New SuperBet Feature – How Does It Work?

Visit any online casinos UK website and a big portion of the promotion of the newly released slot games has this SuperBet feature highlighted. So, what is this SuperBet feature that every one of the recent NextGen and NYX Gaming slot games is boasting about? Promoted exclusively during their releases, you must be wondering what this money spinning feature is!

We have special information to unravel this exciting feature for you. Proceed and read our blog to get privy to all the titbits on how you can make this tempting feature work for you!

Unleash the wins through the SuperBet feature!

Online Casinos UK slot games have their own special way of luring the players to try out their new games. A big trick up their sleeves is the exclusive and recently introduced SuperBet Feature. NextGen and NYX Gaming have almost proprietary control over this exciting feature.

It has become almost a standard in all the recent slot games which they have released. Have a look at the Merlin’s Magic Respins, Foxin Wins Slots, Foxin Wins Again Slots, Miss Midas and many more online casinos UK slot games which have been released and you’ll know what we are talking about.

Firstly, the super cool (pun intended) feature is a betting option that has multiple levels which the players can choose to activate, in order to increase their winning chances and trigger extra features.

Typically there are three levels where the player places additional bet on the paylines in order to trigger the enhanced features. The extra amount is a multiple of your staked line bet and you can increase your payouts.

Secondly, this feature is associated with wilds and free spins feature. In the recent online casinos UK slot games such as Foxin Wins Again or Merlin’s Magic Respins, there are enhanced wild symbols which are seen mostly on the middle 3rd reel. This is generally the default level of the SuperBet feature, i.e., the level is OFF.

During the free spin feature, if this feature is enabled, then the wild symbol of the game will emerge on any or all of the 5 reels, depending on the level selected. All the wins with the enhanced wilds will be rewarded with multipliers or additional mini games are triggered, thereby increasing your winning chances.

Fine Print of the SuperBet Feature!

You should know that this feature is an additional wager that you will place on the slot games. It will enhance your base game’s winning chances as usually the enhanced wilds are seen on the middle third reel.

By placing the additional bet, you are increasing the odds of winning by having the enhanced wild symbol on the rest of the reels.

You should know that, even though you are increasing your line bet, the overall theoretical payout percentage of the game remains the same.

Depending on the online casinos UK slot game you are playing, the SuperBet level can range from 3 to 5, with each level adding more enhanced wilds and multipliers to the base game and the bonus free spins.

Enable this amazing feature only if you have a solid bankroll and are willing to play a high stake game. It can rapidly drain your account.

This is a terrific way of increasing your winning odds. You can win big with this excellent and profitable feature; which the online casinos UK website hosting the NextGen slot games has to offer. Open an online casinos UK account and get the big wins rolling in!

NextGen Gaming Launches New Online Casino Slot Games!

Every now and then, NextGen Gaming has a brilliant stroke of inspiration and decides to thrill the slot players. Particularly now that it has come up 3 new no deposit online casino slot games, that Jackpot Mobile Casino is thrilled to host on its website.

As varied as its theme, you will get to mix and match and concoct your own bonus features in the Spin Lab slot game. The Bingo lover will try their hand at the fast paced slot action albeit in their own Bingo style. It is time for the Bingo Billions game to rock the online casino slots! Looking sexy and dangerous, Medusa is making a comeback with more features and daring wins and it all set to turn you into her slave in the Medusa II slot game.

Spin Lab’s open invitation to explore Science and win Big!

Any science geek will love playing the Spin Lab, an amazing Sci-fi themed casino slot. Even the science averse will enjoy having a spin on the reels. Cook up your own special potion in the Spin Lab and concoct up to 1,000 coins as your winnings. You get to pick and choose; mix and match the features to create your own bonus feature.

Spin Lab reminds you of the Star Trek movie, with the reels highlighted by columns of light and the electrical connections as a backdrop. The Spin Lab takes a step further with its futuristic design and bonus features. It might seem to be complicated, but at the end, it’s just a straightforward no deposit online casino slot game with wilds, free spins and scatters.

