Blackjack double down: When you should and when should you not


Have you ever heard of the “cash” move in the popular online Blackjack game? A little movement of your fingers that can give you twice your profit in seconds. Gamers and professionals tagged it “deep hollow.” But for most of us, we call it “doubling down.”
Blackjack double down is an intriguing move in the Blackjack game. Using this move, you can double your initial bet after your first two cards. However, you can only get one more card. The risk is on the high side. Therefore, it’s important to know when best to double down and when not to, so as to increase your winning potentials.

When to Double Down

Blackjack is available on live casinos as well as mobile casino. And here’s the good news, the best strategies have been carefully selected using the numerology prepared to inform you of the best moment where doubling down is suitable. Below are the three situations where you can use Blackjack double down.

Dealer’s Low Number Cards Against Hard 9

Use the Blackjack double down when you are dealt a total of 9, and then the dealer plays a card below 7, excluding the Ace (any card between 2 and 6). That should be your hard 9; i.e. your cards have no Ace – meaning 4-5, 3-6 or 2-7 will be your combinations. If you have a soft 9(A-8), not putting into consideration what the dealer shows, the best bet is to stand.

Dealer’s Low Cards with the Soft 16 to 18

Suppose you have a soft total of 16 to 18 due to possessing either a 5, 6 or 7 and an ace. And then the dealer plays a card below 7( from 2 to 6), this is a good moment to double down and get twice your initial bet. If however, it’s a low card like 2-4 and an Ace, it is preferable to not double down but hit, because the probability of ending with a high hand is low.

Dealer’s Low Cards Against Hard 10 or 11

You get to secure a powerful position when you have a hard 10 or 11. Meaning, owning two cards that add up to 10 excluding an Ace (3-8, 2-9, 4-6, 2-8, 3-7, 4-7, 5-6) and the dealer owns low cards. It’s the money move time, the moment to use Blackjack double down.

When Not to Double Down

Never double down the moment the dealer shows an ace.

Here’s why the probability of your dealer getting a Blackjack is on a really high side. Even if they have no Blackjack and checked, there’s a very high chance that they will end with a total near 21.

When you’re showing cards higher than an 11, never use the Blackjack double down.

The risk involved is too high to take. In this case, you can hit or stick on a lower card total, and then wish that the dealer owns the wrong cards.
Simply put, if you have doubts about using the Blackjack double down, use the safest option and let your bets be. Only take the risk when you are sure.

Pay Attention to the Rules

In all Blackjack games, the Blackjack double down move shouldn’t be wrong. Notwithstanding, you should know that Blackjack rules vary from one casino to another, which can have effects on this strategy. For example, in online Roulette, the usage of the green zero varies with the version of roulette being used. Also in Blackjack, you can be allowed to double down with three or more cards. That way, you can get more cards when you double down, so your total should be given more attention.


Looking at it differently, some casinos can have rules that say you can’t double down though the strategy says you can. In a situation like this, using the hit move is better.

Questions and Answers

A player risks more to win more by using the Blackjack double down move when the probability seems more positive. Since you can choose when to double down and when not to, this is a great strategy for a player that can quickly and easily fish out the best moment. Below are some situations where it’s better to know your position:

Can you Double Down after Hitting?

A player cannot use the Blackjack double down move after hitting. The chance to double down only appears after the player’s first two cards are dealt with. The player can then have the opportunity to either double down at that moment or not. A chance to double down only occurs at this moment while playing.

Can you Split and Double Down?

A player understanding the best moment to split and use Blackjack double down is essential. After being dealt with a double pair(6-6, 7-7, J-J) is the situation whereby a player can split their cards.
Another double down is not usually allowed. Ensure the casino rules are always checked whether playing online or live as there are some hidden bonuses that can be added to motivate players and also promote the future of online casinos.

Should you Always use Blackjack Double Down on 11?

To win the hand, both the player and the dealer try as much as possible to ensure that they are close to a total of 21. The player always holds a strong stand when with 11 after two cards are dealt. It’s a good time to use the Blackjack double down move if the dealer only has cards that are less than 10.

How is American Roulette different from European Roulette?


As in every face-to-face casino, also in online casinos, players usually choose these two types of Roulette, the American Roulette and the European Roulette, to test their luck at Roulette. The two versions of the game have small differences that however change the whole experience of the game as well as the bets, the odds and the winnings. 

The main characteristics of Roulette are not that the American is played more in America and the European in Europe, but that they have some modifications in the rules that I am going to talk about on this page. Here, you can find out the main differences between the two and make your best choice.

Presentation of The Two Roulette Variants

The origin of European Roulette dates back to the 17th century, and today it is even more popular than before. In which country it was invented, in France or in Italy, it is not entirely clear. However, European Roulette is played all over the world today. 

