Glossary of Commonly-Used Baccarat Terms



– Action refers to the total amount of money a Baccarat player has wagered on a given Baccarat session.


– the Spanish word for the Banker or bank in Baccarat games.

Baccarat en Banque

– is one of the most commonly played variations. Here, the gaming action unfolds on two conjoined Baccarat tables.


– is the amount of money a player has set aside to wager on Baccarat games.


– Burning is discarding the top three or six cards from the card deck. This is done after the cards are shuffled but before a new gameplay round commences.

Chemin de Fer

– Another – popular Baccarat variation available at land-based and online gambling venues.


– At brick-and-mortar casinos, Baccarat games are played with special chips. And these special chips are referred to as cheques.


– This French term describes one complete gameplay round played by Baccarat players.


– This is the Spanish word for the dealer.

Deux Tableau

– Another term for the Baccarat en Banque version.

Discard Tray

– The discarded cards in Baccarat games are placed in a special box. This box is known as the discard tray.

Down Card

– A card placed face down is called a down card in Baccarat games.

Dragon Bonus

– Dragon Bonus is one of the most popular Baccarat side bets. Here, players wager on the specific number of points by which the winning hand will exceed the losing hand. A payout is offered here if the difference between the winning and losing hands is more than four points.

Ede sorting

– Edge sorting is an advantage gambling technique where players exploit the manufacturing defects on playing cards.

Face cards

– These are cards having a picture on them. In a standard 52-card deck, these are Jacks, Kings and Queens.

Flat bettors

– Players who continuously place the same type of bet – regardless of winning or losing – are known as flat bettors.

High Roller

– A Baccarat player placing huge wagers for longer periods.

La Grande

– Another term for a natural 9. La Grande is the best hand to have in Baccarat games.

La Petite

– Another term for a natural 8. This is the second-best hand to have in Baccarat games.

Loss Bet

– A wager against the bank is known as a loss bet. This is because other Baccarat wagers have a comparatively high house edge.


– This is a negative progression online Baccarat betting strategy to use at Baccarat tables.

Mini Baccarat

– is a simplified version of standard Baccarat with lower table limits.

– When playing Baccarat games, a natural is when the sum of the first two cards adds up to 8 or 9.


– A palette is a wooden tool used by land-based and live Baccarat dealers to move cards on the table.


– Pass refers to a winning Baccarat wager.

Punto Banco

– This is a highly popular Baccarat version at almost every land-based and online casino platform. Punto Banco translates to “Player” and “Banker” in English.


– Push refers to a Baccarat wager that neither wins nor loses.


– This Baccarat side betting option allows players to wager on multiple hands.


– Shoe is an automatic shuffling machine that’s present at land-based and live casino tables. A shoe is in place to avoid errors that may arise due to the natural shuffling of cards.


– A Baccarat term used to describe the Banker’s hand.


– This card is placed face up on the table.


– Another term for Baccarat high rollers.


So, this covers our article on the most commonly used Baccarat terms. Now that you know the popular Baccarat phrases, it’s time to enjoy some Baccarat gaming action on our platform. We have a vast selection of online and live Baccarat games for players. And do check out our online Baccarat tips to make the most of your Baccarat gaming action. Happy gaming there!

Multi-Wheel Roulette: Rules, Odds and How to Play


oulette is a fascinating casino game enjoyed by online players and land-based casino goers. The game’s popularity can be attributed to its simplistic rules and vast betting options.

With the rise of online casino platforms, the Roulette gaming world has introduced numerous exciting Roulette variations. And one of them is Multi-Wheel Roulette. Below is a Multi-Roulette guide that covers everything you need to know about the Roulette version, from gameplay rules to how to play it online. Keep reading!

Multi-Wheel Roulette basics

Multi-Wheel Roulette is an interesting and new online Roulette variation where you bet on the outcome of multiple Roulette wheels simultaneously. Depending on the game provider, there can be up to eight Roulette wheels in this version of Roulette.

You can choose the wheels you wish to keep active during a spinning round as a player. Interestingly, Multi-Wheel Roulette features just a single Roulette table. So, you won’t be able to place separate wagers on each active wheel; you go with the same bet type for all active wheels. As experienced players would guess, you collect your winnings from every wheel (if any) here.

Multi-Wheel Roulette is based on the European version of the game. So, every Roulette wheel in Multi-Wheel Roulette has numbers from 1 to 36. Also, there’s a single zero slot on each wheel. As for the wagering options, players can make inside and outside bets. Furthermore, there is the option to make Roulette call bets and finals bets.