Despite the hype surrounding this no deposit online casino slot, it still manages to keep you occupied, even if it’s only for a short while. You will probably like the big news of controlling your wins with the free spins, but it’s more of a show rather than any truth. For the fast paced slot gamer, you will have for a while to get those wins rolling in. Make this science trip as it’s definitely worth the hype!

Watch Medusa’s Stare reward you with riches!

A fitting sequel to the original Medusa NextGen slot game; Medusa II surpasses the original in all aspects. Magical design and sound effect shines through on the reels as Medusa stares at you. You will definitely want her to look upon you in this 5 reel 243 ways to win, no deposit online casino slot game.

Balancing beauty with brains, Medusa II will rule the reels through the free spins, stacked wilds and wilds. It’s the Locked reels feature that brings her glory to full effect. Any of the 2, 3, 4 or 5 adjacent reels will lock and spin together showing the same symbol. It will certainly unlock the big wins.

Visually, it is a treat; this slot will have you staring at Medusa for a long time, in the hope of turning your coins into gold.

Bingo Billions – a tame and flat NextGen Game

Compared to the other two NextGen slot games, Bingo Billions is a rather tame and ordinary slot game. Having said that, you must give credit for NextGen to atleast try to give an unusual themed no deposit online casino slot game. There are not many Bingo themed slot games. If only NextGen had given more attention to its design and gameplay, then Bingo Billions would have been a smashing hit.

A 5 reel 25 payline slot game; it has the wilds, scatter and free spins to give you the wins. The rather highly distracting Bingo Caller makes the appearance as the Wild symbol and insistently shouts Bingo for every win. It gets tiresome after some time and you’ll want to press the mute button.

On the whole, play Bingo Billions to check out the new theme and for the small but consistent wins that it doles out.

NextGen Gaming is gearing up to be one of the top no deposit online slot games provider. Bringing in a new look in its design, gameplay and acoustics; it has enthralled the casino players with its new selection of slot games. Play them to experience the real casino feel any time and from anywhere on your mobile and tablet devices.

Guide to play online casino games

Want to try out the latest online casino UK games while on the move? Then you have come to the right place. Jackpot Mobile Casino games are the next step for the players who are used to playing the online casino games for fun. Practically everyone has a mobile phone now. Convenient, easy, and filled with the latest apps, it’s a source of entertainment while on the go.

You can relive the real casino experience and have a chance of winning anytime and anywhere. More and more players are relying on their smartphones to play the online casino UK games. The major reason for online gambling to emerge as the most preferred choice is because of the fact that people can start playing anywhere and it has no fixed time limits either.

Playing Online Casino UK Games

Playing the games is plain simple and is like a walk in the park. Just a simple and quick registration process, requiring your basic details and you are set for the terrific online casino UK games ride. Having the free welcome deposit bonus instantly to your account is just the impetus you will need to explore the casino.

You don’t have to be Internet savvy to access the rich and varied online casino UK games has to offer. All it needs is for a steady Internet connection, a strong wish to play and win; and, of course a healthy bankroll!

Take a shot at playing any of the varied Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Instant win games and Arcade games that the thousands of online casino games. Bet, spin, throw a dice, or scratch a card and you can walk away with a bulging pocket!

Real Casino experience on smaller screens

The varied and vast collection of mobile casino games at the Vegas Mobile Casino that is available for the players are Bingo, Baccarat, Roulette, Scratch cards, Slots, Poker. Rich jackpots, stunning HD graphics and sprinkled with interesting themes, the games come alive on the smaller mobile screens.

The online casino UK games are compatible for gameplay with all the mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows.

Guidelines to win at online casino games

Whether you are a novice or professional player, there are some tips or guide lines that you should have an idea about. There are no hard and fast tips to make a big win at the online casino UK games. Playing them should be an amusing experience, and a stressful one. They should be enjoyed and accept that both wins and loss are part of the game. Accept them and move on.

1. Play the mobile casino games only at legitimate websites. Do research about the site’s legitimacy, its license and validating authority, auditing process before betting your hard earned money.

2. Before getting into online casino UK, ensure that the various banking options to deposit or withdraw are encrypted and uses the latest encryption technology.

