hold it horizontally in one hand (usually the dominant one). Then you use the thumb and the index finger of your other hand to take out a small chunk of cards. After this, you move the small packets of cards on top of the remaining deck. Finally, you repeat the process until you’ve covered the entire deck in that way.

While being one of the simplest card techniques, the overhand card shuffle comes with its own set of disadvantages. One of the reasons why this technique is not the most effective is because some of the cards from the previous hand can stick together even after shuffling the deck for a reasonable amount of time.

The Riffle Shuffle

Also referred to as “Dovetail Shuffle”, this shuffling technique can usually be found in serious casino card games like online Blackjack. When performed correctly, the Riffle Shuffle doesn’t let the cards get exposed and it also overcomes the cons of the Overhand Shuffle.

To use this card shuffling technique, you first split the deck of cards into two equal parts, and place them one in each hand. Then you bring the two chunks of cards together and use your thumbs to slowly riffle up the edge of each chunk simultaneously.

Riffle Shuffle aims to effectively lay down two cards, one from each half, all in a go. With enough practice, this technique looks very clean and you can use it to show off at the table.

The Hindu Shuffle

The Hindu Shuffle may not be that common in the western world, but it is widely used in several mobile casino games in Asian casinos. This shuffling technique is quite similar to that of Strip shuffle, with the only major exception being that you do it without placing the card deck on the table.

The Hindu Shuffle starts with you holding the deck with your thumb and middle finger. Then, you place that deck on the palm of your opposite hand. After this, you gently grab a small packet of cards from the top of the deck with your empty hand and move it away from the remaining deck. Finally, you repeat the process till you get all the cards in the palm of your other hand.

According to some experts, the Hindu Shuffle is even easier to master than its Overhand counterpart. And again, this professional-looking technique can be used to impress people when shuffling cards.

The Faro Shuffle

This is arguably one of the most precise shuffle card tricks out there. While it takes time to learn this shuffling technique, it looks great when you master it.

When using the Faro Shuffle, you start by dividing the deck into two equal parts. Then you place the two halves in both hands and bring them close together. Now, you put some pressure on one of the corners so that the cards in the deck weave together perfectly. You continue doing this until you’ve shuffled the whole deck.

Card Shuffling tricks summary

Whether you enjoy playing casino card games for entertainment or are looking towards a career at a live casino online, learning card shuffling is something that will also be helpful. In this article, we covered some popular card shuffling techniques, but it is by no means the complete list. You can always explore other shuffling techniques out there. The final point is to select a method that is simple, effective and will work the best for you.

Everything You Need to Know About Slots Paylines

Paylines are undoubtedly an essential aspect of slot machines. Ultimately, they decide the outcome of your bets, whether you make or lose money. If you want to learn more about how slot paylines function, then you’re at the right spot. Read this guide on slot paylines to learn more about slot machine paylines.

About Slots Paylines

Let’s review the fundamentals of the payline slots’ operation. The majority of slots are played on grids. The grid comprises three reels and five rows or columns. This allows the grid to have a total of fifteen positions. 

When you play a slot, you’ll find an array of symbols to be seen at all times, one for each place. You make bets, then spin the reels, and a new set of symbols appear.

If you get enough symbols that match on reels that are consecutive on this line, you’ll win and be paid. The majority of paylines are between left and right. 

So, the matching line of symbols must begin on the left reel, i.e., reel 1. If the slots paylines run from left to right, the line of play must begin on the rightmost reel (reel 5, reel). 

Some slot paylines can run both ways, and your sequence of symbols that match can begin at the leftmost or rightmost reel, allowing you to take home a prize. 

Most online slots come with 20-30 paylines. Some have fewer paylines, while others have more. The majority of the time, you’ll need just three identical symbols on a payline for you to be a winner. 

The more identical symbols are on slot paylines, the greater your chances of winning. Remember that you can only be paid one time per payline. 

If you win five identical symbols on the slots paylines, you’ve won by combining five symbols. However, technically speaking, you’ve also won with four or three identical symbols. But, you will be compensated only for the highest winnings on every line (i.e., the five-symbol winning). 

The good news is that slots allow you to win on multiple slot paylines, simultaneously. If you get a chain of highly lucrative symbols on various paylines in the same spin and you win, you stand a chance for a big win.

There are two kinds of paylines which are fixed and adjustable. If the paylines of a slot are fixed, each line is covered in all wagers. If a slot’s paylines can be adjusted, you can choose how many paylines you’d like your bet to cover.

Keep in mind that the higher number of lines you choose to go for, the greater your bet will cost you, but the better chance you’ll be able to win. If you manage to land sufficient matching symbols on a line, but the payline you’re betting on isn’t covered by the bet, it won’t be a win.

To know the paylines of a slot, look at the pay table. This is a list of all of the slot’s features, such as paylines, the symbol, their payouts, and information on specific features and the methods to activate them. 

The pay table displays every pay line that runs across the slot’s grid so you can see the lines you could win on your own. It also explains the direction the slots paylines are running in.

Bets on Slots Paylines

Before you sit down to play a slot, be aware of the paylines to know what you’re betting. Make sure you don’t have to bet the same amount each spin.

Few slots limit how many paylines you can play when you play at or even close to the amount you can bet.

Usually, slot paylines are paid out if you hit the minimum number of the identical number of symbols (usually the number three) in a line that runs between left and right which means from reels one, three, two, and the list goes on.

When Slot Machine Paylines Aren’t Paylines All the Time

What do you think? To add extra flavour to these games, few slots do not have paylines. Instead, they offer “ways of winning” instead. This is because instead of landing in a specific payline pattern, players can land the same symbol on the reels. In a five-reel and four-row slot game, there can be more than 1,000 chances to win, which is a tempting idea.

Megaways Goes to the Extreme

You’ve probably heard of the Megaways feature. Each game with this mechanic has a random number of icons that fall on the reels. Sometimes, it’s just three or two. However, it can also be seven or more.

Imagine all the reels that contain at least seven symbols, and you’ll have numerous opportunities to make money. They’re not paylines as Megaways slots payout when you get the same symbol on the reels. 

What number of ways to win could the Megaways feature provide? It’s not an easy number, 117,649 to be exact.

Small Can Be Beautiful

Although the recent trend has been to increase the number of many paylines and methods to win as possible, the classic slot machines remain as well-known.

Certain of these games, such as IGT’s enduring Double Diamond game, have only one payline. It comprises only bar symbols, cherries Lucky Red Seven, and the Double Diamond logo. The game could not be more simple.


If you’ve learned everything about payline slot machines, and you have one thing you need to do: try playing some slots for yourself! Play some slots with standard paylines or opt for the slots that use the all-ways-win system and have a wide range of ways to win. 

Be sure to look over the paytable to determine the slots paylines. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to land a lot of symbols with high value across multiple paylines and be rewarded with substantial winnings.