Skrill vs Neteller Banking Methods

Is a Neteller casino any better than the Skrill? As you are aware that these two options are the best eWallet options available out there. Let us compare both the methods and decide which one is easier and hence better to use.

Comparison between Skrill and Neteller Casino

Skrill vs Neteller Banking Methods


  1. 1. The philosophy of Skrill is to simplify and speed up the money transfer process with the least hassle for the customer whereas Neteller is a more traditional method both in terms of design and philosophy.


  1. 2. The initial setup of both the methods is fairly simple and both provide transfer from all the standard credit cards such as Mastercard and Visa.


  1. 3. In the case of Neteller, the fee for making an initial deposit from the bank varies from 1.5% to 7.5% of the deposit depending on your bank and country. For some banks and countries, there might be no fee. Skrill offers a free bank transfer across all listed countries.


  1. 4. The fee for making a deposit from the credit card is a fixed 1.90% for almost all the credit cards while at Neteller, the fee is variable i.e. 1.17-4.95% for VISA and 1.75-4.95% for Mastercard etc.


  1. 5. There is no fee in both the payment methods to deposit money to the Skrill or Neteller casino.


  1. 6. To receive money from a third party, it takes a standard of two hours to deposit money into your eWallet in both the methods.


  1. 7. Skrill has a fixed fee of £1.8 for bank transfers in case of withdrawals, £3.50 for cheques, and £1.80 for VISA.


  1. 8. Neteller casino is available in 180 countries worldwide whereas Skrill is available in 200.


  1. 9. Both have an affiliation with MasterCard for prepaid cards.


  1. 10. Both have stringent measures for security and safety in place.


  1. 11. Until your Neteller account is verified, it can have transactions amounting to £2850 only with credit/debit card limit of £150. Once verified, £4000 credit/debit card deposits can be made every month and £400,000 through the bank account every month. If you require even higher limits, you can use Neteller VIP Program. In the case of Skrill, the unverified account has a limit of £2500 and a card limit of £250. You can also opt for VIP Skrill club for even more benefits.

A Comparison between the VIP Programs of Both

There are various requirements to reach and maintain the VIP levels of both the methods.

Requirements for VIP levelsYearlyQuarterly

Thus we see that both the payment methods, Skrill and Neteller casino vary a little in various fees and availability in various countries, but as far as the security is concerned, both provide the safest and the most secure means of transferring money across.

Enjoy 100 Free Spins on Starburst Slots Online

Who doesn’t like a nice bonus? Play Starburst slots online this weekend and get a chance to win up to 700 free spins. Yes, it is true. 100 free spins for each day of the week.

All Aboard A Spaceship in Starburst Slots Online

You are going to experience a travel to the outer space in this beautiful slot with a starry background and glittering jewels. It is one of the slots games that can instantly brighten up a dull day with its wonderful gameplay and the wild feature. This slot has 5 reels with 3 rows and 10 paylines that pay both ways.

The symbols in Starburst slots online are shining jewels of various shapes and colours, the lucky number 7 and a Bar symbol. The Bar symbol is the highest paying symbol. These symbols shimmer with light and whenever you register a win using these symbols, the reels light up and the sound effects explode into life.

This mobile slot game may not have a bonus round per say, but the Starburst wilds make up for it. These wilds in Starburst slots online first of all act as the standard wild symbols that appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. To add to the excitement, they also multiply to fill the entire reel. Furthermore, they can also trigger re-spins up to 3 times. If the first re-spin brings more wilds, you get a second spin with both wild reels in place. If you get even more wilds with the second spin and get the middle three reels full of starburst wilds, you get an astronomical Jackpot of 50,000 coins.

This is a slot for new players as well as the high rollers. You can bet as low as £0.01 and as high as £100.

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Enjoy 100 Free Spins on Starburst Slots Online

We invite you to be a part of the Starburst week and deposit and wager on Starburst slots online from midnight of Thursday 25th August to midnight of Wednesday 31st August 2016 and win 100 spins each day for £50 of deposit every day on the brand new promotion, 100 Free Spins Starburst. During the period of the promotion, deposit £50 each day and get 100 free spins to play the popular Starburst slots game. This way, by the end of the week, you get up to 700 free spins to play this star-themed slots game. We’ll add up all your deposits and drop the free spins into your account when the promotion ends.

What will be fascinating to you, an avid slot player, playing the most popular slots game, Starburst with the most favourite casino bonus of free spins which mounts every day and at the end of the promotion, a gigantic 700 free spins are added to your credit? This weekend, it’s going to be fun with 100 free spins Starburst casino promotion.

