London Affiliate Conference 2015

The London Affiliate Conference is the biggest and most anticipated event of the year 2015. The 9th edition of the LAC will take place at Olympia National, London from 31st January – 3rd February 2015. It is the hub for THE iGaming industry news.

Experiencing the stupendous success of the 2014 LAC, with over 3,400 people participating, it is set to repeat the story again this year. It is the perfect platform for affiliates, affiliate managers, speakers and operators to come together for four days of networking, exhibitions, conference and of course fun!

The new features of the London Affiliate Conference this year is the dedicated Acquisition zone and the Financial Partners Expo co-located with LAC. It is the main dedicated expo for affiliates and introduces brokers within the retail finance sector.

The official kick off of the conference will begin on 31st January with the pre-registration for the exhibitors and the delegates followed by the Networking Party.

The schedule of the LAC for the next couple of days will include conferences from leading speakers in different fields of the Casino industry. It mainly focuses on the current and the latest emerging trends and their effect on the future of the iGaming industry. You can hear about their expert views on the. There is also the much anticipated iGB Affiliate Awards, which honours and recognizes the efforts of over 500 people of the iGaming affiliate community.

Winding up the conference is the final goodbye party, where you can unwind with drinks and enjoy the cheerful banter with industry friends and partners and maybe even play game of cards!

For more information regarding the schedule and events please contact Alana Jones at

You can also visit the website at

How to Win a Mobile Blackjack Jackpot

Playing and winning the Blackjack Jackpot online is similar to playing in the brick and mortar casino. The only difference is that you get to choose when and where you want to play. Plus the added thrill of beating the new mobile casino is more than enough to try your hand (pun intended) at it.

Ruling the card tables for a long time, the Blackjack is considered the best game to try your luck and skill. Requiring lots of concentration, it is a game of strategy with every move having repercussions on your betting bankroll.

Game Strategy of Playing Blackjack

The main objective of playing and winning the Blackjack Jackpot online is to beat the Dealer’s hand by getting a total of 21 or as close to it, without exceeding it. The player has to start with a bet before the game starts and can bet more as the game progresses.

At the start of the game, dealer and the player gets two cards each, from a standard deck of 52 cards having the joker card removed. The number of decks can be from 1 to 8; depending on the variation of the Blackjack that you are playing. It also depends on the online casino.

You are dealt two cards both of which are face up; while the dealer get one card face up and the other face down. If the player’s cards are an Ace and any of the face card (a picture card or 10), then he wins the 3:2 payout and it’s called a Natural Blackjack.

If both of you have a total of 21, it results in a Tie and you get back your wagered bet. You can repeat with the same bet or place a new wager for the next game. Depending on the cards total, you can hit, stand or surrender.

Game Rules of Mobile Blackjack

Without understanding the game basics and rules of the Blackjack Jackpot, it will be like playing blind. This thinking game requires you to grasp the card values and the different options available for landing the winning hand. With practice, you can walk away from table with more cash. Put on your strategic cap, apply a bit of mathematic and luck, and you will enjoy playing this casino games.

Learn the card values

In Blackjack every card has a value which remains same throughout the game except for the Ace. All the Picture cards or face value cards (jacks, queens and kings) are valued at 10 points. The Ace is counted as 1 or 11 depending on the game condition. If the other card is a face value card or a 10, then it is counted as 11 resulting in a Blackjack. The rest of them are the numbered cards.

In this game, the “Soft” hands are those which have the Ace valued as “11”. The “Hard” hands are those which have the Ace valued as “1”.

Learn the different choices available

Usually the choice you make upon receiving the two initial cards, will determine whether you will win or lose. You can play any of the two main choices:

Hit – Get a new card. You can hit any number of times until you stand. The game stops when the card count exceeds 21 and it’s a “Bust” where you lose all your wagered bets.

Stand – Stop getting extra cards and settles for the ones which you have.

Additionally you can opt for these choices to increase your winning chances.

Double Down – You can double your bet and get an extra card, after which you have to stand.

Split – Split the hand in case the original cards are of the same face value. You will get to play two separate hands for the same original bet and both will receive a single card each. Proceed to play each hand as usual.

