Killer Card Games: Objectives, Rules And Tips

Killer card game rules specify the use of playing cards for playing the game. However, Killer is not actually a card game. Those who cannot wink will find it near impossible to play this game. Killer card game rules specify the presence of at least 4 players. When 4 players are used in this game, one of this takes on the role of killer/thief, while another player takes on the role of a cop.

Killer Card Games

In a killer game with 8 players, there can be two cops and the same number of killers. On the other hand, 12 player games require 3 cops and 3 killers, etc.

Killer Card Game Rules and Objectives

Killer card game rules are actually simple enough. The thief or killer is supposed to kill off the civilians and regular players while trying not to get caught. The cop, on the other hand, strives hard to discover the identity of the killer.

The killer is the player with a jack, while the cop is the player with an ace. The killer is enabled to kill off the regular players by winking, with the cop being tasked with figuring out the identity of the killer.

Killing Fun With Killer Card Games!

Take a 10-player game. This will have 2 cops and 2 killers whose identity are of course unknown to each other.

To determine the cops, killers and civilians, 10 cards are culled from a card deck. 2 of these cards must be jacks, another 2 will be aces, while the rest can be anything.

These cards are then distributed to the players present. Players who get ordinary cards are designated as civilians. Those who receive jacks are the killers, with the cops being those with aces.

Once the cards have been distributed, the killers will attempt to wink at other players, while the cops try to catch them in the act. When a regular player is winked at, he/she says, “I am dead” and is thus no longer in the game.

Killer card game rules state that any killer caught in the act of winking is out of the game. In this gameplay, for example, there are 2 killers. When the two have been caught, the game is over, the rest of the civilians can breathe easier and the cops win.

If the cops catch a player who appears to be winking, he is obliged to show his card to the rest of the players as per the killer card game rules. If the player is an actual killer and with a Jack card, then, he/she is booted out of the game.

However, in case the player does not have a Jack, that shows he/she is actually a civilian. Such a player can elect to show off his card exclusively to the cop, with the cop being obliged to show off the card he/she is holding as proof that he/she is actually a cop.

If the player elects to allow all players to see his/her card, then, every player knows that he/she is a civilian and the gameplay resumes. The game ends when all the civilians have been killed, or when all the killers have been caught in the act of winking.

The killer card game is an astonishingly simple game that promises thrills and suspense unlimited. It can be played by friends and family, and is a social game that can enhance friendship, trust and social interaction.

Play this card game today with the killer card game rules and take extreme delight of the game!

The Subtlety of Blackjack Numbers on Decks

The popularity of Blackjack has reached leaps and bounds, thanks to the innovative gameplay options and rewards in modern casinos. Players can choose from a wide range of variants and decks and accordingly devise the gaming strategy. One of the main factors that determine the playing technique in a game of Blackjack is the numbers. Blackjack numbers vary according to the type of the game being played and the number of decks. While some games may have just a single deck, some may go up to even eight decks. Players need to focus on both numbers and decks and come up with gaming strategies accordingly.


Blackjack Numbers on Decks


Blackjack Numbers Were Not In Vogue Earlier As They Are Today

In the 60s, most of the games were played with just a single deck. However, as the days progressed, casino pundits came up with innovative gaming methods and gradually, it led to an increase in the number of decks. The concept of additional decks was quite popular among the players and it gained prominence within a short span of time. The single decks gave way to double decks and gradually even four decks came into play. Nowadays, Blackjack variants even have six or eight decks.

In most cases, players tend to look into the Blackjack numbers before choosing a game. For example, most players avoid games with single decks as they have poor gaming rules. If you are playing a single deck game, you will only be allowed to double down if you are on 10 or 11 cards. Compared to this, you will be able to double down with whatever two cards you have in a game with six or eight decks. In some of the variants, it is also possible to double down after the split. These are some advantages of multiple deck games over single deck ones.