Tips to Remember While Playing Scratch Card Games Online

Playing scratch card games online is fairly simple and fun. Here, you get a chance to win a decent amount by betting small amounts of cash. Though these games are purely luck based, there are some simple strategies that can be considered before playing a scratch card game. If these are taken into consideration, you can definitely increase your chances to win in these games.

Tips to Remember While Playing Scratch Card Games Online

Tips That Will Help You Win at elpScratch Card Games Online

    1. 1. Follow recent game winners: Before playing scratch card games online, look for those games that have been rewarded high in the recent past. The online casinos mention the name of the winners of these games on their websites and if you scan through these, you can have a fair idea of those games where a win is possible. If a game hasn’t paid out nicely in recent times, its chances to pay are quite less.


    1. 2. Look out for your budget: Playing these is very addictive. Even though these games are played with a small amount of money, you might end up spending more than your budget. Hence, look for the online scratch cards that are well in your budget and don’t always go for bigger pay games.


    1. 3. Play to enjoy and not to chase your losses: Only play them until the time you are enjoying. These games should only act as a means of entertainment instead of trying to chase your winnings or reclaim the lost amount.


    1. 4. Play many games with a small stake: Instead of playing a few scratch card games with big bets, try to play many such games online with small stakes. This is so because the odds of winning small or medium sized jackpots are much more than hitting a massive jackpot. Soon, the small wins will add up to a decent payout and you won’t regret this decision.


    1. 5. Don’t play for a single long session: It can be much more rewarding to split your play over different short sessions instead of a long one. If you aren’t lucky in one particular session, who knows the lady luck accompanies you nicely in the other one.


    1. 6. Don’t forget to claim free scratch money and bonuses: Many online casinos provide a signup bonus in the form of scratch card money. Ensure to use it to play the first few scratch card games online.


    1. 7. Play in practice mode: Many scratch card games online are complicated and before playing such games, one should first try their hands on practice games. This will give you an edge when you start playing with real money.


We should not forget that all the casino games both offline or online are made to benefit casinos and the house has a certain edge in these games including scratch card games online. Hence, play for a good time pass and only till the time you enjoy the game. If you keep these tips in mind, you will certainly have a great time and great winnings as well.

Online Gambling Sector Shows Growth: Latest Survey

We all know that there is a steady increase in the number of online casino games being launched. And also the player numbers are on a rise. But these facts get confirmed when an official agency releases some numbers. UK Gambling Commission is a reliable source that tracks growth of both, offline and online casinos. According to their latest casino news, their recent report shows a definite growth in online gambling sector.

What Do These Latest Casino News Numbers Look Like?

This financial year, United Kingdom has seen unprecedented growth in the Online gambling industry. A report from UK Gambling commission has shown that the sector has seen £1.4bn more revenue as compared to the previous financial year. Figures show a revenue generation of £12.6bn in the financial year ending September 2015 whereas it was just £11.2bn in the last year. That is a fairly good growth given that the online casinos have been working under restrictions from the government. This latest casino news gives some really astonishing figures which one would not have known otherwise.

This casino news reveals more. An interesting fact to know is that the remote gambling markets that include sports betting, online bingo and casino gaming have brought a huge 29% of the total income of this sector. It has generated a total of £3.6bn in the period from October 2014 to September 2015. So the new age betting sectors, all combined are adding more steam to the growth numbers.

Some Stats Related To Land Based Casinos:

This latest casino news also gives numbers on offline bars. Contrary to the immense growth in online sector of this industry, the land-based casinos in the UK have shown a decrease in revenue generation. The number of such casinos have declined by 1.9% and betting shops have also reduced from 8,975 in March 2015 to 8,809 in March 2016. The number of arcades have reduced by 11.1% in a year’s time frame. That is a substantial figure and has raised many brows. Even when the gross gambling income from bingo has improved by 4.9%, these halls have also observed a fall of 10.1%. As per the latest casino news, the total number of remaining Bingo halls is just 599.

The rise in online gambling and a fall in land based casino numbers indicate a definite new trend. Players seem to like the idea of sitting at home and clicking away. They can spin from their mobile screens as well and the idea of betting on the go is definitely interesting. And a lot of online game developers have drawn inspiration from classic offlines to develop equally engaging games. So the players are not missing much by not visiting the offline parlours. All in all, a lot of these conclusions are being backed by the numbers released by reliable agencies. Time will tell if the numbers continue to show similar trends. If the current player sentiments and numbers of this latest casino news are anything to go by, this trend is here to stay.

Are you One of the 5 Lucky Players Yet?