Insurance – In case the dealer has an Ace and there is an increased chance of him getting a Blackjack, you can minimise your losses by taking Insurance. In this case, you will get a 2:1 payout instead of losing your entire bet.

Surrender – You give up your game and lose half of your bet. You can surrender early before the Dealer check for a Blackjack.

There are other choices which are available when playing the online version of the game. You can double down after splitting, Check for hole card (this is applicable only for the dealer where he peeks at his face down card for a Blackjack), Early or late surrender, re-splitting of Aces, Dealer hits on soft 17 etc. You have to read the game rules before playing any particular version of the card game.

Mobile Blackjack Jackpot Strategy

The best strategy which you can employ is practice. Over time you will pick up the skill of playing the Blackjack online. To make it easier you have the Basic Strategy which is based on mathematics. It tries to reduce the house edge to a minimum. It is a tried and tested strategy which begins with you understanding the game basics.

Keeping track of the cards which are dealt from the shoe, is one way by which the Card Counting strategy works. You can get an idea about the remaining cards and adjust your strategy by doubling or taking insurance.

This is mostly useful when playing at the real casinos, as in the online versions, each hand begins with a new set of cards.

mobile blackjack strategy table

Tips to Beat the Dealer for winning a huge Blackjack Jackpot

Win the Blackjack Jackpot hand with ease by keeping in mind the following points. Although it is a game of luck and strategy, it helps if you first understand the game rules. Only with practice, will you get a grasp of the game.

  • Play with common sense. Never let your emotions come in way of making a bet.
  • Employ the different game options to make a correct decision and you will be enjoying the game.
  • Although not recommended, card counting can be used as one of the strategies. But it’s the Basic Strategy which will guide you in making the correct decision.

Jackpot mobile casino has a great blackjack to try your luck on the move. Players can make use of mobile casino deposit by landline, Credit/Debit Cards, Pay by Mobile Phone Bill, Boku or Bank as their deposit options. So why wait when you know the secret for a big win at Blackjack? Sign up now!.

Mobile Casino Player Wins Record £4.4 million!

A lucky Nordic player earned a huge £4.4 million windfall while playing the Mega Fortune video slot game at the LeoVegas casino’s mobile gaming platform. In Swedish krona it is equivalent to SEK53 million before the conversion. The equivalent of SEK53 million, is valued at €5.7 million as per the January conversion rates.

Requesting anonymity, the new millionaire from Sweden has confirmed that this jackpot mobile casino was won with just a £1 stake on January 11. There is not much information aside from the fact that the winner used the tablet for playing.

Mega Fortune – A Record Setting Slot Game

A UK senior manager, Shenaly Amin, at the casino, has pointed out that this £4.4 million jackpot was the largest in the mobile casino win history. He also pointed out that players would now recognise the winning potential at the casino.

Mega Fortune video slot is the Guinness World Record holder for the largest ever win that it has given to any player. The record massive win for this video slot was €17.8 million in January 2013. Later in September 2014, another player named Anton also earned a fortunate £2.2 million playing this slot game. What makes this news more interesting is that it is the second major win on the Same Game.

Mega Fortune is a three tier progressive jackpot video slot that increases in value. Gaining reputation for giving away millions as prize money, Mega Fortune will now be viewed as the record setter for yielding the biggest mobile slot win.

The NetEnt has a vast collection of other progressive online and casino games. Speaking about the huge win, Simon Harmon, chief product officer with NetEnt mentioned that the jackpot win will highlight “the winning potential of our pooled jackpot portfolio and also it is the second big win at the LeoVegas casino.”

Summary On UK Gambling Commission

From time immemorial, gambling is the ultimate activity for people across the world. The thrill of winning or the misery of missing out on the big cash by a whisker, is what keeps them gambling. Gambling is an international activity with players from all over the world involved. Both honest and reputed institutes are seen alongside the fraud ones. For maintaining the integrity and credibility and also to protect the interests of the players, UK Gambling Commission was set up. UK was one of the first countries to set up a regulatory body which oversaw the online gambling scenario.