Blackjack Numbers Play A Major Role In The House Edge Of The Game

The house edge varies according to the number of decks that are used in the game. In most cases, single deck games have a house edge of around 0.5%. As you go on adding more decks, the house edge starts to increase. This helps players to create better-winning combinations. The more decks you use, the lower is your chance of getting a natural card variant, along with an ace. If the game has lesser decks, the dealer also has a lower chance of drawing, which minimises the chances of a tie break.

For casino reviewers and gambling sites, Blackjack numbers can be a major yardstick for analysing the effectiveness of the game. For example, most of the sites evaluate the minimum and maximum bets that players can draw and come with a review score. Now, games that have more decks and better Blackjack Numbers will offer greater chances and options for players, than the ones that have fewer decks where options are limited. This indirectly affects the type of bet a player wishes to place.

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The Role of Betting Systems in Casino Gaming

One of the main factors that play a major role in a casino game is the type of betting strategy or system it follows. To put it simply, betting systems consist of a methodical approach that helps you track the progress of the game and also the size of the bets in the most appropriate manner. The main idea behind using these systems is to beat the odds in a game against the opponent and emerge victoriously. However, it needs to be kept in mind that most of the betting systems are suitable for games that are not so volatile. As a player, it is fundamental that you get an idea of these systems and how they affect your game.

The Role of Betting Systems in Casino Gaming

Betting Systems Do Not Work Well In Case Of Casino Games That Have A House Advantage

These systems do not have any effect on the games to be precise. Contrary to the misconception of lots of players, the betting system does not add to the winning combination.

One of the significant misconceptions of gambling myths that these systems work on is the gambler’s fallacy. As per this myth, there is always a probability of a gambling event to occur if it has not happened before. This is what makes thousands of gamblers to go for odd probabilities rather than going for the right choices.

Popular Betting Systems In The Gambling Scene That You Can Try Out

The Martingale is a popular one that quite a lot of gamblers follow. It improves the probability of winning in a small playing session. In most cases, this is ideal for games like Crap and Roulette. This system is also popularly known as the Doubling up system or the Progressive system. Another advantage is that it is quite simple to understand and devise. As a player, you will be able to double the bet size on the subsequent wager if you lose a bet. The process continues and you are able to double the bet size as you lose. However, in this process, players tend to forget that the numbers go on increasing very quickly.

The Cancellation or Labouchere is another betting system that gamblers use. In this one, the player sets a winning goal in the system. This goal can be broken down into three units that are used to determine wins and losses. In this, the size of the bet is not as abrupt as the Martingale. Nevertheless, players will ultimately reach the maximum betting limit and will be barred from placing more bets.

Are Betting Systems Really Significant?

In reality, players will not be able to use the betting systems to beat the house edge if they are playing for longer periods. Moreover, the amount of loss the player suffers is quite huge in the case of following a betting system. However, it also needs to be said that the betting strategies are easier to use than other gaming strategies and increase the winning probabilities in case of smaller gaming sessions.

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The Specialities of Double Action Roulette

There are many European Roulette variants around, but one that should be of particular interest to you is the Double Action Roulette. This Roulette was developed by TCSJOHNHUXLEY, a reputable Roulette board and wheel manufacturer. As a matter of fact, the Roulette wheel designs of TCSJOHNHUXLEY such as the MKVII, Gemini and Saturn are world renowned and quite popular in the United Kingdom.

The Specialities of Double Action Roulette

In playing Double Action Roulette, you should know that rather than the ball landing on a single number, it lands on two numbers. With the MKVII Roulette board and wheel design, you have an outer-ring comprising of a set of numbers and an inner-ring with yet another set of similar numbers. These two rings tend to spin directly opposite to each other.

While Double Action Roulette comes in a single or double zero variant, the single zero games are more popular in the UK. Like typical European Roulette games, you have 37 numbers and pockets on both rings. The numbers are labelled 1 to 36 with a single zero digit available on each ring. While the 1 to 36 numbers alternate between red and black coloured pockets for both rings, the zero on each of the rings are on green coloured pockets.

A Roulette Board with Two Similar Betting Areas

A typical Roulette board comprises of just one betting area. However, with Double Action Roulette, you have the unique distinction of two similar betting areas. Each betting area caters for bets wagered on each ring. The first betting area is dedicated to bets placed on numbers on the outer ring.