Is it raining money? Yes, it certainly seems so. To check if it is true, log into your accounts this weekend and check for the cash we, at Jackpot Mobile Casino are dropping there under our Cash Drop Promotion. You might be one of the five lucky players who get a chance to win £50. If you are, don’t forget to claim it till Thursday and use it to play exciting online slot games and multiply this amount even further by placing winning bets. Who knows at the end of the day, you win a massive Jackpot and fill your pockets with a large wad of money!

Get Lucky with £50 on Cash Drop promotion

What is The Prize in Cash Drop Promotion?

We will be giving away £50 each to five of our players. This will be placed into the winning accounts at 12 noon on Thursday 18th August 2016 (GMT). This will be in the form of cash credit that you can use to play any online game.

How to Claim?

You must claim the cash prize by logging into your accounts till 12 noon on Thursday 25th August 2016 (GMT). You have to place a bet with part or full credit amount to claim it. We will have to withdraw the cash drop promotion prize and re-award it if you don’t claim it before the mentioned date and time by wagering in any online game. Remember that this prize can be used to play any online game across all categories, so you can use it to play a game of your choice. Furthermore, to make it even exciting, you can use this cash credit to play more than one game. Amazing, isn’t it?

Eligibility Criteria

This August weekend promotion is applicable only to our regular players. So to avail it, you must have logged into your account since 1st March 2016.

Even if you are not one of the lucky players to have won under our fabulous Cash Drop promotion offer, worry not! We have a host of other bonuses to offer to new as well as our loyal players. So keep the momentum going and keep playing. The lady luck is definitely going to make you richer than before!

Grab £100 Online Casino Deposit Bonus This Week!

Premier League is coming up and the football craze is about to grip the world. Jackpot Mobile Casino is not going to be left far behind. We are celebrating with our very own Champions Cup Kick Off Win Boost promotion that gives you an opportunity to bag a big online casino deposit bonus up to £100.

It’s the Football Week to Enjoy Online Casino Deposit Bonus

Grab £100 Online Casino Deposit Bonus This Week!

Mark the dates in your calendar from 11th August to 17th August and this is when you play to be eligible for online casino deposit bonus.  Simply deposit and play as usual. You can choose online slots of football theme as well. If you win, you take home a 20% online casino deposit bonus up to £100!

To keep up the spirits high to participate in our Champions Cup Kick Off Win Boost promotion, you can play our two football-themed slots apart from other slots games. There is an awesome big online casino deposit bonus up for grabs.

Football: Champions Cup and Carnival Cup Online Slots Games

Football: Champions Cup With The Dazzling Look of Euro Cup 2016

Football: Champions Cup slots have 5 reels and 20 paylines. It is powered by NetEnt and is not too old. It was introduced just prior to the Euro Cup 2016 and was received with much fanfare by football lovers. All you have to do is place a wager between 20p and £1. You will see a lot of low paying symbols – typically Ace, king, queen, jack, 10. But if you are lucky, you will see high paying football related symbols. One interesting feature is the wild overlay symbol. When it appears, the game goes on frenzy; all nearby symbols get converted into wilds. It obviously means higher winning possibilities. Also, watch out for scatters. It appears in the form of a gold trophy. You need 3 to avail a free spin. Then again, there are bonus symbols. 3 or more bonus symbols kick-start penalty shootout. You then get paid for making goals and saving goals during the shootout.

Carnival Cup With The Memoirs of World Cup 2014

Carnival Cup slot is yet another slot that takes you to the world of football. It is the brainchild of Nektan. You get a typical 5 reel and 9 paylines with a Brazil theme.  Why Brazil? It refreshes our 2014 World Cup memories. Start with 1p if you are unsure of the game. As you progress, you can take it up to £1. The low paying symbols are from the card series – Ace to 10. What you need to really hope for is the wild. The trophy symbol is the wild and it replaces all symbols except the scatter. Drums are the scatter symbols. It is not power packed with features but it has a whopping £250,000 bonus. You cannot ask for more.

So what are you waiting for? Watch football, play football. And take home a lot of fun and wins! You can also play other slots as well which you can play to avail online casino deposit bonus on Champions Cup Kick Off Win Boost promotion online.

World Tour: Which Country Do You Support?

The World Tour is here and you have the opportunity to cash in on the hype and hysteria surrounding it by taking part in the Support your country bonus that is on offer. Each day is the day of a different competing country and a slot game related to that country.

The World Tour 2016 at Jackpot Mobile Casino

Welcome to the biggest tour of 2016 at Jackpot Mobile Casino. In your World Tour, you can visit your favourite countries and earn big money as well. All you have to is select your favourite mobile slots, deposit and play. Take a look at the countries which you would like to support.

Which Country Do You Support on World Tour?