3. Make the most of the generous promotions and bonuses that the site regularly announces through website banners, newsletters etc. Fatten the bank accounts with deposit bonuses starting from the welcome bonus, no deposit bonuses to the subsequent 1st, 2nd and 3rd deposit.

4. The best way to win at any mobile casino game is to learn about the rules, odds, pay-outs, and other player’s experience. Be perfect in one game before moving on to other categories.

5. Always manage the finances accordingly. Bet within your limits and be a part of the responsible gambling initiative of the Jackpot Mobile Casino.

6. Start off your casino adventure, by playing the free demo version, to understand the pay-out structure, rule and other details.

7. Keep a check on your emotions. Never play when you are under any influence or under pressure. Withdraw from the table and calm down. There is always the next round to play.

8. It is better to play online casino UK games have to offer directly on their websites. This usually to avoid downloading the entire games collection, when all you want to do is play a certain game.

9. Read the banking, privacy, term and conditions before making real money wager on the online casino UK games. Better to be safe rather than sorry, when you will realise that different casino have different conditions, wagering requirements which have to be satisfied to make a withdrawal.

Make the Casino Bonuses work for you

The online casinos are in the business of making money. They want you to wager real money and win; so that you keep coming back. The players on the other hand want to have entertainment while making a little extra in the process. With this common thought, the casino bonuses actually work for both of them.

Casino bonuses are the extra something which you can make use of when playing at the online casinos. It is the free money or credit which the casino offers to the players, whenever they join their casinos. Sometimes it is offered as part of their promotions for specific casino games or during seasonal events.

They can use these bonuses to try out the games for free without making a real money wager on them. Getting their basic right with the game rules, payouts and other details; is essential before plunging into the real money gambling.

Getting the Casino Bonuses

Availing the casino bonuses is simple and easy. It is like finding free money that is just waiting to be picked. Of course, you have to know where to look. The best way for the online casinos to promote their casino bonuses; is through newsletters, online forums, affiliates or publish on their website.

They have the bonus codes, which specify the type of casino bonuses you are availing. On entering them correctly, the casino bonus is credited to your account. Depending on the type of bonus, you can withdraw the profits after satisfying the wagering requirements. There is validity and expiry date for using these.

Types of Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses could be either in the form of free spins or bonus money that they give out to the players. With the intention of making them come back for more, it’s the best strategy that can adopt.

There is a broad category of casino bonuses that the players can opt for: Cashable bonuses and the Non Cashable or Sticky Bonuses. You will most probably opt for the cashable ones after we will explain how both of them work.

Cashable bonuses are those online casino bonuses which are offered to the players, wherein you can withdraw both your bonus amount and any winnings that you have got. But, of course they have to satisfy the wagering requirements of the casino. You can continue to use the casino bonus. It is completely lost to the player is you don’t satisfy the wagering requirements.

As an example, you are offered a 100% match deposit bonus. So if you deposit $100, you will get a $100 extra for playing. In the event that you make a profit of $100, you have a total of $300 that you can withdraw. ($100 initial deposit + $100 bonus + $100 profit).

Non cashable bonuses like casino no deposit bonus, on the other hand are those which cannot be withdrawn. It is available only for wagering and not for withdrawal.

Consider the above example. You can withdraw only a total of $200 ($100 initial deposit + $100 profit). The bonus amount of $100 is stuck with the casino.

So, it’s better to go for the cashable casino bonuses; even if you have to play through the wagering requirements.

The casino bonuses are there to add extra zing to your playing experience. It’s worthwhile to note that the casinos are going the extra mile to make the players comfortable and interested enough to continue playing here. Make use of them to get through your long casino gambling days.

How to Avoid Rogue Online Casinos

Probably the only drawback faced by the online casinos is the jurisdiction and the legal status of online gambling. This is more prominent in the US, where online gambling is banned in some states. As a result, the number of illegal online casinos is mushrooming every day. Ask someone not to do a thing and he will go right ahead and do what was restricted. It is basic human tendency. The solution to this problem is to legalise online casino games in online gambling. While this is an ongoing endeavour; a lot of legal, social and political hurdles must be crossed, before this can come true.

