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Ultimate Guide to Online Roulette Bets

Roulette has been attracting a majority of gamblers because of the probability of the winning it offers. Though the game offers overall a good winning opportunity, losing comes naturally as part of the game. So to avoid losing more than winning, you need to understand how the betting works. This is especially in the online Roulette systems since there is no one around to guide you. Online Roulette bets work best when you have completely understood the areas where you can place bets and their payouts.

Ultimate Guide to Online Roulette Bets

Online Roulette Bets: Learn to Earn

Placing online Roulette bets blindly on random numbers will require a high amount of luck to win. But the beauty of this game is that it allows certain strategies that can enhance your winning chances. This game is all about calculating your odds based on the probability of various betting lines. Though the straight betting on a single numbers pays the highest value of 35 times on your bet, it is not the best area. The probability here is just about 3% that can get you under huge losses if you keep playing on it for long.

So the Roulette betting table offers various other options that are far better than a straight bet.

More bets, Better the Chances

Bowling is the best example to explain how online Roulette bets work. In bowling, hitting a single pin can be harder but when you have ten of them, it is easy to knock them all down. Similarly, when you place your betting chips on more than a single number, chances of the ball landing on your number in Roulette wheel is more likely. The split where you can bet on two numbers has slightly stronger chances than straight with about 6% win probability. This increases as you move up the ladder on the betting lines. You can jump to the street with three numbers betting that has over 8% chances.

Next, comes the corner with four numbers and about 11% probability. Top line bets have five numbers followed by six numbers for the line. Finally, the dozen and column has 12 numbers but with a probability of over 32%. The payout decreases as you increase the betting numbers but you can still make a good amount of profits.

Online Roulette Bets on the Outside

There are three outside betting areas with a winning probability of about 50% which is the highest. The payout here is 1 to 1 on your bet, meaning you still can make 100% profit on your betting. Colours of red or black, high numbers from 19-36 or low from 1-18 or even-odd are the additional bets you can use. These help you stay on the winning course and it makes sense to place the highest value chips in this area. You cannot place online Roulette bets outside without an inside betting.

Get Ready to Roll

Once you have understood how above strategies work, there is no stopping you from winning at a Roulette game. But to see how it actually works, it is always better to get a hang of it by betting with least possible chip value that the game allows. Once you know how it works and once you know the advantages of playing online Roulette games you will naturally get more confident but until then it is best not to wager huge amounts. Jackpot Mobile Casino can be a good place to start!