A Glimpse of Hit or Stand Strategy in Blackjack

Blackjack is a game of chances, after all. If luck favours the player, there is a significant chance that he or she might be able to land a few wins in a bout of Blackjack. However, a proper strategy is equally significant to enhance once chances to win substantially more and not leave the outcomes entirely on to fortune. In a typical game of Blackjack, a hit or stand move is considered as one of the most critical steps to ensure a guaranteed win or reduce overall losses. However, most players fail to understand on how to approach a hit or stand move and thus be able to get an advantageous lead over the rest.

Hit or Stand Strategy in Blackjack

What is Meant by the Terms ‘hit or stand’?

In a typical game of Blackjack, the aim of any player is to receive cards that total up to a value near 21. And this value should not cross 21 in order to win the round. A hit move is made when a player wants to receive a card in order to reach a closer value near 21. A stand move is appropriate when the player is confident enough to claim that his currently dealt cards are enough to hold up against whatever the dealer deals with. Hit or stand determines the options for a player when it comes to deciding to be dealt with a card or not.

Tips on How To Make The Move Of Hit Or Stand

There are several scenarios in which a player may determine a certain move in order to increase his or her chances to win. Some of the scenarios could be advantageous while others can be detrimental. Here are a few tips to consider when making the decision to hit or stand:

  • Learn a strategy to decide the move to be made. There is a Blackjack player’s reference table that mentions all the scenarios in which a player can make a hit or choose to stand as well. For example, the table mentions that even if a player has a 17 and the dealer deals with an ace or a 10, it’s probably better to stand in such a case.
  • The house edge is always against the player. It is absolutely necessary to determine strategies that can reduce the house edge. Instead of focusing more on whether to make a hit or opt to stand, it is better to implement strategies which first reduces the house edge. Card counting is one way to approach this but can be really difficult to learn, in case of many players.
  • Trust instincts. Although the gut feeling is something that is not really encouraged in casino gaming, sometimes such instincts can help players in their gameplay. If players follow the table that has been mentioned before, sometimes instincts may travel further down the lane and help win more or lose less. Always best to be aware of what’s happening and devise ways to predict the next move!

Exclusive Mobile Games by Red Tiger Gaming: A Must-explore

Red Tiger Gaming is a leading developer in mobile slots that have always entertained the players with superb bonuses, amazing payouts and wonderful visuals as well as sound effects. With some unique themed slots or good phone games, the gameplay becomes more entertaining as you can play on the go. Here’s a list of some exclusive slots released by this developer that should definitely be checked out:

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Want to go on an Adventure with Good Phone Games? Jump in with Vicky Ventura

If you are all up for the slots with an adventure theme, this slot is a definite go-to option for you. Just pack your bags and join this explorer as you will find out precious totem crystals, loads of free spins and wild tiles. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Well, they are. Are you daring enough to explore the wilds in the tropical forest?  Even if you are not, you need not worry as the action-packed team of this slot offers really exciting good phone games such as Lost Arks, Raid Bombs as well as Mysterious Temples.

Want to get Devil’s Number?

As the name suggests, this slot titled Devil’s Number from Red Tiger is based on the devil theme. An imaginative design whose looks will surely leave a lasting impression on you while the superb payout potential will add on to the delight. The visuals have been crafted in a very nice way. The players who are fond of a dark theme should definitely give it a go. Wins of up to 2,500x the stake are on offer here. It is one of the favourites among the good phone games.

What about Some Daring Action in Mega Dragon?

Mega Dragon is an excellent option for the players who love the dragon theme. It is entirely based on the Asian theme. Like many other slots, the exploding symbols feature is also present here. The avalanche reels keep on landing pretty awesome payouts that will keep you hooked to the reels. The authentic sounds and good phone games increase the excitement manifold.