While on the other hand, the second betting area caters to bets placed on the numbers of the inner-ring. The location of the first betting area is closer to the Roulette wheel while the location for the second betting area is slightly away from the Roulette wheel.

With this Roulette variant, you have a total of six rows comprising of six different numbers. However, on a traditional Roulette board, you have a total of 12 rows with each of the rows having 3 different numbers. But similar to a classic Roulette game, you have a racetrack betting area. In this betting area, you can place bets such as Voisins du Zero and Orphelins.

Playing Double Action Roulette on the Roulette board

There are many similarities when comparing the playability of Double Action Roulette with typical classic Roulette games. However, while the Inside bets of Double Action Roulette maintain odds similar to other classic Roulette games, the Outside bets like Odd/Even, High/Low and Red/Black are not even-money bets. You can only receive a payout on Outside bets when you succeed in landing the winning numbers on both the outer and inner rings of the Roulette wheel.

You can also place your wager while the ball spins on the Roulette wheel. As soon as the designated croupier says, “No more bets”, the spinning ball gradually comes to a halt. In order to ensure that players are made aware of the winning set of numbers, the numbers are illuminated on both the inner and outer betting areas.

As soon as your preferred chip size is selected, you can then decide on which bet to make on the Roulette board by just clicking on the illuminated betting box to have your selected chips placed in the box. You then have to click the “Spin” icon to get the Roulette wheel spinning.

Finally, the ball starts spinning on the wheel and then comes to a halt on a couple of numbers. Where you record a win, your gaming account is instantly credited with the corresponding payout for the bet placed. However, a losing spin will lead to you losing your wagered amount.

A Glimpse of the Ongoing Cash back Deals You Can Grab

Cash back deals at the online casinos are the best way to add some extra cash to your wallet and also to make up for the losses that one has incurred while playing. The cash back offers are usually offered by the casinos or any third party. Every regular casino game player should be aware of all the offers that have cash back offers. Let us take a look at some of the best ongoing cash back deals that can offer you huge benefits.

Cash back Deals You Can Grab

How do the Cash Back Deals Work?

The rules of the cash back deals are pretty simple. When the player plays a certain game and loses all of his stakes, the casino offers a small percentage of the amount back. The amount can be as small as 5% and can go up to 25% in some cases. For example, you played with an initial deposit of £1000 and in the game, you lost the entire £1000. The casino offers you a 10% cash back. This means that the casino will automatically add £100 in your account which can be used later on more games. This is one of the best offers for the regular players and in some cases, the regular players might end up getting higher returns.

Ongoing Cash Back Deals

The promotions section of a casino can give you a fair idea of how the casino bonuses are offered by the casinos which include all the cash back deals. In most of the offers, the percentage of the cash back and the maximum amount offered is mentioned. The time and date of the offer are also given. For example, the offer details can read “Earn 10% cash back up to £100 every Saturday night”.

Even though the example shows an offer that lasts for only one day, the offers can also last for a period of a few days and even some months. There might even be times when the terms and conditions include the cash back which is available only for certain games including Blackjack or Poker or certain slot game.

Often times there are only offers on certain slots. For example, there could be a 10% cash back on the Rainbow Riches slot game on a certain day. This is best for the players who love a slot game and spend money on it regularly.

The Requirements To Consider

Every cash back deal comes with terms and conditions that need to be fulfilled. These requirements include:

  • Wagering

In order for the player to withdraw the cash back they have earned, they might need to wager it to a certain extent. For example, for a £10 cash back, with a wagering requirement of 3x, the player has to spend £30 in order to withdraw the bonus that they have earned. This can vary from offer to offer.

  • Others

There are certain rules and regulations also associated with such deals. This is available in the terms and conditions section and the players should look for the capping, associated games that can be played using the bonus and also the restrictions attached to it if any.

There are many ongoing cash back deals that can be really profitable for the players. The deals are available for slots as well as table games. All that the players have to do is make sure that they check all the terms and conditions before registering.