Precautionary measures to prevent playing in rogue online casinos

While legalising online gambling may take some time; there are precautions which you as a player can take up; to prevent from playing in rogue casinos.

Look out for the approval seals or certificates from the regulatory bodies when searching for the online casinos. Regulatory bodies such as the eCOGRA play a big role in identifying the rouge sites. Being scrutinised by such bodies will add credibility to the casinos reputation. It sends out a strong message to the players that they are safe and secure to play. All the practises and rules followed here are in the player’s interest.

A good indication of the reputation of them is by reading about the player’s views in other casino review sites or forums. Word of mouth and actual player experience can make or break the online casinos while you playing your favourite online casino games. Their experience with respect to the banking, customer service, games repositories and overall player gameplay is an accurate indication of the genuineness of the online casinos.

The speed, at which the casino review will go viral on the Internet, is enough to glorify or tarnish the casinos reputation.

It looks like the long established casinos are the reputed ones. They have stuck around for such a long time; it is mainly because of their solid reputation among the players. They have garnered the goodwill of the players through their swift, secure and safe banking methods; customer support and excellent gameplay.

Plus, they will not associate themselves with below par software game providers; which is yet another good indicator of a good online casinos while you playing your favourite online casino games.

Probably the best way to find out about the rogue casinos is to search the Internet using any of the search engines. The top and reputed ones are usually listed in the top pages of the search results. You can also perform an online search for the rogue casinos. You might want to stay away any casino which has more than its share of complaints from the players.

As always, it pays to be diligent and watchful when playing at the online casino games. When you are in doubt; it’s best to play in the reputed casino sites. You don’t want to lose your money playing in the rogue casinos. A bit of research and patience goes a long way in making your gaming experience a stress free and safe one.

Black, Gold ‘n’ Diamonds!

The Jackpot Mobile Casino has it all! Experience the rich black background laced with shiny gold wordings and indestructible diamonds sprinkled throughout the website. It is going to add a huge frenzy to your casino gaming experience. With a name like Jackpot Mobile Casino, it is sure to turn your head. There are jackpots and exceptional mobile games that are guaranteed to keep the money rolling in.

A rich, classy and suave look greets you as you visit the website. Started in 2014, this barely a year old classy mobile casino has already raked in a good number of casino players into its fold. Great attention to detail with every intricate aspect highlighted is showcased in all its splendour. Standing way above the majority of mobile casinos, Jackpot mobile casino showcases its designing and attention to details for its players.

Stunning Visuals drives the popularity charts

Gold and diamonds set against the pitch black background, just dazzles your small mobile and tablet screens. Android or iOS platform makes no difference to this savvy looking mobile casino. Just pop over to their website and get your gaming started.

Indeed, it’s the almost real world experience that catches your eye. Speaking of games, a well blend of these games greets you in the games lobby. Powered by Nektan, one of the newest casino developers; pick your game from Slots, Blackjack or Roulette.

You can actually feel the difference when you play the slot games or in particular the Roulette games. Rendered beautifully with very good and exceptional aesthetics; all the mobile games are developed in HTML5. This is the current technology that allows the games to be playable on any mobile devices or tablets; suitably adapting to the different screen sizes.

Featuring slot games having various game themes, you can be the Cave Raider, Medusa or the Jackpot Jester depending on your mood. Get the Best of British treatment or be the Heroic hero of the day. The other games which will rouse your interest are the new Merlin’s Magic, Miss Midas, Gorilla Go Wild and many more.

They are going to great lengths, to make the players comfortable and play on without stress. Whether it’s the bold and classy looks that are an eye candy for sure or the smooth navigation; it is bang on target. Add to this heady cocktail; the impressive wins that every game gives you and you will be asking for more! With jackpots that are around 150x to 2500x times for all the games, it is no wonder that there is a big line up of players waiting to play at this Jackpot mobile casino.

Gold and Diamond offers and promotions rule the roost!

Figuratively speaking, you can bask in the phenomenon wins, offers and promotions that are going to fill your bankroll with every spin, turn or shuffle of the game. Grabbing your eye is the prominently displayed free £5 Welcome no deposit bonus. Play without fear using this free casino money and only take the plunge when you’re absolutely sure of wagering with real money. You can be guaranteed that it is perfectly safe to wager in this Jackpot mobile casino.