The most basic of Roulette is the wheel of course, which has 37 numbers, from zero to 36. Zero is the number that gives the house the advantage since it is excluded from most of the bets that can be configured. European Roulette is traditionally played at double tables but is currently played at individual tables that are attended by up to four dealers.

American Roulette

American Roulette is a modification of the European (French) and is so named because it has been created in the United States by casino owners who have decided to add double zero to increase the house edge. The numbers are 38, from 1 to 36, a 0 and a double 00. 

The American Roulette table is slightly smaller, and the multiple bet options are only on one side of the table. The bets are a little more due to the presence of the double zero, which is combined with the first four numbers; 1, 2, 3 and 0. 

Differences Between American and European Roulette

The differences between the two Roulettes are mainly in the mode and style of the game. American Roulette is played much faster, and the waiting time between rounds is considerably shorter. The American game table is smaller so that players can get to the numbers and place their bets. In the American, there is only one dealer who is usually on the opposite side of the table and does not use a rake to collect the chips but picks them up with his hands. 

In the European Roulette, there are at least two dealers, and one of them uses the rake for the chips. In the jacket, to mark the numbers bet a metal figure called Dolly is used. 


Number of Digits / Zeros

The main difference between the two Roulette wheels is, of course, the double zero. On the American wheel, there are 38 boxes for the numbers between 1 to 36, plus zero and double zero. The double zero function is the same as a single zero but adds more advantage to the casino by decreasing the odds of single and multiple bets. That way the double zero doubles the house edge.

Casino Advantage

It is the casino’s advantage that determines Roulette as a game of chance. Unlike other games of chance like online blackjack, the house edge in the Roulette with a zero is very small. The house edge is determined by the zero because this number does not belong to any of the single bets with a probability of 50 per cent. For that reason, American casinos have included double zero to increase their advantage. This advantage with the double zero is thus 2/38 = 5.26% which is significantly higher than 1/37 = 2.70%.

Arrangement of Numbers on The Wheel

As in the Americana, there is a double zero added, and this means a completely different arrangement of the numbers. Colours are also placed differently. In European Roulette, the neighbours of the single zero are 26 black and 32 red, while in American Roulette, the neighbours of the only zero are 2 black and 28 black.

In Prison – The Rule of European Roulette

The house edge in American Roulette is increased not only by the presence of the double zero but also by the absence of the In Prison rule. This rule is exclusive only for European Roulette (and of course French Roulette, which is almost similar to European Roulette) and describes the following situation:

  • When the ball lands on zero, all the multiple bets made by the player are naturally lost, but the Single bets are blocked (they stay in Prison) and if in the next round the ball lands on a number of these simple bets, then the bet money is released, but no winnings are credited. 
  • If the ball in the second round does not land on a single bet, then the blocked money from the bet is lost. In European casinos, the rule often applies to American Roulette as well and if the ball lands on zero then in single bets half of the money bet is recovered. In American casinos, the bet is lost automatically.

Which of The Two Roulettes is Better?

Now that I have discussed the major differences between the two Roulette wheels and highlighted their main characteristics, this question surely arises, which of the two variants is better for the player? My recommendation is that you should choose European Roulette whenever you have this opportunity. 

The land-based or mobile casino advantage, which is considerably low in the European with the single zero and the In Prison rule, gives you much more chances to win with single bets. The course of the game is also slower and not as hectic and promises a quieter and more enjoyable experience.

However, American Roulette can be much more fun. The game is a little faster and with more adrenaline due to the greater risk and the greater number of bets. Which of the two Roulettes should you choose to play? This depends on your own preferences and taste, and above all on the desire to have fun playing and gambling at the casino, while we expect more from future online casinos.

Read The Biggest Casino Wins of All The Time Here!


In addition to casino games being very exciting, they also offer the opportunity to win money. It is not surprising that every day, hundreds of people around the world access a physical or online casino.

On some occasions, the amount won can even change the life of the player. For some users, one hundred thousand dollars is more than enough to turn their lives upside down, while others have more ambitious dreams and need much more money to fulfil them.

Although as a general rule, there are limits with respect to the amounts that can be obtained in casinos. There are people who became millionaires all for a lucky spin. Below are some of the biggest casino wins in history.

The Man Who Doubled His Money in a Single Game of Dice

William Lee Bergstrom had a clear goal when he entered Binion’s Horseshoe casino in Las Vegas in 1980, and that is to try to double his money by playing a single game of craps. This is one of the biggest casino wins in history. However, he could have also lost everything.