The Influence of Roulette Systems Over Casinos

Roulette is a highly competitive casino game that is still enjoyed by millions of fans around the world. The game beholds a highly competitive stature. A number of Roulette systems and strategies have been developed by players in order to maximise their chances of winning substantially through the game. However, what most players fail to recognise is that any Roulette system is never a fool-proof strategy to win in a game. Instead, such strategies only enhance the winning prospects of the player by decreasing the house edge to as low as possible. Thus, casinos have developed their own strategies to curb this disadvantage as well.

Influence of Roulette Systems

Do Roulette System Guarantee A Win Always?

Contrary to popular belief, Roulette system never confirms a guaranteed win for any player. They only allow the player to lower the house advantage. However, casinos are efficient enough to recognise this loophole as well. If it were so easy for players to win every time by lowering house edge, casinos would be losing money for most of the times.

Since the game involves an element of chance, an essence of probability always retains in any game of Roulette. Thus, there is no guarantee that the Roulette system would always ensure that the probability is always in favour of the player.

What are the Different Types of Roulette Strategies Adopted by Players?

Roulette system and strategies have been developed by players to enhance their winning chances. They are fine-tuned and adjusted all the time in order to make them more adept in their implementation in a game of Roulette. Some of the most basic and established strategies include:

· The Martingale system – Where the consecutive bet value is doubled after every loss, in order to compensate for the previous loss experienced in the round.

· The Paroli system or the Reverse Martingale – Where the consecutive bets are doubled after every win, which is deemed to be safer than the aforementioned strategy.

· D’Alembert system – Where the player might not win many times, but when he or she does, it will be substantial enough to compensate for all the investments made.

· Fibonacci system – Where the bet sequences are increased based on the Fibonacci series, after every consecutive loss or win.

There are lot many other systems. However, it is also beneficial to understand and to categorise the aforementioned strategies under one umbrella of terminology. For example, Martingale and Paroli betting systems fall under ‘Steep progressions’. D’Alembert falls under ‘Flat Progressions’ while Fibonacci falls under Mathematical sequences.

What is ‘Non-Progressive Betting’?

These strategies allow the player to make a decision with regards to sticking to the same bet value throughout the game. The bet value is increased or decreased based on the outcomes described in the strategy. For example, splitting of bets.

Why do no Strategies Offer A Fool-Proof System Of Winning?

Apart from the fact that Roulette is a game of chances, casinos sometimes limit players on the basis of what all strategies they can implement in the game. While most can be implemented, some strategies that impose lesser chance for the casino to win might be banned from implementation on the venue as well.

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  • Destiny awaits in the City

Atlantis: City of Destiny slot is powered by Inspired Gaming. The theme revolves around the ancient continent known as Atlantis that more than a few are convinced actually existed. 5 reels, 4 rows and 20 paylines is the set upon which it is designed. As befits a slot of its ilk, Atlantis: City of Destiny has a very extensive array of bonus features. Come play slots online at the Jackpot Mobile Casino today and get to see what Atlantis: City of Destiny is all about!

  • Gold in Ecuador

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  • So says the Books

The Book of Irish slot is themed around the very fair country that is Ireland. Produced by Inspired Gaming, it has graphics of astounding fidelity and features the most charming leprechaun. This slot is equipped with 5 reels and 3 rows and comes with a free spins bonus round. This slot is a real treat to all the senses and should be a massive treat to all who play slots online.

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The Impact of House Edge in Blackjack

The casino industry is today populated by many players who are looking for the ultimate casino gaming experience. To accommodate the high demand, casinos are being established that offer some of the best games available in the market today. The high level of competition is not just between players, but also between players and the casino sites as well. Blackjack is one classic standard game that is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Blackjack house edge is one such characteristic that players try to lower as far as possible, in order to increase their chances of winning substantially.

House Edge in Blackjack

What is meant by the Blackjack House Edge?