Take home the gold coin by playing the games using the different bonuses and promotions that are offered regularly to the players. Up to £500 can be yours when you make real money deposits. The silver lining is the effortless deposit and withdrawal option that are available for you.

You can use the regular credit/debit cards for your banking transactions, or other alternatives like Boku, Neteller, Ukash, Skrill, E-wallets and many more. Quick, safe and instant access to your money is the USP of this Jackpot mobile casino.

Hard as Diamond; the shiny gold coins will keep you counting long and hard as the game unfolds on your mobile devices. Take the big plunge and play in this beautifully orchestrated visual display of the Jackpot mobile casino.

Concept of Payout Ratios in Slot Games

Zooming in on the right online casino to play at is a difficult one. Adding to this confusion is the number of online casinos that are popping up every day. Each of them are highlighting their games, promotions, bonus offers etc to attract the players. But one factor which is of particular interest is the Payout of the casino games. It is commonly expressed as the Payout Ratio or the Payout Percentage.

Unravelling the payout ratios

A misunderstanding which a player always encounters is on what basis is the Payout Ratio given. It is always the amount of money that is paid back to the players based on the amount wagered. It is not based on the amount which is deposited at the casinos.

The next question that pops up is how is it calculated? In general, this is pre-programmed in the casino software at the factory itself for a land-based slot machine. In case of a online casino, it is loaded as a part of the random number generator software used. You can also read our blog on mobile slots guide for gamblers.

So, if a casino advertises that its payout ratio is 97%, it means that for every £100 that is wagered the player ends up with £97. A point to note is that this payout percentage is calculated over the life time of a slot machine.

Usually there is a minimum percentage below which the casinos cannot set such ratios for the slot games or the other casino games. This is set by the law governing that jurisdiction and is strictly followed. The usual payout ratio range is from 85% to around 98%. It can even be 100% but is not so, to enable for the casinos to make a profit.

The lure of a 100% payout is what makes the players take a bigger risk and continue playing.

Advantages of knowing the payout ratios

The casino payout is different from the individual slot game’s payout ratio. The casino payout is calculated based on the life time of the slot machine, a type of casino software used and the different games categories offered. Blackjack and Poker have a theoretical payout ratio of around 99%. Slots have a 95% to 98% payout ratio, while online roulette has around 95%.

All the different mobile slots games have different ratios for payout. It depends on the game category, theme, the game play design, bet wagered, coins selected and the number of paylines. It is always better to read the payout table before playing the slots game.

Individually, a winning combination is got by lining up the slot symbols in a specific pattern. The payout for that winning spin is calculated based on the number of coins selected, the bet wagered and the number of paylines selected. This amount is added to the final total.

The best online casino strategy that a slots player can use is to select the game and casino which has the highest payout ratio. Although you won’t find the individual payout percentage for the games, most of the online casino will publish the overall casino payout or percentage. It’s a strategy used by them to lure the new players.

Online slots players have another advantage over the land based players. They have access to the payout ratios for all the games which is impossible in the latter case. It’s displayed in the help section of the games.

Pointers for finding casinos with good casino payouts

  • The progressive slot games have a better payout ratio than the regular slots as you have to bet maximum for landing the jackpot.

  • Check for online certificates which guarantee that the casino has been audited for fairness, safety and security. It ensures that these ratios are legitimate and accurate.
  • Visit online gambling forums, read casino reviews, conduct searches for the good payout ratios
  • Play in online casinos as the payouts are higher compared to the land-based casinos. They don’t have to worry about the maintenance, operation costs as seen in the latter.
  • Generally casinos which have a quick and safe banking system in place offer the payouts on time.

Being aware of the above points, will help the player in deciding on which casino and the slots game to play. Play for the fun and enjoyment and if you win big, it’s like icing on the cake!

Are you on Facebook, Twitter or Google+?

Like, share, tweet, re-tweet or +1. It looks like that is all the players are doing today. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are the three mantras which every online casino is chanting to make a mark on the player’s minds.

