The Significance of Blockchain in the Online Casino Industry

Ever since the introduction of the blockchain, the online casino industry has seen a great deal of development as more people shifted towards the online casino due to its strengthened authentication.

What is Blockchain?

As the name suggests, blockchain is literally the chain of blocks. That is the blocks of digital information stored in the chain of a public database. A block is nothing but a piece of digital information, and the chain is the public database. The blockchain has three main features of functioning. Here they are.

The Significance of Blockchain in the Online Casino Industry

  • Blocks have the job to store information about transactions such as date, time and amount of money of your most recent purchase.
  • Blocks also gather information about who is participating in transactions to introduce more clarity. A block keeps the records of the buyer, for example, a block will record the name of the buyer along with a website where the purchase. So instead of using the actual name of the buyer, a block will register the buyer’s signature name with the website’s name which is a kind of website username.
  • Blocks store information that other online record books usually don’t have. Each block has a unique code which distinguishes it from all other blocks. We have names blocks that have unique codes that help to identify them separately.  A single block has the ability to store up to 1 MB of data.

How Blockchain works?

The blockchain is so popular for its attempt to revolutionize several industries. Various blockchain applications are doing great in order to make the online casino industry much more trustworthy. Blockchain keeps a record of every single bet initiated by the player, all the information of payouts, transactions and all these aspects are kept in the record book of blockchain.

Trust has been one of the main issues of the gambling industry which needed to be looked at. Gambling sites quickly understand the need of the hour, and thus, blockchains have become a trend in the online casino industry.

Blockchains don’t just secure payments and transaction processes; it also protects the players’ personal data.

Blockchain technology also resolves two of the major issues that the online casino industry used to face worldwide. Online gambling makes up 25% of all gambling revenue, and now when this online casino industry has become a 5 billion industry, blockchain was introduced to resolve issues that online gambling was facing. The two main issues were money transparency and scammed online casinos.

The Significance of Blockchain in the Online Casino Industry

Money transparency meant to make the online casino industry much more trustworthy for the player, so when a player puts his money on the line, he or she must believe it is a fair game. Blockchain decentralized the game which made transactions and payments much safer as data is always kept safe under blockchain applications.

The other major issue that online gambling was facing was multiple scam websites; most of them were parody versions of verified websites. Blockchain provided a great solution to all the scam issues. Casino sites use blockchain applications to prove their authentication and legacy.

Many gamblers overlook the fact that playing at a casino is a type of major mathematical disadvantage and they have very little chance of winning in the casino in the long run. There is a term “house edge” which states the percentage of money that players consume while playing and this fixed percentage of money is what casino take from players. The more you play, the more you lose at a casino; however, that is not really the case in the short term, this is where playing smart at a casino comes handy.

There are multiple factors that can benefit you while gambling online such as promotional offers, jumbo bets, gift certificates etc. Blockchain makes the entire process of online gambling much more subtle which reduces the chance of losing in the long term. Blockchain provides “zero edges” protocol which increases the transparency in the money transfer, and it also avoids delays the fee deposit or payouts to the players and casinos. The “Zero edge” protocol allows players to keep their private information secure while paying and this makes the whole process extremely safe. Zero edge technology is one of the most used features of blockchain and without a doubt, it is one to look forward to in the coming future. Blockchain has made the experience of playing online casino games very safe to play with the constant innovations in blockchain applications. It is safe to say blockchain has come as the messiah for the online casino industry.

What makes the Auto Spin slot feature so cool?

Some gamblers say that the auto spin slot feature was dearly needed, and some are of the mind that the auto spin slot feature takes away the complete fun and thrill of playing mobile slots, but in reality, the auto spin slot feature has made playing the slots game very convenient. The auto play slot feature makes the slots game easy to play, convenient and faster by taking away the repetitive nature of the games and eliminating all that extra work that was earlier needed to be done for each round turn. Now, you don’t have to click on the spin button once a spin is complete and you can move on to the next spin as the machine automatically plays through the spins over and over again. 

What makes the Auto Spin slot feature so cool?

While making the whole process completely automatic, the auto spin feature also makes the game more interactive and enjoyable along with more and better opportunities to win a jackpot. Most of the first time casino visitors, head straight away for the slots game to try their hand. Most standard casino slot machines have three reels, but online casinos generally have 5 reels which gives more chances for an online player to win the game. With the auto spin feature, you just need to enter the number of spins for which you want to play and press the play button which will make the slots machine automatically continue spinning for the designated number of times. The number of spins can be as few as 5 or maybe even in thousands. 