Brief overview on UK Gambling Commission

The UK Gambling Commission is a regulatory body which deals with regulating the gambling scene in the Great Britain. It was set up under the Gambling Act of 2005. Effective from 1st October, 2013, it has also taken over the National Lottery Commission to regulate the National Lottery also.

It is non-departmental public body, which works under the wing of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport of the UK.

Roles & Responsibilities

The main job of the UK Gambling Commission is to regulate the working and functioning of the online and the land based casinos.

The three main objectives of this regulatory body is to keep gambling crime free, ensure that children and vulnerable people are protected and not taken advantage of by gambling. It also ensures that gambling is conducted fairly and openly.

The UK Gambling Commission has the power to issue licenses to the gambling casino operators. It can be issued to only those gambling operators, who operate in the UK.

For those operators who are located outside of the Great Britain, but wish to advertise their services in the UK; need to obtain the license from this commission, or from one of their gambling jurisdictions. The most frequently and widely opted for jurisdictions are Gibraltar, Antigua and Isle of Man among others.

Some of the best examples of mobile casinos who have been provided with licences by UK Gambling Commission are Jackpot Mobile Casino and Vegas Mobile Casino.

Regulatory action

How the UK Gambling Commission regulates the gambling organisations and the individuals who utilise these services and products; is of paramount importance for all the players and also the operators.

Covering under this regulatory action, are a range of gambling activities that include Slots, Bingo, Lotteries and the Casino games.  It also regulates the supply of the gaming machines, gambling software and also its manufacture.

The UK Gambling commission can regulate by way of issuing warnings, adding or changing the conditions to a licence, suspending, revoking of the licence. It can also issue a financial penalty for the breach of a licence condition.

The basic approach to regulating is, to conduct dialogues between the gambling stakeholders to formulate precise, object-oriented licensing policies.

Compliance Action

Ensuring that the licence holders comply with the terms and conditions of the licence is the major job of this commission.

  • They should comply and act according to the Gambling Act 2005 and any of the regulations made under this act.
  • Any technical standards related to the licences
  • Conduct reviews and audits of the licensed organisations.
  • By way of giving advice and guidance, regarding how the licensed organisation can perform optimally.
  • Additionally it ensures compliance by suggesting remedial or preventive actions.
  • It can also make changes to the conditions based on which the license was initially given.
  • It can also review the financial information and suggest further changes.


The gaming control boards or the Gambling commission is usually responsible for regulating the gaming activities which come under its jurisdiction.

When the regulating and compliance activity is done, if any deviation from their laid out guidance and rules is observed, it is dealt strictly. A mandatory and stern warning is first given, after which it can impose fines to the organisations. Further regulatory action involves cancelling or revoking the licenses.

They can reapply for the licenses after the making the corrective actions to their operations.

The Commission can also resolve any dispute which can occur. It can be related to the payments or banking or player disputes. Usually the casino management is responsible for resolving any of the player’s disputes.

If the issues are related to the licenses, auditing or other non gaming matters, then a thorough investigation is performed. The involved organisations can accept the verdict and act accordingly. A second chance is given, if the concerned party involved takes remedial actions and again subjects itself to the compliance procedure.

The UK Gambling Commission is present to ensure that you’re gambling experience is stress free and enjoyable. For further information regarding this commission, you can visit the website.


Strategy Guide For Free Spin Bonuses

New mobile phone casinos are always on a lookout to attract players. One way to fulfil this task is to offer them free spin bonuses as a reward for joining their Casino. Free spins is a type of bonus similar to a no deposit bonus. Usually they are given to the new players upon registration, or existing players as part of the special promotions, that the online Jackpot Casinos run. Mostly it is offered during holidays or when a new game is being launched to promote it.

It is offered for slot games and table casino games like Roulette, where spins are part of the game-play. Once the free spins are completed, you can cash out the winnings, after the wagering requirements are met. This is a one way to make real money at the all jackpot mobile casinos expenses.

Types of Free Spin Bonuses

There are two types of free spin bonuses that are available to the players. The Free Spins No Deposit and deposit free spins and casino bonuses which offer free spins.