Have a Unique Taste? The Equalizer is here

The Equalizer is yet another amazing creation from Red Tiger Gaming among good phone games that has a futuristic theme. The expanding reels make for some solid action moves that make this slot hard to miss. The futuristic design is totally in accordance with the theme and the sound effects exhibit the efforts put in by the team into this slot. Prizes as much as 10,000x the bet is up for grabs.

No doubt, Red Tiger Gaming has totally nailed it and stand out as one of the top phone games offers. There are many more slots from this developer that are worth exploring. If you make up your mind to check out the slots from Red Tiger Gaming, make sure you don’t miss out on the slots mentioned above as they have got everything from visuals and looks to bonus payouts. What are you waiting for?  Go and check your favourites today!

How to Play Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold Slots?

Anyone who is adept in the field of online casino slot gaming might know how popular Irish-themed slot games are! These slot games are mostly centred around luck and prosperity, which is incoherence to most Irish folklore. Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold slots is another such mobile casino game, that might allow players to make substantial and decent profits through its great bonus rounds and multiple free spins offered throughout the game.

Play Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold Slots

Before you put your ‘slotting’ hats, understand how the game works and how you should approach the game.

Features and Game Elements of Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold Slot

  • Game Developer: Scientific Games
  • Grid Layout: The game consists of 2-reel sets where players can avail combinations to win profits. The main reel set is a 5 X 4 grid layout, while the other reel set (termed as ‘Colossal’ reel set) with a 5 X 12 grid layout.
  • Symbols used in the game: Reels of Gold offers multiple symbols which most experienced players might be well acquainted with. There is a Leprechaun, Mushrooms, a Wishing Well, four-leaf clovers, Balloons, Harps and many more symbols. There is a high paying symbol of the Rainbow Riches icon along with other face card low-value symbols as well.
  • Bonuses and Wilds: One might avail a lot of bonus rounds or wild-offering features in the game. Some to look out for are Super Stacked Wilds, Wishing Well Bonus, Near Miss Free Spins, Free Spins, and many more such features

Playing Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold Slots

  • Minimum and maximum bet per spin: £0.10 and £500 respectively (can be changed on the Stake option).
  • Big Bet Mode: This option allows players to make big bets in the game which can increase their prospect of earning more profits. There are 4 types of big bets that allows the player to make 5 big bet spins which might trigger bonus rounds such as Expanding Wilds, Pick Me Bonus etc.
  • Wild Symbols: The Wild Riches Icon in the Reels of Gold slot game is the Wild symbol that has the potential to replace all symbols (except the Balloon) to land winning combinations. The interesting feature of landing wild symbols on an entire reel on the main set, allows the players to play with stacked wilds on the ‘Colossal’ reel set. Super Wilds Symbols allows stacked wilds to appear on the colossal set from the main set. There are many more Wild bonus features that are potentially rewarding and to look out for!
  • Free Spins rounds: The Near Miss feature is triggered when two balloons land on the reels consecutively. If 3 or more balloons land together on the same reel, free spins are awarded to the player as well. There could be chances for the player to make a selection among the balloons to be awarded free spins and multipliers ranging from 20x (in the main game) to 2000x (in the Big Bet game).

The Intricacies of the Roulette Split Bet

Roulette is one of the most popular casino table games that is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. The casino game is fairly simple to play, however, there could be some intricacies that could be deemed kind of complex for new players who are embarking a new journey in the world of Roulette gaming. Split Bet is one concept that many newbies fail to grasp and understand its crucial role in any standard Roulette game. This article attempts to explain the viewer about what split bet is and how is it used in a game.

Roulette Split Bet

What is Meant By A Split Bet?

As the name suggests, a Split bet is a bet placed by the player that can be split into two bets and placed on adjacent numbers in a game of Roulette. This is the reason why Roulette is also known as the Two Number bet. The split bet allows players to bet on 2 numbers simultaneously in a single roll. However, it can only be placed on adjacent numbers that share the same line and are on the same neighbouring table. Two random numbers can be chosen in order to place this kind of a bet.

Why Choose This Bet?