Guaranteed personalised attention

Jackpot Mobile Casino has its games and slots on every social media platform like Facebook, google+ or Twitter.

Being active on the social media and posting about various promotional offers, tasty titbits, and news about the online casinos has kept our players updated every day. Keeping them in the conversation loop and getting the curiosity going has made Jackpot Mobile Casino, the best online casino brand today.

On a personal level, we engage the players at a personal level. Being active everyday on these platform means, you can even, get close and personal updates from the players and other concerned personnel.

Google+ allows one to share interests, views and votes. We keep our players, followers updated with the happenings on Jackpot Mobile Casino. As said earlier, you can post anything right from videos, images to entire stories of your casino experience and know other player’s views, opinions, and experience on our Google+ page.

The other prominent social media platform, Facebook. We conduct contests to our casino players to keep them entertained and win some discount as well. We have Cashbacks where our player can deposit and win some percentage amount and attractive bonuses regularly with great HD images which other brands do not offer. Follow us on Facebook to keep yourself updated with jackpot mobile casinos offers.

Twitter is an ocean of information that is waiting to be consumed and shared. Teaser and snippet of information is one way to keep the involvement going. Players tend to skim over the details rather than read the content. A short, effective and simple content is more worthwhile in getting them to visit and play your games. Current trending topics, promotional offers and bonuses is the way we have opted for the online casinos to draw the potential players.

A preview of things to come!

We even tease the players with new game videos, info graphics or other juicy titbits about our casino. Follow your favourite casino, Jackpot Mobile Casino and you can have a privy to the various contests, online games and of course the bonuses, offers and promotions before it is posted on our website. You can get them faster and avail them even faster.

Get your act together, because, if you miss the social media bus, then you will certainly lose out on the thousands of potential players. Create your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts right now and follow us. Get good deals, participate in contests and win real money only on Jackpot Mobile Casino.

The Best of Ashes Cup – All About ‘It’

“People who fight fire with fire usually end up with the Ashes” – Abigail Van Buren. So when the two biggest rivals in the cricket history come face to face, Ashes Cup war begins.

The Ashes Cup is a test cricket played between England and Australia. It is the most awaited series in the cricket world played between the two biggest rivals – England and Australia.

The term ‘Ashes’ was first coined after England lost to Australia in their own land and an obituary was published in the British weekly newspaper, way back in 1882. After this heart-rending match and the obituary, Ivo Bligh, the then English captain, pledged to get back the “ashes” to his motherland.This fictitious ‘ashes’ grabbed a worldwide attention and hence the The “Ashes Cup” test series began.

The cup presented after winning The Ashes is a replica of the actual urn in which ashes of late Lord Darnley widow’ s veil are placed. This real urn can be currently seen in in the cricket’s museum at Lord’s. This is world’s famous and smallest trophies.

The first ever ‘Ashes Cup’ was played on 30 December 1882 at The Oval and Australia emerged as winners by 7 runs.

Till date, a total of 68 series were played, among which 32 were won by Australia and the 31 by England and the rest, 5 were declared as drawn.

Australia, captained by Alastair Cook, won the 2014 ‘Ashes Cup’ series which was held in Sydney at Stadium Australia.

Best Ashes performances by Australia

The team Australia is considered as the most ferocious cricketers and here are some of the uneven performances given by them through the Ashes years:

  • In 1891, Australia chased a whopping of 213 runs and bowled out England with 158 runs even though their team had a fleet of bad batsmen.
  • 1897, even though the ill KS Ranjitsinhji made a smashing score of 175, Australia lifted the cup for the second and third tests win.
  • The year 1902 came as gift for Australians as bad weather showed up and the first two matches, out of five were declared as drawn and two were won by the Australians.
  • Year 1974, the massacre done by Dennis Lillee and Jeff Thomson, with 58 wickets toether led the Australia’s smashing win by 4-1.
  • In 1994, Shane Warne’s hat-trick, the first ever by an Australian in 90 years.
  • Adam Gilchrist’s fastest test century from 57 balls put the 2005’s bad memories to rest in 2007.