 Every casino that offers table casino games for the players to avail also includes certain industry-defined house edge rules that come with such casino games. These rules are basically advantageous for the casino venue so as to avail their chance to earn profits by offering those services. These advantages are what is known as ‘house edge’. In layman’s terms, the house edge is the advantage the casino has over the players.

What is Meant by Blackjack House Edge?

Blackjack house advantage is the advantage the casino has over the players, in a standard game of Blackjack. Readers also need to keep in mind that there is no fixed value of Blackjack house edge, that may vary among the casinos that offer the game, the number of decks that have been used and some other factors as well. In general, the house edge is normally lesser than 1%, however, players need to be aware of the Blackjack house edge offered by the casino they visit in.

How Important is it to know the Blackjack house edge?

Often, players make the mistake of judging the Blackjack game as a game of only chances. Although they are mostly correct in the assumption, they should also understand that a fair bit of it can be handled and managed if they know the house edge that is being offered in the game. Once aware of it, players can use the information as an advantage and implement strategies to reduce the house edge as far as possible. A meagre lowering in the house edge can tremendously increase their chances to earn substantially more.

House Edge Differs Among the Different Game Variants

Blackjack, in general, is a standard classic game. However, in order to spice it up, a lot many game variants of this game is also available for the players to avail. This could be also attributed to the fact that Blackjack has been played and exchanged among various communities around the world, who have in turn added their own flare to the game. Thus, the rise in different variants such as European Blackjack, Multi-hand Blackjack, Spanish 21 and many more, has led to offering different house edge values for such variants. Thus, it becomes even more important for players to know what game variant they choose to play with, which offer a different set of house edges.

The Sequence of Roulette Wheel Numbers

The sequence of Roulette wheel numbers that you find in a game of Roulette may vary from one game to another. Typically, you have two generic Roulette wheels which are differentiated by the number of zeros present. With an American style Roulette wheel, you usually have two zeros (i.e. 0 and 00).


The Sequence of Roulette Wheel Numbers


On the other hand, with the European Roulette wheel, there is a single zero that is normally available. When you look at an American style Roulette wheel, you will notice two green coloured pockets which are numbered “0” and “00” respectively. The American Roulette game has a total of 38 pockets with numbers running from 1 through to 36 and then including the double zero numbers to make 38.

However, with the European Roulette version, the Roulette wheel numbers are a total of 37. The numbers are from 1 to 36 and then includes the single zero number to make 37 numbers and pockets. The odds are more favourable to a player when playing the European Roulette rather than the American Roulette game due largely to the presence of just a single zero. The house edge for the former is 2.70% while for the latter Roulette game is 5.26%.

Roulette Wheel Numbers Layout

It must be mentioned that what makes a game of Roulette quite unique is the fact that the numbers on the wheel are not arranged in a standard sequential order. This way players are dissuaded from concluding that there is a direct link that exists between the numbers are their corresponding pockets.

The Roulette wheel numbers may be coloured black or red which is also done to differentiate a group of numbers such as the even and odd numbers. Even numbers do not lie side by side same also with odd numbers. The numbers on the Roulette wheel take on a deliberately designed layout that ensures that the even and odd numbers are evenly spread right around the wheel. This is done to give the game that fascinating and exciting edge.

Random Outcomes Is What Makes The Roulette Game Unique

While there may be a number of strategies that have been adopted by Roulette players throughout the years such as the use of Martingale and D’Alembert betting systems. The truth of the matter is there is actually no way to predict the outcome of a Roulette game. You could have the ball landing on a sequence of odd Roulette wheel numbers only to then suddenly land on an even number and vice-versa. The randomness of outcomes is what makes this game such a gamble. The result of a previous round has no influence whatsoever on a subsequent round, so trying to predict an outcome is virtually impossible.

Finally, predicting which Roulette wheel numbers the ball will land on is likened to guessing a complete sequence of lottery numbers. In a Roulette game, your odds never change. With every fresh round, your odds are similar, and this does not matter if you have been on a ten-round losing streak or a three-round winning streak. In a European Roulette game, the odds of the ball landing on your chosen number remains 1 to 37 at all times. This is also true with the American Roulette version with a probability of 1 to 38.