  • The Free spins no deposit, as the name implies, requires that no real money deposit to be made. As a part of the new player registration process, it is awarded to them.
  • The deposit free spins require the player to make a real money deposit to avail this offer. It is usually seen as part of the deposit match bonus.

Another free spin bonuses which the online casinos usually promote is the free play – casinos give free casino chips for the players upon registration. They have one hour to play the casino games for free, without making any real money bet. They can keep whatever the money they have won during this free play. There is a cash limit of up to £100 for making this withdrawal, subject to the free spin bonuses policies.

How to claim the free spins offer?

As soon as you finish registering at the Jackpot casinos, the free spin bonuses are sitting pretty in your account. If not, you can always use the link or bonus code for claiming the free spins. The helpful customer support can make your claim of the free spins easily, should any problem occur.

  • Access the bonus code link, sign up and claim the free spins
  • Sign up, use the bonus code text and claim the free spins

Why do casinos have wagering requirements? 

It’s always a catch for claiming the profits. Typically the cash which you have won during the free spins play is yours to keep. If the casinos started allowing the players to withdraw their winnings after finishing off the free spin bonuses, then they would have to close their casino in days. To protect their monetary interests, they have the wagering requirements in place.

The catch for both the free spin bonuses and free play bonus is that, they must satisfy the wagering requirement to claim the money. Usually the wagering requirement is 30 to 40 times the deposit amount. This can vary among the all Jackpot mobile casinos.

Being forewarned is better. Always read the terms and conditions of the bonus policies of the casinos, before accepting the free spins or the free play bonuses.

The free spins no deposit bonus is a great way for the new players to get familiar with the online casino. You can quit playing in that casino, if you are not satisfied with any aspect of the casino website. It can be the games repository, banking methods, navigation or the website itself.

It’s also a great way to check out the new games, which the casinos are promoting. You can play these games for free and spin your way to big wins. It allows you to make an informed decision on whether to make a real money deposit at the jackpot casinos.

Start spinning because it could be your lucky day for making big money!


Experience The Whole New Level Of Mobile Phone Casinos

Mobile phone casinos are making an entry into the casino world through the portable devices. Let it be the iOS, Android, Windows or even Blackberry platforms, these devices are making inroads in the casino arena. As the technology advances and portable devices improve in quality, user interface and overall performance; the mobile casinos will also want to get hold of this lucrative market.

Enjoy the Mobile Phone Casino Experience

It was only in the early 2000s that the online gaming actually took flight. This was propelled by the growth of technology, which made the players play from the comfort of their homes without the need to travel to a casino.

It is common for players to play the phone casino games while on the move. The reduction of the price of the tablets and Smartphones has made it accessible for all. They are also presented various choices in terms of the platform, operating system, models, design and looks.

The current market leader is the Android based devices, followed by iOS devices and tablets. The others include the Windows, Blackberry and Java based devices. They may have a small say in the market growth of the phone casinos, but they will catch up in the future.

Playing Mobile Casino Games on Compatible Devices

The mobile phone casinos want a share of the profitable online gambling industry. Luring the players to check out their collection of games and making them play with real money, is the best way to guarantee their success.

The use of HTML5 and Flash technology in Jackpot Mobile Casino is the reason for the realistic, top quality graphic and animation in the slots development. With this ultra smooth gameplay, top class audio and visual effects; it will appeal to the millions of users out there, making it one of the best mobile phone casinos in the UK. Most of these devices have an excellent user interface with touch screen capability, and thus increasing the quality of the player experience.

The easy accessibility, quick registration process, safe and secure banking methods; all contribute to making your casino experience a stress free, profitable and enjoyable one.

These casino games are all compatible with the latest and current version of the operating system. While all these phone casinos can be loaded on all the devices, certain conditions and restrictions should be noted.

Peek into the Future of Mobile Phone Casinos

The mobile phone casinos are still growing, with a bright future. This gaming industry makes full use of the technological advancements and the growing desire of the players to play while on the move. As a result, it’s no surprise that all that of them are vying for this largely untapped market. Like every coin has two sides we also have mobile casino pros and cons.

You can expect them to increase their games collection with better quality graphic, gameplay. The overall improvement in the banking and security features will ensure that the player’s personal details are not hacked and misused.