How to play Multi-Wheel Roulette online?

If you’ve played other online Roulette games before, you’ll have no trouble accessing and playing Multi-Wheel Roulette online. Upon loading the game, you’re transported to a gameplay screen that features the Roulette table and the Roulette wheels.

Then you set the denomination for your Roulette chips, ranging from a few pennies to a few hundred pounds. After that, you drag your chips onto the respective area for your chosen bet type. Finally, you hit the ‘Spin’ button to initiate the wheel-spinning action and wait until the ball lands in one of the pockets on the wheel.

The only major difference is that you can play multiple Roulette wheels simultaneously. This, in turn, offers you extra chances to win. But again, wagering on two wheels doubles your bet size. And if you opt to play all eight wheels, your stake size gets multiplied by eight. Multi-Wheel Roulette is the same as classic Roulette but with multiple wheels in play.

Payouts in Multi-Wheel Roulette

The payouts in Multi-Wheel Roulette are the same as in the European version of the game. Of course, you can win huge amounts in this Roulette game. But that’s all due to increased wager size. We’ve listed the pay rates for different Roulette bets below as a refresher. 

The straight-up wager in Roulette is made on a single number. Getting this Roulette wager right pays 35:1. The split bet, made on two Roulette numbers, pays 17:1 in potential winnings. The potential payouts for the three-line, corner and six-line wagers are 11:1, 8:1 and 5:1, respectively.

The outside wagers in Multi-Wheel Roulette pay less than the inside bets. But the winning chances for outside bets are comparatively high. Wagering on the red/black and odd/even bets gives winners a payout of 1:1. The payout rate is the same for the high/low option. Getting the dozens and column wagers right in Multi-Wheel Roulette pays 2:1.

As mentioned earlier, Multi-Wheel Roulette also comes with racetrack wagering options. Again, the potential payouts for these betting options are essentially the same as other Roulette games offered at our new online casino.

Pros and cons of Multi-Wheel Roulette

As with all other casino games, Multi-Wheel Roulette has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Below are the pros and cons of playing this Roulette game:


  • Multiple Roulette wheels in play
  • Top-notch graphics and a unique layout
  • Easy to get started with
  • Offered by renowned software providers
  • High theoretical RTP rate
  • Autoplay option available


  • High wagering limits
  • No special jackpot rewards offered


To summarise, Multi-Wheel Roulette is a unique and interesting Roulette variation for online and mobile casinos. It comes with multiple Roulette wheels that offer you extra chances to win.

Besides, the gameplay rules and bet types in Multi-Wheel Roulette are the same as in the European version. So, regular and new players will be fine getting started with this Roulette variation. Give Multi-Wheel Roulette a try today!

Common Blackjack Terms You Need to Know


Blackjack is a fun and exciting casino classic that’s relatively easy to get started with. As a novice player, you can start playing Blackjack after reviewing the gameplay rules and watching a few rounds of gaming action.

But as you continue playing Blackjack, you’d want to get acquainted with other game aspects. And one of them is the Blackjack glossary. Continue reading as we detail and explain the most commonly used Blackjack terms.


This Blackjack term refers to the last player to act before the croupier/dealer.

Ace Poor

Ace Poor is a card counting term. It means fewer Aces have been dealt in the Blackjack round than statistically expected.

Ace Rich

An Ace Rich Blackjack round is one where an above-average number of Ace cards have been dealt.


Put, bankroll refers to the amount of money a player has set aside to wager specifically on Blackjack games. This is a standard casino gambling term whose usage can also be found in other online casino games.

Basic strategy

No Blackjack glossary guide is complete without this Blackjack term. The basic blackjack system details the most optimal way to play any given Blackjack hand.


Of course, it’s the name of the casino title. But it’s also used when a player receives the highest point total of 21.


This is the area where the player places their playing cards and chips.

Burn card

When playing Blackjack games, the dealer draws a face-down card at the start of every Blackjack round. This card is referred to as the burn card.


Bust says that the player or dealer has exceeded the highest point total of 21.


Buy-in is the amount a Blackjack player wagers to participate in a Blackjack game.

Chipping down or up

To chip down means to lower your stake amount from what you’ve wagered in the last round. Similarly, chipping up means increasing your wager amount.

Double down

To double down means drawing an additional card by placing a wager double your initial stake size.

Early surrender

7 Card Blackjack and some other Blackjack games allow players to forfeit their hand before the dealer checks for Blackjack. Here, players receive half of their wager.