The truth is that everyone wondered what this individual was up to when they saw him appear through the door with two briefcases. Inside one of them was a total of seven hundred and seventy-seven thousand dollars, and the other was completely empty. William bet all his money and luckily won. They said he packed his suitcases while smiling and left.

Big Prizes for Little Money

It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and indeed it was for Johanna Handle. One morning, this California-based woman bet $ 170 on an online slots machine, and as luck would have it, she hit a jackpot of more than $ 22 million.

Some believe that it is not possible to get big jackpots playing with a penny for penny slot machines. Well, ask if the player who managed to win a prize of more than four and a half million dollars in a progressive slot, and ended up being included in the list of the biggest casino wins in history, thinks the same.

He Got Rich Playing Blackjack

Sometimes a lucky roll is enough to get rich, although there are those who have managed to win huge amounts of money playing games that require skill and certain knowledge, such as online Blackjack.

This is the case of Don Johnson, who without being a regular player, managed to earn more than fifteen million dollars playing Blackjack in three live casinos in Atlantic City. The truth is that he started with a certain advantage, since due to the recession, many casinos offered multiple discounts and bonuses for some time, and Johnson took advantage of the so-called loss-back guarantee, that is, if he lost, the casino in question returned him a percentage of the amount wagered. But then, he won and was recorded as one of the biggest casino wins ever seen. 


A Plan To Break The Bank

Charles De Ville Wells devised a plan to win big money gambling at the casino. This happened in 1891, the year in which this English citizen got investors to lend him four hundred pounds after inventing a story about a musical jump rope.

Wells was a famous cheater, but he has his name in Guinness’s book of record as having one of the biggest casino wins since he managed to win at Roulette legally. A surprising streak of luck led to him winning a million francs. In fact, a movie was made based on his story called “The Man Who Jumped the Bank in Monte Carlo.”

8.9 Million

Also, included in the list of the biggest casino wins all over the world is Amy Nishimura. She won her jackpot while on vacation at her home in Hawaii. Every time she visited Las Vegas, Nishimura played on the same machine – HIS machine – at the Fremont Hotel. She played for 3 hours with less than $ 100 before her big win of nearly $9 million. That shows that with a little tenacity, you can go a long way.

€ 17,861,800 Won in Finland

In 2013, a Finn, who chose not to disclose the name, took € 17,861,800 at Net Entertainments Mega Fortune. The anonymous winner achieved a record of one of the world biggest casino wins with just a spin of 0.25.

Per Eriksson, who was the CEO of NeT-Ent at the time, said: “This is our second biggest casino win in the online game. The great liquidity within progressive jackpot slots allows for the rapid growth of these jackpots, which is great news for operators. We want to congratulate the winner of this record award, and we hope to turn many more players into millionaires in the future. We never know what the future of online casinos has in stock for us”.

€ 17.2 Million Won in England

Just two years after Finn won the Mega Moolah Grand Prize, Ben Heywood, a British soldier from England was also added to the list of the biggest casino wins. He pocketed over £ 13.2 million (roughly equal to € 17.2 million) also with just 0.25 bet. Heywood won this huge amount of money, a record prize in the UK Casino when playing Micro gaming’s Mega Moolah. The 26-year-old said he would spend the money on a Bentley supercar to replace his Fiat and on a luxury cruise for his family.

“I’m trying not to get excited, and I really don’t know what else I’m going to buy with the money, other than a yellow Bentley Continental GT,” he said a few days after winning the £ 13,213,838.68 prize.

€ 11.7 Million Won in Norway

In 2011, a 20-year-old student from Norway stated that he couldn’t sleep after a night out, so he thought about playing online roulette but changed his mind and decided to play the slot machines. Surprisingly, using free spins awarded to him by the casino operator, the young Hordaland native managed to pocket an incredible € 11.7 million.

“Not even in my wildest dreams did I think I would win that € 11.7 million prize. But it happened, and I am very happy about having one of the biggest casinos wins.” The student said after winning his huge prize.

Mega Moolah Strikes Again

Going to April 2020, Micro gaming’s Mega Moolah Grand Prize has been won again. A lucky player, who decided to remain anonymous, ended up taking home € 10,735,716.84. It’s jaw-dropping, it almost outweighs all the biggest casino wins. This grand prize means that the UK-based company has already paid more than € 1 billion in cash prizes, including more than € 25 million this year alone, with more than 150 lucky punters adding € 10,000 or more to their Bank accounts!

“We are thrilled by the victorious player who achieved this impressive € 10.7 million – congratulation!” said Andrew Clucas, CEO of Micro gaming. Mega Moolah remains a favourite with players from around the world, so we are excited to add more progressive games to the prize and the gaming network throughout the year.”