The main motive of attempting split bets is that it has a second most rewarding value in any standard form of Roulette, be it in the American or European variants. The bet allows players to avail a ratio of 17 to 1 which is way better than the reward that can be availed on a single bet.

Does it Allow To Reduce The House Edge?

It can become a bit more complicated than answering this question in a yes or no format. Essentially, split bets do not necessarily decrease the house edge. It merely allows players to increase their profits if they happen to land the right moves. However, the probability of winning may change, depending upon the variant of Roulette being played with. In American style variant, the probability is the same as the house edge i.e. 5.26%. However, in the European variant, the probability is slightly higher i.e. 5.41%.

How to Place Split Bets?

It is essential to remember that split bets can only be placed on 2 adjacent numbers on the same table. It can be placed both vertically and horizontally and on the line bordering both the numbers.

What are the Other Options Left Besides Split Bets?

A number of additional options are available for the player to consider besides split bets. These could be street bets, corner bets, 5 number, 6 lines, etc. However, it should also be taken into consideration that the rewarding amount of landing a winning move can be less for all the other bet options, than what is offered under split bets.

How Does Cashback Bonuses Work?

Online gambling sites offer a range of bonuses and promotions to attract new players and make sure that players return to their sites. Cashback bonuses can be the most appetising reward systems designed for players at online casinos. Before signing up for any bonus offer, it’s essential that you understand the offer well and read its terms and conditions. Here’s a brief on how does cashback work.

Cashback Bonuses Work

What is Meant By A Cashback Bonus Offer And How Does Cashback Work?

Cashback offers work as a great booster for the player’s bankroll and is quite a popular rewards program to help the players recoup from any losses made during a gaming session at the site. If you are wondering as to how does cashback work, you could think in the lines of how the loyalty points work. For instance, when you play as a returning player, you earn points from the casino and the more you play the points accumulate. Cashback programs also work in similar lines based on how much you bet at the casino. There are several other gambling sites that offer cashback bonuses like online sportsbooks sites. They also work in the same way where cashback is given based on your wagers.

How does Cashback Work?

Cashback is typically a bonus offer made to registered players by a casino. It is a distinct offer and should not be confused with other sign up bonuses. Cashback offers are designed for players who are already in the process of playing and earning. Some casinos give away these based on the number of wagers placed by you within a time period. The calculation undertaken by the casino to measure your regularity at the site includes playing over weekends or monthly as well. The more active you are at betting on a site, the better your chances of benefitting from a cashback program.

Casinos work out the amount that players can get as cashback from the amount they’ve lost. Worked out as a percentage of what you have lost when playing a game under the promotion, you can collect anywhere between 5% and 10% of your lost bets. The total is refunded to your casino account as a cashback amount. A profitable way to keep your bankroll healthy, a cashback offer can be quite satisfying despite not being a big amount so to say. Many players prefer cashback offers to loyalty points for the former is not always restricted to a fixed percentage on which they are calculated. So, the more you lose the more you make on a cashback offer.

To claim your cashback bonuses, first, you need to know if your chosen casino offers this type of bonus. If it does, register under the latest cashback offer and remember to read the details of how does cashback work before signing up.

Popular Baccarat Betting Systems You Should Know

Gambling, being one of the world’s oldest forms of entertainment and sport, has an intricate connection with every human being. At first sight, it seems like a simple game of chance, which, given a sufficient number of bets, could easily be won. Just like a typical rag to riches story. However, most people realise it fairly quickly that ‘easy’ is the last word that must come to your mind when you start gambling.

Popular Baccarat Betting Systems

It is due to this anomaly and perception that the genesis of betting systems took place. People realised that, in spite of a 50% probability associated with most bets in the gambling world, you could continuously lose bets as well as financial solvency before that prodigal winning bet as per the mathematical probability. Due to their inherent simplicity and logic, betting styles of varied hues and styles are now quite popular among professionals and amateurs alike.