Best Ashes Performances by England

Team England were too, at times, have fine performances too:

  • 1890, Australia’s Billy Murdoch led the team but due to their weak batting, England were the winners.
  • With Bert Oldfield fracturing the skull and his subsequent return in the fifth test in 1932 was considered as the most talked-about in the history of cricket.
  • At the Oval, six minutes time made England a winner again with Derek Underwood taking his fourth wicket in 1968.
  • Ray Illingworth, England’s captain during the 1971 Ashes Cup won again. This is vividly remembered as John Snow was pelted with stones for throwing a bouncer at Terry Jenner.
  • 1986 is the year where Martin Johnson’s famous line against the England ‘can’t bat, can’t bowl, can’t field’ was proved utterly wrong with England winning by seven wickets.
  • The best remembered even today, is the year 2003 with Andrew Caddick, England’s fast bowler taking 10 wickets in the match and England won by 225 runs.

There’s More Though

With the Ashes fever going viral nowadays and our prediction saying that England will emerge as Ashes Cup 2015 winners, we have come up with a unique offer to support our British boys. An offer you cannot refuse. Deposit and play atleast £10 on our online casino game ‘Best of British’ and win 10% cashback upto £50. It is a British-themed slot game. It is guarded by the royal Queen’s guards. But first, read the terms and conditions carefully for this offer.

Once done, hop on the game and begin the series with a bang. Bring it on!

Casino cashback bonus – How does it work?

How does the cashback bonus program work? That’s the big question going through every player’s mind. And why do the casinos offer this to you? It definitely sounds strange that they are giving away money just for you playing at their casinos.

To ease your mind and give a quick update on why, what, when and how this casino program works; read through our blog.

Demystifying Casino Cashback Bonus!

This is the casino money that the casinos deposit to your account, whenever you face a loss during your gameplay. It is a way of showing that the casinos also care about you. The casinos want you to play for longer duration and thus give you a bigger chance of winning.

Usually, this is calculated as percentage of the net losses that you have endured during your play. Since you have already wagered your funds, there is nothing for you to lose. Make a real money deposit and if you have the misfortune of losing all of it, then the casino will pay back a percentage of your losses.

It can be anywhere from 5% to 25% and is calculated daily, weekly or monthly depending on the casinos bonus policies. It is generally offered on particular games. The only condition is that you must have wagered real money on the game.

The usual practice is that, the cashback bonus is given as points which can be redeemed later or it is the cash that is deposited to your account. The terms and conditions should be understood before you avail this bonus promotion. You can read our blog post on more info on the cashback bonuses.

How is Cashback Bonus different from other regular bonuses?

Many times cashbacks are offered to the new players. They are encouraged to make a deposit and play with real money. These bonuses differ from the regular bonuses, as the amount is directly deposited to your account. In case of regular bonuses, you have to make a request for withdrawal, and it usually takes time for it to be used.

Read the terms and conditions before availing the bonuses.

Every Online Casino offers different cashback program for their players. As a player, it is for you to read the terms and condition before availing the cash back bonus. Some casinos offer a cap on the cash back bonus money which can be deposited to your account. It can be anywhere from a small £/€/$5 to £/€/$500, depending on the casinos bonus policies.

You should also know which casino games are applicable in this program. Some games like Blackjack and Roulette don’t count for this program. Only by reading the terms and conditions will you know exactly how the cashback program works out for you.

There is a catch to availing this bonus. You must satisfy the wagering requirement that’s attached to this bonus. This is generally not the case; as the bonus money is directly available for you to play or withdraw. Plus, there is a time frame for using this bonus. Only particular games played on particular days, will qualify for this promotional offer.

Choosing the best Cashback program

Casinos are just waiting for you to put real money on their games and play. Offering cashback bonuses is their tactic to make this happen. Choosing the best cashback offer is vital, if you are a high roller or a VIP member. The more money that you spend, the better is your winning chances.

Casinos promote their cashback bonuses through newsletters, affiliate marketing, social media channels and casino forums. You can use them appropriately and select the one that is best for you. Keep in mind that it is not mandatory to avail this offer.

It is an additional way to buffer your account from losses. It should not be the only reason for you to play at a particular casino. Play within your limits and enjoy your gaming experience!