Even money

If you have a natural Blackjack and the dealer’s up-card shows an Ace, you can take a 1:1 payout. This Blackjack rule is known as even money.

Hit and stand

Hit and stand are the two basic wagering options in any Blackjack game. To hit means to draw an additional card from the dealer. On the other hand, you go with the stand option if you don’t want to take any extra cards.

House edge

House edge in Blackjack is the expected advantage that a gambling venue has over its players.


This is a side betting option that protects your hand against the dealer having a Blackjack. The insurance wager is available only when the croupier’s hole card shows an Ace.

Heads up

Heads up is a Blackjack game played between one player and one dealer. Experienced players would notice that most Blackjack online games are played this way.

Kelly Betting

This is an optimal Blackjack betting system inspired by the Kelly Criterion formula.

Lucky Ladies

Blackjack Lucky Ladies is a popular side bet on the initial hand of two cards. Here, players wager that the combined total of the first two cards will be 20.


An alternative term for picture cards in Blackjack games.


A pair is when two Blackjack cards carry the same value and are from the same suit.


A push is when the player and the dealer tie with the exact point total.


Shuffling is randomising the order of playing cards before they are dealt. The dealer is responsible for manually shuffling the cards in some Blackjack games. Other Blackjack games may see the cards shuffling using an automatic shuffling machine.

Soft hand

This is a Blackjack hand that consists of an Ace.


This Blackjack rule allows you to forfeit your initial hand and get a 50% refund.


The term token refers to the act of tipping in Blackjack games.

Up card

This is the dealer’s initial card that’s dealt face-up.

Blackjack Switch: Basics and Gameplay Rules Explained


Created by Geoff Hall, blackjack switch is another facet of the blackjack family where you can literally switch from one hand to another. Here, there are lots and lots of surprising turns, and you really need to open your eyes to get a hold of it. So, let’s dive deep into the world of blackjack switch and know more about it.

About Blackjack Switch and its powers

Everyone can play blackjack, and it’s a super simple slot game which has the very same power as a formula F1 car. You only get to feel it when you ride it. The very same principle sticks to this game too. Like the regular blackjack game, you can win as you bet, but with the switch system, you can only win with your eyes peeled open right to your chest. A simple mismatch can cost the whole game. So, beware of any distractions and start dealing big with the online mobile casino game of blackjack switch.

How to reel in? 

Here at Blackjack Switch, players will get the chance to place identical bets on both their hands and finally can switch their both-hand cards with each other. That’s the speciality of switch versus regular blackjack. For example, here the dealer’s hand of 22 can’t be called a bust, instead, it can be called a draw. This kind of method can be seen as a pretty unconventional set-up by the players, but everything here is somewhat the same as conventional blackjack which you can see in every other conventional casino. All you need here is some time and concentration. 

How to play the Switch? 

There are not many ways to tackle the online casino of Blackjack Switch. You certainly need some time to power up and furnish all your hand throws here, and this is what makes the game stand out from the rest. But if you use all your mind and tactics in this switch, you can get a lot of goodies one after another without any break. So, let’s see how to power these cards. 

  • The player needs to make two identical wagers plus a side bet.
  • The dealer will deal the players with two visible cards. 
  • Here, the side bets will be settled. 
  • Now the players can decide whether or not to switch their second card. 
  • The player can decide whether to hit, stand, double or split on both their hands. 
  • Finally, the dealer settles the bet. 

These steps may sound a bit complicated and harsh, but these can make a ton of super rewards if you play it right over the dealer. The player is the captain here, and once he or she decides to get what they want, nobody can stop them at any point. So, you have to take your own time at the decision point, and this is what makes all the win.

There is more to this!

Most online casinos make a lot of super extras for these blackjack switch games making them more interesting for gamers. One among these is the super match feature which can create more winning in very less time. Here, 21+3 bets can be made as perfect pairs of blackjack because these really get along with pair gaming. You don’t have to worry much about the overall game when it’s all about a super match. If you know how to play the basic blackjack game, you don’t have to worry much about anything else. So, unshackle your confidence and rip all your tactics over the game of blackjack switch. 


There are a lot of ways to play and win blackjack games. But if you take some time over the usual, you can win a lot more than the ordinary. So, take a hike and join the blackjack switch club and make a ton of rewards not like the usuals. Now is the time to do this. Enjoy blackjack now and win a lot from the switch category. It’s powerful as well as rewarding at the very same time.