What makes the Auto Spin slot feature so cool?

Slots machines are the easiest games to play, and the availability of Auto spin has made the game even more attractive and easy. First, you will have to enter the number of spins that you want to play for which of course depends on how much you want to spend on spinning as each spin will cost some amount. Once you enter the number of spins, you can also customize other things such as how much you want to play for, how many pay lines you want to play for or even stop the game if you reach your winning or losing threshold. Although the complete process is automatic, in case there is a bonus round you will have to do manual work to make your choices so that slots machine can continue its spins. Once everything is set, the machine will spin for the set number of times and while it is doing its work, you can check your phone or have something to eat or literally anything else. 

Some reasons why the auto spin slot feature has made the slots game even more popular than it already was are as under:

  • Autoplay feature saves your time – Not having to click the ‘Spin’ button every time a spin is complete saves a lot of time because the machine stops until the button is pressed. While, in the case of an auto spin feature, the machine will continue to spin, for the mentioned number of times and you don’t need to press the spin button every time, thus, saving a lot of effort and time on the way.
  • Convenience – The online slots game was one of the best things that could have happened for people who wanted to play a slot game but did not want to visit a casino. The addition of the auto spin feature to the slots game is like icing on a cake because now people can play the game without being a part of the process and be only concerned with the outcome of the game. You just need to start the game, set the number of spins and hit play; then you can literally move on to do anything else and then check your winnings at the end once the spins are complete.
  • Suitable for slots tournaments – The auto spin feature saves a lot of time and is best for holding slots tournaments at a large scale. While the winnings are huge, a larger number of people can play the machine in a given time span which earlier was not possible when the auto spin feature was not there.

The auto spin feature is a very innovative enhancement for the slots game, but it is an optional feature and those who don’t like it, do not have to play with the auto spin feature. They can wait for the entire spin to complete, click on the spin button every time and wait for the spin to complete and do this lengthy process for all the spins they want to do.

Duties of a Pit Boss in a Casino

All are familiar with the game of cricket. The umpires in the middle observe the players and ensure that they are adhering to the rules and regulations of the game. The principal of a school will often walk through the verandas ensuring the teachers and children are engaged in the right manner with the system. A pit boss is a mix of both these.

Pit boss is generally the casino manager who walks through the casino floors. He walks amidst the tables, players and dealers, ensuring that everyone is spending their quality time in the casino adheres to the terms and conditions of the casino. A pit boss has many responsibilities along with him. And he requires some skills to carry out these specific responsibilities.

Duties of a Pit Boss in a Casino

Skills needed to be a pit boss

  • Early experience with the casino games. Either he has to be a regular casino goer or must have held some positions as the dealer at several game tables. This is required because the pit boss will be familiar with the rules and regulations of the games that are going on in the casino tables.
  • Should have a very wide knowledge of the types of casino games and the strategies that are used in them. He needs to be aware of both the legal as well as illegal aspects of the game.
  • A pit boss should be a good manager. This means he needs a dominating and powerful attitude, only then he can exercise control over people for a variety of circumstances.

Hence only people having the above qualities can be hired as a pit boss even if they do not possess any prior education or a bunch of degrees with them.

 As mentioned above, there are certain responsibilities for a pit boss to take over in the casino as the casino manager. It is not something that is just restricted to walking through the floors.

Duties of a Pit Boss in a Casino

  • They have to be in constant and direct contact with the dealers.
  • They should oversee all the pits and paperwork that is involved in all the games.
  • They have to cross-check the player rating sheets, table inventory sheets, table fill and credit slips.
  • They have to be dedicated to inspecting shift reports, MTL, CTR documents and other items that have banking regulations.
  • Pit boss has to deal with the disputes that emerge on tables sometimes among the players.
  • A pit boss’s word is the final one in the casino while dealing with disputes and errors.
  • Pit boss is also responsible for the paperwork jobs.
  • Pit boss also has to act as an alternate of an HR manager. This means that he needs to convey the management stands on several things to the players and dealers.
  • He should handle work schedules, leave days, vacation offs, supplementary allotments etc.
  • He should be in close vigil towards the card counting, cheating and scams. Even if there are supervisors to go with the combat options, he is the ultimate manager.
  • He has to give daily shift reports to shift managers because he is the one on board who is dealing with the casinos lively even by being in the midst of the tables.
  • They have to be accounted to take responsibilities for unresolved disputes and errors in the schedules.
  • They should regulate the perfect balance of play on all tables so that they can avoid the push and pull at a standard casino.