Online Mobile Slot Terms/Glossary

For a new online mobile slot player, to enjoy the game as well as dealing with how to play the slots game, you must be familiar with the common terms or lingo of the slot game. To avoid all the confusion and become a good slots player, here is a list of the terms which are commonly used in the Online Mobile Slot games.

Terms used in online mobile slot games

3 Reel – A online mobile slot machine which has 3 reels.

5 Reel – A online mobile slot machine which has 5 reels.

Autoplay (Auto Spin) – It allows the software to keep spinning until the funds run out, the selected number of spins is completed or the player disables the feature. The bet placed is same for the spins.

Bet – To begin the game, the player must make a wager based on the number of coins and the amount for each payline.

Bonus game (feature) – It is an extra game or feature, which will allow the players to earn extra money without placing additional bets.

Coins – Commonly used to indicate the amount of bet and the prizes that are won.

Coin Size – It represents the size of the bet for a single spin.

Flash Slots – These use the Flash technology, which allows players to play the games without download.

Free Spins – It is offered as part of the bonus game or feature with no extra bet being placed by the player.

Fruit Machine – Usually seen in the UK, with features like hold, nudge and bonus games.

Hit – the term used for describing a winning spin.

Jackpot – The biggest possible win that can be won on a online mobile slot machine.

Line Bet – It refers to the activated payline with the bets placed on them.

Max Bet – The maximum coins that can be wagered for a single spin. Usually for winning the progressive jackpot you need to place maximum bet.

Multi-line – A slot machine which has multiple paylines. It can range from three lines and go over 100 depending on the gameplay.

Multiplier – It refers to the value by which the winnings from the bonus features or free spins are multiplied and added to the final win of the spin.

Payback Percentage – It is a percentage of the winnings that the machine will return back to the player.

Pay Table – The information provided about the bonus features, bonus games, the individual symbols and their payouts.

Payline – A line which enables the player to land a winning combination. These may be horizontal, vertical, or zigzag. It can start from 1 and end up with more than 100 depending on the game.

Payout – The amount which is won as per the winning payline and the pay table.

Progressive Jackpot – It is a jackpot which continues to grow until it is won. For every bet which the player makes, a portion of it is contributed to the jackpot. It is part of a network of slot machines, which is connected over the LAN or the Internet.

Progressive Slots – A network of slot machines which has several slot machine linked over the LAN or the Internet. The jackpot continues to grow until it is won.

Random Number Generator (RNG) – It is a computer program which determines the final position of the reels. It will select one of the possible outcomes randomly.

Reels – The spinning tubes on which the symbols are embossed. Usually 3 – 5 reels are seen on the online mobile slot machines.

Scatter Payout – Any payout that is awarded without the symbols having to line up. It usually triggers the bonus features, when 3 or more of the symbols are seen on the reels.

Select Lines – They are the number of paylines that are selected on the slot machine.

Short Win – The player wins the jackpot without paying more.

Slot Tournament – A tournament where the player plays against a pool of online mobile slot machines.

Slot Type – Refers to the online mobile slot machine that can be the basic slots, bonus slots or progressive slots.

Spin – The Spin button which triggers the reels to spin, which determines whether you have won or lost.

Stacked Wilds – The entire reels are piled with wild symbols to create more winning chances.

Stop – The final position when the reels stop spinning. This determines the winning payline.

Symbols – The image on the reels which determines the wins. It can include anything which is consistent with the theme of the online mobile slot game.

Trigger – The condition seen on the reels, which causes the game to enable the bonus features, bonus games or the progressive jackpots. It is usually a combination of the symbols on the activated paylines which causes this event.

Tilt – Commonly seen in the land based slot machines, where a malfunction of the machines, voids all the wins. It can be because, the machine has run out of coins, or a coin is stopping the machine.

Video Slot – It is a virtual online slot machine which is commonly seen in casino website.

Wild – A symbol which will substitute for the other reel symbols, to create a winning payline.

Win – A combination of symbols on an enabled payline, which will award the player with coins/credit, as per the payout table.

Zigzag – Used to describe the lines that can be created for landing a winning combination. It can be cut across the reels in many ways.