When playing mobile casino games, whether with real money or funds from the Bet fair casino bonus, we all dream of having one of the biggest casinos win. We could be just a turn away from becoming multimillionaires and owning that mansion, supercar, or both, that we’ve always wanted! Although it seems possible only in our wildest dreams.

Important Poker Terms That Are a Must Know


Each mobile casino game, whether online roulette or online scratch cards, has its own terms. If you’re just starting your poker journey, you’ve probably been floating around reading or listening to another player in a live casino, using a term you’ve never heard before. Don’t worry, this is normal, and you don’t have to know everything. At least not now. We know not what the future of online casinos has in stock for us, but as you play and also read more content to improve your game, you will naturally learn more about specific poker terms.

Thinking to help you speed up this process, here are the main Poker terms you need to know:


Amount (optional) paid to purchase more chips at the end of a predetermined period.


A worthless hand, a hand that didn’t hit anything.


Bet all your chips.


It is the player who raised the pre-flop, so this player is the aggressor of the hand.


A small amount of chips that players have to pay before starting the hand.


When you have an Ace with any other card.


When you still have the chance to hit a hand if you hit the right cards on the turn and the river. It is one of the most important poker terms that is used in straight and flushes.

Bad beat:

This poker term states a situation when a hand that is favorite to win ends up losing to a smaller hand.

Big blind:

The big blind in poker is the player who must pay a full bet before starting the hand.


Blinds are the players who have to call the initial bet before the hand starts. The big blind always pays the full bet, and the small blind pays half.

Blocking bet:

When the player who is the first to speak places a small bet in order to reach the showdown for a cheap amount.

Broadway cards:

Cards that are connected and can end in a sequence with As. Ex: KQ, KJ, QJ, JT, etc.


Refers to the last place before the award zone.

Button (button/dealer):

It is the button in front of the player sitting in the dealer’s position at the time of the hand. It is also always the last player to speak in the hand.

Cash game:

Type of game where the stakes are worth real money.


Pay a bet.

Calling station:

It is a type of passive player who has a habit of always paying bets.


Ask for a table, or pass the turn.

Check behind:

It is the action of checking after another player has also checked.

Check raise:

When a player decides to raise after having checked.

Cold call:

When a call is made after more than one bet has already occurred in the round.

Coin flip:

When you are involved in a situation where the chances of winning or losing are approximately 50/50.


This poker term signifies an unlucky situation for a player who has a very good hand, but his opponent ends up having a stronger hand.


Connector is the starting hands with cards next to each other, eg, 76, 32, TJ, 89 etc.

Cut off:

In poker, the player who is seated to the right of the player on the button is called a cut-off.

Dead money:

Money or chips that are already in the pot.

Donk Bet:

When the player calls a raise pre-flop out of position and after the flop he goes out betting before the aggressor pre-flop.


When you have a hand that hasn’t formed anything yet, but that can improve in the next rounds.


In poker, the float is a movement where the player faces a paid bet (even if he has not hit anything) in the expectation that his opponent will stop betting in the next rounds so that he bluffs or even takes his hand to the showdown.


The flop in poker refers to the first 3 community cards that are dealt at the table; this is the meaning of this word so used at the tables.


When you are involved in a situation where the chances of winning or losing are approximately 50/50.


When 5 cards of the same suit are hit.


Fold in poker is the act of folding the hand; we usually say “fold” when referring to that.

Fold equity:

It’s the chance you have to make your opponents fold when you decide to raise or even move all in.

Free card:

When you are the last to act in the round and have the option to pass the turn to see a card at no cost, or when you decide to check and your opponent too, soon both will see a free card.

Full house:

When you are able to form a set and a pair, it is given the name of a full house.


Gap, ex: you are on the button, and the table runs in GAP, it means that all the other players folded and the action reached you without any previous action.

Gutshot straight:

When you have the chance to make a straight, but only the straight’s middle card is missing, e.g., you have 78, and the flop comes 9J2, so you have a gutshot because you need a T to complete your straight.

Hand for hand:

In poker, this term refers to when each hand in a tournament is played simultaneously on each table. This usually happens in a bubble situation or in pay jump situations to avoid mistakes in the distribution of the prizes among the players that are being eliminated.

Implied odds:

Pot odds that do not exist at the moment but can be included in your calculations because of bets you expect to win if you hit your hand.


An unmatched card used to determine which hand is the best.

Late position:

These are the players who are the last to speak in a round of betting (button positions, CUT off, and hijack are usually considered late positions).


In poker, “limping” refers to the action of entering a pot just by paying a minimum bet.

Live cards:

When you have a hand that is not the favorite but still has a good chance of winning, e.g., your opponent has AK and you QJ, you are not the favorite but still have live cards.

That’s all!