As far as the pay scale of a pit boss is concerned, they usually have a huge and fair pay. With the inclusion of multiple tasking, the need to be rewarded much to maintain their honesty and efficiency. Actually, they are paid greater than box men and floor supervisors. Because he does both in some means or the other.

Every entity depends greatly on the experience of the employee to get a huge annual turnover. It is similar in the case of a casino also. The experience of the pit boss has many things in the advantage of the casino. So while in the hunt for people to serve as a pit boss, casinos only fall for those who have subsequent and plenty of experience in the casino field. Experience is an indirect way of sighting out the enormous knowledge one has in a specific thing. This is the main reason why experience is everything everywhere.

What Makes Online Bingo Games Different from Bingo Halls?

For decades, the game of Bingo has had a loyal following and it is enjoyed by millions of gamblers across the globe. With the advent of high-speed internet, many players prefer to play Bingo and other casino games from the comfort of their home. Today, Bingo fans have a variety of options but to really understand the online Bingo industry, it’s important to understand how online Bingo differs from Bingo halls.

What Makes Online Bingo Games Different from Bingo Halls?

The setting of Bingo halls and online Bingo

Today, Bingo is played in major gambling venues across the world. Although it’s possible to play small games in major Bingo halls, they are often held in community centres and open-air venues.

The gaming floor, the cashier’s desk and the caller’s stage are the three elements that can be found in a traditional Bingo ball. If you take a look from the entertainment perspective, this type of gameplay cannot be replicated in the online casinos. The hundred of gamblers in land-based venues create a buzz that makes the game very interesting.

As it’s not possible to physically set the opposition on the internet, this kind of interaction is hard to reproduce in online venues. Although you can chat with your fellow players in online casinos, the main focus of online gameplay is on efficiency and speed. From making a deposit to buying Bingo tickets, playing Bingo online is a lot more efficient and convenient. You can also place bets on online Bingo from the comfort of your home or play mobile bingo game while standing in a queue.

The variety of games

You’ll definitely find the 75-ball Bingo and 90-ball Bingo game in a Bingo hall. Although traditional venues often host speed rounds in between their main games, these two variants will always be offered to you.

As some online casinos are owned and operated by land-based venues, 75-ball and 90-ball Bingo can also be found online. However, the world of online gambling is not confined by space, cost and staffing considerations and offers more options to gamblers around the world. Also, online Bingo players are more focused on the entertainment level that the game offers. Even if they want to spend their evening playing Bingo, they can play a new game every minute if the wish. The focus of online Bingo players on playing a typical Bingo game for a short span of time has given online casino operators the ability to offer smaller variants, including 30-ball and 90-ball Bingo.

Online Bingo sites offer a fast gameplay

What Makes Online Bingo Games Different from Bingo Halls?

As discussed earlier, online Bingo sites are created for speed while land-based venues offer engagement. The difference in expectations of gamblers while playing live and online has helped in creating a culture of speed in the online gambling world. Direct comparison between the online Bingo games and games offered in Bingo halls is difficult, but it is generally accepted that online Bingo is three times faster than regular Bingo. An experienced caller will call a number every 10 seconds in a land-based venue. On the other hand, an online Bingo player will put on a number every three seconds.

In addition, the rate of calls is consistent in an online venue as the game is controlled by a Random Number Generator (RNG). 

Prizes and jackpots

Every Bingo hall offers its own variant games with varying prizes. But the common thing in all games is that the prize is a summation of the number of buy-ins collected. This means that whenever a guaranteed jackpot is not offered by the online or land-based venue, prizes can fluctuate wildly.

The national Bingo game is the biggest game offered in Bingo halls across the UK. Played on weekends, this game links players across the country through a telephone system. According to the rules of the game, the jackpot prize can reach as high as £250,000.

If you’ve played the online Bingo game, you might have experienced that the online venues offer a much higher jackpot. The progressive jackpot games attract various players across the globe. Basically, a commercial jackpot game takes a small amount of percentage of each gambler’s buy-in and adds it to the communal jackpot. For instance, if a game ticket costs £5, the operator may take 10% of this total and add it to the progressive jackpot. Thousands of gamblers add their buy-ins each hour to the jackpot and the amount often reaches millions of euros.