Betting Systems Galore

Numerous successful strategies have given birth to a similar number of betting systems which work to manipulate betting capital or player behaviour depending on the situation. In general, these betting systems can be of two types, negative progressive and positive progressive systems. Using the negative progressive system, players are advised to increase their betting amount after every loss and decrease the amount after every win. The positive progressive system works in the opposite manner – players are expected to decrease their betting amount after every loss and increase the amount after every win. The most popular ones are listed below:

  • Martingale Betting Systems

It is considered one of the oldest systems used for betting and employs negative progression in its strategy. Baccarat, Craps and Roulette are the popular games where this system is applicable, and it guides players to keep their betting amount same after every win and increase to double the previous amount after every loss.

As an example, if your initial betting amount is £5 and you win that bet, then, you must wager £5 again. However, if you lose, the next wager must be £10, and if you lose again, the next must be £20. The central theme is that at the winning hand, you recover all your losses to earn a net of £5 at least. However, this may not be the case if you have a long streak of losses and the betting amount would rise astronomically. You may run out of your bankroll or the casino might reach its limit in those cases.

  • Paroli Betting Systems

Paroli is a system developed more than 400 years ago and is a positive progression system. While it is very popular with gamblers even today, it is not a sure-fire way of success.

The methodology in case of Paroli works with the player betting the same amount after every loss and doubling the previous amount bet after every win. This way, it is ensured that the losses incurred will not be very large as it can be in negative progression systems. However, the winning potential also becomes small but consistent in nature.


Apart from these, there are numerous other betting systems like Labouchere, Fibonacci, D’Alembert and Contra D’Alembert systems, all of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. Thus, the choice of a system essentially boils down to the game and the gameplay chosen by the players.

Have you Tried Medusa Megaways Slots at Our Casino Yet?

Playing top slot games at your choicest mobile casino can be more rewarding than you would have imagined and especially with Medusa Megaways, you are sure to enjoy every moment of spinning the reels. Here’s what this amazing slot game from NextGen Gaming has in store for you.

Play Medusa Megaways Slots

Medusa Megaways has Plenty Of Ways To Reward

Medusa Megaways is placed on 6 reels and offers an enormous 117,649 winning combinations. Packed with extra wilds, free games feature and cascading symbols, you can expect to make only more with the countless free spins and ever-increasing multiplier. A highly volatile slot game, it can give away up to 50000x your stake per spin.

You can stake anywhere between 25p and £62.50 per spin on this multiple win-ways Medusa slot which is playable across a multitude of devices. The slot game uses symbols resembling the Greek mythology such as pendants designed as snakes, rings, soldiers, sandals, rings and the winged horse. With 6 Pegasus, you can win up to 30x your stake. The other icons comprise the playing card symbols from A to 10.

Medusa can substitute for all other symbols barring scatter and the soldier icon to act as the game’s Wild. The extra reel in the game can add any symbol position to every reel above which it appears other than the scatter and soldier.

  • The Reactions Feature

Medusa offers a feature in which a reaction is activated when the player manages to get one or more winning combinations. This offers a cascading win with winning symbols being removed from its position and remaining ones cascading down to be filled with new symbols giving you more winning chances.

  • The Medusa Gaze feature

Medusa Megaways has another feature which can be triggered when a wild or more appears on the extra reels. The Medusa wild can substitute any symbol other than the scatter and can be triggered post every reaction.

  • The Free Game feature

The free games feature can be activated when you land 3 or more Medusa scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. With 3 scatters you can get 10 bonus spins and for the extra scatters you manage, you can get 5 additional free spins. The snake strike feature appears on either side of the extra reel during the feature. The snake from the right can turn the symbol into a scatter giving you wilds for more wins.

There’s unlimited fun on Medusa Megaways slot game including the Buy Pass feature with which you can get 100x your stake on the free games feature. With cascading wins, snake strike feature, scatters and wilds, multipliers you have enhanced opportunities to win from this simple game.