Wagering Requirement and Online Casino Games

Since the starting days of the online casino gambling; the casinos had a tough time dealing with the bonus abusers. Initially the welcome bonuses were offered to any new player, as an incentive for making them play at their casinos. They were given free cash upon successful registration. This increased in the number of players opening fraudulent accounts, taking the welcome bonus and jumping ship. This was not limited to welcome bonuses. Even the match bonuses, where the casinos matched the first three deposits of the players, were also abused. To overcome the financial loss that they faced, the casinos put a condition called the wagering / play through requirement. Wagering Requirement or play through requirement is used by the casinos to protect the bonus amount which they give away. You will find this information displayed in any of the casinos, bonus policy or the terms and conditions page. Usually it is a number with an X, e.g. 30x. It means that you have to play using the bonus amount multiplied by that many times; before you can withdraw any of the cash. This condition is common across all the games, but mostly the slot games are in the news; because of their high visibility and popularity.

Example on Wagering Requirement

You get a deposit bonus of 10 pounds as free money. The wagering / play through requirement is 30 times the bonus amount. So you have to play with a deposit amount of 300 pounds (i.e.10×30), before you are allowed to make a withdrawal to your bank account.

The wagering requirement also comes into play when you are offered deposit bonuses, which can be either cashable or non cashable.

Cashable means that the amount which was won can be withdrawn after meeting the wagering requirement. While the non cashable amount means the winnings cannot be withdrawn. This deposit amount is deducted from your winnings, and the rest of it is subjected to the wagering requirement.

Wagering restrictions

The wagering requirement or play through requirement is present to protect the financial interests of the casinos. There are some wagering restrictions which must be kept in mind when playing at the casinos. Some of the casinos set a limit on the amount which can be wagered before you can meet the wagering / play through requirement. It can be a set value or a percentage of the bonus amount.

This restriction has a time period within which the wagering requirement should be met otherwise, the player could not withdraw the amount.

Online Casino Games and the wagering requirements

There is a connection between the type of game that you play and the wagering requirement that is associated with it.

Games such as slots, scratch cards, Keno and other instant games, usually have a wagering requirement of 15 – 40 times the bonus amount. All these games have a quick gameplay, so you can satisfy the play-through requirement faster. Since they are much easier to bet and play on, these games have a higher wagering requirement. Casino games such as Baccarat, Mobile Blackjack and other poker games usually have no wagering requirement. But again, it all depends on the casinos and their bonus policies.

Closing thought

Before you start your online gambling experience, it is important that you understand the wagering / play through requirements. It is mentioned in the terms and conditions page of the casino website. If it is not available, you can always contact the customer support who will explain to you how it works. Your profile/account information will also provide this information.

Any online mobile casino which does not provide this information can be considered as a rogue casino and should not be trusted.

ICE Totally Gaming Develops New Networking Mobile App

New Networking Mobile App from ICE Totally Gaming

ICE Totally Gaming Conference is now available as a free iOS and Android App to be recognised as the official mobile app for Network in the Gaming Industry

One of the biggest gaming events that will take place in 2015 is the ICE Totally Gaming Conference. Scheduled to take place in London from 3rd to 5th February, its main focus is to bring the leading gaming operators, exhibitors and delegates under one roof. Recognition, exhibitions and talks about the future of gaming industry will be the main highlights. To keep them updated about the event, schedule and any other information, ICE has developed this new mobile casino that’s free to download on your Android and iOS devices.

As the Marketing Director Jo Mayer has stated “The ICE app is full of new ways for visitors to engage with the show, plan their week, discover whose exhibiting, arrange meetings and see whose speaking. It’s also an interactive tool that allows visitors to post updates and comments in the activity feed, share photos and even earn points and badges for participating.”

Using this app, information about the latest products, the event schedules, getting updates about the conferences and seminars can be obtained easily. You can create calendars about the events and set reminders for them; all this with a few simple steps.

The App highlights include the Agenda, Maps, Profile, Bookmarks and updates, list of the attendees, exhibitors and speakers. This app can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store or the Goggle Play Store.

You can find out more about the app by visiting the