4th August – Ireland – Shamrock ‘n’ Roll

Shamrock N’ Roll is a leprechaun-themed slot game with 5 reels and 25 paylines. The slot has some good bonus features such as the leprechaun wild feature and the free spins feature. If you are an Irish supporter, then there is nothing that is more Irish than this slot right on your World Tour.

5th August – Spain – Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo’s Quest is a slot game based on Gonzo’s search to find the lost city of gold, Eldorado. It has Avalanche Reels which is a unique feature where you can win up to 5x multipliers for every winning spin. There is also a Free Falls Bonus feature where you can get up to 10 free spins along with a 15x multiplier. The slot has 5 reels and 20 paylines.

6th August – Mexico – Spinata Grande

Spinata Grande is a 5 Reel and 40 paylines slot game that can be played for as low as 20p per spin to a maximum of £200 per spin. The slot is action packed with bonus features such as the Colossal symbols, Colossal bonus symbols and the free spins feature.

7th August – Kenya – Big 5 Safari

Big 5 is a classic slot with 3 reels and 1 payline. The slot can be played from 25p to £15 per spin. The slot takes you to the savannah of Kenya right from the comfort of wherever you are. Support Kenya in World Tour by playing this slot.

8th August – China – Lucky 88

Lucky 88 is a 5 Reel and 25 payline slot game from NextGen Entertainment. The slot has a Chinese theme with and is playable from 25p to a £120 per spin. The game also has a host of other bonus features to keep you entertained.

9th August – USA – Gunslinger’s Gold

This cowboy-based slot game is as American as it can get. The slot has 5 reels and 25 paylines. It is playable from 1p per spin to £31.25 per spin. The game has a lot of bonus features such as Turn the card feature, shoot the bottle free spins feature etc.

10th August – UK – Best of British

Best of British is a Nektan powered slot game with 5 reels and 15 paylines. The slot can be played from 15p to £15 per spin. The slot has a stacked wilds feature along with a free spins feature. Play this slot to show your support to the UK in World Tour.

At Jackpot Mobile Casino, deposit, play any of our top-rated mobile slots games mentioned above and get a 25% match up to £100. Here’s your chance to support your country and win big money. World Tour £100 25%: Support Your Country promotion is on from 4th August-10th August 2016.

Legendary Stories in Slot Games

Slot games have always drawn inspiration from mythological stories for their themes. There are many such games out there. But perhaps two of the most exciting would be the Robin Hood: Prince of Tweets slots and the Avalon slots. These two are also predominantly top UK mobile slots games with themes that are specific to that country. Robin Hood is based on a thief who used to live in the forests of Nottingham and Avalon is based on Arthurian Legend.

Legendary Stories in Slot Games UK

The Legend Of Robin Hood: Prince Of Tweets UK Mobile Slots Games

As mentioned above Robin Hood: Prince of Tweets slots game is based on the legend of Robin Hood. Robin Hood was an outlaw who lived in the forests of Nottinghamshire. He led a group of similar outlaws who plundered from the rich and gave it to the needy.  But this slot gives a bit of twist to this theme. Now the Robin Hood here is a bird who leads a similar group of birds. This twist adds to the appeal of the game and also gives you some quirky graphics.

This is one of UK mobile slots games which have 5 reels and 40 paylines. You can play this slots game from 20p per spin to a maximum of 50 per spin. The game features some cool bonus features such as the Arrow feature, which could potentially turn every symbol into a wild. The SuperBet feature, a feature that is common in most NextGen slots and finally the free spins feature where you get a maximum of 25 free spins.

You may feel a bit sceptical about this slots game after seeing the odd twist the theme has. But guess what? The theme works like a charm. Yes, it’s Robin Hood in the form of a bird but the bird has the same charm and charisma has the real character to make this UK mobile slot a really interesting one.

Avalon Finds Its Place in the Legendary UK Mobile Slots Games

Arthurian Legend is a huge part of the culture of the United Kingdom. Legend has it that King Arthur was injured in a battle and he swam and reached Avalon where he was gifted the Excalibur sword. And thus there is nothing wrong in calling Avalon one of the legendary UK mobile slots games. The slot has 5 reels and 20 paylines. It is playable from 40p per spin to £200 per spin. The game has a nice jackpot of £105,000 and also has a really good Return to Player rate.

Avalon slots game also has great bonus features such as the Wild symbol; it acts as a substitute for the other symbols. The free spin bonus round and the gamble feature where you can bet on your winnings for a chance to increase them.

Avalon is one of the most underrated Microgaming slots out there. It has an interesting theme and an exciting gameplay.  All in all, it is a great slot game.